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Albuquerque Civilian Police Oversight Agency The CPOA receives and investigates complaints filed by individuals against the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) and its employees for misconduct.

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The Civilian Police Oversight Agency Board (CPOAB) is deeply shocked and saddened by the rash of violence in our community, particularly the shooting of multiple APD Officers and the deadly shooting at Washington Middle School. Our community deserves to be safe. Police officers deserve to be safe. Violence is not the answer to the problems in our community, but too often violence is the result. Our police officers work tirelessly every day to protect and serve this community. The Board supports the department and its officers and efforts to bring the perpetrators of these heinous and violent crimes to justice. Our thoughts are with the families of the officers and victims of these violent crimes. We call on all the citizens of Albuquerque, elected officials, faith leaders, businesses, and community organizations to work together to treat the root causes of violent crime in our city. While the role of the CPOAB is and remains to conduct impartial oversight of APD, we have a responsibility to speak-out against this violence and offer our support to the many hard-working and honorable officers of APD.

-Eric Olivas


Join the Community Webinar Live to Meet APD Chief of Police FinalistsToday: Saturday, January 23 at 1:30 pm.Click the li...
Police Chief Search

Join the Community Webinar Live to Meet APD Chief of Police Finalists

Today: Saturday, January 23 at 1:30 pm.

Click the link for more information to access the meeting!

Information about the search for a new Chief of Police for the Albuquerque Police Department.


CPOA Board meeting is tomorrow June 11th, 5:00 pm. Reminder to submit all Public Comments by 4:00 pm tomorrow to the Board email: [email protected] & watch the meeting live on GovTV or YouTube.


Mayor Tim Keller

Mayor Tim Keller

Watch: Mayor Tim Keller and police oversight officials give update on police reform, use of force policies and #8CantWait.


‪This morning at 11:30 @ABQ_CPOA @EdwardHarness will join @MayorKeller to discuss use of force policies, policy development and the opportunities for public input. #CivilianOversight Also, comments on events relating to BLM protests. ‬


We have heard from several concerned citizens regarding @ABQPOLICE and armed civilians interactions prior to the BLM protests earlier this week. We are investigating the matter! #oversight

Citizen's Police Academy Enrolling for Spring!Been wanting to enroll in the Citizen's Police Academy with the Albuquerqu...
Citizen's Police Academy: Online Application

Citizen's Police Academy Enrolling for Spring!
Been wanting to enroll in the Citizen's Police Academy with the Albuquerque Police Department? Now is your chance! The Spring 2020 class starts Tuesday, February 25 and enrollment is now open. This 12-week course teaches citizens about the philosophy, policies and guiding principles of law enforcement, and students will receive classroom instruction, presentations and demonstrations from Narcotics, K-9, Homicide, Crime Lab and SWAT, among others.

To apply online, visit:

Apply for an upcoming Citizen's Police Academy course.


Lauren Markie please contact the CPOA at 924-3770


The Board has questions. Please attend the meeting tomorrow night at 5 and share your concerns during public comment. Or submit your question to [email protected]. Thanks to @MarissaKRQE watch her story on @krqe meeting place City Council Chambers


The Board has questions. Please attend the meeting tomorrow night at 5 and share your concerns during public comment. Or submit your question to [email protected]. Thanks to @ericazucco watch her story on @KOB4 meeting place City Council Chambers


In light of high profile cases in the media; this Thursday at 5:00 in ABQ City Council Chambers the Police Oversight Board will question @ABQPOLICE about the designation of Detective, Investigation Teams, Training Detectives and quality of investigations. #Oversight


Tonight at 5pm @ABQPOLICE will introduce its new Use of Force policy. Come join the discussion at the Police Oversight Board meeting in City Council Chambers. If you can't attend in person watch on GovTv. #Oversight @ABQ_CPOA


Tune in to @KOB4 tonight so you can learn how to have input on @ABQPOLICE new Use of Force policy 2-52. That policy will be submitted to the Police Oversight Board June 14th at 5pm in the City Council Chambers. Thanks @ericazucco #Oversight


Make sure to attend the June 14 POB meeting to hear about @ABQPOLICE new Use of Force policy. There will be time for public comment. The meeting is at 5:00pm in City Council chambers #oversight

Please tune in
Erica Zucco 🇺🇸 on Twitter

Please tune in

“EYE ON NM- #ABQ POLICE OVERSIGHT: Talking with @ABQ_CPOA about upcoming policy reviews, work with Community Policing Councils & oversight in a time of transition. Tonight at 4:30p on @kob4.”

‪Thank you Erica Zucco for this outreach opportunity! Tune in to KOB 4 Eye on NM this Sunday, 4:30 pm to learn more abou...

‪Thank you Erica Zucco for this outreach opportunity! Tune in to KOB 4 Eye on NM this Sunday, 4:30 pm to learn more about our Police Oversight Agency from Executive Director Ed Harness & POB Members Chantal and Joanne! Let us know what questions you have... ‬


600 2nd St NW, # 813
Albuquerque, NM

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Monday 8am - 5pm
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(505) 924-3770


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The Death To All Civilian Oversight Committees and Review Boards! Do You Want Phoenix Police Department and Phoenix Law Enforcement Association Setting The Laws For Your State and City? Or Do You Like Your State and City Relations With Law Enforcement The Way It Is Now, BecauseIt Could Become Like Phoenix, Leading The Country With Officer Involved Killings With Little To Zero Disciplining! Sicking Gang Task Force Dectives On Op**te Pain Management Patients and Very Respectable Internal Medicine Doctors! By Anthony W. De La Viña Local police Civilian Oversight Committee/Review Boards are either handled on a city by city issue or this goes to the State Bar Of Arizona or to the Arizona Supreme Court for state & federal guidelines/statutes, as there are hundreds of Civilian Oversight Committees/Review Boards across the United States! This statewide Bill could end up being in the United States Supreme Court setting case law for every state, county and city in our country! This first need to be brought to the Arizona Supreme Court For A Ruling To See If The State Can Set Guidelines For every City or County's Civilian Review Board/Oversight Committee. If so who sets the guidelines certainly not the Police Unions otherwise we might at just use Phoenix Law Enforcement Association Civilian Oversight Committee that is stacked with police captains, assistant police chiefs and cvilian employee peers. So is this going to come down to the State Bar of Arizona or State Legislature to decide these training requirements, then these requirements are going to be challenged by whoever doesn't like what is decided. If AZPOST or Phoenix Law Enforcement Association gets to set these requirements then you might as well use PLEA's version because nothing will ever get changed, now if you use attorney from the State Bar of Arizona that have experience not only in Police Procedure, State Law and past Court Rulings then you have something really to work for as attorneys experienced in Police Misconduct, Criminal Defense Attorneys and Past Proscecuters then you have a diverse group of experienced people that are one-sided biased to Police Unions like Phoenix Law Enforcement Association or to just favor the civilians, these people will follow the law and that is what is most important, can the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association agree with that last comment! Quote From Article "The Arizona Police Association applauded the signing of HB2567 into law by Governor Doug Ducey. The bill, sponsored by Rep. John Kavanagh, sets the requirements for a government committee, board or entity to investigate law enforcement officer’s misconduct. The bill requires at least two-thirds of the membership of specified entities that investigate law enforcement officer misconduct to be Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training (AZPOST) Board-certified officers. The Arizona Police Association says HB2567 “simply makes police review boards consistent in their construction with all other professional occupational boards. It allows for industry professionals AND public/civilian members to evaluate the actions of those who come before it.” The AZPOST Board consists of 13 members appointed by the Governor. The AZPOST Board is statutorily charged with prescribing minimum qualifications for officers. The AZPOST Board establishes minimum courses of training and minimum standards for training facilities for officers. HB2567 provisions: 1. Requires two-thirds of the voting membership of any government committee, board or entity to be AZPOST certified law enforcement officers who are of any rank and from the same department or agency as the law enforcement officer who is the subject of investigation or disciplinary action if that committee, board or entity: a) Investigates law enforcement officer misconduct; b) Influences the conduct of or certifies law enforcement officer misconduct investigations; c) Recommends disciplinary actions for law enforcement officer misconduct; or d) Imposes discipline for law enforcement officer misconduct. (Sec. 1) 2. States that if the committee, board or entity consists of nonvoting members, no more than one-third of the members can be nonvoting members. (Sec. 1) 3. Allows a supervisor, a department or agency head that supervises a law enforcement officer to investigate and impose discipline for a law enforcement officer’s misconduct if the committee, board or entity does not meet the requirements to investigate. (Sec. 1) 4. States this does not apply to a governmental review committee, board or entity that does not determine the initial level of discipline or have authority to increase the severity of the disciplinary action. (Sec. 1) 5. Exempts AZPOST from the requirement that members of the government committee, board or entity be from the same department or agency. (Sec. 1)"
Link to the meeting:
CPOA Director Harness, Contacting the Mayor of Clovis may assist your investigation into the relationship between the NM Civil Gaurd and the Albuquerque Police Department. ---------------- From this article..."Mike Morris, Clovis' mayor, said city police and New Mexico State Police have been in contact with the NM Civil Guard and Petty said his group is "following guidelines given to us by police." Petty added that the police are "completely fine with us being around. They wanted to make sure we don't look like law enforcement or military and so we're staying in plain clothes for this."