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Helping Burma’s people! Christmas and Happy New year to you all. Our ...

Helping Burma’s people!
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you all.
Our latest shipment of food aid and rice has successfully reached its destination, and we were able to get it delivered on time for Christmas. Our team were able to hold Christmas Celebrations and distribution further along the border in the more recent conflict areas and encampments.
On their previous trip our team managed a full distribution in another State, where many refugees are taking shelter from the ongoing conflict between the junta (Bad guys) and the three brotherhoods of rebels (the good guys). This success was made possible by our teams prayer, dedication, impeccable timing and some very favorable weather conditions allowing them to by pass military action to reach the refugee encampments with much needed supplies.
Currently, one of our teams targeted one State which is accommodating huge numbers of refugees sho are seeking a safe haven where they can escape the intense battles in the region. The Junta has doubled up on their fighter jet patrols and bombings worsening the desperate needs of many thousands of civilians. Consequently, we have added this location to our recipient list to provide refuge, food, water and medicines during this winter season until the situation stabilizes.
Another of our teams is currently working on a large delivery to hungry and desperate families in a different and equally troubled state.
We extend our gratitude to all who have helped Burma’s people and earnestly request your continued support to help us provide ongoing supplies to thousands of families during these heartbreaking times. Your unwavering assistance is making a significant impact on the lives of those in Myanmar, and we are immensely thankful for your dedication to bringing positive change to so many families and communities.
Ps. Jonathan Vickers

Wishing abundant blessings to our supporters this Christmas. May God shower you with joy and prosperity.

Wishing abundant blessings to our supporters this Christmas. May God shower you with joy and prosperity.

Haven homes news letter

Haven homes news letter


The situation in Myanmar is indeed a grave concern, and it is essential to bring awareness to the ongoing humanitarian crisis there. The military junta's actions have caused enormous harm to the people of Myanmar, with displacement, loss of life, and a severe shortage of basic necessities like food and water becoming common.

It is worrying that many nations are not aware of what is happening in Myanmar, or worse, choose to turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed by the military junta. This lack of action or response sends the message that such actions are acceptable, which is unacceptable.

Myanmar's neighbors must also be held accountable for their actions. By continuing to prop up and do business with the generals, they are contributing to the worsening of the situation for the civilians in Myanmar. It is crucial to call on neighboring countries to use their influence and work towards a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

The lack of voice for the people of Myanmar underscores the importance of the international community's involvement in bringing attention to this crisis. Leaders and governments worldwide must speak up and take action to ensure that the military junta is held accountable for their actions and that the people of Myanmar receive the necessary aid and support they need.
It is imperative to raise awareness about the ongoing crisis in Myanmar and to pressure governments and leaders worldwide to get involved and take action to support the people of Myanmar.
Jonathan Vickers

The brutal assault, lethal force and decimation of entire towns and communities by the Myanmar (Burma) Military forces i...

The brutal assault, lethal force and decimation of entire towns and communities by the Myanmar (Burma) Military forces in their violent campaign against their own people has caused a humanitarian crisis that is largely unreported around the world.
In the past two years, the Haven Foundation, with the assistance of several partners, supporters and volunteers has provided supplies of food, aid, shelter, clothing and water to hundreds of communities and nearly 3 million Burmese and ethnic minority people who are displaced, homeless and now destitute.
Not satisfied with destroying lives, communities and the future of the nation, the Military Junta forces are aggressively patrolling checkpoints, arresting aid volunteers, confiscating and destroying food, supplies and even medicine.
Most of the few Humanitarian organizations helping can no longer provide food and medicine to displaced residents due to the massive mobilization of the junta’s armed forces, heavily mined roads, and Russian and Chinese supplied Fighter Jets armed with missiles and bombs.
In two states almost half of their populations are now displaced and children and the elderly are becoming malnourished and suffering from subsequent health problems, such as diarrhea, dysentery and bacterial infections. We continue to get help to the people of Burma in every way we can but we need your prayers, support and help to make it possible!
Help Burma’s people!

Ps. Jonathan
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