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PA Army National Guard Recruiting Altoona PA ARMY NATIONAL GUARD Recruiting office , located in the Logan Valley Mall .

Pennsylvania National Guard
Pennsylvania National Guard

Pennsylvania National Guard

A recap of everything the Pennsylvania National Guard has done to date in the fight against COVID-19.

Pennsylvania National Guard
Pennsylvania National Guard

Pennsylvania National Guard

IN THE NEWS: Less than a week after Delaware County reached out for help with its food pantries, the Pennsylvania National Guard came to the rescue, via KYW Newsradio.

Pennsylvania National Guard
Pennsylvania National Guard

Pennsylvania National Guard

As of today (March 31), approximately 600 Pennsylvania National Guard members are involved in supporting our response to COVID-19.

Become something bigger than yourself. Live here. Serve here.SFC Smith - 814.762.6134SSG Leonard - 814.599.8650
COVID-19 requires historic Guard response, says Guard chief

Become something bigger than yourself. Live here. Serve here.

SFC Smith - 814.762.6134
SSG Leonard - 814.599.8650

ARLINGTON, Va. – The COVID-19 virus is a historic pandemic that requires a historic response from the National Guard, said the Guard’s top general. “With COVID-19, it’s like we have 54 different

Pennsylvania National Guard
Pennsylvania National Guard

Pennsylvania National Guard

“ (Guard units) will take no part in enforcing quarantines or shelter-in-place orders, the chief of the National Guard Bureau said Sunday. Air Force Gen. Joseph Lengyel said the troops could be used for a range of missions, including guarding shipments and offloading of food and supplies, or possibly responding to disturbances under the supervision of local law enforcement. But they would remain under the control of the states’ governors, he said.”


If anyone receives a text or email about “homeland security activating the national guard along with the military,” and “the president is going to declare 2 week national quarantine,” this is false. I don’t care where you got it, but I’m sure that your sisters cousins best friends neighbors mailmans nephew does not work at homeland security. The Pa National Guard answers to the state unless specifically ordered by the president. We do not answer to Homeland Security. We answer to the National Guard Bureau which answers to the Department of Defense. I personally have been in the National Guard for over 21 years,deployed to Kosovo and Iraq, and for as long as I can remember we have been part of the military. As of now 200 PA Guardsmen are activated to assist with testing centers. Don’t believe the hype. Go to official sites and get the facts. If you really want to know or become part of something bigger than yourself give us a call.

SFC Smith 8147626134
SSG Leonard 8145998650


🚨High schools are closed, colleges are closed, jobs are laying employees off, scholarships are dwindling down, students are unable to take ACT exams, and sport seasons are cancelled.

1️⃣If you didn’t join the National Guard due to your plate being full from high school or college, now is the time.

2️⃣If you didn’t join the National Guard because you already had a job, now is the time.

3️⃣If you didn’t join the National Guard because you assumed you’d get a full ride or other scholarships, now is the time.

4️⃣If you didn’t join the National Guard because you were on pace to get an athletic scholarship, now is the time.

🚨We have not slowed down our enlistment process and the people of America need stability now more than ever. The majority of our excuses to not take the next step have been taken from us. Take that step while your life is on hold. You never know, it may be your only shot at getting things going again 🇺🇸


Off school for two weeks? Give us a call to set up an appointment. We have no flu like symptoms.

SFC Smith 814.762.6134
SSG Leonard 814.599.8650


If you are a high school junior and you are interested in joining, do yourself a favor and get in contact with us. You have the ability to go to Basic Training this summer. Those seats are filling fast, so now is the time. Get trained. Get paid. Get ahead of your peers.

Remember, questions aren’t contracts. If you have questions, ask.

SFC Smith 814.762.6134
SSG Leonard 814.599.8650


🚨🚨New fiscal year, new bonus jobs!🚨🚨

We hope everyone had a great holiday season! We are looking forward to talking to you about the benefits of the Pa Army National Guard!
11B - Infantryman
11C - Mortarman
12B - Combat Engineer
13B - Cannon Crewmember
13J - Fire Control Specialist
15T - UH60 Helicopter Repairer
19D - Cav Scout
91B - Wheeled vehicle mechanic
92F - Petroleum Supply Specialist
92G - Food service specialist
14G - Air defense battle management systems operator
19K - M1 Amror Crewman
25S - Satellite Communication System Operaor - Maintainer
35M - Human intel collector
35P - Cryptologist analyst
91J - Quartermaster and chemical equipment repairer
91S - Stryker systems maintainer

$20,000 Bonus jobs. Take the oath. Give us a call.

SFC Smith - 814.762.6134
SSG Leonard - 814.599.8650


🎄🎄It’s the holiday season. What does that mean? It means that everyone who is in school is on a break. So what better time to talk to your neighborhood recruiters about your options? If you are in high school get a leg up on your future after high school, or If you are in college and realize just how many paper dollars it costs be a good friend and let your high school buddies know and both of you contact us. We are here to answer questions. Be something bigger than yourself. Take the oath.

SFC Smith - 8147626134
SSG Leonard - 8145998650


From our families to yours, have a safe and happy thanksgiving. Be thankful for what is important to you. However, do not be thankful for that stupid “woman yelling at a cat” meme.


💯100% TUITION to 14 state schools💯
Get a 4 year degree on us for FREE, and serve part time in our nations military. Become something bigger than yourself. Call us today to see if you qualify. If you never ask questions, you’ll never know.

SFC Smith - 814.762.6134
SSG Leonard - 814.599.8650


5580 Goods LN
Altoona, PA


(814) 762-6134


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I question that needs answering ASAP. Does the Pa Army National Guard provide honor guard and bugle ceremonies for passing veterans. Army Veteran Kenneth Green wood, 90s< is not in good shape. If you can be of assistance please contact his son at 814-931-2304. Thank You.
The March For The Fallen is a memorial ruck march that honors the Pennsylvania Soldiers who have given the ultimate sacrifice in battle. Please consider signing up for the 28 mile ruck march, the 14 miler, or the 5k. Come witness and participate in this salute to our heroes.
I am trying to locate the air crew that Medi Evacuated me from Tallil, Iraq in Jan. Of 2010. I was a DOD civilian and retired from the Guard myself. I would appreciate your help.
PV2 Shuey at AIT. 😎