Adams Police Department

Adams Police Department Adams Police Department

In the early 1890s, the people of Adams were shocked by prevalent alcohol abuse and its associated crime. The local newspaper, The Adams Freeman, and local clergymen united to crusade against a specific violation of the law; the sale of alcohol on Sunday. They campaigned to have the law strictly enforced. On April 1,1895 enough votes were cast to forbid the sale of alcohol in the Town of Adams. It's obvious that the enforcement of this new law would require an established police force. Police had been on the streets of Adams but were hired as needed at the discretion of the Board of Selectmen. In 1881 and 1882 the Board of Selectmen proposed the establishment of a police department on the Town Warrant but nothing happened. Instead the Selectmen were budgeted an annual amount to be sued for the police. That budget item gradually grew from $800 in 1891 to $1000 in 1894 and then tripled in 1895 when the department was officially formed. On May 1,1895 the Adams Police Department was sworn in. The first police force consisted of three men: Chief Thomas Curran; Captain John Hodecker, and patrolman John Hiser. In the town report for the fiscal year ending March 1,1896 the Chief wrote, "There are two men on duty during the night and one during the day. The chief does patrol duty as well as the other men and the night and day duty is equally divided, so that each man has one week of day work out of every three." He also reported that the police department badly needed a new station house. The present lockup was next to useless, having only four cells, just large enough for a hanging cot, and a main room hardly four times as large. At the April 6th Town Meeting, funds were appropriated to "purchase a site and erect thereon a building to be used as a police station and a lockup." Later that month, two more patrolmen were appointed: Henry Brodeur and John Ford. Seven months later, the police station and lockup was completed and occupied. At the end of the century, a large number of immigrants came to Adams for employment. Between 1895 and 1900 the population increased 42% or 3297 people. Back to top ADAMS POLICE 1900's In 1900, two more patrolmen were added: William Chalmers and Edward Cassidy. Arrests increased 24% that year and the chief attributed it to the large increase in population. A riot took place on Sunday, September 24, 1905 at the Polish Catholic Services. A three-way fight erupted between the police and two factions of Polish Catholics. For a while the police were overwhelmed. The obtained reinforcements and suppressed the mob. For the previous five years Chief Curran had been requesting a private telephone system to connect his men on the beat with the station. The year after the riot, call boxes were installed. Patrolmen began using the telephones to report to the station house on a regular schedule. Chief Thomas Curran was replaced by his captain John Hodecker in 1908. The force consisted of a captain and six patrolmen as it had been for the previous eight years. The average number of annual arrests for those years was 585. The most frequent reason for arrest was "drunkenness." Between 1900 and 1910, Adams' population grew 17% or 1829 people to total 13,026. On July 22, 1911a mentally ill Syrian immigrant living in North Adams opened fire on his fellow passengers in a crowed trolley car as it approached the North Adams - Adams line. Three people were killed and five were injured. The man tried to escape but was captured by the other passengers. He was committed to Bridgewater State Prison for the Criminally Insane. In 1917 there were 1067 arrests, the largest number in the history of the town. Two appointments were made to the force that year; William Vincelette and Albert Baran, the first Polish speaking patrolman. Back to top ADAMS POLICE 1920's On December 22, 1921 Patrolman Charles Daniels was shot in the abdomen while grappling with a bigamist who escaped from the County Jail. He assisted in bringing him to the police station before being treated at the Plunkett Hospital. In that same year, Chief Hodecker retired for health reasons. He was replaced by Edward Cassidy who had been on the force since 1900. His first report to the Town of Adams requested a Woman Special Police Officer to act as Matron and "Censor at public dances." He stated, "our department is often embarrassed in dealing with women prisoners, and we receive many complaints from the manner in which public dances are sometimes conducted." He also expressed the need for a motor vehicle in the Police Department. The force finally got that police car in 1925, a "second hand" one. In 1926 three new patrolmen were added to the force: Ovila "Pete" Fillion, Stanley Zelazo and Daniel Holleran. Chief Cassidy remarked: "none of these men had had previous police experience, and while they are all doing good work, it goes without saying that police officers cannot be trained in one year." Maybe the chief was expressing the need for adequate training or maybe he was commenting on the fact that policemen (and chiefs) were appointed for reasons other than their qualifications. Before the existence of the Civil Service System, elected officials appointed whoever they wanted. Adams reached its peak population of 13,500 in 1925. The growing problem for the department was traffic control. In 1927, the chief reported that it was "difficult controlling traffic with autos and trolleys on the street together." The department got help when they received an Indian motorcycle and Albert Baran was made "motor-cycle officer." In 1929, the department purchased a brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle to help police the traffic. In the same year, Thomas Morton was appointed patrolmen and assistant to motorcycle officer Baran. Back to top ADAMS POLICE 1930's The last trolley car passed through Adams on August 30, 1930. One of Chief Cassidy's traffic problems was eliminated. With more room on Park Street he established diagonal parking on the east side and parallel parking on the west. In 1933, three new officers were appointed: Chester Dydowicz, Herbert Kointke and Albert Volpi. The Chief also complained that the 7-passenger 1928 Pierce Arrow, which the department was using, was "too large and conspicuous" and that a smaller sedan would be of better use. The next year, a brand new 1934 Ford sedan was purchased. In the annual reports of 1936, the selectmen chose not to re-appoint Chief Cassidy. In stead they appointed Edward Reid to be police chief. Also in 1936, three new patrolmen were appointed: Fred Major, Frank Kopec and John Cousoule. In 1937, Lawrence Clarkson was appointed patrolman. The next year, 1938, Henry Brodeur retired. He was appointed in 1896 and served on the force for 42 years, the longest service record in the department. The Annual Town Meeting of 1939 voted to put the police department appointments under Civil Service. Candidates for appointment to the force would have to pass a test to qualify for positions. This protected the police from being pawns in political electoneering and increased professionalism in the department. Also in 1939 patrolman Raymond Eichorn shot and killed a prisoner who escaped from the Berkshire County jail. After an investigation, Officer Eichorn was cleared of any wrong but he was shaken by the ordeal and he resigned three years later. Back to top ADAMS POLICE 1940-1950's A change in Federal Labor laws in 1940 prompted a shortening of the work schedule. Officers were granted one day off for every 13 they worked. There was still no special compensation for work on Sundays, holidays and the night shift. As a result, a reserve force was created. This change anticipated the coming of World War II and the loss of available men to fill the ranks of the department. The first reserve force consisted of Charles Schofield, Ray Guettler, Laurent Simard, and John Tarsa (pictured left). A woman became a member of the department in 1941 to serve as matron. Chief Cassidy had first requested one in 1921 but it was 20 years later that Sadie McPeck was appointed. John Tarsa was appointed permanent patrolman when he was discharged from the military. IN 1949, Harold Jones and John Soderstrom were appointed. In that year, an additional captain and patrolman were added to the force which now included 15 men plus reserves. That number would increase to 17 in 1952. Additional personnel were needed because the department began the 40-hour workweek. Four appointments were made: Ray Guettler, George Little, Gino Balardini and Nobert Fillion. In 1950, the police organized Police Athletic League basketball that created activity for young boy athletes. This is the first time in the department's history that the police conducted an organized program in which they interacted with community members beyond the usual scope of law enforcement. The police chief chaired the league but officer Gino Balardini managed it. It has been very successful and was expanded in the 1980's to include girl basketball teams. The program is still in effect today. In 1955 a school patrol was established as crossing guards for school children. In 1957, Percival Sherman was appointed permanent patrolman and Norm Gamari as a reserve. In 1958 bicycle registration was enacted and 1,082 bicycles were licensed. This system was in effect until 1974 when Massachusetts Correctional Institutions stopped making the plates. In 1959 Fred Major retired, Norm Gamari became a permanent patrolman and parking meters were installed in the business district. They went into effect on July 17, 1959 and were not replaced until 1999. Also in that year, the new police vehicle was a station wagon. The then popular cars with extra cargo room replaced the sedans. Back to top ADAMS POLICE 1960's The beginning of the 1960s was the end of Chief Edward Reid's career. He retired having served all but one year on the force as chief. The next day Frank Kopec (pictured left) was appointed as his replacement. In 1960, Edward Olszowy and Joseph Charon were appointed permanent patrolmen. In 1961, Richard Giroux and Theodore Ostrobinski were appointed to the force. In 1965 John Coussoule retired and was replaced by Samuel Delmolino. George Little suffered a heart attack on the job and died. He is the only police officer to die while on duty. Edward Santerre joined the force at that time. In 1966 Fred Hobart was appointed and Chet Dydowicz retired. Chief Frank Kopec retired in 1968 and was replaced by John Tarsa. Bruce McLaren was appointed a reserve patrolman that year, and Joseph Cardonnel retired. Chief Tarsa embraced the technological advances in police work. The year he was appointed, radar guns were first employed to control speeding motorists. The old telephone pole call boxes were replaced with two-way radios. This allowed the desk captain to instantaneously contact the officers walking the beat. The budget for these two new electronic systems almost equaled the cost of a patrol car. Chief Tarsa also oversaw the institution of a new rank of officers, the sergeants. Instead of three captains there were now two and one captain was replaced by two sergeants. In 1969 Larry Clarkson retired and Bruce McLaren was made a permanent patrolman. Back to top ADAMS POLICE 1970-1980's In 1970 Chief Tarsa implemented a Drug Program with booklets, publication of which was sponsored by public-spirited businessmen, Distribution was made through the cooperation of the local Boy Scouts. In 1971 four officers were trained in the use of the town's breathalyzer. In 1973 laws were changed and drunkenness was decriminalized. The law also lowered the drinking age to 18 from 21, which increased the drinking problem. The first two years of the 1980s began with new challenges, new directions and new solutions to old problems. Traffic laws changed and the "turn right on red" was legal. The drinking age returned to 21 in Massachusetts and neighboring states. A murder occurred in Adams; the last one occurred in 1911. The Police Department became the communication center dispatching the ambulance, fire department and monitoring the security alarms that were wired into their system. On March 9, 1982 Chief John Tarsa died and Bruce A. McLaren was appointed acting chief eight days later. In 1983, the new Police Academy in Agawam was opened. The training center in Western Massachusetts was one component in professionalizing the police force. In the mid 1980s, two unusual issues were addressed: crimes against children and the protection of pedestrians. School children were alerted to the potential threat of strangers by presentations from "McGruff." In 1984 and 1985 pedestrians were the victims of traffic accidents. Two pedestrians were killed in two years. Four orange barrels with signs alerting motorists of pedestrians' rights were placed on Park Street. In 1985 after a successful investigation, Officer Bruce Farnam arrested "a major drug dealer who was found to have been dealing in pounds of marijuana which were being sold to youths in town." On April 12, 1989, the Board of Selectmen signed a mutual aid agreement with the communities that participate in the Berkshire County Drug Task Force. The department had belonged to the task force for several years, but Adams officers lacked the authority to participate in investigations outside Adams. In 1986 two lengthy investigations led to three individuals being charged in drug trafficking in cocaine. Chief McLaren credited the Task Force, which included Adams Officers: Larry Ordyna, Bruce Farnam, and Allen Mendel, the State Police and other Municipal Departments. In 1987 The DARE program was instituted in the 5th & 6th grades. The DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program was conducted over a period of 17 weeks by Officer David Clark. In 1988 the Police Department organized the first non-alcoholic, all-night graduation party at Hoosac Valley High School. This was an alternative to the post graduation parties that were notorious for being potentially dangerous situations. Attendance at the first party was 90% of the graduating class. The parties have been held ever since then. Back to top ADAMS POLICE 1990's In the 1990's video equipment was purchased that recorded persons placed under arrest for operating under the influence of alcohol. The tapes were used as proof to convict the drivers in the courts. In 1991 all incoming telephone calls were recorded. In 1994 the 911 system was instituted and the personnel receiving the call would immediately know the origin of the phone call. In 1992 and 1993 two local townspeople donated new Glock pistols and ammunition to the police department. Two years later bulletproof vests were purchased for every member of the department. In 1987 Chief McLaren first reported that steps were being taken to build a new station. Talks were serious and searches for new locations were earnest, but a plan did not formalize for another nine years. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on October 24, 1996, to commence the construction of an addition to the old town hall and the demolition of the old police station. Chief McLaren, who was the strongest advocate for a new police station, was never able to see it built. He retired his position on August 26, 1996 because of ill health. He died six days after the groundbreaking ceremonies in October. The new facility was named in his honor when it was dedicated on May 10, 1997. The new police chief appointed by the Board of Selectmen was Herman C. Bishop. He had been a member of the department since 1972. In May 1997, a new type of community policing was established - the bike patrol. Officers Don Poirot and Scott McWhirt became the first officers to patrol on bicycles. On September 20, 1997 Donna Malloy was appointed the first woman permanent patrol officer in the history of the department.

Mission: Our mission is to provide an exemplary level of service, ensuring safety and a peaceful quality of life to our residents, the businesses of the Town of Adams and to all who visit our community. The Adams Police Department is committed to prevent crime, maintain order and promote a safe environment through problem solving, and the promotion of trust and mutual respect within our community.

Type: GENERAL INFORMATION Subject: Park Street Incident Date: July 10, 2020At approximately 11:00 this morning the Adams...

Subject: Park Street Incident
Date: July 10, 2020

At approximately 11:00 this morning the Adams Police Department arrested a male party on Park Street during an incident that required Park Street to be shut down for a period of time. During this incident officers received a report of a male party that possessed a firearm and wished to do harm to himself and an ex-girlfriend that lives in the immediate area.

In this incident the Adams Police Department received a transfer call from Berkshire County Sheriff Control 911 dispatch center for a call from a female resident who currently has a restraining order against an ex-boyfriend who stated that he was outside of the apartment and was in possession of a firearm stating that; “Either I die or you die today”.

Officers assigned to the day shift, and officers in town working road construction details were dispatched to the scene along with members of the Massachusetts State Police. A call into the Berkshire County Special Response Team was also placed at this time.

Upon arrival, in trying to determine if in fact the male party was outside the residence the male party jumped out of his vehicle and confronted the first officer on scene in a violent struggle. The male party was requesting that officers shoot him and that he wanted to die.

Responding officers observed good samaritans that had gotten out of their vehicle and were attempting to assist the first officers on scene. The male party was eventually placed under arrest after a violent struggle in the middle of the street and transported to Berkshire Medical Center for medical and psychiatric evaluation under police custody.

Police conducted an article search utilizing the department’s K-9 unit and were unable to locate a firearm.

The male party stated that he only wished to die today by suicide by cop and tried anything possible to make this happen by saying the statements he said this morning to his ex-girlfriend.

The male party was later transported to the Berkshire County House of Corrections where he will be held until arraignment in Northern Berkshire District Court for the charges of a violation of a restraining order, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and assault and battery on a police officer.

It should be noted that a similar incident occurred two days ago with the same individual where he possessed a large butcher knife during a domestic disturbance call and asked the responding officers to “shoot him”. During this incident the responding officers were able to de-escalate the situation which resulted in the male party dropping the knife and not coming towards the officers. This male party was transported to Berkshire Medical Center for a psychiatric evaluation where he was later released.

This is just one of many examples of absolutely incredible, professional work conducted by the members of the Adams Police Department and other responding agencies. A special thank you to the good samaritans that stopped to assist an officer in need.

Due to the nature of the incident that includes domestic violence no further information will be available.

-Adams Police Department

Type: GENERAL INFORMATIONSubject: Interim Police Chief Announcement Date: July 10, 2020Please join us in officially welc...
New Adams Police Chief, Officers Union Contract Announced Wednesday Night

Subject: Interim Police Chief Announcement
Date: July 10, 2020

Please join us in officially welcoming the new interim Police Chief Troy Bacon to the Town of Adams and Berkshire County.

Chief Bacon has started the process of integrating into the department and community alongside Chief Tarsa while transitioning his life and family from Indiana to the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

In the coming days expect to see Chief Bacon and Chief Tarsa around town as they work together to assist in the change of assumption of duties.

Chief Bacon will assume the post on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 after Chief Tarsa's retirement becomes official. Chief Bacon, 44, recently retired from the Frankfort, Indiana Police Department after 20 years of service.

Please expect an official retirement post regarding the selfless years of duty and service to the Town of Adams by Chief Tarsa in the coming days as well.

-Adams Police Department

Officer Josh Baker reads from a portion of the new three-year union contract that was ratified by the Selectmen on Wednesday night. ADAMS, Mass. — The Board of Selectmen on...

Type: GENERAL INFORMATIONSubject: Road Work AlertDate: July 10, 2020Construction crews are currently working in the foll...

Subject: Road Work Alert
Date: July 10, 2020

Construction crews are currently working in the following areas;

- Cook Street (gas lines)
- Summer Street (gas lines)
- Crotteau Street (sidewalks and curbing)

Expect delays or detours in these areas.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

-Adams Police Department

Thank you Paige from the bottom of our hearts for the generous birthday gift donation.  Today, she was made an honorary ...

Thank you Paige from the bottom of our hearts for the generous birthday gift donation. Today, she was made an honorary police officer due to her remarkable selfless act of foregoing presents in lieu of a cash donation surpassing $2000.00 to support K9 Kumar.

Update: Owner LocatedLost Dog found on Marshall Ave

Update: Owner Located

Lost Dog found on Marshall Ave

***Update: Owner has been located and dog has been returned. Thank you.***Located on High Street / Elm Street neighborho...

***Update: Owner has been located and dog has been returned. Thank you.***

Located on High Street / Elm Street neighborhood.

Please contact the Adams Police Department at 413-743-1212 x0 if this is your dog or you know who may own this dog.

Meanwhile he is off to puppy jail for the evening until bail can be arranged.

Please share.

93 degrees here in town right now. 🥵 Stay cool everyone! 😎

93 degrees here in town right now. 🥵

Stay cool everyone! 😎

We’d like to acknowledge an officer and his quick actions tonight that saved a neighbor’s life.  While names won’t be re...

We’d like to acknowledge an officer and his quick actions tonight that saved a neighbor’s life. While names won’t be released to afford anonymity to all involved we thought it shouldn’t go without notice that while home and off duty an officer heard a frantic knock on his door from a teenage neighbor. The person was frightened that their family member was unconscious and wasn’t breathing. They knew the neighbor was a police officer who might be able to help. While clad in pajamas the officer ran to the neighbors barefooted and found the person to have overdosed. The officer quickly provided life saving measures and administered Narcan that was on scene. Additional officers arrived along with EMS and were able to revive the family member.

Thank you Lenco for the incredible donation of PPE (personal protective equipment) supplies.

Thank you Lenco for the incredible donation of PPE (personal protective equipment) supplies.


The Adams Police Department will now be processing License To Carry Applications with a few guidelines:

Renewal Applicants:

Please complete the application form in the link below

Application Form - (Copy Link into Browser)

Mail the application using a bank check or money order for the processing fee of $100.00 made out to the Town of Adams unless you’re over the age of 70 then it’s free.

Mailing Address:

Adams Police Department
4 School Street
Adams, MA 01220

New Applicants:

Please complete the application form in the link below

Application Form - (Copy Link into Browser)

When completed contact the Adams Police Department at (413) 743-1212 and selection ext. “0” for the desk officer. A time can be arranged when to come in and complete the application. Masks shall be worn and minimal contact will be made.

Thank you for your patience

Adams Police Department's cover photo

Adams Police Department's cover photo

Type: GENERAL INFORMATIONSubject: 2 OUI Arrests on Same DayDate: May 31, 2020Yesterday May 30, 2020, the Adams Police De...

Subject: 2 OUI Arrests on Same Day
Date: May 31, 2020

Yesterday May 30, 2020, the Adams Police Department made two arrests in two separate incidents involving individuals who had been involved in motor vehicle crashes and were determined to have been operating under the influence.

1st OUI Arrest - In the early morning hours officers received a dispatch to respond in the area of East Street for a reported motor vehicle accident as a pickup truck had struck the bridge and the air bags deployed. Upon arrival officers observed the vehicle’s rear end hanging off the bridge however they did not locate the operator and began a search, requesting a K9 Unit to assist. A resident of East Road called a short time later reporting a male party hiding in his back yard. This party was subsequently determined to be the owner/operator of the pickup truck and was also found to be impaired. This person stated a deer ran out in front of them. The party has been charged with the following;

M.G.L Chapter 90 Section 24 – Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol
M.G.L Chapter 90 Section 24 – Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle
M.G.L Chapter 90 Section 24 – Leaving the Scene of Property Damage

2nd OUI Arrest – Yesterday evening while on patrol in the area of Gould Road for a reported campfire officers located an unrelated vehicle approximately 40 feet off the roadway that had crashed into a tree. Officers were able to make contact with the operator who based on the totality of the circumstances was administered field sobriety assessments and was subsequently determined to be impaired. Located on this party were a series of medications as well as 10 bags of heroin. This person stated a deer ran out in front of them as well. The party has been charged with the following;

M.G.L Chapter 90 Section 24 – Operating Under the Influence of Drugs
M.G.L Chapter 90 Section 24 – Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle
M.G.L Chapter 90 Section 23 – Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License
M.G.L Chapter 94C Section 34 – Possession of Class A (Heroin)
M.G.L Chapter 94C Section 34 – Possession of Class C (Xanax)

- Adams Police Department


Type: GENERAL INFORMATIONSubject: Sergeant Scott McWhirt – RetirementDate: May 30, 2020 Today Sergeant Scott McWhirt ret...

Subject: Sergeant Scott McWhirt – Retirement
Date: May 30, 2020

Today Sergeant Scott McWhirt retires from the Adams Police Department after 34 years of service to the Town of Adams.

Sergeant McWhirt started his career as a Reserve Officer in 1986 and was assigned as a Full-Time Patrolman in 1989 after completing the Western Massachusetts Police Academy held in Agawam. Sergeant McWhirt was promoted to Sergeant in 1998 where he was primarily assigned as both a midnight shift and evening shift supervisor for over 20 years.

Throughout his career with the Adams Police Department, Sergeant McWhirt was the program director of the Police Athletic League (PAL) for 25 years. Sergeant McWhirt was instrumental in the initial implementation of the department’s Bike Unit, and the Field Training Officer Program.

Sergeant McWhirt was the supervisor of training members of the department, processed both LTCs/ FID cards and was the department liaison to the MA RMV for motor vehicle crash reports and motor vehicle citations to include corroboration with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Sergeant McWhirt was awarded a Meritorious Service Commendation during his tenure for a life-saving event.

Sergeant McWhirt has been a tremendous asset to the Adams Police Department, and the Town of Adams and has served with honor for over three decades.

Please join us in congratulating Sergeant McWhirt on his retirement!

-Adams Police Department

Type: GENERAL INFORMATION Subject: R.O.P.E.S Camp Cancellation 2020Date: May 30, 2020Ofc. Dabrowski, the Adams Police De...

Subject: R.O.P.E.S Camp Cancellation 2020
Date: May 30, 2020

Ofc. Dabrowski, the Adams Police Department’s Northern Berkshire R.O.P.E.S representative, has been informed that this years camp has been cancelled due to the CO-VID 19 restrictions. We are all deeply saddened by the news. We held out hope that we could find a way for the camp to continue this year, but unfortunately the restrictions made this nearly impossible.

This camp has served thousands of our area’s youth free of charge for nearly 20 years. We hope that everyone stays safe and that we'll be back in 2021.

The Red Team Rules, and we'll be back in 2021!!! ( The Red Team is Ofc. Dabrowski's Team 🤪)

-Adams Police Department

Type: GENERAL INFORMATION Subject: Bears Sightings / EncountersDate: May 26, 2020The Adams Police Department would like ...

Subject: Bears Sightings / Encounters
Date: May 26, 2020

The Adams Police Department would like to provide the following information regarding black bear sightings / encounters within the Town of Adams to ensure the safety of our residents and to preserve the natural way of life for black bears within the environment.

This year already we have had a large call volume for bear sightings/encounters on personal property. The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife have provided safety information and guidelines on the below posted flyer.

Furthermore we would like to remind residents above all to not hand-feed the bears (yes, we have actually had residents doing this). Do not run from the bear, or provoke the bear. Remove all potential food sources from your yard and secure trash containers. Please refrain from utilizing 911 for non-emergency calls. The non-emergency line for bear sightings can be utilized at 413-743-1212 ext. 0 to reach the desk officer. Our most calls for service for black bears have been in the Elm Street, Burt Street, Park Street, Arnold Avenue, and Lime Street neighborhoods.

Please visit for more information regarding safety precautions and what to do for a bear encounter.

-Adams Police Department

Type: TRAFFIC NOTICESubject: Summer Street Road ConstructionDate: May 21st 2020 Staring Thursday May 21, 2020 workers wi...

Subject: Summer Street Road Construction
Date: May 21st 2020

Staring Thursday May 21, 2020 workers will begin the installation of a new gas main along the southern section of Summer Street. It will run from the Cherry Street area to the intersection of Center Street (Rte#116). This project will consist of replacing the existing gas main and the service lines leading to residences that are gas customers. The project is expected to go well into the summer months. During this time expect delays and redirected routes of travel. The intent is to conduct the process with the least amount of inconvenience to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Today May 15, 2020 in observance of National Peace Officer Memorial Day the flag at the station has been lowered to half...

Today May 15, 2020 in observance of National Peace Officer Memorial Day the flag at the station has been lowered to half-staff as we pay tribute to the Police Officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty throughout the history of our great nation.

In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed May 15 as National Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week in which May 15 falls, as National Police Week. Established by a joint resolution of Congress in 1962, National Police Week pays special recognition to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others.

Type: GENERAL INFORMATION Subject: Underage Drinking Party - Leads to Charges of Adult Male Registered Sex OffenderDate:...

Subject: Underage Drinking Party - Leads to Charges of Adult Male Registered Sex Offender
Date: May 14, 2020

Yesterday evening patrol officers charged an adult male party who is a registered sex offender in the Town of Adams for hosting / procuring and furnishing alcohol / drugs to minors during a “party” at the adult male’s apartment.

Yesterday evening patrol officers who were in the station observed a male party later determined to be a juvenile male stumbling down the middle of School Street in front of the police department. A discussion with this male determined he was a juvenile and was heavily intoxicated and under the influence of other recreational street drugs. Adams EMS responded to the scene and transported the juvenile to BMC as he was in and out of consciousness.

It was then determined that another juvenile male who had just made it back to their house was also exhibiting the same signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug impairment and was transported to the hospital by Adams EMS.

At this time patrol officers based on information provided during the investigation had determined that there may be many other juveniles also in medical or physical danger.

Based on the investigation conducted the target location was determined to be an apartment on Park Street. Arrival at the apartment complex determined approximately 10+ more juveniles as young as 13 years old under the influence of alcohol and other street drugs at this apartment. Adams EMS was called to the scene to conduct evaluations of all juvenile individuals. Parents arrived on scene to take custody of the juveniles and some juveniles were furthermore transported to BMC for evaluation.

This was quick work by patrol officers that ensured the greater safety of the children within our community. This type of behavior will not be tolerated in the Town of Adams that puts the lives and safety of our children at risk.

The adult male involved in this event will appear in Northern Berkshire District Court to answer to the charges regarding this incident and may also face additional charges as the investigation continues.

- Adams Police Department

A huge thank you to Bedard Bros. Auto Sales for supporting the Adams Police Department and sanitizing our cruisers today...

A huge thank you to Bedard Bros. Auto Sales for supporting the Adams Police Department and sanitizing our cruisers today to ensure the safety of our officers. 👏👍

Today was Adams Police Departments turn for TRANSFORM Automotive Sanitizer‼️

Stay SAFE out there‼️

☎️ us! 413) 743-0014

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Thank you Officer Dabrowski, Adams Police ,Fire and Ambulance Service for Trystans birthday parade today!
I want to thank all of you for taking time to do the drive up Summer Street on Saturday I know you all have a very important jobs. SO THANK YOU ALL !!!!It was really nice for all of to do!!!
Officer Morse is one of the most professional and courteous officers I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Thank you Adams Police Department for helping me get into my wife's car to retrieve her keys.
Hi, my name is Matthew Heyert and I'm from Somers, NY. I'm on a mission to post on every Hospital and Police Facebook Message with a grateful message. I just want to take the time to thank you, for all that you do and sacrifice especially during this difficult time. Even though I don't live in your town, thank you for protecting my fellow human beings. Stay safe, be well and god bless.
Thank you everyone that came and joined in the birthday parade! It was most definitely a smashing success and more than I even expected!!😭🥰 it was absolutely amazing!! I can’t even say enough about it!! Thank you thank you!!! She was lore than surprised and definitely taken back by it, as was I! The tears were flowing and we were both shaking lol I legit don’t have the words to say. Thank you!!!❤️❤️ Also a huge thank you to the Adams police department, Adams fire department, Adams ambulance, and Lanesborough police department for helping make this even more of a success!❤️❤️🥰
Adams Police Chief says that he loves his job and would like the town to look into getting him a pass to work at it until age 70. Do not repeat this information in fear that it might enough the Chief to pursue such a course.
Thank you for all you do.
Happy Delayed Halloween everyone. Stay safe!
Will Adams be postponing trick or treat as well?
Will Trick or Treat be postponed to Saturday in Adams? I have seen some postings from area police depts. that they are discussing the possibility....
Looking for details regarding why the department is searching for Courtney Cross.