Black Lives Matter Also-BIRMINGHAM

Black Lives Matter Also-BIRMINGHAM Black Lives Matter is a movement whose purpose is to end police murder and brutality of Black people (men and women). BLACK LIVES MATTER


Black Lives Matter-Birmingham is the Birmingham arm of the international Black Lives Matter Movement. This movement is centered on the issue of Black Lives being murdered and abused with impunity. This movement DEMANDS that justice be served to those guilty of murder or abuse of Blacks, just as any other people. We DEMAND that law enforcement be charged and prosecuted for crimes against citizens just as citizens are charged for crimes against law enforcement. The term “Black Lives Matter“ was coined as a result of the murderer of Trayvon Martin being set free, thereby reinforcing the reality that Black Lives in America are too often seen as valueless. The phrase and hashtag organically evolved into a movement as a result of the numerous cases of police murders with impunity (no consequences) of unarmed Black people around the Nation. A diverse group of local Black Lives Matter supporters organize protest within their perspective cities in solidarity with the International movement, as well as for protest centered on local issues, for the purposes of, but not limited to:

-An immediate end to police murders of Black people, as well as an immediate end Police violence and misconduct against Blacks people.

-We want all Police equipped with mandatory body cameras that must be on during all encounters with citizens.
-We want all police involved killings and complaints of misconduct investigated independent of the Police department and with total transparency.
-We want an end to the mass incarceration and extortion of Black people thru systematic racism and practices.
-We want an immediate end to; racial profiling; the labeling of predominately Black occupied communities as “crime/drug areas”; and the practice of criminalizing Black people by setting up road blocks in predominately Black occupied communities.
-We want an immediate end to the use of our municipal courts system as extortion rings in the form of grossly high court cost, fines, and other fees.
-We want the 1901 Alabama Constitution that was created to establish white supremacy by law replaced with a new Constitution.

-We want an end to violence and crime in our communities, and we are organizing and developing communities in order to help bring that into reality.
-We want to organize our communities around the concept of an “Village”.
-We want to set up mentoring programs (civilization classes), buyer clubs/co-op businesses, conflict resolution committees, and community parenting advisory boards, to usher in both a new mentality of self-reliance and dignity amongst our people and job and ownership opportunities for ourselves. Mission
Our mission is to organize Black people to Love one another, to know and stand up for their rights, to protect themselves against all injustice and abuse, and to set businesses so as to become a self-sufficient people who are a benefit to ourselves.


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The Guardian

The Guardian

Watch James Baldwin, who was born on this day in 1924, deliver his seminal speech on whether the ‘American dream’ has been achieved at the expense of African-Americans.



💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣 “I GOT MACED!!”

Tonya Tko Show

Tonya Tko Show

White Girl Confronts Racist Parents!

White Gen Z kids confront their parents about race in viral TikTok challenge. You have to see this nonsense to believe it!

Tonya Tko TV

Republicans block $2,000 virus checks despite Trump demand
Republicans block $2,000 virus checks despite Trump demand

Republicans block $2,000 virus checks despite Trump demand

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans shot down a Democratic bid on Thursday to pass President Donald Trump’s longshot, end-of-session demand for $2,000 direct payments to most Americans before…



Hilarious, clever, poignant: everything you’d want in a satirical video pointing out the necessity of the Black Lives Matter movement. (via Peace House)



Black Lives Matter Also-BIRMINGHAM's cover photo

Black Lives Matter Also-BIRMINGHAM's cover photo

High Brown's Personal Care, Llc

High Brown's Personal Care, Llc

🗣️ WE'RE BAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! 😁😁😁 What pandemic??? Been in the lab and now it's time to bless the people. Come through to the pop up shop & visit High Brown. I'll be waiting on you 😊😊😊

Black Knowledge

Black Knowledge

Wonder Wombman 2

Wonder Wombman 2

Black father shields his children from gunfire!!

🎥 @thesavoyshow


Your paw paw and maw maw where just as racist as you are.

When you see how much racism surfaced around the Civil Rights Act it's clear why it was needed.
Sound familiar?

The Daily Show

The Daily Show

Police the Police 3.0

Police the Police 3.0

*stares in 40% spousal abuse rate*


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The Death To All Civilian Oversight Committees and Review Boards! Do You Want Phoenix Police Department and Phoenix Law Enforcement Association Setting The Laws For Your State and City? Or Do You Like Your State and City Relations With Law Enforcement The Way It Is Now, BecauseIt Could Become Like Phoenix, Leading The Country With Officer Involved Killings With Little To Zero Disciplining! Sicking Gang Task Force Dectives On Op**te Pain Management Patients and Very Respectable Internal Medicine Doctors! By Anthony W. De La Viña Local police Civilian Oversight Committee/Review Boards are either handled on a city by city issue or this goes to the State Bar Of Arizona or to the Arizona Supreme Court for state & federal guidelines/statutes, as there are hundreds of Civilian Oversight Committees/Review Boards across the United States! This statewide Bill could end up being in the United States Supreme Court setting case law for every state, county and city in our country! This first need to be brought to the Arizona Supreme Court For A Ruling To See If The State Can Set Guidelines For every City or County's Civilian Review Board/Oversight Committee. If so who sets the guidelines certainly not the Police Unions otherwise we might at just use Phoenix Law Enforcement Association Civilian Oversight Committee that is stacked with police captains, assistant police chiefs and cvilian employee peers. So is this going to come down to the State Bar of Arizona or State Legislature to decide these training requirements, then these requirements are going to be challenged by whoever doesn't like what is decided. If AZPOST or Phoenix Law Enforcement Association gets to set these requirements then you might as well use PLEA's version because nothing will ever get changed, now if you use attorney from the State Bar of Arizona that have experience not only in Police Procedure, State Law and past Court Rulings then you have something really to work for as attorneys experienced in Police Misconduct, Criminal Defense Attorneys and Past Proscecuters then you have a diverse group of experienced people that are one-sided biased to Police Unions like Phoenix Law Enforcement Association or to just favor the civilians, these people will follow the law and that is what is most important, can the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association agree with that last comment! Quote From Article "The Arizona Police Association applauded the signing of HB2567 into law by Governor Doug Ducey. The bill, sponsored by Rep. John Kavanagh, sets the requirements for a government committee, board or entity to investigate law enforcement officer’s misconduct. The bill requires at least two-thirds of the membership of specified entities that investigate law enforcement officer misconduct to be Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training (AZPOST) Board-certified officers. The Arizona Police Association says HB2567 “simply makes police review boards consistent in their construction with all other professional occupational boards. It allows for industry professionals AND public/civilian members to evaluate the actions of those who come before it.” The AZPOST Board consists of 13 members appointed by the Governor. The AZPOST Board is statutorily charged with prescribing minimum qualifications for officers. The AZPOST Board establishes minimum courses of training and minimum standards for training facilities for officers. HB2567 provisions: 1. Requires two-thirds of the voting membership of any government committee, board or entity to be AZPOST certified law enforcement officers who are of any rank and from the same department or agency as the law enforcement officer who is the subject of investigation or disciplinary action if that committee, board or entity: a) Investigates law enforcement officer misconduct; b) Influences the conduct of or certifies law enforcement officer misconduct investigations; c) Recommends disciplinary actions for law enforcement officer misconduct; or d) Imposes discipline for law enforcement officer misconduct. (Sec. 1) 2. States that if the committee, board or entity consists of nonvoting members, no more than one-third of the members can be nonvoting members. (Sec. 1) 3. Allows a supervisor, a department or agency head that supervises a law enforcement officer to investigate and impose discipline for a law enforcement officer’s misconduct if the committee, board or entity does not meet the requirements to investigate. (Sec. 1) 4. States this does not apply to a governmental review committee, board or entity that does not determine the initial level of discipline or have authority to increase the severity of the disciplinary action. (Sec. 1) 5. Exempts AZPOST from the requirement that members of the government committee, board or entity be from the same department or agency. (Sec. 1)"
We're on the cusp of a new political beginning & future in Alabama: REGISTER TO ATTEND Enter word REGISTER Link will be Emailed to you.
Anti-Black racism sweeps across every aspect of life. We are intentionally building spiritual community as a foundation for action, and invite you to join with ideas about where that action is needed. Topic: Treading the Path of Justice Description: Pray, reflect, and recharge, then take action for Black Lives. Time: March 14, 2021 05:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 749 2144 9019 Passcode: qvt7Hz
TRUMP MUST BE TAKEN TO COURT! Fulton County, Georgia D.A. Fani Willis is pursuing charges against Trump for trying to intimidate Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, into falsely overturning the presidential election results in Georgia in Trump’s favor—that’s a felony that can land Trump in prison for a year! Donald J. Trump was put on trial by a politically biased U.S. Senate with Republicans who acquitted Trump because they don’t want the Republican Party/GOP to look bad. So, what is needed now is to indict and drag former President Trump into a FEDERAL COURT on the charges of trying to EXTORT Brad Raffensperger (and other Republican political officials here in America) AND for inciting his mob to commit insurrection at the nation's Capitol. The following organizations/agencies need to unite and bring these charges against Trump: The ACLU, NAACP, Black Lives Matter, The Lincoln Project, The Democratic Party, Latinos for Biden, Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT), Americans Against Trump, and many others to launch a class-action lawsuit. Then Trump needs to face additional criminal charges in separate courts for income tax evasion AND being a sexual predator like Harvey Weinstein (the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in New York is also pursuing criminal charges against Donald Trump). IF Donald Trump is in prison, he won't be able to promote himself on television, inspire his domestic terrorists (Trump Trolls), or run for any office as a political candidate. The results of Trump’s crimes are a murdered police officer, injured police officers, damage and desecration to the Capitol building (bullet holes in windows, f***s smeared in halls, etc.) and death threats and possible bodily harm/torture to Congresspersons and then Vice President, Mike Pence. TRUMP IS GUILTY! Black history ’86: A great mix of celebrities and ordinary people. And since this is a people video, I guess we should share that little bit of love. All images were researched 1986, the year of the song. Please note that search engines can be inaccurate and images can be mistagged with the wrong year. Most images used were in the order of the search results. I don’t like to discriminate; I prefer this “mixed bag” approach.
Black Lives Matter should support and promote efforts from members of the public like... THIS. Black Lives Matter All Lives Matter aka Fake
We are in solidarity with all BLM groups. ------------------------------ Fearing a Republican controlled Senate, a group of us from Maxwell Street in Chicago got together to shoot this music video. We are asking you to share this music video on social media and to mass media. with your colleagues and your political and social networks, especially in Georgia. We are NOT seeking money nor fame; we just want Reverend Warnock and Jon Ossoff to win the Senate run-off races. We do this for our descendants to give America and the world a different and better trajectory. Be well and blessings, In solidarity, Steve, Professor Emeritus Roosevelt University
pls vote by Monday b4 trump's armed morons arrive
If you're a trumper I dare you to watch and read this in its entirety unless of course, you're afraid of facts. It's only 4 minutes watch it, in its entirety then ask yourself Who you are and what you think. Don't tell me tell yourself what you think and Who you are. I probably would have a better chance to have a vegan eat meat then you trump loving blind bastards to take time out of your miserable uneducated, ignorant minds than to watch this for 4 minutes. And here is my opinion READ IT open your eyes to the facts. Trump is nothing but a sparse little man who feeds off his self-delusions and finds himself perpetually hungry for want of greatness in his diet. Trump searches for something to explain his hunger, and to rationalize why a world passes him by without saluting. The something he looks for and finds is in a sewer. In his own twisted and distorted lexicon, he calls it faith, strength, truth. He divides people, he pits American against American, he craves civic strife. he puts his American people lives in danger, Just yesterday he claimed 99 percent of covid is harmless, He's a nut case you know it, I know it the world knows it. He is nothing but a cheap copy" of the German Führer feeding the radically ignorant. He cohorts and looks up to adversaries such as Putin, kissing their ass every step of the way. Has he taken any action on Putin for Puttin a bounty on our soldiers? NOPE, he is kissing ass, and so are his followers his little minions in step with the great leader Hup 2,3,4 Hail to the great Leader, Mob mentality This can happen very quickly. It is scary when you have an authoritative leader suggest something even if irrational, followers won't question it. This is why we go through genocide, cults, colonialism, dictators, no matter how much we learn from the past. This century we will witness great catastrophe perhaps in our own country if we cannot stop Trump. Trump does not follow what Scripture says and has brought great dishonor to Christianity. Given how narcissistic and sociopathic Trump is, he fundamentally doesn't believe that the rules of moral behavior or social norms apply to him,that is the primary reason he has spent his adult life breaking one biblical commandment, federal law, and social norm after another. He doesn't believe in Humility, Compassion, Truthfulness Acting Justly, Behaving Morally, Loving Mercy You trumpers have foolishly drunk the Trump Kool-Aid and have become blind and foolish. Trump is a profoundly evil exhibiting malignant narcissism. His worsening hypomania is making him increasingly more irrational, grandiose, paranoid, aggressive, irritable, and impulsive. Trump is bad, mad, and getting worse. He evinces the most destructive and dangerous collection of psychiatric symptoms possible for a leader. The worst-case scenario is now our reality. In finishing I 'am going to leave you with this Where will he go next, this phantom from another time, this resurrected ghost of a previous nightmare – Chicago? Los Angeles? Miami, Florida? California, Indiana? Michigan, New York? Anyplace, everyplace, where there's hate, where there's prejudice, where there's bigotry. He's alive. He's alive so long as these evils exist. Remember that when he comes to your town. Remember it when you hear his voice speaking out through others. Remember it when you hear a name called, a minority attacked, any blind, unreasoning assault on a people or anyhuman being. He's alive because through these things we keep his hate alive. In case you're wondering why I don't spell trump with a Capital "T" or upper case "t" it's because he doesn't deserve to be in our nation's capital and he sure ain't Upper case Season 4 Episode 4 He's Alive. The Twilight zone These are scenes particularly powerful and relevant to current politics. I urge everyone to watch the whole episode on Hulu or wherever else you can find it.