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Mwana Swim School Swimming instructor is myself, Mary Snook with my son, Tom as an assistant. Combined we take classes of no more than 5 children at a time. Essentially the pool is indoors as we have built a roof over it and have canvas windows round the sides, it is also heated which keeps the water at a balmy 29 degrees celsius.

This means we are able to swim in poor weather conditions. A little bit about myself: Zimbabwe, Alberta Canada and UK Qualified Swimming Instructor Over 30 years of teaching experience working here in Zimbabwe and in the United Kingdom. Over and above my qualifications and experience is the love I have for working with children, as both a mother and grandmother I fully appreciate the importance of educating our children and giving them the best opportunities we can so that they might live a healthy and happy life.

Mission: I believe that swimming is an invaluable life skill, one that can bring so much joy whilst also enabling safety in and around water. At Mwana Swim School, we aim to impart children with the basic knowledge, skills and confidence so that swimming can become a routine and fun pat of their lives.


Please note that I am not teaching this term if you would like info on swim lessons pse contact Sharon Freeman on 0779965629


Dates for this 3rd term 2018
1 ST BLOCK: 3rd Sept to 13th October (6weeks)
15th October to 20th October Half Term no swim lessons.
2 ND BLOCK : 22nd October to 30th November(6weeks)


Mwana Swim School will be resuming swim lessons on the 20th August 2018.
2 weeks of holidays left to prepare your children for the swimming term.
Pse what's app me on 0772274609 soonest to book!


Happy New Year all Mwana Swim School friends.
Lessons will be starting on the 16th January.
See you then😘


I know this isn't swimming related but we're going through tough times here in zim, might help a bit
8 Simple Practices to Transform Energy
1. Breathe

Breathing is one of the simplest ways to transform energy. When you are in a state of reaction, your breathing becomes shallow. By breathing deeply, you naturally transform your reactive state.

2. Set an Intention

When you feel upset, just say the following statement to yourself: “I need to express how I am feeling right now, and I ask that the energy of my feelings be transformed into love and light so I am feeding the world with love.”

3. Think of a Precious Image

The energy behind your emotions goes out to all living beings. If confronted by someone who evokes strong emotions, think of a loved one and impose his or her image on the face of the person challenging you. For example, you might work with the face of a baby kitten, puppy, or your favorite flower. What thoughts do you want to send to those you love?

4. Use the Power of Words

Spiritual traditions teach that words are vibration and the words we use affect our lives. As children many of us used the phrase “abracadabra.” This is actually an Aramaic phrase “Abraq ad habra” and means, “I will create as I speak.” Use words throughout the day which remind you of the energy of love.

5. Be Grateful

Think about what you are grateful for. Being grateful always transforms your current state of consciousness.

6. Project Strength

Don’t pity others whom you perceive as suffering — this only pushes them deeper into a hole. When you see people in their divine light and perfection you help give them the strength they need to deal with their troubles.

7. Connect with Nature

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8. Surround Yourself in Light

If you feel someone is being energetically hostile toward you, imagine a protective light surrounding you. Some people think of being surrounded by white light. I imagine being enclosed in a translucent blue egg. Find a color that works for you.


Holiday lessons will commence 29/8 to 9/9
Dependent on demand as to what times but initially 1100-1500. Tues to Saturday( Saturday's will be 0830-1200)
Preferably holiday lessons the child will come everyday for the week.
If you are interested pse contact me so I can book you in


Hi everyone last week of swim lessons for this block.
So great that we have managed to go through winter without any hiccups.
Finishing Saturday 5th August.


1st block of swimming for 2nd term is in the last week.
The new heating system is working well and maintaining the pool at 29 degrees.
This is the longest period I have done lessons in winter.
So will proceed to next block of swim lessons starting
5th July through till 5th August - 5 weeks.
Happy swimming everyone🏊🏼🏊🏼🏊🏼


Hi everyone heating system is up and running.
Pool is at 30 degrees lovely and warm on these chilly days.
Pse remember to wrap up warm when exiting the pool.
Lessons started today 30/5 and first block will run for 5 weeks ending on 1/7.
See you there!


Our last week of swimming folks!

There will be Holiday Lessons from the 24th of April, we will contact you about them and let you know the details.


Water Safety
Drowning is the greatest cause of accidental death in children under the age of 5 in Australia. On average, 1 child drowns each week. Similar statistics can be seen world wide. Water safety is the responsibility of all adults caring for children. Children must never be left unsupervised in or around water. Laurie Lawrence’s, drowning prevention campaign, “Kids Alive”, stresses the importance of;
1. Fence the pool,
2. Shut the gate,
3. Learn to swim,
4. Supervise,
5. Learn resuscitation


Just a reminder folks:

No lessons next week, we will see you in the pool from the 28th of Feb which will be the start our next 5 week block until the 1st of April.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing half term!

Mwana Swim School

Mwana Swim School

Happy Sunday everyone!

Just a reminder that we are about to start our last week of lessons before a break for half term.

Please like and share the page, tell your friends, tell your relatives, we still have spaces from Tuesday to Friday, Saturday mornings are almost full with only a few spaces left.

Drop me a message for more details.


Happy Sunday everyone!

Just a reminder that we are about to start our last week of lessons before a break for half term.

Please like and share the page, tell your friends, tell your relatives, we still have spaces from Tuesday to Friday, Saturday mornings are almost full with only a few spaces left.

Drop me a message for more details.


Mwana Swim School will be doing lessons on Saturdays
0900 - 1200 pse contact me to book a time.
Anyone wanting lessons for babies pse contact me.
Babies under 2yrs will need to be accompanied by a confident adult, if there is enough interest there will be a class on Saturday morning.


Happy New Year to all mwanaswimschool school clients.
May 2017 be a positive change for us all.
Please note that contact numbers for booking lessons will be what's app
0772274609 - Mary Snook
I will be doing lessons starting 9th January
Holiday lesson format doing a lesson everyday for the week.
If anyone is keen for this format pse contact me
Normal term time lesson will run :
16th January to 17th Feb - 5 weeks ( 1st block)
27th Feb to 31st March - 5 weeks (2nd block)
Looking forward to the new swimming year


Please note that the water temperature will not be adequate for mum's and babe's classes which is supposed to start on Monday. We will postpone the babies till further notice. The ideal temperature for baby classes is 32 degrees and we are not at that temp yet


The good news is that we are ready for the 3rd term swimming season. The lessons are starting on the 15th Aug and we will have a 3 week program then we will go onto our 3rd term swimming program in September. The cost is $10.00 per 30mins duration lesson. We do like to prepare the children for the term swimming at school. We also do adult classes which is $15.00 per one hour lesson.
Mum's and babe's class which is baby water orientation..
Please contact on 0775 887796 for bookings.


Hi everyone, we had alot of enquiries regarding adult swimming however we have had no shows so i have decided to cancel all adult classes till August /September.


Please note that we have place's available for adults swimming lessons on Fridays at 10am to 11am.


Holiday swimming program starting 4th April 2016. This is a 3 week program.please contact me on +263777463610 or on 0775 887796 for a booking.please note that the children are required to attend everyday for either 1 week or 2 weeks or the full 3 weeks program.


To all my children's parents who come for swimming. . The pool is heated and in doors so the weather does not effect the swimming classes and there is no reason for no shows due to the weather.


Please note that our 10 week swimming programme begins tomorrow Monday 18th. There are still some available spaces for this term swimming. Contact me for bookings on +263777463610 or alternatively 0775 887796


10 Dorset Rd, Mt Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe

Opening Hours

Tuesday 12:00 - 16:00
Wednesday 12:00 - 16:00
Thursday 12:00 - 16:00
Friday 12:00 - 16:00
Saturday 09:00 - 12:00




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