Advocate Nelson Chamisa

Advocate Nelson Chamisa Excellence,Brilliance, Difference.#Godisinit

(Psalms 139 V 14 - I will praise thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made : marvelous are thy works and that my soul knoweth right well.) At 6am, on a Thursday morning the 2nd of February 1978, a baby boy born of Alice and Sylvanus Chamisa was introduced to the world at the catholic Sillveria Mission in Masvingo . Nelson Chamisa was born and bred, encultured and educated in Masvingo. Upon completion of A-level education, Nelson Chamisa proceeded to tertiary education were he made a mark in student politics when he became active in student leadership and governance by becoming the Student Representative Council President in his first year in 1998. In the same year Nelson Chamisa was dismissed from college for active participation and leadership in a demonstration against the government. In the same year, Nelson Chamisa was elected the Secretary General of the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) in 1998. Nelson Chamisa, together with his colleges transformed the administration and politics of student activism by setting up union offices across the whole country and radicalising approach of student representation. In 2003, Nelson Chamisa became the youngest a member of parliament at the age of 25, breaking new ground in Zimbabwean politics. Nelson Chamisa is the current Kuwadzana East constituency member of parliament; the community has shown their trust in him by re-electing him as their representative. He also ventured into uncharted territories by becoming the youngest Minister at the inception of the inclusive government in 2009. Nelson Chamisa is the current Minister of ICT. Honourable Nelson Chamisa’s Service Journey STUDENT LEADERSHIP Became active in student politics and leadership the SRC president Harare poly 1998-2000 Elected Secretary General of ZINASU at a congress held at the University of Zimbabwe - 1999-2000 POLITICAL LEADERSHIP Became National Youth Chairperson - MDC 2000-2006 MDC Spokesperson in 2005-2011 MDC Organizing Secretary 2011 to date SERVICE AND DUTY IN PARLIAMENT Became MP as the youngest MP in March 2003 Kuwadzana MP 2003 to date Representative of Zimbabwe in the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly 2003-2008 In Parliament, served as a member of the portfolio committees of Defence and Home Affairs, Public Accounts, Gender and Youth and Transport and Communications. He is also a member of the Local Government, Public Works & Urban Development THE GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIP The youngest Minister Became Minister of ICT 2009-2012 He has served as Acting Minister of various Ministries: Public Service , Science and Technology, Labour and Social Welfare Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs INTERNATIONAL AND DIPLOMATIC ASSIGNMENTS Represented the country at various international fora: at the AU Summit, International Telecomunications Union in Geneva, ACP-EU in Brussels, Belgium. Participated in the Youth Leadership in USA programme Washington DC. ACADEMIC AND SCHOLARSHIP RECORD Holder of BBA Marketing Degree IMM, SA. BSc Honors Political Science, Zimbabwe. Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy, Zimbabwe. Governance and Development studies, Stanford University in California, USA. 3rd year Law Student. AWARDS AND MERITS Received several awards nationally and internationally Best student Practice of marketing IMM Southern Africa University of Zimbabwe Book prize (twice) Political Science and Intenational Relations Victors award 2011 outstanding and exemplary leadership Voted Minister of the year 2011 Voted top 35 of under 35 young people in International Affairs Hon Nelson Chamisa is one of the winners of the first bi-annual Top 35 Under 35 Young African Leaders in International Affairs!

I’m informed that Advocate Thabani Mpofu has been detained overnight at Rhodesville Police Station.Senior lawyer B.Mtetw...

I’m informed that Advocate Thabani Mpofu has been detained overnight at Rhodesville Police Station.Senior lawyer B.Mtetwa advises that Adv Mpofu is expected to appear in court tomorrow. The People’s Advocate is resolute, indomitable and unshaken. Victory is certain!


Breaking news...Just been informed that Advocate Thabani Mpofu presented himself to the police in the company of Lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa after indications that the police were looking for him.We are yet to be informed on the reasons behind all this.


This keeps us fired up..We have this irreversible contract with Zimbabweans of all ages. No going back, no matter what!..Nomakanjani!Thank you Zimbabwe.Thank you all!!! God bless you #Godisinit


We Will fight & WIN Zimbabwe for CHANGE. ED will never forgive us for defeating him in 2018.All challenges are platforms for major comebacks, renewal &massive resurgence.We’re on the right side of history.We stand for right,light & truth.The darkest hour is before dawn!Happy Sabbath! #Godisinit

The People’s Advocate has spoken. We must end the circus. We must end the Tyranny. Dictatorship must fall!We are focused...

The People’s Advocate has spoken. We must end the circus. We must end the Tyranny. Dictatorship must fall!We are focused...




Asking citizens to pay US$65 for compulsory Covid-19 testing is surely criminal, whether in quarantine or seeking treatment at health facilities. Mr Mthuli, where is your surplus? ED, why buy ‘buses’ instead of COVID-19 testing kits? Why put so many in kombi business out of jobs?We mustn’t be so heartless and cruel!


This day, 25 May, is AFRICA day. Instead of silencing the gun, some African leaders are silencing the citizens. It’s time to change and build a New UNITED AFRICA with one RESIDENCE, one economy & currency built upon the 4 pillars of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Partnership & Transformation. Our Africa needs a Reset! Young AFRICANS wherever you are, get ready to build a UNITED NEW AFRICA.

Happy Africa Day 2020!

God bless The NEW AFRICA!!

#AfricaDay #TheAfricaWeWant

This day we remember Dr Dumiso Dabengwa, an Icon of our liberation struggle. You showed us the way and we are walking in...

This day we remember Dr Dumiso Dabengwa, an Icon of our liberation struggle. You showed us the way and we are walking in it and we will get there! A man of principle, a mentor and a Father. Rest in power Champion of democracy and freedom!#DDweek #RememberingDabengwa

Tinashe Chivaviro- Musavasiye!

Wherever you are and whatever you do, in Zimbabwe or abroad, at work or at home, may Jesus Christ be at the center of all your struggles and enterprises. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit rest and abide with us now and forever more, Amen. 2 Corinthians 13:14

# Come Holy Spirit and RENEW the face of the Earth!!!

As you listen to this new beautiful piece of music from Rev Chivaviro’s young one, this talented Tinashe Chivaviro, remember the power of Our Lord & Saviour in your life. It shall be well. Happy Sabbath to you all dear friends!


Wise words from a Music Legend!!Thank you Mukanya.Veteran journalist Lance Guma and Nehanda TV good show!!


Wisdom from the south..Salute Cde Blade Nzimande!!


The righteous shall rejoice when he sees the vengeance; He shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked, So that men will say, “Surely there is a reward for the righteous; Surely He is God who judges in the earth.”This is the word...
Psalms 58 :10-11..
Please read the whole of Psalms 58.
God bless you!


Indefinite extension of lockdown without cushioning measures for the vulnerable simply wrong and inappropriate!!

1/3 Whereas measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic are a necessity, we disagree with entrenching arbitrary rule under the guise of fighting the pandemic.We backed previous measures because they were time-specific. Indefinite extension changes the situation in a fundamental way.

2/3 Without consultation with us all, the indefinite extension of the lockdown opens a treacherous avenue to arbitrary rule. It indefinitely suspends the exercise of civil and political rights which are necessary checks and balances on the excesses of governmental power.

3/3 Most authoritarian regimes are now using COVID-19 situation as an stratagem to violate rights,abuse people, esp workers, informal traders & churches. Abuse & manipulation must be fought by all progressive citizens.The greater the oppression,the greater the determination!


Mr Mnangagwa must be held accountable for these crimes against humanity.


The most significant Government achievement made during this COVID-19 lockdown in Zimbabwe is the bizarre handing down of a Supreme Court judgment & the abusive summoning of parliament, not to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, but to fight political battles. Why do we put politics ahead of nation building and saving lives??


Today is International nurses day. I heartily salute all Zimbabwean Nurses and indeed Nurses across the world, who passionately provide care & attention to the unwell and us all. Against this COVID-19, nurses are our health’s defence forces. They deploy their mighty and main, as a professional duty, to the save lives while risking their own. In a New Zimbabwe, and soon, we will radically shape and change the heart of healthcare, the nursing profession. We owe nurses more than words can say. Beyond paying tributes, we will be paying nurses more!
Happy International Nurses day. God bless you!!! #InternationalNursesDay

Advocate Nelson Chamisa

Advocate Nelson Chamisa


For which purpose??? It’s Do or Die!!




Hello Zimbabwe..I’m prompted to remind you that the darkest hour is before dawn.A breakthrough is often preceded by the hardest point.Our tears of sorrow shall soon be tears of joy.Good people always defeat the bad &evil ones.Cease your weeping..Dare mighty things and be legendary!Stand up, Man up!!We shall soon overcome and celebrate.By God’s Grace, we will get there.We are getting there!! Mark my words! Be strong and be blessed this day!


Just finished chairing a very long and productive MDC Alliance National Standing Committee Zoom meeting. We came up with key resolutions and action points to be released by the Party’s Deputy National Chairperson Hon Job Sikhala. Whatever the case, the die is cast! Victory and freedom to our motherland!Power to the people!


You can’t rob people forever.
You robbed the 2018 vote.
First you abused ZEC & robbed.
Then abused the ConCourt& robbed.
Then abused the Supreme Court& robbed.
Then abused Parliament & robbed.
Then rob people’s lives daily.
Then rob a whole generation and entire nation.
Now we want everything back!
We shall pursue and recover all!
Zimbabwe this is our call to duty...



Advocate Nelson Chamisa's cover photo

Advocate Nelson Chamisa's cover photo

Advocate Nelson Chamisa's cover photo

Advocate Nelson Chamisa's cover photo


GET CONNECTED ...Prayer is the largest communication network in the world & in life.Prayer is universe’s greatest wireless communication network connecting the earth to heaven, prepaid by Jesus Christ,operated by the Holy Spirit & you top up by fasting, deep worship and praise. The only challenge is a few in the world are true subscribers on this network connecting us to Heaven.

Below are the V11s.....

Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it will be given to you seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Matthew 21:22 And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

John 14:13-14 Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.

Mark 9:29 And he said to them, “This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer.”

Be blessed this day!



CHOOSE LIFE.....This day we appreciate Our Father in Heaven, God The Almighty, the Giver of life.Enjoy the video clip below. Our local languages like Shona are going global..Whereas it is vital to celebrate a birthday, being the day when one was born, never forget to be born again in Christ.Give your life to Jesus Christ. This life on earth is so short and full of agony. We all have to prepare for life which is to come, the eternal life. The most important day is the day when you decide to be born again.Choose now! Decide now! Happy Sabbath day..Deuteronomy 30:19.


Its #MayDay today. Workers in Zimbabwe are toiling, endless days & endless nights, to build and realize the Zimbabwe we all want, the great nation of all our dreams. We commemorate this special day when the majority of workers in Zimbabwe are most vulnerable to the twin pandemics of COVID-19 and Poverty without an social support and cushioning from the authorities.

It is also sad to note that many Zimbabweans, especially youth, are jobless, not at work and have no right to work in our country.

Be that as it may, workers must be saluted and celebrated.

Everyday is a workers’ day. Without labour, nothing moves. Workers are essential pillars of any nation and a great asset to the world .I salute you for building our great nation ! It is the workers that build the world. This day let's spare a thought about all frontline staff, Zimbabweans in the diaspora, at home and the Migrant workers across the world who are facing an extraordinary challenges during this Coronavirus period and beyond.

Long live the working people of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwean workers demand decent lives and a working legitimate government now! Save us!

May Day Greetings to you all!

The painful journey...flashback to the year 2000

Remembering our dear departed faces of courage.Today we remember the late Mathew Pfebve. Below is a clip on funeral day in 2000. Today reminds me of the painful journey since the formation of the party in 1999. Mathew Pfebve was murdered on account of politics on the 30th April of 2000.Mathew, was a brother to Dr Elliot Pfebve.Dr Pfebve is our current Business Trade attaché rep in EU and UK & was the MDC candidate in Bindura in the 2000 parliamentary election.


As we end this April, a vital month of our Independence, we must never forget the heroic sacrifices of our heroes living and departed. As we do so, may we care to remember and know that it is the blood of Jesus that truly liberates & saves people and nations.Zimbabwe shall be saved!


I’ve just been following online (Facebook live on Ariella Ministries) a prayer for revival project led by South Africa’s Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng ( a whole Chief Justice) in conversation with Christian leaders in SA on hope,healing & restoration.I love it when faith flows in the veins and heart of justice. I am so so impressed.God you are so faithful.Let the revival sweep across the world. Africa,this is your time!


Today is Freedom day in South Africa. May the winds of freedom blow across Africa especially north of Limpopo to shake all the pillars of tyranny and the roots of injustice.Let the wave of freedom engulf the African continent for the eternal joy of its people!Happy freedom day South Africa.May God bless and prosper Africa! Mayibuye Africa!

Positori yeAfrica!

Hello ZIMBABWE, Hello Africa.Be Blessed this day.Happy Sabbath day.Be protected from this COVID19 in Jesus’ Mighty name!Fire!


Zimbabwe has got talent! I’m looking for this young preacher.Godliness is profitable unto all things...




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Learned Advocate can you kindly expound to us laymen the meaning of the following scenario.Lets say we accept the court judgement that the Alliance was not a “Party” hence our MPs belong respectively to the parties that seconded them. Doesn't that mean that the PDP,MDC(Prof Ncube) and MDC-T(the one that seconded you for Presidential candidacy as opposed to MDC-T(Thokozani) :(1)all should have been constitutionally eligible to nominate proportional representative MPs on their own capacities not as a block?(2)Does this not make them all qualify to get government finance under the electoral finance Act since each of the the three parties would then pass the 5% threshold needed for a party to qualify?(3)What would be the status of the two MPs that where seconded by Khupe since there were certainly not seconded by the same party that she now purports to lead.Did Mwonzora and Komichi sign nomination papers for both MDC -T( Khupes) candidates and MDC alliance candidates?Did the secretary general Mwonzora miraculously split the MDC T into two i.e one that was part to the alliance and another one (Khupe's) that was not part to the alliance but which all managed to get recognition by the nomination court as well?Can one person be secretary general to two different political parties at the same time?For the sake of consistence ,how is that Thokozani Khupe is being allowed to be master of two different classes of Mps i.e those they purport to have constitutionally(according to the Covid -19 judgement) seconded (part of the alliance) and the two she unconstitutionally seconded as the new MDC-T(Thokozani) apparition which we all know is her true party?Cant legal minds help clear up all this confusion? Khupe cannot be allowed to eat her pie and have it too at the same time!
President tell us what is the way forward we ready to fight against zanu pf . chiwenga was at our rural area in chilonga chiredzi to rob our irrigation and no negotiations with us is just say he will bring investor to plant grass without informing anybody
Handicheuke baba nhamo yandakaona
Handei kuhondo Zimbabwe inoda Hondo pasina izvozvo hapana chinobuda kana nyika yese matown let's go and demonstrate tichiti Zanu pf hatichaidi muofice. Hakuna anofamba nyika yese Mabus nemotokari. Arikwaari ngaagare ikoko. America inopindira taneta kutongwa nehutsinye hurumende isingadi vana vechidiki varikukura. Chamisa hande kuhondo apana kusiri kufa
Adv tiudzeivo kut nyaya ya Adv T Mpofu yanzii,cz tirikungoona yaleader Obey chete
Ko nhai mdhara..pakatangwa imwe party isiri MDC pane chakaipa here,like opening a new page.
We our country to improve we are tired to work outside of our side
Asante sana, musiki haadhakwi
Ko iyi yekuti khupe arikuda kutora HQ yedu by force irikufamba cei
Why not telling us the whole issue, i am sure y were briefed by his lawyer wjo accompanied jim to Anticorruption Unit, and y no the charges but y want to potray as if was arrested for nothing, kuva leader kutaura chokwadi, Mpofu has a case to answer in which he represented an affidavit to high court of a person who doesnot exist.