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Hotel Company The page is a fan based page for fans of Hotel Company. This page is administered and now mostly photographed, by Gordon Penn, for the benefit of Hco Soldiers and their families and friends.


Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Happy Veteran's Day to all present and past Hco 1/3 members.


Hey Hotel Company! What is going on this week? Ann and I are in town starting tomorrow. We are taking photos of SSG Rastellini's last walk at the Tomb. Love to photograph Hco. What is on the menu?


Yesterday was that last time I will be photographing Hotel Company and the Old Guard for a while. Ann and I are off to NYC. I start school at Fordham University in August and Ann is back to work in choreography and directing. I wish Hotel Company and all of its Soldiers: past, present and future, safe travels. It has been a great experience and an honor serving with you. This site is here and anyone can post their photos of Hco and the Old Guard. Cheers!

General Chiarelli's Retirement Ceremony

General Chiarelli's Retirement Ceremony

Light Leaders Course
Light Leaders Course

Light Leaders Course

Old Guard Soldiers went to Fort A.P. to participate in the Light Leaders Course. The course included many tasks and drills, including tactical infantry movem...


SGT Penn signed out on Terminal leave this morning! It is the end of an era. Of course, he still has to clear. Lets here it from the man himself. "Ann and I are excited about the future. We will be in the area thru early May. We are both in school this semester. I wish the Soldiers of Hco and 1/3 IN BN the best. Don't be surprised if you see our cameras on the side lines of Summerall or a Funeral at ANC. I look forward to seeing my fellow Soldiers of Hco pick up a camera as well and start posting their experiences here. I will continue to admin this site for the duration. To all of you who have moved on, thank you for your service and bless you. It has been my pleasure to serve beside you. Ann and I will be in NYC as early as May, so we expect to hear from you and offer guest lodging when you are in the City! I want to wish a special thanks to 1SG & Kim Thomas, CSM Wilder, LTC Robbins, MAJ Cecil and Chaplain & Shelly Worrell. Ann and I are grateful to you all. Thank you for five amazing years."


Today the Hotel Company page honors SGT Jonathan Snodgrass. He just completed three years with the Old Guard and is moving on to college. Thank you for your service SGT Snodgrass!


Congratulaitons to Full Honor Firing Party for winning their portion of The Old Guard Memorial Affairs Skills Competition! Well done guys!

December 16, 2011

December 16, 2011

Light Leaders Course
Light Leaders Course

Light Leaders Course

Old Guard Soldiers went to Fort A.P. to participate in the Light Leaders Course. The course included many tasks and drills, including tactical infantry movem...


H Co had a solid week of funeral in Arlington National Cemetery. The guys averaged approximately sixteen funerals per day. Of particular note was their exceptional performance during the Active Duty Full Honor Funeral in honor of SFC McCain and one General Officer Full Honor Funeral for Brigadier General Melvin Byrd. A total of 59 missions were conducted. We appreciated seeing a few of the wives show up today to observe one of our full honor funerals. We hope it gave you a chance to meet one another, and see what your husbands do at work. We plan on hosting another Family Primary Observation Day in the future, and we will keep you posted through FRG emails on the date and time. Next week the guys will be busy conducting ceremonial and funeral training as well as conducting a 12 mile foot march at Bull Run Battlefield on Wednesday. Friday is scheduled to be a day off.


Outstanding job by the leaders and soldiers this week as they prepare for next week's funerals. All the platoons conducted excellent rehearsals and training as well as uniform preparation and inspections. Don't forget that Saturday is "Wreaths Across America". If you would like to volunteer to place wreaths at gravesites the opening ceremony is at 8:30 AM at the Memorial Amphitheater. The Old Guard Christmas Party is also taking place Saturday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. There will be lots of activities for children. A special congratulations to SGT Smithey who graduated from Ranger School this morning. It will be good to have you back. Also next week is the H Company Family Primary Observation Day. If you plan on attending, please RSVP to the FRG Leader Carrie Davies by 14 December so we know how many buses to schedule. It will be a great opportunity for families in the company to meet each other, and see what your soldiers do at work. Hope to see you all here.


The Light Leader's Course was a great training event for all our team leaders. I think everyone involved can say they learned something this week. Next week the guys will be conducting funeral rehearsals and uniform inspections. Next Friday is a day off and next Saturday is The Old Guard Christmas Party at Conmy Hall from 1:00 pm to 4 pm. There will be sleigh rides, games, and Santa is scheduled to make an appearance. I hope to see you all there. Also on Saturday the 10th is Wreaths Across America. Call or email Carrie Davies the FRG leader if you would like to participate.

Starting my final walk out of Arlington National Cemetery as a member of the Old Guard.

Starting my final walk out of Arlington National Cemetery as a member of the Old Guard.

Chix6 - Start The Fire Now!

For all of you who know my lovely and talented wife, Ann Cooley and for those who do not but should, please take a look at the web page for her brand new show opening 27 September in NYC! We would love to invite you all to find a weekend and join us for this amazing production!


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