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Operating as usual


Our language benchmark is going to be Monday, May11th. The students will have a practice packet to work on in class tomorrow and for homework - they can study over the weekend.


We will have our preposition quiz tomorrow - on ALL 53


We will have a quiz on all 53 prepositions next Friday, May 1st

We will also have an adjective test on Friday, May 1st

The students must have their 3 Branches of Government Mobile complete and turned in by May 1st. This will
Be an alternative assessment so it will be a test grade!


We have a preposition quiz tomorrow in 1-40. The students have known this !

They also have a parts of speech vocabulary test tomorrow! They have been reviewing this all week.

Also, they have to recite the preamble to me by tomorrow! They have had the preamble for 2 weeks now.


Each student needs to bring in a clothes hanger by Friday! We will
Be making a 3 Branches of Government project next week!
Also, we have a constitution vocabulary tomorrow!
Prepositions 1-29 quiz tomorrow also!


We will have a preposition quiz this Friday on 1-20. They have a list in their notebook

Constitution Vocabulary activities are due Thursday!

Constitution vocabulary test is Friday, April 10th - students have a handout with words and definitions on it.


New vocabulary words - public opinion, independence, allegiance, resolution, preamble, grievance, patriot, loyalist, neutral, pacifist, regiment, enlist , turning point, traitor, negotiate, principle

Definitions due tomorrow (Thursday)
*test to come soon


This week we will be working on figurative language books in language and in social studies we will be working on a debate between Patriots and Loyalists.
*if your child has an iPad or tablet they are allowed to bring them Tuesday and Wednesday to do research on patriots and loyalists.
*we will also need posters so we can create persuasive posters to use during debate!


We have a vocabulary test this Tuesday. Please study all 16 words !


We will have our next vocabulary test next Tuesday, Feb. 17th

We are currently working on Persuasive Writing - we will be using a graphic organizer to help us set up our thoughts for our writing. Then we will work on a 5 paragraph essay.


We are currently working on our punctuation unit in language. We will have a test next Tuesday, Feb. 10th - the students should have a punctuation book we took notes in.

Also, in social studies we are learning about different things that led to the Revolutionary War - French and Indian War, Sugar Act, Stamp Act, and Boston Massacre.

We also have 16 new vocabulary words the students need to be studying - repeal, liberty, monopoly, treason, boycott,declaration, blockade, budget, representation, petition, intolerable, quarter, olive branch, earthwork, commander in chief, and mercenary (they will be tested on these words towards the end of next week)


Reminder- 13 Colonies map test tomorrow

Verb Tenses test next Wednesday, January 21s

French and Indian War vocabulary test next Friday, January 23rd


We will have a 13 colonies map test this coming Friday, January 16th. The students will have to label a map and have no word bank.

In social studies we will begin the Spanish American War unit and in language we will be working on verb tenses. You should see language homework each night this week (Monday through Thursday )


My home room will be having a Christmas party this Friday. Each student is to bring $2 and we will have pizza. There are a couple others bringing donuts and chips and dip. Each student is responsible for bringing their own drink!


Our language benchmark is going to be this coming Monday.

We are also working on the 13 colonies research project. Students are allowed to bring their iPad/tablet to school Monday and Tuesday to work on their research. They also have to prepare a presentation and will need a poster, PowerPoint, or a brochure. They will be working in pairs.

This is some of our class totem poles we made a few weeks ago!

This is some of our class totem poles we made a few weeks ago!


Hello! We are starting this week by introducing Interjections and Conjunctions!

In social studies we will be discussing how Spain and France colonized North America. Our new vocabulary words are below:
Buffer zone
Civil war
Royal colony
Proprietary colony
Sea dog
Raw material

**we will have a test on these words next week some time!!


Don't forget we will start our explorer presentations tomorrow! Students must have their packet completed and something to use to present - poster, PowerPoint, dress up, etc.

We have a language test Wednesday on prepositions and prepositional phrases

We have a vocabulary test on Thursday.

Working on our Explorer research!!!

Working on our Explorer research!!!


We have a new list of vocabulary words for our Explorer Unit -

They will have a test on these words next week!!


Parents - we will begin our Explorers Unit this week. Students will be allowed to bring their own iPad / tablet this Thursday to do their research on. I prefer no cell phones because of them ringing in class. However, the school is not responsible for any damage or loss of the iPad or tablet. The students can keep them locked in their locker until my class.


Parents this week we are working on prepositions and prepositional phrases. The students will be able to explain the function of a preposition in a sentence. Also, we are working on an expository paragraph about their totem poles they made. We will begin our explorers unit this week as well. The students will get new vocabulary (test coming soon), they will also be assigned an explorer to research in class. They will also have to present their explorer next Monday.

Language and Social Studies homework:
Monday - squirrel prepositional phrases sheet

Tuesday - busy day at the gym factory sheet
Start studying social studies vocabulary

Wednesday - study vocabulary

Thursday - study vocabulary

Friday - study vocabulary


We have Parent Involvement night Tuesday, Oct 14th at 5:30. Hope to see you all there !


We will be making spears next week! If anyone can send some feathers that would be GREATLY appreciated! Just the kind you buy in the craft section at Wal-Mart!


Do we have any parents that can help chaperone our school dance next Tuesday from 1:00 to 2:30? Please let me know asap! Thanks so much!!!

The students have action verb homework. They need to cut 10 action verbs out of a magazine or newspaper and glue them to...

The students have action verb homework. They need to cut 10 action verbs out of a magazine or newspaper and glue them to the provided yellow paper. Be neat and creative. I have attached an example.

Writing a paragraph!

Writing a paragraph!


My Action Hero activity due tomorrow - Friday, Sept 19

Action Verbs homeowner die Tuesday, Sept 23rd - cut 10 action verbs from a magazine or newspaper and glue on the provided paper. Be neat and creative !


We will have our first language test on Tuesday, Sept. 16th

Our social studies vocabulary test will be Friday, Sept 19th

Our next language test on Verbs will be Wed., Sept. 24th

Our oceans and continents map test will be Thursday, Sept. 25th

Your child should have notes for all of these tests!!

Using Text Mapping to learn about The First Americans

Using Text Mapping to learn about The First Americans

Using "text mapping" to learn about The First Americans!!

Using "text mapping" to learn about The First Americans!!


Progress reports go out Sept. 10th.

We will have a language test this Friday, Sept. 12th. It will be on nouns and 4 types of sentences!


Open House Tuesday night at 5:00 for 5th grade and 6:15 for 6th grade.

We are having a school wide ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS. We will be taking up money all week!


5th Grade Open House is Tuesday, Sept. 2nd at 5:15.



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