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Mall of Zimbabwe Coming Soon Number of Shops: 130
Size: 72 000 m2
Phase 1: 45 000 m2


A very happy New Year to all - 2014 promises to be an exciting year for Mall of Zimbabwe!


Merry Christmas to all!


In light of the recent petition in opposition to developments at the Millennium Park Precinct, (referred to as the “Borrowdale Vlei” in the petition) Augur Investments wish to place on record the work that is being done to ensure that the integrity of the “Vlei” is not only maintained, but actually improved from the current status quo:

McCormick Property Development and Augur Investments are developing and rehabilitating a 50 hectare central core of “green belt” surrounding the existing silted river line. The existing 160 hectare site will see the incorporation of the 16 hectare Mall of Zimbabwe along with the 50 hectares of Millennium Park which will be retained as a green belt. Furthermore, the Mall of Zimbabwe has now allocated a further 1Ha of its property for the development of a wetland area surrounding the food court of the mall.

The current status of the existing area is that it is in a state of disrepair and heavily polluted as a result of continued illegal dumping, soil extraction and ruptured sewage lines. With the green-belt currently being used for urban agriculture, the functionality of the wetland areas is seriously jeopardised and it is this that Augur and McCormick are attending to as part of their commitment to the ecology of the area.

The Millennium Park Rehabilitation Programme will see the area being surrounded by indigenous trees and the creation of a central conservation area which will provide a natural soak-away for water runoff to enable water table replenishment.

Extensive research was conducted prior to the commencement of Millenium Park, including an Environmental Impact Assessment which was completed by Zimbabwean registered experts, Plan Afric, and approved by the Environmental Management Agency. In addition, local flora and fauna experts Johnathen Francis, Jenny Fawcett and Wayne Black have been consulted at length along with Plan Afric to ensure the long-term functional success of the project.

“As a company that prides itself in not only the development and upliftment of communities but also in the conservation of flora, fauna and wildlife, we will ensure the success of this greenbelt,” says Managing Director of McCormick Property Development (MPD), Jason McCormick. “Our founder, John McCormick, is a highly active conservationist and we have had huge success working on similar projects in the past -most noticeably at our Greater Edendale Mall in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. MPD developed a regional mall adjacent a near-defunct wetland which was successfully rehabilitated into a thriving ecological system through extensive collaboration with wetland experts. For our efforts and we were awarded two national wetland awards for our preservation work on them. However, the awards were not nearly as satisfying as being able to watch the renewed life that our efforts have brought to the ecology of the area! ”

800 indigenous trees have already been acquired and will be planted in the first phase of the Millenium Park development. “One of our primary objectives is to complement the current natural environment of the location,” explains Mike Van Blerk of Augur Investments. “These 800 trees are just the start and there are many more to come.”

The planned Mall of Zimbabwe will be the first stand-alone closed Mall in Zimbabwe and is expected to create in excess of 4000 jobs. The Mall is expected to bring with it an anticipated $100 million worth of foreign investment in its first phase and will too see the additional hectare of wetland being developed at the Mall’s food court on the corner of Borrowdale and Whitwell roads.


Rest in Peace Madiba. Our thoughts go out to you and your family


Hi fans, we want to thank everyone for posting comments on the page. We welcome all comments and questions that relate to The Mall of Zimbabwe. We will try and answer all questions and concerns that are relevant to the shopping mall. Keep checking back for information!


Hi fans, leasing for The Mall of Zimbabwe is well under way and we are looking forward to welcoming a lot of very exciting world class tenants (updates on this will follow in the next few weeks). For leasing infromation please contact Ivan Pachonick at JHI on (011) 911 8270 or email him on [email protected]


The Mall of Zimbabwe is MPD's BIGGEST development so far!!! For leasing, please contact Ivan Pachonick at JHI on (011) 911 8270 or e-mail him on [email protected]


The Mall of Zimbabwe is MPD's BIGGEST development so far!!! For leasing, please contact Ivan Pachonick at JHI on (011) 911 8270 or e-mail him on [email protected]


Construction on The Mall of Zimbabwe is to begin later this year. For leasing please contact Ivan Pachonick at JHI on (011) 911 8270 or e-mail him on [email protected]




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