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Jean Sager Mom 1932 daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, friend...animal lover. Ava, Robert, Susan, Chris & Cristy.


Mom loved her kitties, Euri, Neeki and Crissy's Cleo.


Mom loved her doggies, Molly and Gizmo!


Mom loved dying easter eggs!


Easter will be here soon. mom loved to color eggs, for or with all of us. She made any holiday fun!


Missing mom!


Missing mom. Her spirit lingers on, giving love and protection.

Horse Plus Humane Society

Horse Plus Humane Society

Emaciated Horse Diet - UC Davis’ Recommendations for Refeeding a Starved Horse

As we rehab skinny horses and post their updates. many people ask “I would like to know what you feed to get a skinny horse to gain weight so quickly.”

For years our shelter has followed the UC Davis Emaciated Horse Diet and we see it do amazing things for emaciated horses first hand time and time again.

So what is this diet we call the UC Davis Emaciated Horse Diet? It is officially called the “UC Davis’ Recommendations for Refeeding a Starved Horse”

Here is the basic information of what you need to know about the diet – of course provide clean, fresh water at all times.

Days 1-3: Feed one pound (approximately 1/6 flake) of high-quality alfalfa every four hours (total of six pounds per day in six feedings). Contact a veterinarian to evaluate the medical status of the horse. Note: A scale is essential for weighing the hay in the initial steps of refeeding.

Days 4-10: Slowly increase the amount of alfalfa and decrease the number of feedings so that by Day 6 you are feeding just over four pounds of hay every eight hours (total of 13 pounds per day in three feedings).

Day 10 and for several months: Feed as much alfalfa as the horse will eat and decrease feeding to twice a day. Provide access to a salt block. Do not feed grain, treats such as apples or carrots, or other supplements until the horse is well along in its recovery. Each feeding of grain, treats or any supplements complicates the return of normal metabolic function and can result in death.

The first article we saw this diet in was for The Horse Report from July, 2003. It was updated in July, 2012. For the links to the original articles:

Again, we can’t say enough good things about this amazing diet for starved horses, it does wonders!

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Wishing you a merry ChristmasMissing mom.


Blessed Easter!


Mom loved the holidays. She always wished for snow. She loved giving gifts to her children, but the most joy she had in her life was giving to her grandchildren, all of them, even Crickets kid, she considered her grandchildren. She gave with all her heart, she heard her grandkids...she not only listened, she accepted, without judgement. She was quick to take action if she thougt anyone was behaving against another improperly. She's jerked our hair, smacked our mouths, whipped us with a belt or switch, and has even chased a few of us with the broom stick or rake handle. But, she was loved back, whole heartedly, without malice or anger. She was strong and out spoken. She grew up in hard times, with little cash ever in the family, but with everyone working, the boys sending money home to Grannie Martin to keep a roof over their heads and the electricity on, Grannie took in laundry, cooked and cleaned homes...and they made it...and were wel loved and happy. Mom, til the end, knew what she wanted. She also knew what she did not want. She also was well aware of who really cared, and who didn't care enough to even call her on any kind of regular basis. She knew. Sometimes, in the quiet of the late night or early morning, she would discuss such matters. In the light of day, she carried on as if it didn't matter. If you are reading this, and you have a dear friend or a family member, put them into your schedule. They are as important as your nails, your haircut and your oil being changed. Call them, five minutes, every day. It gives them a reason to remember who they are. It validates their life. their value. Your caring, love. What is 5 minutes, once a day, when you are on your way to work, every day? Really? You can talk to everyone else...but not that person, sitting alone, all day, except for hired caretakers...and you wonder why they begin to care more about them? And why they want to give them their ring, or earrings or whatever, as a sign of affection, since they cannot get out to get cash or a gift. And all you see when you do visit is a hired staff member, not the person that gently cares for their every need, physical and emothinal. Make that call. Mom knew. It mattered. But she went on and never said anything when you finally did call...except that she was so glad to hear your voice, if just for a few minutes. Call. It does matter. They know, they remember. And for you that finally , show up for that hour visit, after a whole year of not hearing from you, yes, when they are snuggled in that night, they will say, well, I guess I can go on "home" tonight, they finally came to see me off. And sometimes, they do, unless there is a selfish person like me, that begs them to wait....and they do. For a week or so...then they let you know...they will not wait any longer. So, make that damn call, every damn day. Nothing else you do in your life will matter as much as those few minutes you share.


Missing you everyday but especially, yesterday.


Here in Mount Airy, home!!!!


Traveling to Mount Airy this next week, Cleo and Neeki to be taken to mama. We promised.


October. 2014. Mom joined our other angels in heaven. Too long without her...too long till I hug her again. Loving her and missing her extra today.

Meir Kay

Meir Kay

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Thanks Joris Reynaud for filming.

Boy - John James Cronin


One month til mom's birthday. I sure do miss you, mom.

The Empty Chair

The Empty Chair

Stop Cancer. Start Praying.

Stop Cancer. Start Praying.

New Year's Eve prayer:


Good morning!

The Empty Chair

The Empty Chair


Mom did not care for HRC, but I know in my heart of hearts, there is no way in hell she would have voted for Trump. She survived so much abuse, so much disrespect by men that she would not have accepted Trump as President.


This has been mom's birthday anniversary. We are all missing her, greatly.


Saw a huge flock of cardinals in the yard today. All the Martin family gathered?


October is here. The last month....last year.

To all I love. Remember....mama says,

To all I love. Remember....mama says,

This is so beautiful. I was crying by the second line, Written by Henry Scott Holland (27 January 1847 – 17 March 1918) was Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Oxford

Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers


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