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AFT just listened to a Jefcoed work session with Dr. Gonsoulin and the board members as the E-learning days were discussed. Principals will find out the details of how these days will be used on Wednesday at their meeting at the Jefferson County Board of Education. Employees will find out this information from their Principals after the meeting.

Thank Alabama Teachers Week

Thank Alabama Teachers Week


AFT just listened to a Jefcoed work session with Dr. Gonsoulin and the board members as the E-learning days were discussed. Principals will find out the details of how these days will be used on Wednesday at their meeting at the Jefferson County Board of Education. Employees will find out this information from their Principals after the meeting.

Book Give Away!!Tuesday, November 103:30-4:30Iron Workers Union Hall2828 4th Avenue SouthIf you want books for your stud...

Book Give Away!!
Tuesday, November 10
Iron Workers Union Hall
2828 4th Avenue South

If you want books for your students, Meet Marrianne there and take all the books you can carry!

See the pictures for the titles.


We were at the Jefcoed board meeting this morning. There was no discussion about going returning to totally remote learning. There was some discussion about e-learning days to give teachers breathing room to catch up. Nothing was decided.

Board Member Carita Venable expresses great appreciation and gratitude for all school employees as they support teaching and learning.

Marrianne and Sheila have been appointed to problem solving committees to look into areas of concern including adding e-learning days. We will keep you updated.

AFT members do awesome things!  Congratulations Jill McCombs!

AFT members do awesome things! Congratulations Jill McCombs!

Want to know one of the MANY reasons Eden ROCKS? Our incredible Mrs. Jill McCombs received a $6000 grant from Coosa Valley Cooperative for an imagination play place for preK, kindergarten, and 1st grade Eden students! We can’t wait to see their imaginations run wild in their very own construction zone! Way to go, Mrs. Jill! Thanks for the opportunity, Coosa Valley Resource Conservation & Development Council! 🚧

Dr. Brad Johnson

Dr. Brad Johnson



We are so proud of you!!

We are so proud of you!!

Congratulations to Ms. Harp, our Teacher of the Month for September! She has worked so hard to get hundreds of devices checked out to our students for remote learning. She also assists our teachers with technology issues while still
managing to prepare for her library and technology classes! We appreciate all of your hard work! #AESPROUD #Strongertogether

School Leaders Now

School Leaders Now

TeacherGoals on Twitter
TeacherGoals on Twitter

TeacherGoals on Twitter

“There is a global ban on working on schoolwork tonight. Pass it on. #teachergoals”

Scan the code to join. Are you a member and want to help recruit for our recruitment incentive? Share the code and make ...

Scan the code to join. Are you a member and want to help recruit for our recruitment incentive? Share the code and make sure your friends list you as the "recruiter" when signing up.

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The Kronos time clocks will be getting software updates in all Jefferson County Schools. Just a minor inconvenience and all updates should be completed this week. BTW...."going live" is just a tech term. That means that all the updates should be completed and ready to go.
Have a great day.....join AFT if you are not a member already!

The Blount County Education Foundation

The Blount County Education Foundation

Sheila Jones from AFT brought a $500 check for BCEF. Thank you for your support!


The Jefferson County BOE discussed returning to in person school today in the committee meeting. NO DATES WERE GIVEN

Students will return in 3 groups. First group to return to the building will be Pre-k and self contained ex ed. Second will be K-5 (or 6 depending on the school) and third will be middle and high school students. As the groups return they will be on a rotating A-B schedule.

Details will be released when the return date is announced.


We need volunteers! Tomorrow at 10:00 am to put bags of books together for Sheriff Deputies.

2828 4th Avenue South
Birmingham AL 35233

Leeds City Schools

Leeds City Schools

Leeds Parents (long post to follow):

We appreciate everyone¹s patience as we continue to navigate the health
regulations and updated policies related to the opening of school. Our
reopening plan is set to be updated as follows:
1. All students (PreK-12) and staff members will be required to wear a
2. LPS & LES (PreK-5th) traditional students will attend school 5
3. LMS & LHS (6-12) traditional students will attend school on an
alternating schedule for the first 9 weeks (3 days/week followed by 2
days/week, followed by 3 days/week, etc.)
Group A: Last names A-J
Groups B: Last names K-Z
*Please see the attached schedule.
This alternating schedule for grades 6-12 is in response to an advisory
from the Jefferson County Department of Health, dated July 31, 2020. We
hope to have 5 day/week traditional school for all students, beginning the
second 9 weeks.
4. Virtual learners will hear from their schools the week of August 10
regarding curriculum, laptops, etc.
5. Parents of special needs students in grades 6-12 will be contacted by
their case managers the week of August 10 to determine the most
appropriate pathway forward.
6. Lunch will be provided (for free/reduced students) at all schools via
curbside pickup for those students who are not on campus (virtual learners
& students in grades 6-12 who are not scheduled to be at school).
7. Extracurricular activities will continue, as scheduled.
8. A revised school calendar for 2020-21 will be published by the end of

Our goal is to have all students on campus no later than the second 9
As always, please contact your child¹s principal should you have specific


Jefferson County Schools will begin the school year on Tuesday, September 1 with online learning. School employees will work from their schools. Employees still start Thursday, August 13.

The state has granted a waiver for a 170 days school year for students so the extra days will not have to be made up.

Exceptional Education students will receive services in small groups on campus. Career Tech labs will be done on campus in small groups. Kindergarten students will still meet their teachers in small groups.

Marrianne Hayward is inviting you to a scheduled RingCentral meeting.Topic: Meeting with AFT AttorneysTime: Jul 30, 2020...
RingCentral Meetings

Marrianne Hayward is inviting you to a scheduled RingCentral meeting.

Topic: Meeting with AFT Attorneys
Time: Jul 30, 2020 04:00 PM tz.US/Central

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://meetings.ringcentral.com/j/1496568902?pwd=SkhKbUFFeU53SGtYcFJXc1JySWZlQT09
Password: 004941
For the best audio experience, please use computer audio.

Or iPhone one-tap :
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Or Telephone:
Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
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+1(469)4450100 (US South)
+1(623)4049000 (US West)
Meeting ID: 149 656 8902

RingCentral Meetings


Want to talk with an AFT attorney?

This Thursday at 4:00 we will have a Zoom Meeting with Nick. He will discuss the sick leave provision of the FFCRA, FMLA extension, ADA accommodations, and answer your questions. We’ll post the link on Wednesday.

Because so many school employees have questions about going back to school and there are very few answers, we have arran...
Registration for AFT / Health Dept. Zoom Meeting

Because so many school employees have questions about going back to school and there are very few answers, we have arranged a Zoom meeting with Dr. Mark Wilson, Jefferson County Health Officer; Dr. Khalilah Brown, Child Health; and Dr. Wesley Willeford, Disease Control.

Meeting Date: Thursday, July 23
Time: 3:00 p.m.

We are compiling the questions before the meeting so please go to https://rb.gy/85l9nh and register your question. The Zoom link will be posted here on Wednesday afternoon.

Please register ONE question you would answered on the Zoom meeting.

Erika Hughes is live on Fox 6 talking about shopping for school supplies on the tax free weekend. Watch her at 8 and noo...

Erika Hughes is live on Fox 6 talking about shopping for school supplies on the tax free weekend. Watch her at 8 and noon.


Board Meeting

Jefferson County Schools

Jefferson County Schools



Dear JEFCOED Family,

We are releasing our Roadmap for Parents and Students. I hope it will provide you at least some clarity about the next school year.

Also, please understand this is the first of many communications we will be sending out in the coming days and weeks. Starting next week we will be working to educate our parents and students more about these options and providing more information about other aspects associated with returning to school.

Once we finish educating our stakeholders we will be putting out a survey to parents so they can make an informed decision about their child’s future.

Thank you for your patience. I know you want all the answers. I desperately want to give you answers. However, we have to be methodical in our decision-making process.

Please stick with us.

Stay united! Stay healthy! Stay #JEFCOEDSTRONG.

We are in uncharted waters, my friends. But make no mistake, we’re going to get through this together

All the best,

Dr. G.


Jefferson County schools releases their back to school plan this morning. Sheila Jones is meeting with Dr G right NOW to discuss your concerns before his 11:00 meeting with employees. We will keep you updated.

Dr Eric Mackey

Dr Eric Mackey

2.5 million facial coverings have been ordered for Alabama schools (approximately three per staff member and three per student). The facial coverings are washable and reusable.

Upon consultation with the Alabama Department of Public Health and/or their local public health officials and local elected officials, local school systems will determine if facial coverings are required. There is not a statewide facial covering mandate.

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AFT members check your email! We want to know your back to school questions for district superintendents.

Kathy McGehee supported her union!AFT !!!!!!! ❤

Kathy McGehee supported her union!
AFT !!!!!!! ❤


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Nearby government services


Please vote to extend the waiver for free meals to all students ages 5-18.
Hello! My name is Maria Belman, and I’m a supporter of the EON/BAMN caucus running for AFT elections. We need your support! We are just a handful of signatures away on the nominating petition from securing our delegates’ right to run for election! They are the only delegates running for election who are UNEQUIVOCAL in their opposition to schools reopening everywhere! We need to ensure we have a national policy against this pandemic! The AFT has the power to do that! The reason other nations have been successful in controlling the spread of the virus is because they had a coherent national policy to combat the coronavirus. Our union needs to lead the way in fighting the pandemic and ensuring our communities’ safety. Please sign our nominating petition to ensure our right to run. We need 50 signatures of AFT convention delegates to appear on the ballot by Wednesday 7/29 at 2pm PST/5pm EST. Nominating petition portal: https://aft.knack.com/nominations#home/THANK Rank and file teachers, support staff, professors, public workers, nurses, and healthcare workers in the AFT: please share on your Social Media! THANK YOU To the Delegates from the following locals who have already signed the petition: Detroit Federation of Teachers Los Rios College Federation of Teachers Berkeley Federation of Teachers Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Public Employees Federation United Teachers of Los Angeles New Haven Federation of Teachers Boston Teachers Union Public Employees Federation Baltimore Teachers Union Hempstead Classroom Teachers Association United University Professionals Coalition of Graduate Employees Chicago Teachers Union West Valley-Mission Federation of Teachers Graduate Employees Union of Portland State University University of Oregon Graduate Teaching Fellows Hillsboro Classified United Salem Teachers Union *Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or would like more information.
I have a question regarding Covid and sick days. If I contract Covid and have to be quarantined for 14 days I don't have a problem using my sick days. But if one of my students contract covid and I'm having to quarantine 14 days as a precaution then why do I have to use my sick days. I'm lucky in that I have 100+ sick days but I'm wanting to use them for retirement.
St. Clair County is having another planning meeting tomorrow regarding the opening of school. An AFT teacher representative will be in attendance!
Just wanted to share. Great summer program! I've worked for them the past 6 summers.
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic Excerpt from my book, What We Blacks Need To Do. Do you love your children enough to help them study this summer for their next grade level? As a retired master teacher, I suggest the following: 1. Have your children look up the following words, tell what they mean in their own words and write a paragraph telling how it will affect them and their family. (A)-Disclaimer (B)- Gentrification (C)- Gerrymandering (D)- Tracking-in-school (E) Entrepreneur (F)- Unalienable Rights. 2. You can get math worksheets for any grade FREE on the internet. They have an “answer key” at the bottom of the page (smile). Have your child practice math for 45 minutes per day. 3. Have your child pick three books from the suggested reading list from their school and spend 45 minutes per day reading. 4. Science will help them become a complete student. Watch the Science Channel together. 5. The one item you will have to spend any money on is your local Black newspaper. It is my number one source for truthful information. A one-year subscription costs between $25 to $40. There are other helpful resources in your community. The education department at most churches and some outreach centers have active, retired teachers and other qualified volunteers who can help your children, check their work and guide them in the right direction. Have a safe, enjoyable and progressive summer with your adoring family!!! (If you agree-please make copies and share) James J. Hankins-Wilmington, NC
I would like to know where we stand on the 100$ spousal fee issue? Last I heard it was ruled as not allowed. Just wondering.