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Remember that in 2015, in mob like action or what Aristotle calls Mobocracy , many Nigerians rejected Jonathan and PDP and voted Buhari and APC only to discover today that they were deceived by the change mantra of APC and Mob action.

Next Saturday, you will have another chance to vote for competent candidates that have traceable record of capacity and competence in managing human and material resources.

Say NO to EVERYDAY POLITICIANS that have no other source of livelihood apart from mainstream party politics. Our economy is already RED. We need entrepreneurs and investors.

Ndi Enugu, our Tomorrow is Here. Vote Peter Mbah , Vote PDP. It is not about party affiliation but about individual capacity to turn charcoal into gold. Shun provincialism and celebrate competence.



“It is not about Party but Competence”

By Ikechi Kingsley Finidi

It is highly unfortunate that evils of ‘Mobocracy’ are here gaping at us. Democracy in itself is not evil but the abuse of it brings evil. The evil generated by abuse of the principles of democracy is what made Aristotle, the great Greek thinker abhor Democracy. Today in Nigeria, especially during the last Presidential election, Mobocracy was at its peak. Majority of the electorate voted for a particular presidential candidate not because of his ethnic origin nor because of his political party but because of his proven competence in handling human and material resources. The masses had been yearning for a president with such sterling track record. Sadly, such grand action also resulted into electing all manner of persons who hid under the party of one of the presidential candidates into the National Assembly without thinking of the detrimental effect of such rash action on quality law making and good representation. It is not as if every candidate elected in such process were incompetent but very many are in same company with the persons voted out. For some, it was only a mere change of colour of cloth.

Recall that many Nigerians made similar mistake in 2015 when the mantra of change was dangled before them, by some disgruntled members of PDP and ACN with few members of ANPP. Majority of Nigerians thought that a Daniel had come to replace their perceived Nebuchadnezzar, only to found out within one year of the tenure of the present occupants of A*o Rock, that they were deceived by conmen who only changed party so as to grab power. Power to dominate and decimate the commonwealth.

The same scenario is rearing its ugly head before us again. Politicians that have been eating us dry since 1999 and never had any feelings towards our trials and agony had just separated from their co-traducers; went on to join another political party with the mantra that they are the Moses we have been yearning for ages. These are all lies fellow compatriots. The sepulcher is filled with rubbish not minding the ornaments atop it. Ask yourselves, how many times have these persons parading themselves as living political Saints today, spoken against their previous principals or political party while hobnobbing with them?

Ndi Enugu, we need to clean our eyes and lookout for that candidate that is not only competent but has proven record of quality management of human and material resources. That candidate that has excelled in the private sector, an investor, developer and creative entrepreneur. A candidate that can bring back the Ada Rice, Nachi Vegetable oil factory, moribund industries clustered at Emene, Aluminum factory at Ohebe Dim, Cashew industry at Oye in Ezeagu and open up Tech hubs in our State.

21st century Enugu does not need mere politician who only come to share handouts and polarize the people in the name of provincial politics. Enugu and Nigeria have had enough years wasted in mere politicking, abandoning industrialization and human capital development. Our children need to get job after school and not to hang around politicians for handouts. Thus, it is not about the name of political party but about evidence of capacity in core blue areas of the economy.

Ndi Enugu should dissociate themselves from any politician clamoring and fanning the embers of provincialism and anarchy. Election is not war but a game between brothers and sisters. It is highly unfortunate for Barr. Okechukwu Ezea to be associated with provincialism and anarchy. His Excellency Sullivan Chime who supported the rotation to Enugu North Senatorial zone could have done otherwise if that was the case but he not only supported the rotation to Enugu North Senatorial zone but enabled it with every resources available to him.

Why would someone in 21st century be saying that Nsukka Cultural zone must produce the next governor of Enugu State by ‘fire by force’? Is Barr. Ezea saying that every other indigene of Enugu state including non-indigenes residing in Enugu that are not from Nsukka cultural zone are insignificant? If every person should follow Ezeas’s thought formation, great Zik wouldn’t have cited the famous University of Nigeria in Nsukka but in Onitsha. It is also not good for our cohesion to tell your supporters and people of your zone to ensure that Nsukka cultural zone stays in the lion building for unbreakable 24 years by supporting one of their own in Isi-Uzo and another one after eight years in Ugwuinyi Development Center, in present Udi Local Government Area.

The electorate should be careful as they go out to cast their votes because not all the persons that gathered around Jesus were his apostles or disciples. We cannot afford to make the similar mistake we made during 2015 general election again when many Nigerians voted against Goodluck in the name of change. The church should distance themselves for such clamour for war and power by all means.

Today, they come with all sorts of falsehood to taint the image of any opposing candidate. Some have branded a particular candidate a member of Ebeano. Surprisingly, all the candidates for in the forthcoming governorship and even House of Assembly election in Enugu State are once upon time members of the defunct Ebano movement including the current Senator elect of Enugu North Senatorial Zone. Ebeano was just a movement birthed by the then Governor of Enugu State. Chime came up with Ebe ana Eje etc. Chime was a member of Ebano family yet same people who castigate Barr. Peter Mbah today, adjudge him as one of the best Governors in his era. We should not be cajoled into electing persons that are only looking for opportunity to grab power but persons that have verifiable source of livelihood and not people that depend only on government purse. Neither should Ndi Enugu hand over their commonwealth to that family that parade themselves as Machiavellian of Nsukka and Enugu politics. The sad story of such mistake will be that your money will not be buried in graveyard as it was then but kept in Jupiter.

The wise ones in our State should advice their dependents. *The hour has come for Ndi Enugu to move higher. The moment Anambra State dissociated themselves from mere EVERYDAY POLITICIANS and voted a master entrepreneur, investor and manager of resources in the person of Mr. Peter Obi, Anambra smiled for good. Enugu of today, needs an entrepreneur, investor and manager of resources and not EVERYDAY POLITICIAN.*




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