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As posted almost 2 years ago, USL Financials Trinidad & Tobago ceased operations. However, if anyone still using the product is in need of consulting services please message me. I am still here, and available to assist.

As a local reseller USL Financials of Trinidad & Tobago ceased operations in 2017.   Parties interested in the USL Finan...
USL Financials - Fund Accounting Software

As a local reseller USL Financials of Trinidad & Tobago
ceased operations in 2017. Parties interested in the USL Financials software should contact USL Financials Inc. @ 800-800-0768 or visit their website at

USL Financials is a leading provider of fund accounting financial enterprise management and procurement solutions. Support for encumbrances, with a focus on state and local governments, not-for-profit organizations, educational and research institutions.


Business Opportunity

Seeking Consultants interested in expanding their skills and marketability. Add USL Financials Suite of accounting software to your portfolio and offer consulting and support services to government agencies in Trinidad & Tobago.

If you are interested send a private message or call 308-3053 to find out more.


"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one."
- Star Trek, Mr Spock.

Personalize vs Customize

There is something to be said about being able to personalize a software program to suit your taste. Except when the individual's preferences are in conflict with the organization.

The more you personalize an application, the more unique it becomes, and the harder it is to for your IT or Software Vendor to support users when they have a problem.

As someone with over 30 years experience in the IT field I can tell you that you need to strike a balance. Application personalization must be controlled and kept within limits. Structure in a business environment is what keeps us from chaos.

There is a difference between Customize (for the Business) and Personalize (for the Individual). One increases efficiency, the other and can decrease it if you aren't careful.

If you allow users too much freedom to personalize, how will you support them when they have a problem? How much time will be lost trying to understand their unique changes?

You need to approach each request with a Cost vs Benefit analysis. What will this change cost me in time and energy over the long run.. verses the benefit.. If the cost is low and the user satisfaction is high.. its a good value. When it will cost too much to provide and support, well that's when you have to think a little harder...

If your organization needs help with questions like these, USL Financials can assist you with Business Process Analysis to help you find the best solutions to your problems. Contact us to find out how.


Electronic Document Management. There are all kinds of document management solutions, but the real value is when they are integrated with your enterprise software applications.

USL Financials includes document management features that allow you to attach electronic files (Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, scanned documents, etc) to your transactions and save that relationship in history.

What does that give you? When you need to look up source documentation, confirm signatures, etc. the right document is there at your fingertips. You don't have to spend hours go find a file folder, and sift through dozens or hundreds of documents just to find the one you need.

Contact us to find out how USL Financials can help you manage you paperwork better.


When you are bringing up a new Accounting System, there is nothing more satisfying then when you start to see reports coming out of the system. Even more so when the old system was a manual accounting system. Soon financial reports that took days to compile by hand will be generated in seconds by the General Ledger.

At USL we don't just provide you with a standard package off the shelf, because one size does not fit all. We can also tailor the system to your needs. So find out how we can provide you with a system that fits.

The author of the article has a good point.  Productivity should not be measured by the time sitting in a chair, but ins...
Scrap Your Work From Home Policy

The author of the article has a good point. Productivity should not be measured by the time sitting in a chair, but instead by the amount of work accomplished. However, dealing with government and union employees the philosophy runs into some roadblocks. Unions are only concerned with the hours the employee works, not the results. You don't have the option of telling the employee, yes you can have the time off, but the report you are working on MUST be completed by Tuesday morning regardless of the number of hours it takes you. The metrics of productivity need to be revised in tandem with the way employees are paid. It must move away from pay that is measured by hours invested to a system of pay based on results.

I was recently asked by an HR manager if I had a sample of a policy about working from home. My answer was: Do you want something more than "Get your work done. Meet your objectives. Do that from


Its a new Fiscal Year for the Government. And in these hard economic times everyone is being pushed to do more with less. Which is why you should consider investing in Accounting software that can increase efficiency, revenue collection, and management information.

Contact us to find out how we can help you.


A critical aspect of government is revenue generation. It costs money to pave roads, provide athletic fields, pick up garbage, provide a public market, and provide other necessary public services.

In Trinidad Local Government has historically charged less for services they cost to provide. The difference has been made up from money given to the Local Governments by the Central Government. This is considered by most experts to be "unsustainable" and changing this is part of the Local Government Reform.

For government this means revenue collection needs to become a higher priority, and more efficient. Bills need to go out promptly, and money owed collected, and rates adjusted. But for citizens if they have to pay more, they expect better service.

So now is the time for Local Government in Trinidad to look at their revenue generating functions to examine how they can provide better service, more efficiently, with better results to maximize revenue streams.

USL Financials has been working with Government agencies for over 20 years. Contact us to find out how we can help you provide better service, maximize cash flow, and stretch your budget dollars.


Carpenters say "Measure Twice, Cut Once". What is the moral of that story? Let me give you another story and maybe it will be clear.

Yesterday at 5 min to 5PM I got an URGENT email from a customer. They had been trying to import and pay a batch of roughly 1500 invoices through Accounts Payable and ran into problem. Nothing unusual. They tried to rollback by restoring a backup... and repeated the process... suddenly they have duplicated the invoices and now have 3000 invoices... they tried restoring from backup again... now they have 4500 invoices.. WHAT'S WRONG?

So I get online with them and run down the source of the problem. About 3 months ago they migrated to a new server, and the backup process wasn't setup correctly. THEY HAD NO BACKUPS!
They were importing the same data over and over again on top of itself.

The old saying "Measure Twice, Cut once" means check and recheck you plans before you do something that you can't UNDO..
In this case their backup plans were faulty, and they had never checked their backup process to ensure it was working correctly.

Thankfully, this was not a disaster. I was able to manually remove the invoices from the system and we got everything straightened out. But what if it had been a hard drive failure? There would have been no backups... they would have lost almost 3 months of data...and I'm sure someone would have lost their job....

Don't let it happen to you.

1) Create a Backup and Recovery Plan
2) Test your Backup & Recovery Plan
3) Verify your Backups
4) TEST your ability to restore backup to an alternate location
on a regular schedule.

*) Have an outside consultant review your plans to look for anything you might have missed.

FREE! That’s Right, I’m Giving Away MILLIONS of FREE Microsoft eBooks again! Including: Windows...

FREE. That got your attention, right? Microsoft is giving away Free EBOOKS on many of their products. Office, Windows, Sharepoint, SQL Server, and more. Update your skills, and read a book or two. It might get you that next raise or a promotion at work.

Eric Ligman, Microsoft Director of Sales Excellence Blog

This afternoon as I was preparing for an installation this week, I was chatting with a friend who is doing a data conver...
Excel SQL AddIn - Create SQL queries in Excel (MS Query)

This afternoon as I was preparing for an installation this week, I was chatting with a friend who is doing a data conversion for a customer on QuickBooks. She was telling me about a 3rd party application she uses to manipulate, reformat, and import into QuickBooks.

I pointed out that USL Financials has import features built-in, but I often have to do data manipulation and reformatting. Excel is very handy for many things, and awkward at other. SQL Query language on the other hand is extremely powerful at manipulating data but SQL Databases are not always convenient for other manual manipulations.

Wouldn't it be great to marry the best of both tools? Well after a little Google searching I came across this free Excel Add-In tool that seems to do just that...

The Excel SQL AddIn allows you to easily execute SQL queries from Excel based on data in Excel, Access and SQL databases. Excel SQL is easy!


Are stale dated checks giving you a headache?
Tired of running ads in the newspapers?
and having to Void and Reissue checks?

USL Financials' Accounts Payable with its (optional) Advanced Check Writing & ACH feature can pay your vendors and contractors via ACH (Automated Clearing House) so you don't have to worry about stale checks any more. Creditors get their money quicker and you have lower costs and fewer headaches.

Contact us to find out how we can help you improve your Accounts Payable and relieve some of your headaches. Call today.

Phone: (868) 231-8240, (868) 308-3053


Looking to improve efficiency of paying Creditors? Looking to reduce check fraud or errors?

Consider paying Vendors by ACH (Automated Clearing House), or if using Checks send a Positive Pay file to the bank.

Positive Pay informs the banks of every check you issue, the date, number, and amount. Any irregularities the bank encounters must be authorized by you or the bank takes responsibility.

Paying Vendors by ACH verses Checks means they receive their money faster, don't have to stand in line at the bank, you don't have the issue of "Stale Dated" Checks to deal with, and it saves money. Its is a fact that ACH costs a fraction of the cost to process and generate a Check.

USL Financials support Vendor Payments via ACH, and can generate Positive Pay files On-Demand (even in Trinidad & Tobago).

Contact us to find out how we can help you make your Payment processing more efficient and save you money.


In the paper-centric world of business documents like Purchase Requests, or Vouchers were written up and circulated through the office to be reviewed and approved before entering it in the computer. The problems with this were documents would get lost, or forgotten. And if it went through more than one person's hands, you had to run it down to find out who has it. Only after it was fully approved was it entered into the books, or a computer.

That is where the benefits of computerized workflow comes in. Now you enter your Purchase Request or Voucher into the computer immediately. The computer then routes the information electronically to the people who need to review and approve it, always keeping track of who has it, and its current state in the approval process.

Computerized Workflow means no more lost documents, and shorter turn-around time.

If this sounds like the kind of improvements you would like to see in your organization, contact us to find out how we can help.


USL Financials Release 6.2.00 is now available and shipping. This new version includes a redesigned user interface and has adopted the Microsoft Ribbon style menus.

Stay tuned for more details, or contact your USL representative for more information.

If you are a user of USL Financials, then that means you also use Microsoft SQL Server to manage the database.  Many end...
Microsoft Changes Patch Policy on SQL Server Cumulative Updates --

If you are a user of USL Financials, then that means you also use Microsoft SQL Server to manage the database. Many end users don't pay enough attention to their SQL Server. Its like your heart, you do see it, but you count on it to keep working, and often don't take proper care of it.

Microsoft is moving to a new policy of continual upgrades and fixes for all their products, and that includes SQL Server, and end-users need to be aware of how this may impact them.

You can start by reading the following article, or give it to your IT Manager, and stay informed. The health of your accounting system depends heavily on the health of its heart and that is Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft's SQL Server engineering team wants IT pros to keep up with cumulative update installations.


Please be advised. Our main phone # has changed from (868) 222-9689 to (868) 231-8240.

Data Driven SQL Event | Microsoft

What can you expect in SQL Server 2016? Microsoft has graciously provided a set of videos to demonstrate many of the new features. Some of them are really exciting. If you are curious, check them out at:

Join the virtual event to hear Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Microsoft leaders share why data is so critical in our world today, how customers are embracing data to drive innovation, and why SQL Server 2016 has become the industry leader.


I would like to take a moment to congratulate the Siparia Regional Corporation, and their staff for their efforts in implementing USL Financials to computerize their accounting operations.

Everyone came together as a team, worked hard, never lost faith, and the project is nearly complete. Good work everyone.

While it's not here yet, when it arrives this could has a significant effect on the market.
Microsoft bringing SQL database software to Linux

While it's not here yet, when it arrives this could has a significant effect on the market.

To some, it might be another sign of an evil corporation turning over a new leaf. To others, it could be a plot to undermine its enemies. Both sides would probably agree it’s another cold day…


If you have used Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (the free report writer included with SQL Server), you know it also includes a free Web Portal called "Report Manager".

What you may not know that Report Manager can be used for more than just running reports. You can also upload Excel Workbooks, Word Documents, and PDF files to Report Manager as a central repository and/or distribute them.

Most people only allow Report Manager to be accessed from the company Intranet, but it can also be used to publish reports over the Internet as well...

If you are interested in finding out more, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


#44 Lisa Avenue, Maraval
Port Of Spain


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