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The New Hampshire Socialist Coalition Uniting the socialists of New Hampshire in common revolutionary action and organization since 2017.

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The Keene Sentinel

The Keene Sentinel

Two Swanzey residents say they complained to the state labor department after not getting paid for their work at a new company in town, prompting an investigation.

Help create bail equity at the Valley Street Jail in Manchester, NH – FAITHIFY

Bail fund for Valley Street Jail

20% $1000 raised 8 donors 59 Days Left to donate We are a group of Unitarian Universalists in alliance with the Manchester NH NAACP seeking bail equity in the Valley Street jail in Manchester, New Hampshire by creating a bail fund for those owing $1,000 or less, who are overwhelmingly poor and/or pe...



Happy Bastille Day 🤴🏻🗑


Philly Socialists

Thank you to
Philly for REAL Justice
Black & Brown Workers Cooperative
South Jersey Democratic Socialists of America

pc: Komeau Bryan

Philly Socialists

Philly Socialists

In Philadelphia, a trans woman was arrested for exercising her First Amendment rights by allegedly trying to set fire to a Blue Lives Matter flag as an expressive protest.

Larry Krasner for DA is charging her with possession of an instrument of crime & recklessly endangering another person

Liberals: "At least he didn't charge her with a felony!"

This is what happens when we dispense with the politics of liberation and settle for the politics of harm reduction.



Photo captured Wednesday night - production begins on a new secret project. Stay tuned next week for a special announcement! Until then, you’ll just have to guess what we’re up to...



Nearly three dozen drug-related cases are being dropped in Hillsborough County and an additional 35 are in jeopardy after a detective was fired from Manchester's special investigative drug unit.


ACLU of New Hampshire

BREAKING: NH House of Reps just passed HB1319 that would ensure that transgender people cannot be discriminated against in employment, housing, or public accommodations!

Thanks to everyone who showed up and everyone who has contributed to this campaign! On to the NH Senate!


Coalition folks on the prowl last night

Good times had across the board - thanks to all who came out to Pool for Proles last night!

Black Lives Matter leader shot dead

Black Lives Matter leader shot dead

The Black Lives Matter leader known for diving over a barrier to sn**ch a Confederate flag from a protester on live TV last year was shot dead in New Orleans, police said. Muhiyidin Elamin Moye, wh…

Jacobin Magazine

Yeah let’s be serious here

There's nothing to celebrate about the FBI — it isn't, nor has it ever been, a guardian of democracy.

The Socialist Party of Southern NH

The Socialist Party of Southern NH

From our own Matei Yourtee:

“Does Amazon need this railway more, or do the people of New Hampshire? A fundamentally different vision is required that is not limited to unimaginative solutions to pressing problems, and corporation-centric political motivations. Voters have every reason to doubt whether such a vision can be found in either of these parties.”


Oh ok

One of the officers plead guilty to one count of simple assault in October 2015 after video of the incident was posted to YouTube.



New Hampshire is the last state in New England to provide protections.


Still feeling that holiday spirit? This Saturday, the Class Struggle Education League Lowell/ N.H. is hosting a fundraiser for Class-War Prisoners Mumia Abu-Jamal; the surviving members of the MOVE 9; Jaan Laaman and Thomas Manning of the Ohio 7; Leonard Peltier; and Ed Poindexter of the Omaha Two.

Event will be held on Saturday 12/30 from 5-8 PM at 520 Lake Ave, Manchester.

From the (private) event page: "We will be collecting money for the Partisan Defense Committee's Stipends to Class-War Prisoners Fund. This is not an act of charity, but a display of solidarity with those who rot in racist US jails for their opposition to racist US imperialist capitalism. As the Industrial Workers of the World used to say, "An injury to one is an injury to all!"

We will also be showing the 2017 film "The Young Karl Marx.""

The Prisoners Fund provides a much-needed $50 stipend to prisoners each month - and every little bit helps! Can't make the fundraiser but want to contribute? Send checks or money orders made out to PDC, with "Class-War Prisoners Stipend Fund" to the address below:

Partisan Defense Committee
P.O. Box 99
Canal Street Station
New York, NY 10013-0099

For more details, contact Mike Gath (and wish him a happy birthday while you're at it)!


Hampton Institute

The defenders of capital have always been insecure, and for good reason. Any system that is designed to exploit the many to benefit the few (capitalism) needs a high level of control, surveillance, and enforcement.

Philadelphia Tenants Union


This is what landlords do to poor people. They put them in hell and get paid to do it.

These landlords know renters with eviction records can't get anything better, that their records could shut them out of decent housing forever.

The landlord knows he has all the power. If the tenant asks for fixes, the landlord threatens to make the tenant homeless. The laws protecting tenants never get enforced. But the laws protecting landlords are carried out by the police.

That's why a landlord like this can rent out a place like this in North Philly with NO LICENSE, with holes big enough for a RACOON to get in and maul a baby girl.

This is what happens in a system that rewards people who profit off people's needs and fears.

We need to crack down on these landlords and get our own power over our buildings, blocks, and communities.

Faith In Activism Discussion Panel 12/10/2017

Looking for a little Sunday morning religion? Or a Sunday afternoon discussion in lieu of a longread? Check out last week’s amazing, substantive Faith in Activism panel - and we’ve got quality audio and video this time!

Enjoy our vibrant and informative discussion on the intersection of faith and activism featuring: Rick Durance - the United Church of Christ in Keene Will Co...

A Public Internet Is Possible | Current Affairs

A Public Internet Is Possible | Current Affairs

A favorite party trick of neoliberalism is claiming that whatever the public sector can do, the private market can do better. For the last three decades, the two major political parties have teamed with the corporate sector to inform us that government is a rusty machine: too burdened by red tape to...



The Keene Sentinel

The Keene Sentinel

A group of high school students protested outside Verizon Wireless at the Riverside Plaza in Keene Thursday in support of net neutrality.

Answer Coalition Boston


"For a dollar an hour and credit toward early parole, more than 1,700 convicted felons fought on the front lines of the destructive wildfires that raged across Northern California this October. While communities from Sonoma to Mendocino evacuated in the firestorm’s path, these inmates worked shifts of up to 72 straight hours to contain the blaze and protect the property residents left behind, clearing brush and other potential fuel and digging containment lines often just feet away from the flames. Hundreds more are on the fire line now, combatting the inferno spreading across Southern California."

Hampton Institute

Hampton Institute

The Hampton Institute is proud to team up with the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement (RAM) in announcing the official launch of the RAM-NYC Community Bail Fund.

Under capitalism, the criminal punishment system is both classist and racist. Poor and working people are systematically funneled into it through material desperation, and non-white members of these lower classes are disproportionately targeted due to the white-supremacist "values" that have shaped American society.

Without being convicted of any crime, people are often forced to remain behind bars because they cannot afford exorbitant bail. In actuality, these high bail amounts function as ransom against being held in brutal and violent conditions, and make it almost impossible for families to mount a legal defense for their loved ones.

RAM-NYC, in tandem with the larger Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, is now laying the groundwork for what was outlined in their pamphlet, 'Burn Down the American Plantation.' RAM is creating a revolutionary infrastructure that is *immediately* and ethically aiding people who are held in captivity by the capitalist, white-supremacist state.

Revolutionaries desire to materially change peoples' lives for the better, and RAM-NYC is now taking the first steps in that process. RAM understands that the political system is written with fundamental anti-black politics. The politics of abolition, then, must be underwritten by a willingness and desire to reach into the plantation system, to liberate those in captivity, to spread revolutionary ideas, to offer a concrete political and social alternative, and to raise the mantle of black liberation to the forefront of our movement.

This past week, RAM-NYC funded its first successful release of a person from the New York City jail system. Unable to afford bail and facing minor charges, Max* was about to be sent to Rikers to await trial, before RAM's intervention spared him the horrors of the Island. Now he is back at home with his family, and RAM remains in contact to further assist Max* with additional resources.

The RAM-NYC Community Bail Fund intends to release one person per month from Rikers Island or central bookings in NYC. This program will primarily focus on bail amounts under $3,000. When court proceedings are complete, bail money is returned to the RAM-NYC fund so they can continue to bail out other people.

Any amount of time inside prison walls is destructive and potentially deadly, and every bit of support is meaningful. Through this project, RAM will make an immediate impact in people's lives and further the abolitionist cause for freedom.

Please watch this short video, and please consider supporting this project by donating here:

In solidarity.


S**t Bootlickers Say

Vermin Supreme sues Concord to have pony protest

Vermin Supreme sues Concord to have pony protest

The country’s favorite pony-loving politician is suing the city of Concord in federal court, saying the city did not allow him to bring two equines to his protest of Hillary Clinton’s Tuesday book signing, which violates the First Amendment.According...



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