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Friends of John Dramani Mahama - USA Chapter The purpose of this group is to bring together persons interested in helping get President John Dram


The NPP are always changing their rigging tactics. They stopped Ghanaians in Togo from voting in 2016. They used internal intimidation in 2020. They will use something else in 2024, and I smell double identities. I am just a messenger who sees from afar and writes.
Mahama reba.


Dr. Lawrence writes:
*What is Hon Okudzeto Ablakwah saying?*
I heard Hon Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwah this morning on Okay FM saying he is confident that the Supreme Court will rule in their favor on the main issue of the E-Levy. He made the same statement of Asempa FM the day the Supreme Court ruled 7-0 on the injunction issue.
I love Hon. Ablakwah and admire the work he is doing in Parliament on behalf on the people of Ghana but I will beg him to credit us with some intelligence and stop playing with our emotions when it comes to the issue of the E-levy and the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court scored 7-0 to the issue of injunction and you are telling yourself that you will win the main issue? The Supreme Court asked the GRA to keep records of all transactions so that if it gets to refunds, they can do the refunds accordingly.
The question is who keeps such appropriate records in Ghana? Record keeping of the E-levy transactions is complex for refunds to be issued to people. The Supreme Court has not given a date for the main case to be heard but within 2 weeks, I can say that most people don’t even remember where they did their transactions. Assuming the main case is heard in 6 months to 12 months, who is going for any refunds, and who is going to issue any refunds?
Doesn’t Hon. Ablakwah know that under this government, if the Supreme Court gets to know how much has been collected on the E-levy, that alone can influence it’s decision to dismiss the case?
The Supreme Court knew the government was going to start the implementation of E-levy on May 1 but decided to hear the injunction case on May 4, didn’t that occur to Hon. Ablakwah that the injunction case was going to be dismissed? If there was a serious Supreme Court in Ghana, they would have heard the injunction case before May 1, 2022. We should be smart on certain things and embrace the obvious. We have election 2024 to win.
Mahama reba
Dr. Lawrence lives in USA


Dr. Lawrence writes:
*The Speaker of Parliament must sit up*

I believe the place the NPP took Nana Akufo Addo to that has made him a mumu President is the same place they took the Speaker of Parliament to. Hon Alban Sumana Bagbin has suddenly become a mumu Speaker of Parliament. Let me explain myself:
Hon Alban Bagbin presided over the proceedings in Parliament and rejected the 2021 Budget. A day or two later, he traveled to Dubai on health grounds. In his absence, his Deputy presided and overturned all that Hon Bagbin did.
Some of us thought when Hon. Bagbin comes back, he was going to restore what he did and maybe punish his Deputy for being disrespectful. Instead Hon. Bagbin came and gave us three hours speech. A speech that didn’t change Parliament. A speech that didn’t go anywhere. Simply put, a three hours of a useless speech.
Then came the passage of the E-Levy Act. After the Speaker admitting all the errors that went into the passage of the Act, he still allowed it to pass. He then allowed his members of Parliament, who are also members of his party to go to the Supreme Court for the interpretation of the rules of parliament. Since the forth republic, this is the only time members of parliament have run to the Supreme Court to interpret its own rules. Very shameful. This can only happen under a mumu Speaker of Parliament.
Because of the way E-levy passed, the NPP has the balls to now talk of Agyapa. What nonsense is that?
If for nothing at all, Hon Alban Bagbin should take control of his Parliament just as Hon. Peter Ala Adjetey and Prof. Mike Oquaye did. In their times, we all knew NPP was in control of the House and no NDC nonsense passed.

Mahama reba.
Dr. Lawrence lives in USA


When NDC said they will review the Free SHS policy when given the power, the certificateless law President was on a campaign platform saying, “to review is not a policy. When NDC comes to power, they will cancel the Free SHS. That is what is meant by, to review”
As soon as the certificateless President said that, the NPP Doctors, PHDs, Professors, educators and idiots were on radio and TV explaining that to review a policy means to cancel it.
Now, NDC is saying when given the power in 2025, they will cancel the E-levy Act. The NPP are having the difficulty understanding this too. They are saying when NDC comes to power, they will continue with the E-levy Act.
To the NPP, review means cancel and cancel means continue. Can you imagine the intelligence and the brains behind those who have governed the country for the past 6 years?
The truth about the E-levy is that if the Nana Addo government wants to cancel the E-levy Act today, they could do it if Nana Addo will stop renting private jets for his foreign trips.
Cancelling the E-levy Act is very possible and John Mahama will do it. When JM said he will fix dumsor, he didn’t disappoint us. He is a friend you can trust. .
Dr. Lawrence


It was these people who told us because of the security and protection of the President, they need to hire a private jet for him that costs the country between $14000 and $15000 an hour. They also said for the same reasons, they will not disclose to Ghanaians how much the President has so far spent on his foreign travels.
Now, when the President was traveling to Kumasi for a funeral, apart from the team waiting 45 minutes for Serwaa Broni, they didn’t search her to see if she had anything on her that could harm the President. Could you believe they had to put Serwaa Broni’s luggage in the President’s room? What about if she had some explosives in her bag? You see how foolish they are?
So, when it came to the luxury of the President, his protection matters but when they had to fly him with Serwaa Broni, the President was naked.
Unfortunately for Ghana, all those who had to ensure that the President was protected on that trip including the Chief of Staff, the Minister of Security and the Security Coordinator are still at post. Nobody has been fired.
Can the government give us the detailed amount of the President’s foreign travels since we now know that they wanted to keep it a secret not because of the President’s protection? We are waiting.

Dr. Lawrence


People go on radio and on TV and say they don’t care about the relationship between Nana Addo and Serwaa Broni, because it is a moral issue. I beg to differ because this relationship is different.
Serwaa Broni has alleged with pictures and videos that she has had a sexual relationship with Nana Addo. She has gone further to describe how weak the President’s manhood is.
Serwaa Broni has done more than enough to show that the allegation is true. So, shouldn’t Nana Addo come out and say his side of the story? Shouldn’t Nana Addo come out and either deny the allegation or accept it and apologize to Ghanaians? Isn’t that what wise men do?
The argument that the relationship between Nana Addo and Serwaa Broni is a moral issue is too weak for me. I think there is a sexual allegation against the President. Videos and pictures have been shown to defend the allegations. The President, if he is wise or innocent, should come out and tell Ghanaians all that he knows about the relationship.
These issues involving Hopeson Adorye is a fine case for the next Attorney General in 2025. Someone must go to jail for the misuse of our National Security.

Dr. Lawrence


I heard some idiots in the NPP blaming and insulting the leadership of CLOSSAG for asking the government to keep their promise by paying them their “neutral” allowance.
What these idiots don’t know is that the government led by Hon. Yaw Osafo-Marfo called this leadership to the table and gave them that promise. This was during election time and for the government to shut them up, gave them another useless promise.
This is a government who has blamed John Mahama, COVID-19, Russia and now CLOSSAG for their incompetence and failures. One of their MPs on Asempa FM said anybody who blames other people for their failures is incapable of solving the problem. When he was speaking, he forgot that, that is exactly what his party and government are doing. He was quick to say that about someone but not his government.
I have said that this Nana Addo’s government is the most useless regime in the forth republic. Today on a radio station this morning, Nana Akomea said the NPP has 2 years to change the fortunes of Ghana. Then Kwame Sefa Kayi asked him if he was sure? One NPP doubting another NPP. I rest my case.
Dr. Lawrence


So with all the many “first things” and many factories Dr. Bawumiah said they have built, why is the economy still doing terribly? Why is Ghana’s currency the worse in the world after Russia? Why is the dollar equal to almost GHC8.00? Why is the gallon of Petrol selling at GHC50.00? How come we were able to move our public debt from GHC120 billion in 2016 to GHC350 billion in 2022? How come inflation is now at 16%?
Dr. Bawumiah tried hard to link the digitization to the growth of the economy. I thought he was going to find the same way to tell us why the economy is doing terribly and why Ghana’s currency is the worse in the world. He couldn’t tell us the missing links, which are the solutions.
I said yesterday that Dr. Bawumiah was as usual going to joke with his O level economics. I guess I was right. The jokes by this government is just too much. We just need to chase these barstards and criminals out of town but, first, we have to seize their passports.
Dr. Lawrence


Ghana’s currency is the worse in the world besides Russia. Nana Akufo Addo described those sending mobile money to their parents as an industry and called facts-based questions from BBC’s Peter Okwoche as provocative. The dollar is over GHC7.50. A gallon of fuel is GHC50.00. Inflation is 16%. The public debt is over GHC350 billion.
Today, they are sending Dr. Bawumiah to speak on the economy. What is he going to say apart from going there to joke? Why can’t these people leave Ghanaians alone? How many international embarrassments do they want to attract before they know they have become incompetently useless.
It has become embarrassing insulting for anyone to say NPP will win the 2024 elections. Anyone who still thinks like that is a big fool. I have said it.
Dr. Lawrence


The Parliament has used it rules for 30 years but now the Supreme Court has ruled it as unconstitutional. The President has said no institution is above the law and that everyone is subject to the interpretation by the Supreme Court. The President has postponed the reading of the State of the Nation address indefinitely and everybody is quite. Why can’t someone go to the Supreme Court and force that useless President to tell the country what the State of the Nation is? This is ridiculous. This is stupidity at the highest level.
Dr. Lawrence


Dr. Lawrence writes:
*E-Levy: Ghanaians are not angry enough.*
When you listen to the NPP’s reasons why the E-Levy should pass, you could see that Ghanaians are not angry enough. That is why they could say such foolish things to us.
*1.* The Nhyiaeso NPP MP, Dr. Stephen Amoah, is on video saying, “they will pass the E-Levy in parliament at the right time and nobody can do anything to them”. He can only say that because he represents people who will vote for a dog only if the dog is coming from the NPP.
Do you think if Dr. Amoah thinks there are human beings in Nhyiaeso, he will dare the people of Ghana on E-Levy?
*2.* The Information Minister, Hon. Oppong Nkrumah, has also said, “if the E-Levy is not passed, Ghana will go to the IMF” I mean why will Ghana go to the IMF if they keep telling us, the economy is strong? Meanwhile, the E-Levy will bring in only GHC6.96 billion. Do you see how far they have brought our economy after five years?
*3.* The Finance Minister, Hon. Ken Ofori-Atta, has said if the E-Levy is not passed, there will be economic disaster. So, Ken Ofori-Atta doesn’t know Ghana’s economy is already a disaster?
Didn’t Dr. Dampare, the IGP, warn those false prophets that they will be arrested if their prophecies on Dec 31 caused fear and panic? Dr. Dampare doesn’t see the statements by these three false politicians are meant to cause fear and panic? Why hasn’t the IGP arrested them? Are they above the law?
Let me be frank here, the NPP under Nana Addo, thinks there are no human beings living in Ghana. They don’t see Ghanaians as angry enough. They recklessly say and do things like abnormal beings. I am saying this because I was in Ghana for five weeks and I felt it.
The NDC should stay on course and explain to us in plain language why the E-Levy is bad for Ghanaians. They should not bring in percentages and rates to make it complicated. They should let the average Ghanaian know that the E-levy is coming to kill their businesses because the E-Levy will affect every sector of the economy. They should explain that the E-Levy will bring untold hardships to Ghanaians, contrary to what the NPP is saying. The NDC should simplify the E-Levy with facts and figures. The figures should include the $2.1 billion from IMF, over GHC 220 billion loan, oil and roads money, GHC 12.8 billion lost to the state per the Auditor’s report, GHC 500,000 from the COVID management team. If all those monies could not develop the country, what can GHC 6.96 billion do?
Finally, Ghanaians should know that if the NPP could not account for GHC12.8 billion due to corruption, how could they account for GHC6.96 billion?
Say *No* to E-Levy. It is another scam. Don’t allow E-Levy to pass before you make the country ungovernable. Let’s all act now!!!
I have not started writing yet.
Mahama beba.
Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in USA


Dr. Lawrence writes:
*So Comoros too could beat the Black Stars?*
How many times has the Comoros appeared in the AFCON or the World Cup, yet they beat the Black Stars who have lifted the AFCON cup four times and appeared at the World Cup at least 3 times and everything in Ghana seems normal.
Comoros beat Ghana five days ago and yet everybody is still at post including the Sports Ministers and all the Technical team. The blame game is ongoing and nobody is taking responsibility for the record the Black Stars set at the ongoing AFCON in Cameron. Some countries are still playing in the group stages but the once African giants in football have already left their camp. No one knows where they are going.
The coach, Milovan, had said he is staying on because his contract is to take the Black Stars to the World Cup. What an insult to the people of Ghana. Is it by-force that we should play in the World Cup? I mean, if we could not beat Comoros, what country can we beat there? I remember in one of the World Cups, Jamaica was beaten 7-0. That is the record there. Do we want to be beaten 10-0, to set another record at the World Cup? Is the disgrace at the AFCON not enough for us to pull out the World Cup qualifying match?
Football in Ghana, which used to unite us is now dividing us as never before. This is because of the partisan and tribal turn it has taken and some Ashantis blame the Ayew brothers for this.
Wasn’t it Asamoah Gyan and Agyemang Badu, who openly said they were going to win the 2018 AFCON trophy for Nana Akufo Addo, the President of Ghana at that time? Are the Ashantis trying to tell us they don’t know this history? Wasn’t that the beginning of the partisan and downfall of the Black Stars in world football?
The Ayew father and brothers are the best family towards the development of Ghana football but because of where they come from, some Ashanti sports commentators don’t see it. Is Dede Ayew not the top scorer in AFCON with ten goals to his credit? Who is talking about it? If it had been Asamoah Gyan with that record, these Ashanti commentators would have made the world know. The fire that will burn them has not been created.
So the administration of Nana Akufo Addo could not manage the Black Stars past the group stages? With this embarrassment, I am surprised the Jubilee House is quiet. The Sports Minister and his Deputies should be gone by now. The whole Technical Team should be gone by now. I don’t know if the Football people at the GFA can be fired or they should hold on until the next elections. If they can be fired, they too should be gone by now, if not, they should all lose their re-elections. They can also resign en-bloc to save the little credibility left for them. Then in 2024, the incompetent Nana Akufo Addo, his party and MPs should all be voted out. We need a new clean slate to start developing football again. It’s about time the world sees Ghana as a serious country, at least, for once.
I have not started writing yet.
Mahama beba
Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in USA.


*Is Dr. Lawrence back?*
Not yet. I am just passing through with this short script.
Akufo Addo and his foolish government told us they are hiring a private jet for $15,000 an hour because of the safety of the President, and that Ghanaians don’t need to know the details of his foreign travels because of security reasons. Is that not what they told us?

So how come they have withdrawn the military personnel attached to the Speaker of Parliament? How do they consider the security of the third gentleman of the land? Even the Electoral Commissioner has ten military personnel protecting her.

I just returned from Ghana after spending five weeks there. I saw with my naked eyes a country that has no direction and a future. For the first time in my life, I felt a country without a leadership. Let me say it on authority that Nana Akufo Addo, has lost control over his ministers and MPs. He knows everything that is going on in the country but he is helpless.

One thing I saw in Ghana is that the people are talking but the government is acting. The government is behaving like it is running a country without human beings in it. It is doing things with impunity and without the law. Just look at what they they are doing to the Speaker. Is that lawful?

Let me end by saying the government is aware of all the lawlessness going on in the country. In fact, it is a rehearsal for election 2024. Let me again say on authority that this government will continue to be lawless to test the anger and strength of the Ghanaian people. Until Ghanaians resort to positive defiance and also act to nullify the lawlessness of the government, they will continue to be treated as animals.

At the meetings of the government, they conclude by saying “Let’s do it, after all, they will talk and stop”

Ghanaians need to find an antidote to that with a positive defiance and an uprising. That is the only way to go. The demonstrations are not teaching the government anything.

I have not started writing yet.
Mahama beba.
Dr. Lawrence
Diaspora Progressive Movement


With this rejection of the budget, the NPP has broken their own 8. NDC just need to tell Ghanaians why the budget was rejected in plain language and God being on our side, victory 2024 is assured. Say Ameen.
Dr. Lawrence


Dr. Lawrence writes:
*Ghana’s democracy is reborn*

The NPP folks in parliament know there are three arms of government: the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislative. They know the President, Nana Akufo-Addo is the head of the Executive. They know the Chief Justice, Justice Anim Yeboah is the head of the Judiciary but they don’t know the Speaker, Hon. Alban Bagbin is the head of the Legislative. He has to constantly remind them of that. They don’t know that if either the President or the Chief Justice comes to Parliament, he will be under the authority of Hon. Alban Bagbin.

This is why on November 19, they behaved like children who are left in the house without their parents. They continue to say, the 2022 budget is not rejected as if they didn’t hear it when the Speaker made the rejection announcement.

I wrote an article immediately Hon. Alban Badgin was sworn-in as the Speaker. In that article, I said the lazy way Nana Akufo-Addo has been running the country has come to an end. I stated that those days when Nana Addo will have nothing to do with contracts and budgets sent to parliament for approval was over.

As there is a new Speaker in the house, he will have to work by paying attention to the details in the contracts and budgets sent to parliament. It is no more going to be business-as-usual. If he continues to be lazy, he will go into the history books as a failed president.

No matter how the NPP folks will spin it, Nana Akufo-Addo has booked a place in history as a disgraced President whose budget was rejected by the people of Ghana. That should tell you how bad the budget was.

They are telling their members that the rejected budget will be passed on November 30, as if their members don’t know their numbers in parliament. This is why Dr. Bawumiah will give them any crap and they will clap for him. He will then laugh at them when he sees them clapping.

The rejection of the budget means Ghana’s democracy is reborn and the victory goes to hard working Ghanaians.

It also taught us some few lessons:
1. Nana Addo has lost control of the country and his party. He supervised a budget that his party couldn’t defend. This shows why the country is directionless.

2. The NPP has no leadership in Parliament. When it was time to defend their President’s budget, we saw some low key MPs directing the walk-out. Hon Kyei-Mensah Bonsu and Afenyo Markins followed like zombies.

3. The NPP has no leadership at the party headquarters. At such an important sitting as passing a budget, the Chairman, Gen. Secretary and the Organizers were all missing in their support for the MPs. No wonder, the NPP acted like adults without common sense.
Simply put, Nana Addo’s NPP is headless.

With this rejection of the budget, the NPP has broken their own 8. NDC just need to tell Ghanaians why the budget was rejected in plain language and God being on our side, victory 2024 is assured.

I have not started writing yet.
Mahama beba.
Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in USA.


Whenever democracy begins to work in Ghana, the madness of the NPP is exposed.
Dr. Lawrence


No matter how the NPP will spin it, Nana Akufo-Addo has booked a place in history as a disgraced President whose budget was rejected by the people of Ghana.


How is the Serwah Broni budget doing? I heard it has been rejected. Is it true?


So, who in the Flagstaff House sent Abu Jinapor to tell the Asantehene, Otumfour Osei Tutu II not to speak his mind but to read the script before him? Was it The President, The Prime Minister or The Chief of Staff? Knowing how clever and respectful Abu Jinapor is, I know he can’t just get up and gag the almighty Asantehene. So who was behind that shameful mess?
Another thing is, was the script written at the Flagstaff House and given to Asantehene or Asantehene wrote the script but was reviewed and approved by the Flagstaff House? I think these are legitimate questions that if Ghana has a President, he should answer to the people.
If the almighty Asantehene was forced to read from a script no one knows who approved it, what about the scripts by Headteachers, Regional Directors, DCEs, Regional Ministers, communicators and the like? Do you now understand why Ghana has not moved forward since 2016?
If the almighty Otumfour was forced not to speak his mind, who is that idiot arguing there is no culture of silence in Ghana? An NPP friend told me there is no culture of silence in Ghana because I demonstrated in front of the Ghana Embassy in America. They speak like they don’t think and it cuts across the whole NPP and the government.
Otumfour stated that if the truth is not spoken but the government resorts to conferences, the fight against galamsey now will be like four years ago. Have I not said this several times, that give Akufo Addo 100 years to fight galamsey, he will still lose. They have no plan. They are just running the country one day at a time until January 2025, when they will pack and leave the Flagstaff House. I hope they will leave in peace.
I have not started writing yet.
Mahama beba.
Dr. Lawrence


Dr. Lawrence writes:
When in 2015/16, the NDC through Hon. Isaac Adongo and some few others advised Nana Addo to fix the economy, it was just a small thing they wanted them to do. Even that small thing, they couldn’t fix it. Now, the country through the majority citizens are calling on this same Nana Addo to fix the country. Do you think he can do it? Just forget it.

When you hear them saying they have fixed the railways, fixed the interest rate, given us GPS, provided toilets and bought ambulances, then you know they don’t even know what they are being asked to fix.

Also those who will tell Nana Addo to fix the country are saying the celebrities involved in “Fix the Country” don’t pay taxes so they should shut up. They are also telling Ghanaians to fix their attitude and mentality before telling Nana Addo to fix the country.

NPP Chairman, Freddy Blay is saying those calling the President to fix the country are NDC members and Hon. Annor Dompreh also said only fools will tell the President to fix the country.
This is where I come in. Those who are defending the President, do not know that the country needs to be fixed but they are the very people who are close to the President and can advise him to fix the country.

So at the end of the day, the President would not know that the country is messy and needs to be fixed or the President will be misled once again. Is it the age that is preventing Nana Addo from knowing what is happening in the country or just incompetence? It is now clear that Nana Addo was hyped to Ghanaians who knows nothing about governance.

Nana Akufo-Addo is a failed President. For four years, all the projects they cut sod for are still as it was when they left the grounds. The water bodies are dirtier than in 2016. They still blame President Mahama for their failures after four years. More children go to school under trees than it was in 2016. The sanitation and security situations are worse than in 2016. Prices of fuel, Lorry fares and all other stuff have gone up than in 2016. There is a culture of silence now in Ghana under the human rights lawyer/President. It is like there hasn’t been a government in Ghana since 2016.

When you listen to the blame-game by the government communicators, you know they either don’t know what to fix or they can’t fix the country. When they come to you in December 2024, and tell you something called “breaking the 8” look straight into their ugly faces and insult them.

Mahama beba.
Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement based in USA.


"I have distinguished myself in the fight against corruption beyond the wildest imagination of every Ghanaian" ~ Nana Addo

*Does Nana Addo still drink and smoke w**d?*
This is a harmless question. Nobody should come and disturb me.
Dr. Lawrence


So, what is the fate of the Free Senior High School Education in Ghana? Did Akufo-Addo hear that the Minister of Education said parents willing to pay should pay school fees? Doesn’t that mean the Free SHS has collapsed? Didn’t the NDC say that the way Nana Addo had implemented the Free SHS was not sustainable, and didn’t Nana Addo arrogantly say the Free SHS had come to stay? In just 4 years, the government is appealing to parents for help. Is that how a program comes to stay? Where are the final year students as we speak?
I read that Nana Addo says he will fight galamsey for Ghanaians to know that he is serious. So for four years, Nana Addo was not serious? Four days later, he ordered 200 soldiers to go and remove everything from the Pra River. This is how Nana Addo wants Ghanaians to know that he is serious in fighting galamsey. I mean, didn’t we go this route four years ago? Do we still remember Major Mahama? Was he a civilian? So Nana Addo never knew the soldiers were part of the problems? Should I remind him that he is the Commander-in-Chief?
The governance of Nana Addo is like there is no government in Ghana. It looks like the last government in Ghana was in 2016. If you think the first term of Nana Addo was useless, wait to see the end of his second term. At that time, when they come and tell you “breaking the 8” you will have enough evidence and a good opportunity to insult them.
I have not started writing yet.
Mahama beba
Dr. Lawrence


Whilst NDC is running away from Jean Mensah, who stole the 2020 elections for Nana Addo, Charlotte Osei is running to Nana Addo, who fired her as the Electoral Commissioner. Lessons: Politics is indeed a dirty game.
Dr. Lawrence.


It’s too early to talk about elections 2024, but if you think the current happenings in Akufo Addo’s government are stupid, wait until December 2024. At that time, when they come and tell you “Breaking the 8” you will have more evidence and the opportunity to insult them.
Mahama beba
Dr. Lawrence


Have you seen how the Akufo Addo government is handling the galamsey fight, as if they are in their first term? You give Akufo Addo 100 years to fight galamsey, he will still fail, because he himself is the mother serpent of corruption. They started fighting the galamsey in the middle of the fight. It is like a soldier who is caught at the battlefield in the middle of his/her enemies.


What is wrong with Ghana? That country has a President who demolished new houses for Appeal Court Judges in Accra so he can build an unnecessary Cathedral. A year later, he went and cut sod to build houses for Appeal Court Judges in Kumasi. Complete madness, right? This madness was going on but the media chose to discuss Akuapem Polo and that foolish Agradaa.


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