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Kids Boxing Workout from Summer Camp.

Day 2 in the 1st the summer camp session of the summer.

2 more sessions coming up.

Txt “TFcamp” to save a spot for your child. 410-272-3799

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🥊Kids Love Training
It is the second of day of this young ladies training in our summer camp and her punches are already looking like this! SUPER EXCITING 🤩

We should’ve took a video from her 1st day punching the bag. Huge difference! You see how she is turning for the hook.

This is the type of stuff that really motivates us. Most ppl just see punches but we see confidence growing, focus, discipline ( the type need to be successful in anything) ….

Wait to you see what her punches look like next week

Next session of camp starts July 12. Call now to save you child spot for training like this ⬆️
Txt “TFCAMP” 410-272-3799

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💪Summer Camp Workouts

One of the many fun ways we get the kids moving, working out, and improve agility.

After the group mat chat, to prep the kids minds to think like champions, we start each day of camp like this. Then it’s boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, wrestling and more.

Save your child’s spot in our last summer camp sessions now.

Txt “TFcamp” 410-272-3799

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💪Summer Camp Workouts!
( 2 More Sessions left!😱 txt us now 410-272-3799)

We are working the kids out!!!!
With sports related agility drills. Then it’s off to MMA training.

Some Healthy Productive Fun Like This Is What Your Child Needs!!!

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🥊Summer Camp Kids Boxing Training. ( Don’t miss the last 2 camp sessions!!!)

The kids LOVE boxing. Working out their minds and bodies on the heavy bags and punch mitts vs working out their fingers on the phone and video games.

Just 2 more chances to get your child activity will this type of fun.

Call/Txt now to save a spot for your child before it’s too late. 410-272-3799

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🦁We Are Creating A Army of Positive, Respectful, Confident, & Tenacious Lions That Will  Grow & Do Amazing Things!🥋Start...

🦁We Are Creating A Army of Positive, Respectful, Confident, & Tenacious Lions That Will Grow & Do Amazing Things!

🥋Start your child’s journey now! One of the decisions you will make for your child’s development.

🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️Txt “Kids MMA” 410-272-3799

#TopFlightMMA #LionsOnly #LionsOnlyMMA #Fitness #food #foodie #veganrecipes #weightloss #harfordcountymd #belairmd #belcampmd #aberdeenmd #aberdeenprovingground #edgewoodmd #havredegrace #selfdefense #healthyliving #brazilianjiujitsu #muaythai #boxing #mma #ufc #wrestling #gun #rosedale #whitemarsh #TLI #TeamLloydIrvinAberdeen

🦁We Are Creating A Army of Positive, Respectful, Confident, & Tenacious Lions That Will Grow & Do Amazing Things!

🥋Start your child’s journey now! One of the decisions you will make for your child’s development.

🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️Txt “Kids MMA” 410-272-3799

#TopFlightMMA #LionsOnly #LionsOnlyMMA #Fitness #food #foodie #veganrecipes #weightloss #harfordcountymd #belairmd #belcampmd #aberdeenmd #aberdeenprovingground #edgewoodmd #havredegrace #selfdefense #healthyliving #brazilianjiujitsu #muaythai #boxing #mma #ufc #wrestling #gun #rosedale #whitemarsh #TLI #TeamLloydIrvinAberdeen

🥋 What parents actually get for their kids ,along with high level martial arts skills, in our programWould you let your ...

🥋 What parents actually get for their kids ,along with high level martial arts skills, in our program

Would you let your child miss out on all these benefits?

Send us a msg or text “kids mma” 410-272-3799 to have your child try a class and have fun learning boxing, kickboxing, & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

⭕ATTN: PARENTS! ⭕Will your child be attending 100% Virtual Classes for school? 😭 We have a solution for you!😀💻We're Offe...
$100 Off Remote Learning & Martial Arts Training

Will your child be attending 100% Virtual Classes for school? 😭 We have a solution for you!😀

💻We're Offering A LIMITED Number of seats in our Remote Learning Lab For Kids To Log On For School, Then Safely Train Boxing, KickBoxing, & Self Defense 5 Days A Week!

🥋FREE Uniform & Personal Desk Included!

The remote learning lab was created to allow the kids to have dedicated place they can log on for school and to assist the parents with giving order & supervision, and provide the ultimate mixture of fun and a healthy physical outlet

Click the Learn More Button now to save a seat and get $100 registration gift

Do You Need Help Making Sure Your Child Will Stay On Task With The Virtual Classes?

Does Your Child Need Safe Organized Physical Activity Because Sports Have Been Disrupted?

Does Your Child Need Help With Respect & Discipline?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then contact us TODAY so you can save one of the last spots in the Remote Learning Lab!!!

Instead of your kids getting lost and left behind with all the new adjustments, and stuck in the house without a healthy workout routine....

They Can Be With Us In A Safe- Spaced Out Environment Doing School Work, & With Daily Martial Arts Training Improve This Key Areas

-> Focus
-> Discipline
-> Respect
-> Confidence
-> Self-Defense
And So Much More!

If You Think Your Child Will Benefit From Set Up Like This,
Then We Want To Help Them Get Started $100 Credit

So Don't Wait, Click The "Learn More" Button And Let Us Help You Get Scheduled Today!

Click Now For $100 Off


Building kids up to be Strong, Confident, & Mentally TOUGH.

Giving your kid an activity like this will teach respect, focus, an indomitable mind set, and so much more.

Send us a text “kids training” to come see how our MMA training will help your child stay active, healthy, and learning skills that will help in life.



🥊 Our Kids are staying active with Kickboxing and MMA Training!

Need help giving your kids something other than video games to keep them healthy and active? Shoot us a text to get start with 90 Day training pass “ Kids Training pass” 410-272-3799

Free Registration & Uniform Included (Limited Time Only)

Send a text or shoot us a DM now!


🎁 Summer Training For Your Child!!!

☀️This Summer Let’s Change Your Life
A lot has changed in the world but what hasn’t is that your child needs
🦁 Self Confidence
🏃🏃‍♀️Physical Fitness For A ❤️Healthy Lifestyle
🌟Positive Environment
💪Self Defense

... And to have blast learning skills and mindsets that will last a lifetime.

If you agree then we have special summer memberships to get your child out of the house and the path to his/her FULL POTENTIAL.

Text “summer training” 410-272-3799 or send a msg now to learn more about our training special for your child this summer before space fills up or the special ends!


Kids MMA Training.
Since the quarantine has started we’ve adapted to the situation and have kept the kids working out and learning martial arts skill.
Shoot us a text to have your child join our outdoor or live virtual zoom sessions. “Kids mma” 410-272-3799
Ask about our Reopen Special!


kids mma workout

Mark Rober

Cool science video to show the kids. Who else is showing their kids practical ways to use everything the kids are learning in school? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

Squirrels were stealing my bird seed so I solved the problem with mechanical engineering :)


kids evening mma workout


Kids MMA workout.


Finishing up another week of great training with our Top Flight MMA Kids. Here’s a clip of a fun MMA workout.
This workouts are perfect kids of all levels. Very beginner friendly and super fun!

Plus the kids are developing martial arts skills that will make them stronger and more confident.

Text “Kids MMA” 410-272-3799 to get your child set up to join the classes and have a FREE uniform delivered to your house.

Our Academy will be opening back real soon and you don’t want to miss out.

We do not own the right to the music

Top Flight Mixed Martial Arts

Top Flight Mixed Martial Arts

kids MMA evening session

Leave a msg or comment to see the schedule and have your child join in.

We will delivery a FREE Uniform!!!


Live kids MMA workout. We these interactive classes going everyday along with evening sessions. leave a msg or comment to get the schedule and have you kids join our students

Text “kids MMA” to have a FREE uniform delivered to your house 410-272-3799


Want you child to join a live training session like this? Leave a comment or send a msg.

We have session like this everyday of the week!

kids mma workout

PARENTS! Here is a just a clip of what goes on in the training group with our kids training since the shut in began
Instead of the kids being bored out of their mind all day during this shut in,
our kids and others are having fun working out and learning MMA moves, sometime
2x's a day.

Parent make sure you join the group to give your kids access to this training
during the shut in!!!

Shaq talks love of MMA, says he would’ve fought Hong-man Choi | ESPN MMA

( Join the kids Online Training During the Covid-19 shut down👇)
“ MMA Is The Reason I’m A Champion”

For Years We have helped Harford County kids step up to a whole other level in their athletics through MMA training.

And we share this with parents, if you want to take your child’s athleticism and mindset to the next level


Our kids MMA training not only helps our kids excel in all sports and help them go the collegiate, they also learn skills and mindset that help them succeed in their studies and for the rest of their life!

Not to mention learning the best for of self defense is a absolute MUST in today environment.

Do you want your child to become a CHAMPION???

Leave a comment or send a dm to start training today

Shaquille O’Neal joins Ariel Helwani on ESPN’s Instagram Live to discuss how he developed his love of MMA and his interest in fighting Hong-man Choi years ag...


Kids and Parents Training Together♥️

Our parents have a great time training with their kids when we do parent partner night.

Can’t wait to do this again when everything opens back up.

In the mean time have access to virtual training lessons they can do with their kids at home to keep the training going.

If you would like to get access to training drills to do at home with your kids while the kids are forced to be out of school, send a dm

Stay safe everybody, see you soon!


🗣Parents does your child need

Exercise ⁉️
Self Defense from BULLIES 😡⁉️

This is the SOLUTION!

Bring your child in to see how our program will change his/her life just like we’ve done for so many others for the last 13 yrs.

Txt “kids” 410-272-3799 For a free Uniform and 30 Days Free

🥋Black Belt Excellence in the classroom! Taking all the confidence, fortitude, disciples, and focus that is built on the...

🥋Black Belt Excellence in the classroom!

Taking all the confidence, fortitude, disciples, and focus that is built on the mats learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kick Boxing, & Boxing, and applying it to EVERYTHING! Especially in school 🔬📓📐🚌

If you want to see transforming your child’s mind to Black Belt Excellence will help him/her have more confidence and perform great in school and sports...
Shoot us a text so we can set up few classes for your child to have fun in!

“Kids Training” 410-272-3799


Think your child’s energy can lead to problems???

We have the perfect system in place for your child’s 🤪 MASS ABUNDANCE of energy.

We want to team up with you and get ahead what can lead to a serious problem with your child’s school performance and school behavior.

When this goes uncheck you kids are at a disadvantage and are more prone to experience more difficulty in school and failure.

Let’s team up and be deliberate about your child’s success.

Text “kid” to 410-272-3799 so you can come see the plan we have in place and start your child’s training!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A Child’s Self Motivation In Pursuit Of The Next Level Of Greatness- Every Parents Dream Come True! Giving yo...

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A Child’s Self Motivation In Pursuit Of The Next Level Of Greatness-

Every Parents Dream Come True!
Giving your child the tools to relentlessly go have the next level of greatness is the BEST Gift you can give him/her.

Click Learn More To See Our Path To Making Your Child MOTIVATED! 30 Days FREE👇

If you have concerns of whether or not your child is getting the tools to help them reach their next level of greatness, when want to show you how our program has helped tons of kids keep reaching new levels of greatness.

Grab a Free 30 Day Training Pass. Just leave a comment or send a DM “30 Day Pass”

If you know your child is unmotivated, lacks discipline, easily quits at the 1st sign of difficulty, follows the crowd.... Or you understand what is at stake and how easy it is for your child not get these tools and NEVER reach the greatness you know he/she is capable of,

YOU HAVE to come in right now to, AT LEAST, see what we have in place to help out kids like yours. 🎁Activate your child’s Free 30 Day Pass now and do it before we run out of extra training gifts


Parents!!! Want to get a step ahead with your child’s development???

We have the perfect solutions
Hands on training that will increase
✅ Focus
✅ Discipline
✅ Confidence

and will give your plenty of exercise and SELF DEFENSE SKILLS

Learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, & Kick Boxing with us will give your tools that will help succeed in school, sports, and forming positive friendships.

Let your try a class out with a FREE training pass.

Leave a comment or dm us to save a spot in the next class.

Text “Kids” 410-272-3799 to start your child’s training with gloves before they are all gone!


1371 Brass Mill Rd, Suite M-L
Belcamp, MD


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