Parkside Court, Redhill

Parkside Court, Redhill Parkside Court Redhill is a gated community of apartments, sitting opposite Temple Wood at the south end of Gatton Park.

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A few photos of Parkside in the snow from last week. Thank you to whoever's salted the drive way. A horrid job but essen...

A few photos of Parkside in the snow from last week. Thank you to whoever's salted the drive way. A horrid job but essential to get a car out the carpark. If the salt bin is looking low we need to repot to local council.


Hi my name is Ros and many of you that are on this page will have seen me around the blocks of flats. My family is one of the longest residents in the flats.

This page was set up by a previous resident and passed on to me.

I think that we should start to use this for our little community in these testing times.

This has no link to the housing association that run or maintained the flats so any direct complaints need to be raised direct. But please feel free to publicly rais any questions that you feel the community need to know about.


So just been watching an interesting Panama on part ownership of property. Worth a look for any of you part owners. Whilst it sounds like we dont have the worst housing association it still highlighted the stuck owners that struggle with the ridiculous service charges that still go up every year and I have never had a refund in 15 years for over estimate.


I have just put a request in to get the bins collected again as they have been missed again please avoid parking on the drive for the next few days. If you can take and card,paper and tins to one of the recycling sites. Closest I found behind the Tesco's on watercolour or merstam station please do so and not over load the bins.

How stupid can you get? How are we supposed walk on the path now!

How stupid can you get? How are we supposed walk on the path now!


Hi all one of the residents has contacted me following the post of the brake in to the cars that twice her car has been keyed in her allocated space in the car park.

The last time happened on Wednesday after 5,30 when they had parked up. The car is a blue Citroen C1. If you saw this happen or have any information please contact or message me and I will pass on or contact them in flat 38.


Hi all, been a while since I felt the need to post anything. But it has come to my attention that over the weekend a car has been rifled through although nothing taken, it seems we are been observed and the cars checked over.

One of the neighbours also told me that a van and car had been broken in to and items taken some months ago. Hoping this was an unfortunate isolated incident it is now looking more likely someone is regularly checking out our cars.

Please keep an eye on the cars close to where you park or have a garage. If you see some one you don’t know politely ask them what flat they are from. If we challenge people wondering around the car park it may help to warn off any one scouting us out. If any thing it will also get us to know out community better.

Fine parking!

Fine parking!


So I don't use this very often but I needed to highlight the amazing parking on the drive today. Well as you can see it is not on the drive all 4 wheels are on the pavement. Please if you know who this is have a word not to do again.


Hi to you all we have not used this in some time but with the letter about the parking and a company bought in to fine and monitor the parking is n November I think we need to tack action. I for one don't want this to happen I have lived in the flats for 11 years and find it most frustrating that people can not just be grown up and sensible. This is not an official Roseberry page but a chance to talk this through before the parking company is set up.


Who's enjoying the summer meadows growing at Parkside?

Parkside Court, Redhill's cover photo

Parkside Court, Redhill's cover photo


43 Gatton Park Road


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