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This page features stories and information related to environmental, community-oriented, and mission-focused sustainability. You will find stories about energy and water conservation, natural resource management, renewable energy, pollution prevention, green building, and community partnerships. The Army National Guard is proud to share its commitment to the military triple bottom line - mission, environment, community. Read more here:

A flip of a switch and the Kentucky Army National Guard is saving over $3 million

A well-deserved award, 14 years in the making.

By Stacy Floden, Kentucky National Guard Public Affairs (Lexington, Ky.) – For several years the Energy and Environment Cabinet has recognized energy leaders who have made a tremendous impact in Kentucky. Kentuckians have benefitted from these progressive leaders who have inspired others to save ene...


October is Energy Action Month! Here's a post from Mr. Jack Surash, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Energy and Sustainability, on how energy resilience enables readiness.

October is Energy Action Month.


In honor of Energy Action Month, here's the Department of Energy's 2016 update of "Revolution Now," their annual report that documents the accelerated deployment of five clean energy technologies thriving in the U.S. market – wind turbines, solar technologies for both utility-scale and distributed photovoltaic (PV), electric vehicles (EVs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

Cardboard Boat Regatta, 2016

The New Mexico National Guard held their 2nd annual Cardboard Boat Regatta on July 31 in support of building a good recycling program.

About 175 Guardsmen, family and friends took part in the Regatta, more than double from the last year’s inaugural attendance. There were 14 boats that entered the water to take part in the race, five more than last year - all engineered from only cardboard, duct tape, caulking and a splash of paint for sprucing up the looks. The Regatta also crossed services to get a first time entry from the Air Guard’s150th Special Operations Wing.

The New Mexico Army National Guard hosts the second annual Cardboard Boat Regatta in support of Environmental Programs recycling.

U.S. Army, Chevy to unveil hydrogen fuel-cell Colorado truck in October

In October, the Army will reveal a hydrogen fuel cell truck concept developed with GM.

General Motors and the U.S. Army will unveil a prototype hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle in October. The vehicle, to be based on the Chevrolet Colorado mid-size pickup truck, was first announced in November of last year. It will be used primarily for demonstration purposes as the Army continues to mull.....

Discussion Focuses on Climate Change and Building Design

The National Building Museum hosted a discussion on the impact of climate change on buildings and landscapes and actions that could be taken to help communities to adapt to environmental changes. Video from C-Span on the link below.

A panel of designers and policymakers discusses the impact of climate change on buildings and landscapes, as well as actions that can be taken to help communities adapt to environmental changes.

FACT SHEET: Obama Administration Announces Federal and Private Sector Actions on Scaling...

Obama Administration takes federal executive actions on Smart Markets and Energy Storage.

President Obama believes in the need to transition to a cleaner, more reliable, and affordable 21st century power grid. Under his leadership, transformations in how we produce and consume electricity are decreasing carbon pollution, scaling up renewable energy, and generating savings on consumers’ e...

TSCA Reform: A Bipartisan Milestone to Protect Our Health from Dangerous Chemicals

President Obama signs a big bipartisan bill to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the first major update to an environmental statute in 20 years.

Gina McCarthy June 22, 201611:15 am EDT chemical safety, chemicals, toxic, toxic substance, Toxic Substances Control Act, TSCA Jun 22, 2016TSCA Reform: A Bipartisan Milestone to Protect Our Health from Dangerous Chemicals 4 Comments By Gina McCarthy President Obama just signed a bipartisan bill to r...


Hot off the (figurative) presses, the New Jersey Army National Guard Energy Program's latest "Clean Cut Quarterly." #?page=0

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How Colorado Is Turning Food Waste Into Electricity

Another story from Colorado, tackling energy and solid waste in one fell swoop.

At the Heartland Biogas Project, spoiled milk, old pet food and vats of grease combine with helpful bacteria in massive tanks to generate gas. It's all thanks to anaerobic digestion.

Save the Date for the 2016 Energy Exchange | Department of Energy

Save the date!!!

The Department of Energy is hosting their annual Energy Exchange 9-11 August in Providence, RI. Department of the Army will also host their annual Army Energy Manager Training Workshop 11-12 August in Providence, too.

The 2016 Energy Exchange in Providence, Rhode Island, will provide training to energy managers and sustainability professionals who are working to improve facility performance, advance the use of renewable energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at federal sites.


Congratulations to the Texas Army National Guard! The National Defense Center for Energy and the Environment selected their proposal for funding.

In conjunction with Trinity University, the Texas Army National Guard's proposal will test Atmospheric Water Generation to determine the feasibility of producing potable water from the air. This technology could help reduce the logistics burden for transporting water for use in austere training and operational environments.


Congratulations to the Colorado Army National Guard! The National Defense Center for Energy and the Environment selected their proposal for funding.

The Colorado Army National Guard's proposal will implement a control to automatically switch between a photo-voltaic system, the electrical grid, and a back-up generator, based on local conditions and requirements. This proposal promises to provide cost-effective energy security for ARNG facilities, especially the smaller, geographically isolated ones.

FEMP Water Management: Planning and Practice eTraining Certificate Series

New FEMP free eTraining certificate. Get on top of the !

This training series provides a comprehensive approach to water management, including strategic planning, water balance development, water assessments, and best management practices, to assist agency energy and facility managers with reducing facility water use and meeting federal mandates and compl…

FEMP eTraining New Certificate Series

Sustainability is a pretty broad topic! Even energy management seems overwhelming! Where to start? Try one of these free training series from FEMP that help you hone in on specific knowledge and skill areas.

Video describes the FEMP Certificate Series and lists the benefits of taking the courses available from the various series topic areas. Transcript: http://ww...

New Army energy strategy: security, sustainability among goals

New Army energy strategy: security, sustainability among goals

The Army has released its new Energy Security and Sustainability Strategy, designed to enhance the force's readiness, capabilities, and performance. The strategy includes five goals. Katherine Hammack, assistant secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy, and Environment, was my guest to review…

Better Buildings Solutions Center

Great resource from U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy as you design and build next fiscal year. Share if you find something particularly useful the Guard!

Better Buildings is an initiative of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) designed to improve the lives of the American people by driving leadership in energy innovation. Through Better Buildings, DOE partners with leaders in the public and private sectors to make the nation’s homes, commercial build…


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