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United Patriots of America The core purpose of this New Party is to create a Check on the System. We have 3 Branches of Govern

I am 💯 against any and ALL estate taxes. Period. End of discussion.I think we should have a Constitutional amendment lim...

I am 💯 against any and ALL estate taxes. Period. End of discussion.

I think we should have a Constitutional amendment limiting the size of the federal government to the size it was 100 years ago. $1 in 25 dollars of 4% down 80% from current size.

I will fight for an elimination of Federal Income Tax.

I am 💯 in support of balanced budget amendment. This Nation is worth $120 Trillion. If we need to spend above budget, the Federal Government should have to make it's case in real time and have people dig into their pockets to pay or NO DICE.

I will fight for all Social Security payments being deposited in personal IRA or retirement accounts to end the theft and squandering of our retirement monies.

I will push for a full audit of the Federal Budget going back 20 years. I think over $10 Trillion worth of debt is ficticious. Easy way to solve for it. Corporate revenue and payroll taxes paid on all of this spending that went out on our behalf.

It's time to end the tyranny of Big Government. www.bobbypiton.com

Illinois Republican for U.S. Senate in 2022. Bobby Piton is a Portfolio Manager, Graduate of Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Management, Father, Husband, Conservative Patriot committed to preserving our Freedom and the Republic.


New event


This video is very disturbing for it takes scenes from Saving Private Ryan, in particular the Normandy Beach Landing and shows just how brutal it was.

10,000 Troops were killed as a result of this necessary landing for the US and our Allies to get a foothold back on to European soil. It was one of the most pivotal points in Wold History.

Fast forward to today, 77 years later. These same evil forces that tried to take over the world through military force (they backed Hi**er) are attempting to take over the globe through Tech Tyranny (the modern day SS).

I will be broadcasting at 13:33 CST today to go over how We the People can restore over $1 Trillion (perhaps even more) of our God Given Wealth that was stolen from US with the aid of corrupt, cheating, lying, stealing politicians.


simple video i made with scenes from saving private ryan and awesome maiden music.**expand for lyrics**====================================In the gloom the g...

Liz Harris, Crypto Beadles, Edward Solomon will be joining me at 4:30 CST (I might have one or more other special guests...

Liz Harris, Crypto Beadles, Edward Solomon will be joining me at 4:30 CST (I might have one or more other special guests) to hear about this dream I had about voter irregularities that ties a lot of what we are all working on together. www.youtube.com/c/bobbypiton


A fellow American Patriot that tries to live his life by the following credo:Without God, Our(My) Nation is Lost;Without a Nation, Our(My) Communities are Lo...

MEMO:To: The Pennsylvania House of Representatives; Pennsylvania SenateFrom: Bobby PitonDate: May 24, 2021RE: My estimat...


To: The Pennsylvania House of Representatives; Pennsylvania Senate

From: Bobby Piton

Date: May 24, 2021

RE: My estimate is that between 695,000 and 960,000 Votes were destroyed of entire classes of Last Names within particular counties of PA. An Excel file can be downloaded at https://www.preactiveinvestments.com/insights-2/

Forty-seven years ago, my parents and siblings were the largest family ever released from the communist nation of Poland. A little over a year later, I was born. My parents were farmers from the town of Zakopane, located in the mountainous region of southern Poland.

My father was just shy of his 13th birthday when the N***s invaded, and he shared with me stories of the entire experience. I heard firsthand accounts from my mom and my dad about not only the Evil N**i Regime but also the communist Regime that would take over Poland after WWII. Poland did not have the good fortune of being liberated after WWII. It was out with the N***s and in with the communists.

Even with such bad fortune, my parents never wavered in their Faith and Trust in God. They went on to have a family and had nine children in Poland, with me arriving one year after they arrived in the United States. Fortunately, they had a strong faith in God and did not take the advice of evil people to abort me by those that thought a 10th child was disposable.

They immigrated to the Greatest Nation in the History of the world when my dad was 48 years old and my mom was 37 years old, with nothing more than a 6th grade education, an unwavering faith in God, hard work, and belief in family and education. Keep in mind they did not speak any English, and yet would uproot their family to come to the United States for a better opportunity than was offered by the slavery mandated communist system.

The Lesson: not speaking the language or knowing the culture of a God Loving Free Nation is a far superior option than speaking the language and knowing the culture in an enslaved satanic communist nation.

As a young boy growing up, watching my President Ronald Reagan speak about the Evil Empire, I knew I was home. These speeches, combined with my parents’ firsthand accounts, instilled in me my love of country, my love of my fellow Americans, and a disdain of evil people that proudly proclaim to be communists.

Fast forward to today, we are living a new version of the Evil Empire (2.0). This corrupt structure has been assembled by very evil people within the United States and abroad. When 4 companies can report earnings (not sales) of $70 billion in 3 months (more than 10% of ALL corporate profits in 2000), while a presidential election costs less than 3 days worth of these same companies earnings, we should surmise something has gone terribly wrong.

Big Tech oligarchs, other globalist corporations, ill intentioned dynastic wealth, and other puppet masters have accrued trillions of wealth by “GAMING” the American people, and, in particular, our elected officials. When the top 5 companies in the United States are on a run rate to earn over $1 billion a day in NET PROFITS, not sales, what isn’t for sale?

Much of the technology that has been used to accrue these vast fortunes has been weaponized against the Citizens of the United States and the world. The algorithms that have been developed for the financial markets have been deployed to “trade Americans” like we are stocks in a portfolio and pit each other against our fellow Americans. This needs to be HALTED. Just as there are circuit breakers in the financial markets, we need to develop circuit breakers of sorts to END the legalized propaganda in the US that was put into place via the Smith Mundt Act that was updated and passed in 2012. This has done irreparable harm to many Americans and the TRUST that we have towards each other and our government.

With this background, let's talk about Pennsylvania and Voter Irregularities. It is my ESTIMATE that between 695,000 to 960,000 votes have been destroyed.

Imagine if entire groups of Americans of African descent (I much prefer this language as I believe we are All Americans First) had every vote in a particular county destroyed. Then in another county, all of the Americans of Mexican descent destroyed, and in another, all of the Americans of Polish descent, etc. The Nation would erupt in outrage (as it should). Well, this happened with entire “classes” of surnames. All of a particular surname were DESTROYED in particular counties. Every vote of a particular last name wiped clean, every Republican, Democrat, Independent vote just WIPED OUT. Where is the outrage for this occurring?

I shared some of these insights on the phone with both Kathy Barnette and Doug Mastriano, but I never shared the file with them as I didn’t know if I could trust them. From the surface, it does seem as though that was the right decision for me NOT to share these files with them. This is why I am sharing them now with EVERY POLITICIAN in the PA House and PA Senate. I don’t know who to trust, so I figure one or more of you will do the right thing because it is the right thing to do! I’ll be sharing this letter and this file with the American people as well.

(I’ve provided a link to the sheet on my company website under the Insights tab for the Excel file of the 67 counties of PA) with the 1000 most common surnames for you to review.)

Side Note:

Back in early December, Kathy Barnette, who lost her race for PA04, reached out to me to do analysis on her race. I provided her with files about census data that I put together for AZ going back 2 decades as well as Age/Voter analysis in an Excel file. If you request a copy by email, I will forward it to you. Kathy Barnette was supposed to share my findings with the American people. She did not, and I have reason to believe based on conversations I had with her and email correspondence that she is not Kathy for Truth but rather Kathy for herself. (Side note, I had a dream that she was going to attempt a run for US Senate and shared this dream with her and she said that was amazing because she was actually meeting with PA Senator Mastriano about that very topic the next day. Go figure, because she didn’t know I shared many of my findings regarding this PA04 race with Mastriano over the phone and emailed it to one of his staff.

You can imagine my dismay when I had presented all of this information to not one, but two, so-called Republicans and ZERO was done about it. This information was provided to them back in the middle of December, weeks before January 6th and could have possibly been instrumental in the Will of the People of PA having their rightful selection for President being recognized.


If you, the Legislators of PA, seek to maintain Peace, Order, Restore Liberty and Justice for All, then you, upon review of what I am sharing with you today and upon examination of the surnames that may or may not have gone missing in your respective counties is found out to be true, then you must act to have an audit performed on the 2020 Election Results.

We must never forget that God sheds his Grace on Thee only if we ACT JUSTLY when crimes are exposed. If we fail to act, then we can and will lose God’s Grace. This will never be an ACCEPTABLE option for the American People and in particular Pennsylvanians.

Please review the data and restore the Will of the People of Pennsylvania, so help you God.

An American and fellow Pennsylvanian in Spirit,

God Bless

Bobby Piton

P.S. The number of votes destroyed in PA across the 1,000 most common surnames is offset by a surplus of those top 1,000 most common surnames in GA. So destroyed in PA, and reconstituted in GA. Quite a coincidence and something to further investigate?

Insights Stay informed with Bobby’s Latest Insights 47 Years Age. PDF PA Last Name by County Battleground States – First Names Battleground States – Last Names AZ GOP Form Letter – Personalize Investments: GameStop Short Selling Educational Piece Political: PA Congressional Race Political: A...


Daily talk at 11:30am CST going over Market Updates. PreActive Investments / Bobby Piton "Market Updates" reflect the opinions of only the authors who are associated persons of PreActive Investments and do not reflect the views of Total Clarity or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. They are meant for informational purposes only, are not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security in a self-directed account or any other account, and are not an offer or sale of a security. They are also not research reports and are not intended to serve as the basis for any investment decision. All investments involve risk and the past performance of a security or financial product does not guarantee future results or returns. Keep in mind that while diversification may help spread risk, it does not assure a profit or protect against loss. There is always the potential of losing money when you invest in securities or other financial products. Investors should consider their investment objectives and risks carefully before investing. The price of a given security may increase or decrease based on market conditions and customers may lose money, including their original investment. Investment advice offered through Total Clarity Wealth Management, Inc., a registered investment advisor and separate entity from PreActive Investments.


The Greatest Book Ever Written, Day 80 of 365 Days of Bible Study with Bobby Piton. Please join as I reflect on the Bible through the current times we are living through together as Americans of this Nation or Americans in Spirit across the globe.


The Greatest Book Ever Written, 365 Days of Bible Study with Bobby Piton. Please join as I reflect on the Bible through the current times we are living through together as Americans of this Nation or Americans in Spirit across the globe.


Market Updates


The Greatest Book Ever Written


Test 123

https://youtu.be/Cw56FpBDaqM this is a must watch about Kevin aka Chicken legs Burns. The assets of Government Services ...

https://youtu.be/Cw56FpBDaqM this is a must watch about Kevin aka Chicken legs Burns. The assets of Government Services in Geneva have gone from about $85 million in 2004 to $30 million 2020. Meanwhile, Business Activities assets went from $60 Million in 2004 to about $109 million today. Overall assets dropped $6 million to $139 Million from $145 million over a 16 year period {burns has been mayor for past 20 years).

How much did he and others profit at the expense of the citizens of Geneva as a result of this "reclassifcation" of Government to Business. Think meters in Chicago ..Daley as a way to explore this ???

This is far worse than I expected and needs to be examined in far greater detail.

Also worth noting property tax revenue in 2020 shot up by over 100 percent in past 12 years while population grew by 1 percent. Meanwhile these pdfs on Geneva website appear to have been changed and show property taxes collected as 6.665 million in 2009-10 (those include "State Funds") while 2020 being show at $6.65 million making it appear as they were flat. They were about $3.1 What an accounting slight of hand in these reports. The video shows the figures in the reports.

The citizens of Geneva need to launch a full fledged investigation and citizens across America need to look into if their town has also undergone such suspect actions.


Aside from literally being God in human form with everything one can imagine with being pure Infinite energy and love, Jesus Christ had decided to humble himself and empathize with us by undergoing all of the pain and suffering to show us through his actions that he was the Word, the Truth, and the Way and proved through his crucifixion and his rising from the Dead just how much he loves each and every one of us.

In fact, this humbling experience by the Son of God not only was the basis for the New Convenant that our Spirits made with God, but was an acknowledgement that each and every one us is part of a collective Spiritual Body in Christ (i.e. we are all children of God)

It's not perfect, like all of us yet God still loves unconditionally, but the analogy that comes to mind using a fractal geometry framework is, each of our cells in the human body is part of "us" and collectively is "us" in human form. In the same way us aggregated up into a full human body are just one "cell" in a collective "body in Christ".

This is why the power of prayer is so powerful. We call on each other, no differently than "white blood cells" being called on by our body to attack a virus that enters our bodies. We are in essence calling on each other to "act" and deal with energetic viruses that attack our collective *being".

I have a strong suspicion many of us can relate to feeling energetically attacked by evil and are in fact praying for God's help to deal with this Evil all around us.

Some of us will be activated to take action and our collective spirit will provide Spiritual energy and some cases additional resources of time and energy (real time energy or work) and stored energy (stored work; also known as money) to crush this Evil and restore "Peace".

Make no mistake God always wins, because we are One Body and One Spirit in God. We ultimately always will prevail, it's just a matter of time.

This virus is an attempt by evil to attack our collective "body" as a humanity and our "spirit" as beings to take control of our collective "body" and "spirit" and enslave us.

Never forget this about this Evil that we are witnessing on both these fronts as Jesus not only rose from the Dead to show us all that our physical form being shed is never the end, but also to show us by the greatest example of the phrase "with God all things are possible".

Happy Easter Everyone.

May God Bless You, Your Family and Your Friends and May God Continue to Bless the Greatest Nation in the History of Humanity on this Earth.

May Peace be with you, and if you don't have Peace, put God first and I
have no doubt it will find you.

God bless,
Bobby Piton


I just got an email from a Geneva HS student. Perhaps, I helped inspire them? It's anonymous. The population has grown by about 1.5 % percent in past 10 years, Household Income grew by about 5 % over past 10 years and Taxes on Property rose 68 percent. Municipal taxes rose a whopping 188%. Taxes overall rose by 10X as fast as income growth.

WTH, Burns is far worse than I ever imagined.

Just imagine how bad your town might be??

I will releasing my data and findings and might walk through a step by step process of how anyone can conduct this work....

I will releasing my data and findings and might walk through a step by step process of how anyone can conduct this work. I have all of my files and emails time stamped so the Public can decide what is Truth.

Sign up at www.preactiveinvestments.com for political newsletter with times I go live with this and then unsubscribe if you don't want to continue to stay informed. The Truth will set us Free and expose all of those colluding behind the scenes. https://youtu.be/jifaNxq7IG8

Global equity manager that utilizes scientific, quantamental methods to generate the highest risk adjusted returns. Investment opportunity and asset management services to high net worth individuals.

Within the next few days, I will set aside time to record a live stream of me walking through Data and my analysis and p...

Within the next few days, I will set aside time to record a live stream of me walking through Data and my analysis and provide the excel file of the raw data and sheet in which I ran the calculations. If you want me to notify you when I will schedule this live steam. Go to my company site www.preactiveinvestments.com and fill our pop up and click political. I'll send an email. After you receive email. Unsubscribe if you want no further notifications. Thank you. Bobby.

Global equity manager that utilizes scientific, quantamental methods to generate the highest risk adjusted returns. Investment opportunity and asset management services to high net worth individuals.


I coined the phrases phantom voters and phantom sleeper voters after going through data in AZ and PA

I also did a write up regarding a Congressional race explaining how entire classes of last nanes were annihilated as well as various age groups trimmed from the election results. I provided this information to a few folks including someone who ran for office in PA for Congress.

My forecast was 30% Phantom Voters in a sample set of names that I provided to PA and AZ. My estimates were spot on.

Some new film is coincidentally using my ideas and someone in it sure makes it sound like they figured this out.

I'll be.most definitely looking into this in greater detail.


The attempted assassination of the Will of the American People has ignited a 🔥🔥🔥 among Free Men and Free Women to mobilize, get involved and take our Nation back from Evil People. Make no mistake, we are under siege from within and need to expose all of the corruption and dirty deeds that have been taking place for decades.

It's too late to turn back, unjust results with no regard for We the People Will Not Stand!


Corrupt Forces declared War on the American People when they "Stole" something from US....

"Holiness is in right action and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves.  Goodness, what God desires is...

"Holiness is in right action and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves. Goodness, what God desires is in our Minds and in our Hearts. What you decide to do every day will determine if you will be Good (wo)man or not"

Kane County Chronicle backed a Mayoral Candidate Kevin Burns.

I received a call from Brenda Schory of the Kane County Chronicle asking me WHY I was bringing up Partial Birth Abortion (they literally pull the baby out while its kicking ... leave the head in the mother while its kicking and sever the spinal cord... Democrats and Kevin Burns does not think this is murder) and Critical Race Theory. This reporter said she didn't know that Critical Race Theory (I will NEVER EVER Apologize for being WHITE, Critical Race Theory should not only be criminal but it should be recognized for what it is; an attempt to start a race war), Communist Propaganda passed by a 70% Democrat Controlled legislature was the underpinnings of Pritzker's communist agenda for Illinois.

She was befuddled as to why I would call out Burns for his views on Abortion and Critical Race Theory. I enclosed this clip outlined when I learned about Burns and his view on Abortion. Given the fact that Burns openly supports who is arguably the most liberal and horrific member of Congress the Undertaker (of the unborn) Underwood of IL-14. Burns not only supported Underwood and her misguided evil beliefs; he was PROUD of it. Proud to know the most innocent among us would be slaughtered is nothing to ever be proud of.

All National Politics STARTS on the local level. We the People need to vote in others that SHARE our Values. Burns shares evil values with a very evil person by the name of Lauren the Undertaker Underwood of IL-14.

We the citizens of Geneva need to show up and vote against Evil on April 6th. More than 1 innocent life is killed in every minute of every day because of People like Lauren Underwood and Kevin Burns that attempt to disassociate themselves from the responsibility and obligation to defend the most innocent among us.


Talking about the current mayor of Geneva


I am one of over 100 million Americans that knows President Donald J. Trump is the Greatest President in the History of our Republic. It just so happens that same 100 million Americans does NOT believe or Trust false narratives and corrupt evil idols that have sold our Nation out!

No amount of propaganda will change what we all witnessed and what the Data has shown us.


Our Faith in God is too important to outsource to organized Religion

Our Faith and Freedom is too important to outsource to Politicians

Our Faith in our Children is too important to outsource to Teachers

While I am not calling on ending the uss of these folks skills in Serving We The People, I am suggesting We, on an Individual level must OWN the process and Control what we each Do, NOT leave it up to someone else.

How has Trusting Politicians benefitted all of the workers in manufacturing that lost their jobs to China and Mexico?

How has Trusting our Government helped small businesses last year when they were deprived due process and forced to close while Mega Companies thrived?

How has Trusting K-12 and Teachers gone that show up to terrorist rallies? Get full pay and pension while Americans lose their companies, get caged in their homes, and have property taxes go up to help make it harder for them to keep their home?

How has Trusting organized Religion gone in protecting our Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Religion when they are more scared of losing tax free standing instead of letting us down?

We the People need to In-source and return to being, well, Americans; Free and Independent. 47,000+ of US (United Spirits) for every one elected employee. Never forget who pays who. Isn't it time we act like they are meant to serve US, not the other way around?


What does everyone think about Gary Rabine for Governor of IL?


If you are interested in getting involved in taking our Nation back from a grassroots level that I will spearhead through the use of Data, please email me at [email protected].
I'll be involved either formally or informally with AZ recount of 2.1 million ballots. I'll be working on the data analysis piece (may even get access to the images of all the ballots to perform "other types of analysis"). If you might be interested in this effort, please email me as well.

In the subject line - type AZ help Grassroots if you want to do both or just one of the phrases on your availability. AZ will be on the horizon in the next 1-3 weeks and could be a 4-8 week project. More details to follow as to what help will be needed.
Once I am done working on AZ, my attention will be turning to GA again. I'll keep you posted as to what specifically once AZ project is winding down.

FYI, I am committed to my profession and spend over 50 hours a week there and still manage to make time to utilize my skills for Voter Integrity Projects on a pro bono basis (spending at least 15-20 hrs a week. I'm not telling you this to boast, but rather to hopefully nudge everyone just a bit to get involved. Even if you can just set aside 1-3 hours a week. Something is better than nothing. We outnumber elected officials 47,000 to 1. If we don't wake up and get involved (across all party lines) and take back control of this process from a corrupt political establishment (both parties), we are toast folks. They are moving to muzzle us, keep us confined in specific areas, and ration our food / purchases in due time. Don't believe me, then I guess I'll just pray you wake up and look around. The signs are everywhere. Please get involved with something to help fight back to preserve our remaining Freedoms and then we can talk about restoring Freedoms that we have lost.

God Bless,
Bobby Piton


United Spirits of America is an entity I created that would serve as a disruptor. I have had more dreams clarifying how it can be structured to make a meaningful impact on voter integrity and a restoration of Americanism.

Make no mistake, satanic conmunists are going full throttle to destroy our society and steal our Nation from within and then via troops.

I'll be posted action items this week for anyone that wants to get involved.

God bless,


I'd rather die if my immune system couldn't fight off a virus than live and have my rights violated by being forced to take a vaccine.

Give me Liberty or Give me Death rings True yet again!


I TRUST 200 million+ armed Americans exercising their Second Amendment Rights every moment of every day over hundreds of self proclaimed righteous, holier than thou public officials who think they Control Us.



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