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Vivek Kumar Singh - Real Estate Consultant & Social Welfare Activist Born to the poor and underprivileged family of Mr Surendra Bahadur Singh and Mrs Rita Singh, here are some of the highlights about Vivek.

Vivek Kumar Singh is a real estate consultant for residential, industrial and commercial properties sales located at fewer places in the city of Noida at Delhi NCR. Vivek's other name is Hukum, the name he embraced following his devotion and faith in the god planet Moon ( Chandra) , who governs, guides, controls and administers the living beings whose name label starts with the alphabet 'H'. Educ

ation Story :- Vivek gained his life's primary education at Cambridge Foundation School, located in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi , from 1984 to 1992. Vivek continued his senior secondary school education at Somerville School located in Noida, sector 22, the school from where he passed out in 1999. In June 2005 Vivek received his L.LB. ( Bachelor of Laws ) degree from Pune University, alma mater Symbiosis Society's Law College at Senapati Bapat Marg in the city of Pune. The college he got admitted in the year 1999 and passed out in 2005. Home & Family Status :- In June 2010, Vivek married a female named Mrs. Anju Singh, an educationist based at Mumbai, the one whose family was known and explored by Vivek's grandfather Mr. Lal Bahadur Singh, the two being in the same neighbourhood of a locality called Airoli in Navi Mumbai. On the affirmative advice of his grandfather in early 2010, Vivek turned to Mumbai to meet Anju's family and after few months married her in June 2010. Vivek & Anju are parents of Ashutosh Singh, born March 2013 and have been putting up in the city of Noida. Social Service, Charity and Philanthropy Stories :- Vivek is dedicatedly following social service, charity and philanthropy since he was 7 years old. Serving delicious hygienic cooked food to the poor, helping them with moderate cash donations, gifting them with useful important clothes are the charity moves Vivek believes in. Vivek says ," Believe in Daan, Punya and Dharam ......and success, happiness, peace, prosperity will be yours for the endless time to come." People in his close connection often discuss about Vivek's thought that goes like :- If you find your enemy stepping in your place to meet and find you, offer the delicious cooked food with love and best wishes to him. Because it is food that keeps one living creature alive in life. Food is important for life and for work too. Work Intro :- Real Estate Consultant.

हिंदी अनुवाद :- विवेक कुमार सिंह (हुकुम ) नोएडा शहर में निवास करते हैं और नोएडा में भूमी, मकान, दुकान और प्रॉपर्टीज़ की ख़रीद बेच का कार्य करते हैं।

श्री विवेक का जन्म एक बहुत साधारण, गरीब और पिछड़े वर्ग के परिवार में हुआ । इनके पिता का नाम श्री सुरेन्द्र बहादुर सिंह और माता का नाम श्रीमती रीता सिंह है ।

श्री विवेक की जन्मस्थली शाम नगर है , शाम नगर नई दिल्ली के तिलक नगर इलाक़े के निकट स्थित है।

विवेक ने नई दिल्ली के राजौरी गार्डन स्थित कैंब्रिज फाउंडेशन स्कूल से शिक्षा प्राप्त की और नोएडा के समरविल नामक स्कूल से



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