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"Cooking our way around North America" - Two Auxiliarists' tale circumnavigating North America aboard a U.S. Coast Guard...

"Cooking our way around North America" - Two Auxiliarists' tale circumnavigating North America aboard a U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker

Long before the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy's (WAGB 20) crew took in their lines mid-July to get underway for a months-long Arctic deployment, preparations for the ship and crew were being made.

A major element of any cutter deployment is ensuring the galley is adequately staffed to prepare and serve four meals a day to the crew. HEALY, a 420-foot medium icebreaker, was making plans to serve the more than 120 crewmembers and scientists sailing aboard for their 2021 patrol circumnavigating the North American continent across the frigid Arctic through the Northwest Passage then back home through the Panama Canal.

HEALY’s command sought additional culinary specialists to support the increased number of personnel during their deployment. As the Coast Guard is currently short Culinary Specialists, a last minute request for help made it to the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary who had members from across the country qualified and immediately vying for the opportunity to assist.

Two Auxiliarists who answered the call to join HEALY for their Arctic expedition were first class culinary assistants Pat Wolcott and Joe Woodbury.

Wolcott, a retired Air Force chief master sergeant and a retired police officer, is not a stranger to underway life or working in the kitchen. Wolcott deployed aboard HEALY for their 2019 Arctic patrol and years ago, he and his wife owned a diner for 10 years in their hometown of Logan, Utah. Wolcott met HEALY in their Seattle Homeport and went to work right away.

Woodbury, a retired Army Lt. Colonel, from Lake City, South Carolina, joined HEALY a few weeks later in Seward, Alaska. They’ll both sail aboard serving hot meals to the crew until the cutter returns home to Seattle in late fall.

The two, along with HEALY’s galley staff, spend seven days a week slicing, dicing, baking, grilling, prepping and serving food to the crew. Wolcott and Woodbury estimate by the end of the patrol, they’ll have prepared and or served more than 20,000 meals.

“A ship’s morale starts in the galley,” said Wolcott. “Our job, beside integrating into the ship’s company and routine, is to allow that morale to foster with the first meal of that person’s day. We do this by a cheerful greeting, and acknowledgement of how glad we are to see them.”

By the end of HEALY’s patrol, Wolcott will have spent 277 days in 2021 cooking aboard Coast Guard cutters. Prior to meeting HEALY in Seattle, he spent more than two months cooking aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Bluebell in Portland, Ore., for their crew of 15.

An opportunity circumnavigating North America has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Wolcott and Woodbury.

In Woodbury’s eleven years in the Auxiliary, he’s cooked aboard the Coast Guard Cutters HAMILTON, JAMES and ANVIL, and at Stations Charlestown and Georgetown. But reading the opportunity to cook aboard HEALY for this patrol was unlike any he’d seen before.

“From the second I saw the request for culinary assistants aboard HEALY, I began calling and emailing everyone across the country to get a spot aboard for their journey around North America,” said Woodbury. “It was a surreal experience to read HEALY was going across the Arctic and around the continent with the unique combination of crewmembers and civilian scientists aboard. Every day I wake up aboard, I still feel like it’s surreal to be here.”

Coast Guard Auxiliarists, like Wolcott and Woodbury, augment and assist active-duty crews across the Coast Guard. From serving as watchstanders at small boat stations, to conducting vessel safety exams, to serving aboard cutters, their contributions are widespread and significant. HEALY’s galley would have been significantly under staffed during this patrol had it not been for the tremendous efforts of Wolcott and Woodbury who upended their lives on short notice to answer the call. They, like so many Auxiliarists, are such an important part of the Coast Guard.

“The Auxiliary’s culinary assistant program’s main mission is to support the Coast Guard in their galleys whether it is a land unit, aboard a cutter in port or at sea,” said Paulette Parent, the Coast Guard Auxiliary’s national director for the culinary assistant’s program. “Currently there are nearly 300 active members in the program encompassing all Coast Guard districts. The dedication and enthusiasm of the Auxiliary culinary assistants who support the Coast Guard is a tribute to our program. The ever-increasing requests for assistance from the Coast Guard reflects well on the program and we are proud to support our active duty shipmates.”

Though the days are long and the work at times seems never-ending, Wolcott and Woodbury are happy for the opportunity to interact with everyone throughout the day as one after another pass their plates over for a serving of the day’s hot meals and a warm smile.

Look who the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy met up with while transiting the Pacific on their way back home to Seattle!He...

Look who the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy met up with while transiting the Pacific on their way back home to Seattle!

Healy (WAGB 20) performed a Passing Exercise (PASSEX) with crews aboard the Royal Canadian Navy HMCS Harry DeWolf (AOPV 430) and Secretaría de Marina (SEMAR) ARM Holzinger (PO-131) last week in the Pacific Ocean.

A PASSEX is an opportunity for crews to work with partner sea services through at-sea training scenarios like bridge-to-bridge communication drills or maneuvering exercises. Rendezvous at sea with other navies and coast guards increase the performance and effectiveness of our crews and support joint-operation partnerships.

📸s by SEMAR and Coast Guard Cutter Healy crew members BM2 Michael Martini, MK1 Michael Underwood, and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary CGPA1 Deborah Cordone

North American Aerospace Defense Command

From ‘down under’ to ‘up and over’: A servicemember's journey from Australia to the Arctic:Coast Guard Cutter HEALY crew...

From ‘down under’ to ‘up and over’: A servicemember's journey from Australia to the Arctic:

Coast Guard Cutter HEALY crewmember Petty Officer Third Class Eden Cloney spent the first 15 years of her life on the opposite side of the world. She was born in Geelong, Victoria in Australia (about an hour away from Melbourne) and moved to the United States four days before turning 16.

She had never heard of the U.S. Coast Guard until her now-step-father, retired Petty Officer 1st Class Gerald Martin, took Cloney and her mom on a tour of his duty station at Maritime Safety and Security Team Galveston, during a trip to visit Martin before Cloney and her mom moved to the United States.

“We spent all day together in Galveston, Texas. The whole time all he did was go on and on about how awesome the Coast Guard is,” said Cloney. “He took us both out on one of the small boats and even let me drive! Once my Mum and I actually moved here, I got to see a lot more of what he did, and I fell more and more in love with the Service.”

Three years later Cloney enlisted in the Coast Guard at the age of 19. Her first duty station was the Coast Guard Cutter MELLON, a 378-foot high endurance cutter homeported in Seattle, where she decided she wanted to follow in her step-father’s footsteps and become a boatswain’s mate.

“Once I decided I wanted to go boatswain’s mate, he was thrilled of course,” said Cloney. “I know I have some pretty big shoes to fill, but he influences me every day. I always strive to be better and to make him proud.”

As a boatswain’s mate, Cloney conducts cutter boat and deck operations, crane and pulley weight handling evolutions, search and rescue, deck maintenance, navigation, and is trained in weapons handling.

She’s had the chance to see some of the most remote parts of the world through multiple Arctic patrols aboard the Service’s largest cutter in the fleet since being stationed aboard HEALY in 2019.

During their 2021 Arctic deployment, HEALY’s crew broke their way through the frozen waters of the Beaufort Sea, through the Northwest Passage, and into the frigid waters of Baffin Bay located between Canada and Greenland. The crew and a team of international scientists conducted scientific research missions in the iceberg-laden waters above the Arctic Circle. Cloney supported the mission deploying and recovering scientific instruments for capturing water samples and collecting data during three weeks of around-the-clock science operations throughout Baffin Bay and the surrounding waterways.

“I love where we get to go!” said Cloney. “Most people will never see the things we get to see or the places we get to go, so I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to be here. My favorite moments aboard HEALY have been seeing the ice (it never gets old!), the Aurora Borealis is always so beautiful and the polar bears of course. Seeing the size of some of the icebergs out here has been incredible too. I cannot believe how big some are!” said Cloney.

Since moving to the United States days before her 16th birthday, Cloney has wanted to earn her U.S. citizenship.

After years of patience, perseverance and months of studying and preparing, Cloney tested and interviewed for her U.S. citizenship in May 2021. Unlike the traditional celebratory naturalization ceremonies surrounded by large groups of friends and family, Cloney quietly earned her U.S. citizenship in a very subdued way due to the ongoing Covid pandemic.

“It was a very difficult process, but I’m thankful to have had a great command that supported me through it,” said Cloney.

“Once I passed my interview and test, I was with four other military members and we all swore in together. I was by myself that day, I wish I could have had my family there with me, but either way I’m very happy that I was able to stay and re-enlist in the Coast Guard.” HEALY held a small ceremony in front of the crew on the flight deck to recognize her achievement.

Serving in the military and aboard cutters that deploy for months at a time, Cloney recognizes serving has its advantages and brings unique circumstances to the members and their loved ones.

“Being in the Coast Guard for the last four-and-a-half years has definitely taught me the importance of not taking normal routine duties, off duty, for granted,” said Cloney. “Like driving a car, or buying your own food and cooking, or even just being able to talk to family or friends without delay. I appreciate things a lot more, I almost wish people could see life through the eyes of a military member, just so they could understand what it’s like to not have everything at your disposal all of the time. I’ve learned so much from being in the Service, I feel so lucky to have this career.”


Coast Guard Cutter Healy Arctic Operations

The U.S. Coast Guard has proudly upheld American sovereignty, provided national security, and promoted economic prosperity in the Arctic for more than 150 years.

But #DYK the women and men aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy also provide access and support for oceanographic exploration, monitoring, and research to increase understanding of the changing Arctic environment?

Each summer teams of scientists work alongside Healy’s crew throughout their Arctic deployments. The Coast Guard women and men aboard Healy move, deploy, recover and support multiple research missions.

This year Healy’s crew is collaborating with the international science community and institutions from the U.S., Canada, Norway and Denmark to perform oceanographic projects throughout icy waters during Healy’s Northwest Passage transit and within Baffin Bay to inform environmental change research.

Welcome home to the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf crew!The cutter returned home to U.S. Coast Guard Base Alameda, Cal...

Welcome home to the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf crew!

The cutter returned home to U.S. Coast Guard Base Alameda, California, Monday following a three-month deployment to the North Pacific.

Bertholf’s crew patrolled more than 27K miles for ~3 months alongside partner agencies supporting international cooperation for Operation North Pacific Guard, the U.S. Coast Guard's annual Northern Pacific illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing patrol.

#BZ to the crew for their hard work supporting an integrated international law enforcement boarding team who inspected 28 fishing vessels in the North Pacific Ocean and identified 42 violations of conservation and management measures during their patrol!

Read more about their patrol here: bit.ly/750_RTHP21


This summer the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro deployed to the Western Pacific and engaged with several regional partners during their 102-day, 22,000-nautical-mile deployment to the region.

The crew participated in a cooperative three-day at-sea exercise with crews from the Royal Australian Navy in the South China Sea in September!

“These at-sea engagements with our long-standing partners in the Indo-Pacific region provided an excellent joint training opportunity for the crew,” said Munro’s Commanding Officer Capt. Blake Novak. “Enhancing cooperation and building trust strengthens our relationship with the Royal Australian Navy while expanding our regional security cooperation initiatives.”

Munro operated in the region under the tactical control of the U.S. 7th Fleet to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific.

Read more about Munro’s engagement with the RAN here: bit.ly/MUNRO_RAN

📽 by PA3 Aidan Cooney


Fill ‘er up!

The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro conducted a Refueling at Sea with the Royal Australian Navy in the South China Sea during a multi-day engagement with the RAN while deployed to the region this summer.

Refueling at sea allows crews aboard ships and cutters like Munro to extend their missions through at-sea logistics support to sustain the crews while deployed to the operational area without the need for pulling into port.

The multi-day training engagement included joint operations, professional exchanges, and multi-unit maneuvering at sea to strengthen interoperability between the @coU.S. Coast Guard and Royal Australian Navy and promote a #FreeAndOpenIndoPacific region.

Read more about their engagement here: bit.ly/MUNRO_RAN

📽 by PA3 Aidan Cooney

Coast Guard Cutter Munro conducts an at-sea exercise with Japan Coast Guard crews

#ICYMI This summer the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro conducted an at-sea exercise & professional exchange in the East China Sea with the 日本 海上保安庁/Japan Coast Guard while deployed to the Western Pacific.

These engagements strengthen our partnerships & commitment to a #FreeAndOpenIndoPacific region. Read more about their engagement here: http://bit.ly/MUNRO_JCG

Munro returned home to U.S. Coast Guard Base Alameda last week following their 102-day, 22,000-nautical-mile deployment to the Western Pacific where they operated under the tactical control of the U.S. 7th Fleet.

Returning home from a months-long patrol wouldn’t be complete without hugs, kisses and lots of licks!The U.S. Coast Guar...

Returning home from a months-long patrol wouldn’t be complete without hugs, kisses and lots of licks!

The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Munro's crew returned home to Alameda Wednesday from the Western Pacific where they’ve spent the past few months operating under the tactical control of the U.S. 7th Fleet to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific.

The crew departed Alameda in July and traveled more than 22,000 nautical miles over their 102-day patrol!

Munro’s crew executed numerous cooperative engagements, professional exchanges and capacity building efforts with naval allies and partners, including the 日本 海上保安庁/Japan Coast Guard, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, Philipine Coast Guard and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Royal Australian Navy, and Indonesia Maritime Security Agency.

Read more about their patrol here: https://bit.ly/MUNRO_RTHP

#BZ to all!

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Kimball and Royal Canadian Navy crews conducted a joint exercise off the coast of Dutch Harbor, ...

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Kimball and Royal Canadian Navy crews conducted a joint exercise off the coast of Dutch Harbor, #Alaska, Sept. 23, lining their respective ship's railings to salute in formation, rendering honors.

“Our exercise with the Harry DeWolf is just the latest in a long history of maintaining a strong bond with our close friend, Canada, as well as our commitment to work with all the #Arctic nations,” said Capt. Thomas D’Arcy, the Kimball’s commanding officer.

More details: https://bit.ly/3uwNpbl

#Readiness #FriendsPartnersAllies #NPG #WeTheNavy #NORAD
Canadian Armed Forces

Meet the international Arctic sailors of U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy.“Serving aboard Coast Guard Cutter Healy has been...

Meet the international Arctic sailors of U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy.

“Serving aboard Coast Guard Cutter Healy has been an incredible opportunity for me and my service. As a member of the Royal Canadian Navy, I’m serving alongside and cross-pollinating with members from the U.S. Coast Guard, the Royal Navy, and the U.S. Navy. We’ve integrated with Healy’s crew for their Northwest Passage transit and science missions in Baffin Bay through an exchange program designed to promote inter-service learning and cooperation. The program gives officers from various naval services across the world the chance to serve alongside each other. I’ve had the opportunity to learn how our allied nations and partner services carry out their missions and the methods by which they operate. The people I’ve met, and the opportunities I’ve had alongside the crew as a watchstander on the bridge allows me to bring home unique knowledge about Arctic icebreaking, oceanographic research, and how these contribute to the safety of navigation in the region. I’ve gained a new appreciation for the Arctic area of opportunity and its geopolitical importance.”

Lieutenant (Navy) Sebastien Savard has served in the Royal Canadian Navy for 4 years. A native of Cornwall, Ontario, Lt (Navy) Savard currently serves as a bridge watchstander on the HMCS Regina, a multi-role Canadian Patrol Frigate homeported in Victoria, British Colombia.

📸: Chief Petty Officer Matt Masaschi.

#facesofHealy #uscg #coastguardpolarops #arcticsailor
Royal Canadian Navy


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