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Alamogordo MainStreet Alamogordo MainStreet is a community-driven, state accredited historical downtown community revitalization program.
Alamogordo MainStreet is a grassroots, volunteer-based organization with service support from New Mexico MainStreet and New Mexico Economic Development Department. The vision of Alamogordo MainStreet is to improve historic downtown Alamogordo's economic, cultural, and community development through public-private partnerships in full participation with – and development of – the community, state, and national MainStreet programs.

Alamogordo MainStreet is a central district of shared memory and experience where residents and visitors come together to live, work, and play. As the centerpiece of our community identity, Alamogordo MainStreet, the surrounding city, and Otero County support transformative economic development strategies that draw new residents, businesses, and tourism to the community. Alamogordo MainStreet includes desired outcomes in planning and establishes clear economic performance measures in its important community development work. Alamogordo MainStreet improves Alamogordo's economic and cultural development — one main street at a time — by revitalizing historic Alamogordo through a public-private partnership, participating with the community, state, and national MainStreet program.

Mission: Alamogordo MainStreet's mission is to preserve, enhance, beautify, and economically develop Alamogordo's historic downtown district with respect to local heritage and culture.

For the last two years, after developing a project plan, and purchasing lights thanks to a generous grant from New Mexic...

For the last two years, after developing a project plan, and purchasing lights thanks to a generous grant from New Mexico Resiliency Alliance, we have worked hard on getting through the red tape necessary to move forward with this project. After all this time and after we finally were able to secure the necessary permissions/blessings/sign-offs, French Brothers - Alamogordo stepped up to the plate and offered to provide grant matches in the form of purchasing the needed hardware and even more importantly, the drive, motivation and PEOPLE to help make this project happen! With Alamogordo MainStreet and French Brothers teamed up, we secured additional (and vital) help from TDS Telecommunications LLC AND some private donors to knock out Phase 1 of this project. Also, a big shout out to the City of Alamogordo - Government Public Works! Even though this was a privately funded project, the City stepped up to assist us as much as they were able to! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone involved and all those that braved the scorching heat on the street this past Sunday!

We were nominated by Mesa Verde Enterprises, Inc. to join the #ThisIsOurTown challenge and we accepted! This past Sunday, the Alamogordo French Brothers team partnered with Alamogordo MainStreet and TDS Telecommunications LLC to complete a big project that has been in the works for a while - hanging lights on New York Ave!!

This project has been in the works at Alamogordo MainStreet for 2 years, they just needed the parts and man power to complete it. French Brothers donated electrical cable, steel cable, hardware and man power; TDS donated their bucket trucks and man power; and
Picacho Brewing Company provided the much needed refreshment! We just love it when communities come together to get things done!

Its our turn to challenge now, so French Brothers is nominating White Sands Construction and TDS is nominating Tularosa Basin Telephone Company/Tularosa Communications, Inc. to do something good for Alamogordo!

So next time you are downtown grabbing a beer and a bite, or doing some shopping, check out the amazing lights overhead and know that your community made it possible! This Is Our Town and we are proud of it!!
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Alamogordo MainStreet, a New Mexico MainStreet organization, seeks a dynamic, experienced MainStreet Executive Director ...

Alamogordo MainStreet, a New Mexico MainStreet organization, seeks a dynamic, experienced MainStreet Executive Director to lead its downtown revitalization effort in close conjunction with its board of directors. This four-year-old MainStreet organization is located in Alamogordo, NM, a community of 35,000 located in sunny southern New Mexico within the Tularosa Basin. Alamogordo MainStreet is a New Mexico MainStreet and Main Street America fully accredited organization.

The Executive Director is responsible for:
• Directing the MainStreet revitalization efforts under adopted Economic Transformation Strategies using the Main Street Approach® (Design, Promotion, Economic Positioning, and Organization)
• Working in conjunction with volunteers to plan and implement revitalization and fundraising projects
• Publicizing the work and accomplishments of MainStreet organization
• Providing support and direction to the MainStreet board
• Coordinating the operation of the MainStreet corporation and office

The successful candidate will possess the following skills and characteristics necessary for the position:

• Event management and fundraising experience
• Extremely self-motivated, independent worker; outgoing, organized, multi-tasker
• A Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, historic preservation, architecture, design or related subject is preferred
• Three to five years’ experience in a similar position is preferred
• Physical stamina, reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license

This position is an employee position. Initially, the position may be part-time, but full-time employment is expected in the near future.

Salary range is $35-40,000 (plus a performance-based bonus), depending on experience and qualifications. The position provides benefits, including paid vacation and sick leave, travel and cell phone expenses and a flexible work schedule. Applicants should be available to assume the duties on or preferably before August 17, 2020.

To apply for the position, send a letter of interest and resume by email to BOTH Cam Wilde, Alamogordo MainStreet Executive Director (outgoing), at [email protected] AND Crystal Boylan, Alamogordo MainStreet Hiring Committee Chair at [email protected] before 5:00pm, July 10, 2020. Questions about the position may be directed by email to Cam Wilde at [email protected] by July 10, 2020

Alamogordo MainStreet Executive Director, Cam Wilde, will be resigning, effective early fall, 2020. Wilde, who has held ...

Alamogordo MainStreet Executive Director, Cam Wilde, will be resigning, effective early fall, 2020. Wilde, who has held the Executive Director position since 2016, will soon be working directly with the New Mexico MainStreet program as one of two Revitalization Specialists in Graphic Design and Marketing serving 31 NM MainStreet communities and other programs across the state.

Wilde has been a champion of our Historic District’s preservation, revitalization, and economic development for the last 6 years, and we will miss his energy and enthusiasm. Wilde initially volunteered for the Alamogordo MainStreet Application Initiative in 2014 and 2015. He was hired as Executive Director by Alamogordo MainStreet Past President, Dr. Terry Marquardt, on September 1, 2016, and managed the program into its first State and National Accreditation in February 2017. Wilde was awarded State Certified Executive Director on January 31, 2018. In August 2018, under Wilde’s guidance and leadership throughout his first two years as Executive Director, Alamogordo MainStreet won the Spirit of MainStreet award from New Mexico MainStreet and New Mexico Economic Development Department.

In the 4 years that Wilde has held the Executive Director position, Alamogordo MainStreet has generated over $273,000 for beautification and business assistance projects within the Historic Downtown District through grants and state capital outlay. The program has additionally leveraged and facilitated services from New Mexico MainStreet totaling over $435,000 market value.

Wilde oversaw and managed more than 10 beautification and small business development projects, working with New Mexico Revitalization Specialists and Economic Development Department staff to improve and strengthen small businesses and infrastructure with the Historic Downtown District.

In addition to actual projects and funds invested into the program, Wilde laid the foundation for and continually developed positive partnerships with the City of Alamogordo - Government and Otero County Leadership. For every $10 of public funds invested into the Alamogordo MainStreet program since 2016, $90 in services, grant funding and direct assistance has been leveraged into the local economy.

Cam Wilde, the only employee of the Alamogordo MainStreet Program, was assisted in these endeavors by a working Board of Directors, all volunteers, who helped to facilitate projects and events.

Cindy Boylan
President, Alamogordo MainStreet
On behalf of the Alamogordo MainStreet Board of Directors

A few days late but we just want to wish Blush Beauty Bar a happy, happy ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!#alamogordohairstylist #sh...

A few days late but we just want to wish Blush Beauty Bar a happy, happy ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

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We're looking for dynamic and engaged members to join our board of directors. Are you the right person?If interested ple...

We're looking for dynamic and engaged members to join our board of directors. Are you the right person?

If interested please fill out this very short initial application form and we'll get back to you!

We have a few open positions for motivated individuals who share our vision of historic Downtown Alamogordo as a vibrant, welcoming, attractive and proud community that values its rich cultural history. A volunteer Board position at Alamogordo MainStreet is an opportunity to grow professionally, gain new skills, and be connected to your community.


Alamogordo MainStreet is a 501(c)(3) economic development non-profit organization whose goals are to beautify and enhance downtown Alamogordo with a respect to historic preservation, provide assistance to small businesses and building owners, and to promote collaboration between businesses, organizations, individuals and governments to create a vibrant historic community.

If you have an problems with the form or have questions, please call 575-446-3612 or e-mail our director at [email protected]

#alamogordomainstreet #workalamogordo #volunteer #nmmainstreet #playalamogordo #adventuresforlife Alamogordo - Come for Adventure. Stay for Life.

I just wanted to take a quick minute to publicly and wholeheartedly thank Officer Heisinger of the Alamogordo Police Dep...

I just wanted to take a quick minute to publicly and wholeheartedly thank Officer Heisinger of the Alamogordo Police Department AND his father.

You might have heard about the other night's brief and relatively minor wave of vandalism across Alamogordo. Well, as one of our previous post states, our friends at Alamo Jump were unfortunately affected. One of their great, big windows were busted out that night. Well, Officer Heisinger responded immediately after seeing the damage (unfortunately some time AFTER the damage was done) and not only was he finally able to contact AlamoJump's business owners (they, like many of us, enjoy sleeping in the middle of the night so it was a bit tough to reach them), but he contacted his own FATHER, Bob from Bob Heisinger Painting [(317)997-7410] to come down to the location and board up the broken out window! All this at around 4:00am. Bob didn't need to come down and do that, but he did anyway because, like his son, he obviously cares a great deal about our community.

On behalf of the entire Alamogordo MainStreet organization and all our district merchants and businesses, THANK YOU Officer Heisinger and Bob Heisinger Painting for all you do!

- Cam Wilde, Executive Director, Alamogordo MainStreet

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You may have already heard about a small spout of destructive vandalism across the city that occurred last night/early t...

You may have already heard about a small spout of destructive vandalism across the city that occurred last night/early this morning. Unfortunately our friends in the Alamogordo MainStreet district — Alamo Jump — were hit along with Thrive, EZTV and possibly others. Alamo Jump was able to capture some footage last night so please check their post comments section to have a look. Thanks to the Alamogordo Police Department for their timely response and wonderful assistance to Alamo Jump!

Also, please check out Alamo Jump's campaign for some assistance with needed repairs (it's looking like the insurance deductible is making this one impractical to file a claim). Please, if you are able, go here to donate!

Unfortunately one of our front windows got shot out last night. It possibly happened between 9pm - 2:30am. We have a possible video of the car/perps who shot out the window (video in the comments) but if you have any possible leads or insight please reach out to the Alamogordo Police or message us directly. A few others (EZ TV, Thrive, etc) also had bullet holes in their windows from last night

A huge thank you to the great men & women of our police dept! They are extremely gracious & we're grateful for everything they did for us last night

**Update** Unfortunately the deductible is too high to get insurance involved so we've decided to start a small Go Fund Me. If you can pitch in $5 or $10, it would be appreciated! We will find a way to make it up to you!

Welcome Alamo Funatics

Welcome Alamo Funatics

HERE IS OUR CURRENT REVISED PRICE LIST - Due to Covid19 Limitations, we are only offering the following venues and sessions. We look forward to offering additional packages, parties, Team Building Fundraisers, and Venue Buy-Outs in the Future.,
Black Light Paint Room, Requires a Reservation. (It will not be available on June 17th)

Welcome back Picacho Brewing Company & Dick’s Cafe Alamogordo!

Welcome back Picacho Brewing Company & Dick’s Cafe Alamogordo!

Picacho Brewing Company & Dicks cafe are excited to announce we will be open this week Wednesday-Friday for our regular business hours. We open up today at 11am for dine in service as well as take out.

Dicks Cafe is serving all their delicious classics
🍺New Growlers with fill for $18
🍻 Refill your own growler for $12

Call your order in NOW (575) 434-5945 between 11-7pm.
We can’t wait to see you here, Cheers!

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Thank you Zuni Electric Inc. for leading by example. This looks amazing!

Thank you Zuni Electric Inc. for leading by example. This looks amazing!

Today we kicked off project #thisisourtownAlamo With the City of Alamogordo being short handed the past couple of months due to health and safety precautions, they have only been able to focus on immediate issues. Therefore, we are going to challenge 2 organizations, Mesa Verde Enterprises, Inc.and @TDStelecommunications to find something in our community that they can pull together as a team to make a difference.

Zuni Electric spent the morning cleaning the area around the historic water tank on Tenth Street! Great job team, we appreciate the hard work.

If @MesaVerdeEnterprises and @TDStelecommunications accept this challenge to help #thisisourtownAlamo then they are going to challenge 2 organizations. Lets do this!

Contact Rodney Eaton at [email protected] to schedule your event and discuss local safety precautions while working.


Thank you Rocket City Gaming Lounge for your countless contributions and business within the Alamogordo MainStreet distr...

Thank you Rocket City Gaming Lounge for your countless contributions and business within the Alamogordo MainStreet district! We were excited to help with your recovery efforts! And of course, we thank New Mexico MainStreet and most especially New Mexico Resiliency Alliance for their partnerships in our economic development efforts!

Rocket City Gaming Lounge has just received a generous donation from Alamogordo MainStreet for over $400! This contribution to our business and our GoFundMe campaign was part of their GoFund Local! grant initiative made possible by their work with New Mexico MainStreet and partnership with the New Mexico Resiliency Alliance. We would like to thank Alamogordo MainStreet and their partners for all the work they do for small businesses in the HEART of downtown Alamogordo!

With their donation, plus the donations, likes, and shares of our patrons we've not only met but EXCEEDED our funding goal! In addition to thanking our hard-working Alamogordo MainStreet organization, we would also like to thank all of YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

Miss New Mexico Scholarship Organization

What a wonderful, wonderful way to show appreciation to Elite Memories Boutique, our favorite little formal wear/dress boutique right here in the heart of historic downtown and Alamogordo MainStreet. Thank you Miss New Mexico Scholarship Organization for all you do!

We’re so excited for the re-opening of our favorite dress shop in New Mexico, @elitememoriesboutique! ✨ Claudia always provides the most fashion forward, fun and beautiful gowns, cocktails, and jumpsuits! I’m so thankful to have had her dressing me for every formal occasion this year and can’t wait to go shopping again! 👗

Thanks to @makeitjacque for putting this super cute video together for an exciting #sponsorspotlight! 🤍👑

GoFund Local! Business Highlight: City Ga...

GoFund Local! Business Highlight:

Rocket City Gaming Lounge is working hard to raise some funds to help offset the COVID-19 pandemic!

"Like a lot of other businesses and individuals in our community, we've been heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and our forced closure over the last several weeks."

"If you can help us by donating even just $5, we'll reward you for your generosity by giving you two months of access to our members only area for free, as well as a 10% discount off your first purchase when we're able to open our doors again..."

"For every $5 you send our way we'll give you another two free months of membership, up to one full year! Want to do even more to help your Friendly Local Game Store? Anything above and beyond $30 and we'll bump the discount for your first purchase up to 20% off."

Lets show Rocket City Gaming Lounge some love and GoFund Local!!

#SupportSmallBusiness #alamogordostrong #alamogordomainstreet #gofundlocalalamogordo #gofundlocal #nmmainstreet #workalamogordo #stayalamogordo


919 1/2 New York Ave., Suite G
Alamogordo, NM

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Alamogordo MainStreet primarily focuses on implementing Transformative Strategies that align with the Four-Point Approach™ – Organization, Promotion, Design, and Economic Vitality – and the Main Street America Ten Standards of Performance to advance transformative economic development.


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Alamogordo Mainstreet President Claudia Powell rides the bull during Rockabilly 2019!
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Calling area artists! The MERC, on Granado st, in Tularosa is seeking arts/crafts people to join our funky cool co-op! Please reach out and lets talk!
Veterans, Military and Retirees free live Christmas Trees December 7 2019 at Noon at Holloman AFB NM A&FRC near the Commissary
Another great reason to attend a show at the "Flick"
Come to the HIGH ROLLS APPLE FESTIVAL Saturday (9 to 5) & Sunday (9 to 4) October 20th and 21st, 2018 at the Community Center High Rolls, NM (East of the U. S. 82 Tunnel, follow the signs and traffic control personnel). Fresh local and other apples for sale by the pound or box. Apple pies & Apple Butter. Over 65 arts & crafts vendors in the Walk Through the Woods. Food, drink, and Children’s activities. As always, admission and parking lots) are free. (Please, no pets). Sponsored by the High Rolls/Mountain Park Lions. For the latest information visit our web site at
If anyone was inspired by the recent Rockabilly event here in Alamogordo and you put this awesome outfit together. Contact me I am looking for Rockabilly models. It is fun, escape into the world of Rockabilly and pin-up. Contact me.
Look at this great improvement to the Alamogordo Mainstreet district.
These are some of my photos from Comicon. I hope you enjoy them. More will be posted as they are edited. If you see someone you know in the pictures, please leave a comment on their name. Also, let me know which ones you like !! Please "LIKE" my page. Thanks !!