Hindustan Socialist Republican Association

Hindustan Socialist Republican Association Give me strength i will you give you Honour


keep calm ,keep positive ,talk to $elf and move forward.


Rip brave souls .may God bless your soul General & team


Jay Jay Kara


Remembering the greatest Soldier india knew .Sam Manekshaw 🙏


Happy holi


We all born, die one day .some people born never die
Remembering hero of india ,founder of Azad Hind fauj s.c bose

तब ट्रेक्टर और किसान नोट पर था अब ट्रेक्टर और किसान रोड पर है. ान_जय_किसान

तब ट्रेक्टर और किसान नोट पर था
अब ट्रेक्टर और किसान रोड पर है.


Proud of you Batmen
You created a new era of this country .


सत सत नमन महान वीरों को


Hats off Hyderabad police. Hats off CP.


UP se niklo


Rip symbol of courage, strength and honour
Brigadier kuldeep singh chandpuri
The hero of nation. Dry salute


Courage is not having the strength to go on .it's is going on when you don't have strength


The miracle of democracy .a not elected person whose Big Balloon could not take off and ruining the entire economy .could not figure how to cover the water .


The first PM of provisional government of India .the head of state .the first field marshal of India .we pay our tribute .

A tribute to the Great soul 'Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose' on his 120th birth anniversary.


25.6N-85.1E 1200 hours


Lets see policy or politcs .There are so many sariya law written by different people .it varies from different place .it varies under people who were in power .these laws were written way back after compilation of Quran .
No law can be universal except natural law which we can define. there are many thing which we still don't know .different dimension .it's absoultly natural laws funtion of time .Natural law = f (time) .The biggest mystery in the universe is time
Prabably there can be people who can explain not me
Let's go back to basic .Let's see bigger picture ie human nature
Come to system .Government given afadifit to court that its unislamic .most of Islamic country completely banned this .it should be stoped .fine that's true
What the government is waiting for ? If it would have arms deal it would have taken high speed
When you know its wrong .what measures you took ? Why not imigately calling one day season of parliament to abolish this law ?why are you waiting for suprem court verdict ?
Why not same trail and same preference given to this the way government deals with scandal cases and riot cases ?
Let's see your intension, is it policy making or jumla politics
It took half an hour to review security as if they will die the country will be under stock .is it not the matter of life security of millions ? Is it speed of media that will change .


Remembering the extrordinary man with simple life .The best primineter of India .Today generation must see and think why we missed this man The man .


forces 👍


UP chaloo


We can not have unlimited freedom in the name of religion .Rilogion has caused more destruction in this rather than any things Let's treat people as a human and there must be common law for very one .all are equal .we must not defenciate people in caste ,creed and religion .if people of this country want to take this country in different level we must ban public display of religion and caste


Track patil us kute ki auladh ki fadhni hai


Raja and Rudra sabke virudh .jai hoo (filmy) .


Rest in peace Mohamad Tansil Ahmad


Because you did not bow your head to british we dont bow our head .we are human we not god and one down to God .we stand with you .you lagecy continue .you are honoured and remembred .
The nation salute .i gourav kumar singh salute you .three forces and whole security personal from top to bottom salute you .


Hon'rble Delhi court judgement

I am posting important highlights of the Delhi High Court judgment on bail. Afzal Guru supporter media might celebrate the bail but every Indian must read this to know how grave the situation is.


All India Radio News

स्वामी विवेकानंद को उनकी जन्म जयंती पर शत् शत् नमन !

Tributes to Swami Vivekananda on his birth anniversary.


The tribute to brave soldiers. Who fought laid their life for nation. We so many gutter product who can come poison your dead body
Kindly ignore them. Because we tolerated the bastatd. This country runs by bastard. What we has follower of bastard


Hindustan Socialist Republican Association's cover photo


Can HRA be a political party ? Because social service can not grab photographer ?


Aji Haan (अजी हाँ)

वह मरे नहीं हैं जिंदा हैं, वह अमर शहीद कहायेंगे..
वह प्यारे वतन पे निसार हुए, वह वीरों में मरदाने थे _/\_


अधर्म पर धर्म की विजय
असत्य पर सत्य की विजय
बुराई पर अच्छाई की विजय
पाप पर पुण्य की विजय
अत्याचार पर सदाचार की विजय
क्रोध पर दया, क्षमा की विजय
अज्ञान पर ज्ञान की विजय
रावण पर श्रीराम की विजय
के प्रतीक पावन पर्व
विजयादशमी की हार्दीक शुभकामनायेँ।




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