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Alien Research Alliance Preparing For The Future This group organization is specifically designed to bring awareness of trying times on the horizon: A breakdown of worldwide economical structure & social society as we know it.

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From the most infinite, miniscule cells, chromosomes, proteins, and elements within our DNA structure, our consciousness, beyond to the outermost reaches of the Universe and everything in between, there is an undaunted energy undeterred by the prospect of defeat, loss, or failure, comprised of positive and negative forces which work both together, and against each other.

This energy is the very core and foundation of existence both on a physical and astral/spiritual plane. It was called into fruition out of nothing and is a perpetual undying force, of and within itself, and is literally a support structure for all within. It is a Universal energy which most refer to as a God, the soul or spirit. It is the essence of being.

What exactly is the essence of being? Though there are multi-dimensions and endless parallel Universes unbeknown to most, at this very moment we are aware of the dimension and Universe in which we currently exist. Our awareness triggers many unanswered questions concerning existence itself. Perhaps the human mind is just as mysterious and complex as the energy that moves us.

We view ourselves as being intelligent. I, myself, beg to differ. Any species which possesses the ability to save lives with one hand, while deliberately destroying lives with the other, exhibits an intelligence that is somewhat flawed. It is a flaw that, if left unchecked, could very well result in the near or total destruction of mankind. Man has no one to fear but himself.

It is a flaw which is beyond our control to which there appears to be no solution to. We have already positioned ourselves beyond a point of no return. Unless we can figure out a way to rid ourselves of our huge egos, jealousy, and greed, a solution appears rather bleak.

This being the obvious scenario, we should be concerned about how to correct it. Is there a solution? The solution lies not within ourselves, but within higher intelligent inter-dimensional beings known as extraterrestrials.

Plans for alien intervention to save man from man himself have been in place for quite some time. It will not be an easy task and will bring great societal change. Many of us will have to sacrifice to ensure a peaceful, egoless and greedless existence for generations to come. Full disclosure will come soon.

No matter where we are from, or what our true destiny will be, what truly matters is what lies in our hearts, not our minds.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

One of my channeling stones... It has a universal/extraterrestrial appearance.

One of my channeling stones... It has a universal/extraterrestrial appearance.


What does our future hold?

War has been a tool for hundreds of thousands of years as a way of attaining a certain goal through the use of force. There are two main categories for which countries go to war: 1. Political. 2. Economic. All of the possibilities fit into one (or both) of these two categories. For example: 1. Freedom from oppression: (political). 2. Boundary disputes (political) 3. Assassination: (political). 4. Resources: (economic) 5. Poverty: (economic). 6. Boundary disputes, again (economic).

All wars involve killing. When a life is threatened in a situation of self-defense, a killing can be justified by retaliation for the preservation of self-survival which is a natural instinct embedded within all life forms. But taking it to a higher level of administering wars that will affect millions of lives is another story. Opinions and so-called justifications for war may vary, but my opinion is that war should be declared only in situations of the oppression of freedom, and/or a direct threat of safety and the loss of life; self-defense; survival.

We are intelligent beings, (or so we think) who are capable of saving lives with one hand, while deliberately destroying lives with the other. Given our erratic, contradictive, unpredictable behavior, we must admit that our so-called intelligence is somewhat flawed.

How can this be so? Unlike man, an animal will kill in self-defense, to protect its offspring, to hunt and naturally survive. So, I would not see our ignorance as being unable to shed a natural animal instinct. (Given our intelligence, we should know better). We are worse than animals. At our level, there are far more sinister reasons involved, such as ego, jealousy and greed.

Due to man’s rather despicable historical track record and somewhat flawed intelligence, it is highly unlikely that there will ever be peace on Earth without the sacrifice of billions of lives. Unfortunately, the only way that a new world of true peace can be born is through the rubble of the old.

Will we ever learn to live without egotistical flaws, jealousy and greed? Perhaps a higher intelligence will guide us. Will angels descend from the heavens to save man from man himself? Not angelic figures with wings, but a form of higher intellect known as extraterrestrials? Keep an eye on the sky…


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Do Extraterrestrials exist? We are the result of a biological experiment performed by a higher intelligence of life: Extraterrestrials. Through genetic manipulation and artificial insemination between the great ape species and themselves, a higher intelligent being than all other species on Earth (man), was called into creation. The DNA between the great ape species and man is 98 to 99% identical. Furthermore, whereas the great apes have inhabited Earth for millions of years, why is it that they and man are here but all the links in between have perished? But yet they and man still share the Earth? If it were merely a natural evolutionary process, my opinion would be that whatever caused the extinction of primitive man to Neanderthals would have caused the extinction of the great apes as well. My theory is that all the missing links were prototypes of the experimental process. By being viewed as inadequate, the aliens eliminated each prototype until they were satisfied with homo sapiens, modern man. Upon completion, they set us free but we were not abandoned. They have been monitoring our progress since. Realizing that we are free willed spirits, they have never forced us to do anything against our own will. They watch us from a distance, and attempt to guide us from within a behind-the-scenes approach. I also believe they act as our guardian angels. There have been two major past interventions initiated by the extraterrestrials. The first was with the island of Atlantis, which facilitated as a learning facility to jump-start man’s knowledge, and the second was an intervention which was meant to rid man of a barbaric society such as the Romans taking delight in blood sports involving death and dismemberment within their coliseums and arenas: They introduced Jesus to millions worldwide. Jesus was an alien. With corrupt world leaders and advanced technology that could prove to be man’s doom, the big question is: Will the extraterrestrials intervene to save man form man himself, or simply allow the experiment to play out in its truest experimental form? The answer to that question will hinge on whether or not there is more good or evil in the world when the time comes. The aliens will be able to determine that by what is in our hearts, not our minds. Our founder, Jim Andre, spiritualist, author & ufologist, has researched UFO & extraterrestrial phenomena for decades. Along with his studies, spiritual knowledge, past personal experiences, (sightings & encounters), it is his conclusion that the existence of extraterrestrial life forms is a reality. In his book, Armageddon or the Dawn of A New Age, published in 2011, Andre writes: The controversial Mayan calendar date of Dec. 21. 2012 will NOT be Armageddon, but will be a point in time that will begin ushering in world atrocities as never witnessed or experienced before. A date where man will reach a point of no return. He also connected the date 12/21/12 to the year 2025 which he professes will be Armageddon or the dawn of a new age along with possible Extraterrestrial intervention. Ironically, a video has recently surfaced on the internet regarding NASA and U.S. government officials being involved in black-op programs for decades entitled "Warfare CIRCA 2025," validating his prophecy connecting the dates. Click the following link for more info regarding 2011 book review: To view the Warfare CIRCA 2025 video click the following link:


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