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Munchkinland Child Development Centers, LLC We are one of only a few ****4 STAR**** centers in Rapides Parish!

Parent’s this is so important! Please take 5 minutes and fill this out!
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Parent’s this is so important! Please take 5 minutes and fill this out!

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We will have some spots available after this week so please message or call us if you would like to be put on the call list! This doesn’t guarantee a spot but we will call you as soon as we get notice of spots for rooms that have openings.


We are excited to have more of our kiddos coming back tomorrow!


Hey guys our schoolers are studying Mexico this week and are making their own piñatas... do any of our parents have newspapers at home lying around? If so can y’all PLEASE bring them tomorrow


What a great 1st day back! We appreciate all of your patience this morning. Please plan for a little more drop off traffic tomorrow as we will have infants and toddlers tomorrow as well.


Parents our hours until further notice are 7:30-5:30 and don’t forget a pair of shoes to leave at daycare, stay in your car until you are in one of the 4 designated spots, wear your mask and bring your own blue or black pen! Can’t wait to see all of the kiddos tomorrow!!! We will have a detailed letter at drop off with all the updates!!!


Brief post tonight and I will do more details with pictures tomorrow to help explain the drop off procedures. NO parent parking in the parking LOT or along the road....ALL parents will stay in their cars and line up down Post Oak Blvd...pulling only into the 4 designated drop off slots. When it’s your turn in a drop off spot you can exit your car and bring your child to one of the two staff that will be stationed on the sidewalk at the Hug N Go station. Please stand on one of the marked spots on sidewalk to maintain safe distancing. You MUST wear a mask and bring your own black or blue pen to sign the health check form... you will have to attest to the following: that your child and no one in family has run fever of 100.4 or greater in last 24; the child has NOT been given any fever reducing meds of any kind in the last 24 hours; You or any family member has not been quarantined in the last 14 days due to possible exposure to COVID19. Our staff will check your child’s temp and document it then send your littel one inside where we will wash their hands and escort them to their class. On your child’s first day back please bring a pair of shoes (preferably new) that you will leave at daycare for your child to wear at daycare only. These shoes will stay in his/her cubby for use at the center so drop them off with no shoes on from that point forward. This will cut down on germ transmission from the bottom of shoes. Our littles are on the floor all the time this should help a lot! Staff are doing the same thing or wearing shoes covers! First few days will be slower to drop off so leave for work early please and pe patient. Pick up procedure will be similar as far as traffic flow. Just stay in your car until you get in one of the four designated spots then go to the sidewalk and stand on one of the marked spots to ensure safe distancing and one of our staff will your litttle one for you and bring them out to you! We appreciate all of your patience while we all get adjusted to these new procedures!!


Last day to apply for Pandemic CCAP for essential workers! If you do not already receive CCAP and you are an essential worker and have not applied for this program message me and we will get the info you need!! No income limit for this program and will pay the majority of your childcare for month of June guys!! Who doesn’t want almost free childcare for a month!!!


Parents who are essential workers this is an amazing opportunity to get almost all of your child's fees paid for through the end of June and possibly extended for a year after that!!! Deadline to apply is May 31 and there is NO income cap for this assistance! The application is short and simple and has the email address on it to scan and send it back into!! Current parents if you will message us on here we will send you our center's info you will need on the application. This program is for parents who do NOT currently receive CCAP assistance.



Calling parents today to see what your plans are!!


Parents, I will do a post about all of the new changes we are going to have implemented when we reopen. We are going to do a limited opening on Monday, June 1 for AGES 2 AND UP and then on Tuesday, June 2 ALL AGES but must be children of ESSENTIAL employees only. Once the state moves to Phase 2 we will should be able to get all of our little ones back!! Our summer hours will be 7:30-5:30 ... I know this is going to be hard for some but with the new regulations we are having to follow this is the only way we can make staffing work. These hours will not be permanent guys only till we return to some type of normalcy in our lives and guidelines.


We are very happy the Governor has lifted the stay at home order effective this Friday. This puts our state in Phase 1 of reopening for 21 days. However, DHH and LDOE have super strict guidelines as far as ratios and group sizes in Phase 1 and therefore we will not be able to operate for weeks at those numbers. So we will plan to reopen on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 for children of essential workers only for that week. This will also give the kiddos time to readjust to group care with the lower numbers. Then depending on the Governor’s announcement on June 1 the plan will be to reopen to all children enrolled on Monday, June 8, 2020. This is the plan as long as we as a state achieve Phase 2! Please understand that our Munchkinland family also has a number of teachers that are considered high risk for this virus and I need to make sure once the stay home order is lifted the numbers do not start to climb and put my ladies at a greater risk in returning to work. There will still be a lot of changes as there were before we closed. So we will need the patience of all parents going forward until we all get used to these new “normal” procedures we will have to put in place. We are so thankful for all of your kind words and understanding and can not wait to get open and have our littles back with us!!!


I know the Governor’s announcement to extend the stay home order to May 15 was not what everyone wants. But we have to trust he is doing what’s in the best interest for our state’s citizens and their health. With this announcement we will definitely be extending our reopening past that date. We won’t be able to make a decision on our reopening date until he lets the state know on May 12/13 how he is proceeding in reopening.

Masks are going to almost certainly going to be a part of all of our futures for a very long time. So parents please sta...

Masks are going to almost certainly going to be a part of all of our futures for a very long time. So parents please start talking to your kiddos and tell them superhero’s wear masks!! So they will be excited and prepared to see their “Superhero” teacher in a mask when we reopen!!


Parents I wanted to give you guys an update on where we stand on reopening. I do not feel like the previous date of May 4 is a realistic date at this point. Governor Edwards still has not opened the state for business as of yet and we have no clue how the phases will look or how this virus is going to progress once the state opens for business. I will keep all of you updated via this page. But please plan accordingly as I cannot give you an exact date as of now when we will reopen but understand it will be as soon as we feel it is safe for all staff to return.

Missing all of our littles so much! I hope all of you are home and well. All of our Munchkinland family cannot wait to g...

Missing all of our littles so much! I hope all of you are home and well. All of our Munchkinland family cannot wait to get all of the hugs from our kiddos when it is safe to reopen!


Wow... is all I can say about the outpouring of love and support from our parents so far about our closure. I have had some ask how they can help and ask if paying 1/2 of their fees for April would be of help? Well of course anything would be a blessing and help! All of our bills will continue to come due as long as this virus keeps us closed however i could not in good conscious charge all of you for a service i could not provide for a month with so many people out of work. Together as a Munchkinland family WE WILL be ok! If you are still getting your normal paycheck while you are off and you too feel the need to continue to pay all/1/2 or any portion of your fees then please feel free to PayPal to [email protected] or mail a check to 211 Post Oak Blvd. Alexandria, La. 71303. Please put a note on the PayPal transaction so I will know what it is for and remember to STAY HOME!
With Love....
Mrs. Jamie


I want to thank all of our parents from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement, support and understanding in the past few weeks. The health and safety of our Munchkinland family has been of my utmost concern since the COVID 19 pandemic began.
Our number one goal once this pandemic passes is to be able to recover, reopen our doors, and
be able to be the high quality program we have been to this point!
Unfortunately, the number of cases in La continues to rise at rapid rates and the same applies to Rapides
Parish. I feel it would only be a matter of time should we stay open that one of our Munchkinland family would become sick and I just feel we need to do the responsible thing for our staff’s health and time help stop the spread of the virus. I have tried to stay open as long as possible to give all of you time to get backup care in place and provide care as long as we could.
With all that being said it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to close at the close of business on Friday, April 3, 2020. Trying to comply with the extension of the Governors Stay At Home Order our plans will be to reopen on Monday, May 4, 2020.

The health and safety of our Munchkinland staff, kids and their families is and has always been
the utmost priority! Please be safe and STAY HOME when not working if you are an essential employee.
We are here for you and your family in these unprecedented and difficult times! Please like
our Munchkinland Child Development Centers, LLC page for updates and you are welcome to message Munchkinland on the facebook messenger app as well.
All weekly fees/copays will be placed on a hold status until we reopen. Once we re-open we
will then pick up our mandatory weekly fees at that time. If you have a credit on your account it will be waiting for you when we re-open on May 4, 2020. If you owe fees at this time please get your account current as soon as possible. I am accepting paypal payments during this pandemic to my personal paypal account [email protected] you will need to process it as a friend and family payment please. I appreciate you all staying on top of your payments in the previous weeks!
Praying for all of you and praying this nasty virus does NOT take hold of any of our staff, babies or their
families! Please understand this date of May 4, 2020 is our goal and should there be drastic measures
and cases stop rising we could reopen sooner. This is not likely to happen so please plan for
alternate care until that date. This could also get extended past May 4, 2020 if the numbers
are still not under control and we pray that is NOT the case.
As always, with Love….
Mrs. Jamie


Parents we still need aerosol disinfectant spray if you can grab a can while at the store... can be lysol or generic!


I wanted to give an update on where we stand with our Munchkinland family. We are continuing to stay open at this time. We are taking it week by week but understand this could change at a moments notice depending on recommendations from the President, Governor, LDOE or the CDC. Mrs. Melissa and staff are doing an AMAZING job and are dedicated to staying with our kiddos until we just can’t anymore. We appreciate all of you so much. Remember if you are not working and can keep your children home DO SO! We understand you are paying for your child’s spot and want to send your child. But it is for the safety of all the kiddos and teachers that we have as few as possible right now and only those that work for essential businesses and truly need the care. To those of you who have reached out about making online payments and have done so I truly thank you. We have ALOT of parents who have not made their weekly payments as of now and we do understand hardships are happening. However, if we are open all fees are due. When this crisis is over we want you to return to the center and will welcome all of you back with open arms. But we need you to do your part and take care of your outstanding bills so if we do close and then when we reopen we don’t want you saddled with a large balance from non payment! As always we thank you and pray for all of you to stay safe! Remember social distancing and hand washing are the most CRITICAL! Do your part as parents and go straight home after work! Don’t visit elderly relatives or neighbors... if you need to drop off things to them. Just drop it off at the door and leave. Let’s keep our loved ones safe!!


Quick post to remind all of our parents that we understand it’s trying times and truly unprecedented. Our stance has been from the beginning if we are open we require your weekly fees to be paid... there are a few that have reached out to me and made arrangements and I appreciate that. Please if your fees are due take care of them at your earliest convenience. You are welcome to mail a check or message me on here to arrange for an online payment during this crisis. Thanks so much to all of you! We still have a business to run and we want all of you to come back when this horrible crisis is over and life gets back to normal! If we have to close we are preparing to waive all weekly out of pocket expense for our parents. However, in order to do this we need all of you to work with us until we are forced to close.


Childcare centers are considered essential businesses and we will continue to be open at this time. We will have more guidelines come down from LDOE I am sure tomorrow. As of now they have directed us to tell parents to ONLY bring children when absolutely necessary. CDC is telling us to relay to parents if children have runny nose or fever or cough to keep them home. This situation is unprecedented and could change at any time please continue to monitor our FB page. And as a reminder our hours until further notice 7:00AM until 5:30 PM. We will be taking it week by week.


Don’t forget when you are at the stores grab us a can of Lysol or any brand of aerosol disinfectant or cleaning wipes!


New hours until the crisis resolves and all staff are back in action... 7-5:30!!


I have a parent who has offered to make our staff some face masks to wear to help them not catch any of the buggies... I wanted to assure you guys that none of us are sick and trying to work through it. Only taking an added measure. I’m not making any staff wear them only giving them the option if they want too!


We do need a favor from our parents... most stores are limiting the number of Lysol wipes and canned spray lysol to 1 or 2 per customer... and one can only lasts for one pass over everything and we are doing that hourly. So we are going through way more than normal. We are trying to not use the bleach/water mixture on all surfaces so we don’t bleach their little clothes. So if you are out and about doing your own shopping and you see they have the aerosol spray disinfectant (lysol, microban, other brand or generic) or cleaning wipes such as lysol, Clorox or other brand or generic.... PLEASE grab one for us as well. If all parents just bring one can or container of cleaning wipes it will go a long way to getting us through this season we must all weather together!! Thanks so much!


Just wanted to take a second to thank all of our parents for being so patient the last two days!


We are open and ready for your little ones in the morning... main difference will be our front door will be locked and children will be received in the lobby and checked for fever upon arrival and taken to their classrooms by a Munchkinland Staff member only until further notice. We won’t be allowing any visitors or parents in the center until further notice. I have prepared a detailed letter on the other changes we are having to implement due to COVID-19. Please sign for your copy tomorrow! PLEASE be patient until we as a staff get this down pat as far as timing goes!


ATTENTION PARENTS!! We will NOT be closing the center unless the Health Department or Licensing makes it mandatory! Again we are OPEN and will continue to be OPEN until we are forced to close by the La Dept of Health or La Dept of Licensing!!


211 Post Oak Blvd
Alexandria, LA

Opening Hours

Monday 05:45 - 18:30
Tuesday 05:45 - 18:30
Wednesday 05:45 - 18:30
Thursday 05:45 - 18:30
Friday 05:45 - 18:30


(318) 443-6600


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