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Kingdoms of Artiscia Mughal Empire India Introducing the Kingdoms of Artiscia India. since 2015. India has been in transition with the KAME Official page for KAME~India.

The KAME Agenda for India. Business, government, economic systems, treasury, and more. The new India for the 25th Century and New World Order.

From my heart to your family. I wish you a most successful and prosperous new year.May all of your ideas unfold and -pro...

From my heart to your family. I wish you a most successful and prosperous new year.
May all of your ideas unfold and -prosperity be abundantly exceeding all of your harts desires. May the unfinished be easy to complete and quickly accomplished. And the new tasks be a breeze. And you personal spaces be surrounded by the best and most influential people necessary to keep your social networks successful/.

Happy New Year filled with health, wealth, love and camaraderie always/


Greetings Everyone!
How are you? Happy New Month and Season Coming..I wish you all prosperity, excellent health, success, love and camaraderie. That all of your good attempts are filled with the most successful outcomes, and that every agenda you strive to complete or implement is successful and blessed by the Gods of the empire. That no corruption or weapons formed against you will conquer you. That you are blessed and finding every good thing in your life to be pleasing. That your policies are respected, your protocols carried out, and that your administrations are not exploited nor extorted. That your deadlines are meet, your fees are all paid and your contracts all successfully closed in your favor.

It’s a really good season. Happy Holiday. I’ve been busy with bank protocols and policy for my Kingdoms of Artiscia Treasury and Unions Banks. My Techs are working very diligently on our banks and Intellectual National security. Simultaneously working on numerous tasks for the Imperial State’s agenda. Very soon we will have full banking options and services available for the union members and treasury administrations. Once complete we begin working on the Investment and Artystic Banks. The good thing is for as long as it has taken to make this possible, we have learned so much about the services and processes it takes to make this possible, that the final two banks will be easy and quick to implement for 2022.

Meanwhile i have been formulating the policy for our Kingdoms of Artiscia Biological and Chemical Administration for the Empire’s Health Administration. The division will help prepare our imperial state for these circumstances of biological war and prepare us to overcome the covid and other virus attacks. It will help us regulate our medical facilities and the companies that are in business to support or exploit them. Kingdoms of Artiscia’s Socio/Economic system implement or has health facilities which will be built and in operations. I refuse to have these current and previous circumstances in our empire KAME Citizens and Dignitary Administrators. Therefore, it should not be assumed that we are in any way condoning this current agenda to enforce mandatory procedure when the vaccines are contagious and harmful antigens. So as damage control i will attempt to clean up the mess that has been made since it was my demand and my emergency plan that everyone has been following or taking out of context. I encourage everyone to visit, like and subscribe to our KA Health Admin YouTube Chanel for all good information and to remain informed.

While this has been the priority, i want to encourage everyone on the list to join the KA Mughal Empire to be patient. As you can see there are a lot of priorities in the world taking place. And you are not forgotten, just a little farther down the list of things to do. I will be taking on volunteer administrative assistants to help with some tasks in the coming months. This will help with in processing. I dare not to say it concerns me to do so with so much corruption and over zealous potential for such. I have no delight for people who are so power crazed and desiring this kind of position and have no will nor ability to do it as i desire and plan under my authority. As if i have no Human Resources Management and or sills and ability to do it myself. Nothing irritates me more than to have a perfectly intelligent person seek me for advice, or inspiration/position then be Trelated as if i am not the very person who taught them and hired them. This is my empire, my business, my administration, my government, my idea, mine. If i am incapable of managing it it can not be done in this imperial state.

I have hope for us as an empire KAME. I don’t know the agenda for the Taliban in Afghanistan. But i’m hopeful for a sophisticated circumstance in our Muslim nation over there. As well as Kabul in it’s recovery. I’m hoping everyone is recovering successfully form all of nature’s business in the land. And that we look forward to a beautiful new year in advance as we work toward the end of this one.

I have, hope, faith and confidence in us Kingdoms of Artiscia Mughal Empire and friends.

Best Regards to you and happy safe holiday weekend.

KA Finance AdministrationKA Finance is a Kingdoms of Artiscia Mughal Empire Deputy Protocol and Agenda Regulatory Admini...

KA Finance Administration

KA Finance is a Kingdoms of Artiscia Mughal Empire Deputy Protocol and Agenda Regulatory Administration for the KA Treasury investment, commercial, and Union banks. It works closely with the KA Ministry of finance to ensure proper protocol and procedure are taken to protect the banking customer and their assets.

KA Treasury is the main funding source and authority for the Imperial State. The Ministry of Finance is the Banking administrator which manages the accounts for the Investment, commercial, and union banks in the KAME.

KA Investment Bank is the foremost authority and institution for holding all investors’ funds that are not in immediate use…. When an investment holder has their assets with this administration. Their assets are secure and safe. Whether it is gems, bonds, or cash. This is the priority of this administration to hold and keep secure until the client is ready to utilize shut assets.

IF/when the client is ready to liquidate or use the funds that are in the bank. First it is determined if they are liquid assets. If they are then the amount desired to use will be determined. Receiving options are determined as well and all fees required to transmit the funds are the sole responsibility of the client. Whether it is deducted from the amount being withdrawn or some other way. The account holder is required to pay the fee.

The fee is then paid to the Ministry of Finance as fees for services or processing fees. All transactions are sole responsibility of the banking institutions. the General ore Regional Managers and Accounts Managers are responsible for carrying out protocol. They are highly regarded and respectable financial administrators with ability to manage funding circumstances.

For example KA finance policy says : all investment funds held in investment accounts allocated for use as funding money for a borrower once approved and amicably agreed upon for transfer /transaction must pay a fee to the Ministry of finance for the banking services that are utilized to make the transaction success. These funds go into a pool account and are utilized to pay the administration’s expenses (example: employee salaries, etc)

The amount is contingent upon the circumstances and transaction rates. Typically fees are not expensive to save both the borrower and investor. In most cases this processing fee is paid in advance of all transfers. It is not uncommon for the funds to be transferred and the amount for processing be deducted from the investor’s account .. (for example : investor wants to fund one million dollars and the amount of processing is 2300. the transaction deducted from the investors account is one million twenty three hundred ) This insures the receiver receives all of the funding and loses nothing in their business with the investors.

Under no circumstances should the receiver be responsible for this fee. It defeats the purpose and also diminished the respect and integrity of the Banking facility holding the funds as well as the Ministry of Finance.


So again. Stop jabbing people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We pray they stop


This is not a normal vaccine and case of health administrations trying to help us.


Do not trust Biden


Happy Independence Day Kingdoms of Artiscia Mughal Empire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so proud of you for all of your progress and sacrifices. For overcoming and surviving this world and staying strong in this entity.

Every day you live is a testament of your will and the purpose for your live on this earth. For all those who have died and given their lives watching over us now, we must stay strong and continue to prepare the world for the peace and tranquility our humanitarian establishments are bringing.

Our lands in confusion are transitioning. Land Leaders i implore you to cease this mandatory vaccination. You are either mislead or misunderstanding what this is doing to our people. We are not permitting any American companies making any drugs nor any other to determine e what is best for us anymore.

KA Local Governments You are not authorized to provide mandatory vaccines, simply because the vaccines are not healthy nor helpful. And if you are part of this satanic or outrageously insane attempt at population control or whatever this business of saving pharmaceutical or technology companies from bankruptcy is, i strongly suggest you reconsider your causes.

I am not condoning nor protecting any land leaders pushing this dangerous and otherwise idiotic accident scheme on their people. All of you sending out these mad persons who are grabbing and forcing people to take it and those of you who are grabbing and forcing people. If you are killed in the act of violence against my citizens for trying to give them something they do not want. I will defend my citizens.

They are not obligated to take any.viruses into their body. It’s bad enough you as****es have created that s**t and sent it airborne, but if you think that for the sake of your sciences and other mad or insane resasons I’m going to stop these otherwise peaceful protestors from acting insane to keep you fro jabbing them (this includes my military soldiers) you are kidding yourselves. I will permit them to turn on our governments and on your administrations. Because i said NO. They are not to take the f**kiing vaccine. And they are respecting my authority and trusting my better judgment. They are adhering to my policy and protocol, an that means i am their leader. We are their leaders, and we are to concern ourselves with their lives not our pockets and competitions with each there while we are insane with jealousy and other crazy mental and cognitive things that stem from worshiping the fu***ng ibls.

I heard Joe Biden is claiming that the terrorists are in the east. I think they are in the USA. If he has any reason or cause for concern he heeds to look in the mirror. He is his own worse enemy. The things he is saying and doing is not conducive of a President. Typical maybe of some idiotic white American president, but not proper. So we are pushing the USA away again and going our own way Kingdoms of Artiscia. Because they are not good leadership.

Lets’ move Forward. Africa stop jabbing your people. Muslims stop jabbing your people, Orient stop jabbing your people, Latin stop Jabbing your people, Europa do not jab your people. Americas do not Jab your people. UK Do not Jab your people. Asia, do not jab your people.

I am back to work and i see the problems. I will fix it. Soon. Happy Independence Day.


KA Trade’s Business Admin is organizing its offices with government regulated protocol.

Every KA Land government must have these basic administrations implemented

Go here to get your land leader’s a copy.

It’s fundamental

It’s fundamental updatesAdvisories.kat...
19/10/2020 updates updates updates
We are moving forward. Please be safe.

The Kingdoms of Artiscia Mughal Empire is a humanitarian Imperial State and Supranational Union. It is composed of many nations and religious faith . Our responsibility as the Imperial Church, it is...

KA land leaders summer policy agenda and letter.

KA land leaders summer policy agenda and letter.

It’s another year.l and we are still going strong KAME India,. Say welcome to KA partnerships

It’s another year.l and we are still going strong KAME India,. Say welcome to KA partnerships


Happy KA Independence Day!

Happy KA Independence Day!


KA Mughal Empire is not a commercial business it is a country, sovereign imperial state; empire, not a record company or hotel business. Our documents are not under USA nor anyone else’s authority. the USA are not under anyone else’s authority but mine. Going from one of my countries to another, and even across an international border it is this document that says KA Mughal Empire intranational and International travel pass. It has room for stamps and visas like any other. They do not lack any regulation nor government, therefore we need expect and respect them at all airports. They are a privilege to carry. I’m appalled to have to sacrifice the right and privilege of using my document just because it doesn’t suit some business practice that has nothing to do with Kingdoms of Artiscia and technically is under my authority.

The airlines are in my countries. That puts them under my government authority. Therefore If I reach a border with my travel document it is my prerogative to receive the same treatment I would with any other passport document issued under the hosting Administration’s authority. I chose not to have my documents regulated in any database authority. It doesn’t make the document any less legal nor respectable. Only independent. Please pass this information along to your airline employees. Thank you with Best Regards. HIM Artiscia 💝

Information from KA Treasury update..

Information from KA Treasury update..


KA Mogul e pure has allocated $3 billion to the government for flood victims

The amount it to be exhausted one million per family affected by the flood

Details later

Images for disussions to use during personal posts.

Images for disussions to use during personal posts.




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