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Idaho Certified Family Homes We certify homes that take care of individuals who cannot live in their own homes to ensure health and safety of those cared for. We certify for provider and home life, safety and health standards when they care for people who cannot care for themselves in the provider's home.

We aim to help ensure providers have the resources to make them the safest and best trained they can be. For official Idaho Department of Health and Welfare information, please visit

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Mental Health Month

Since 1949, Mental Health America and our affiliates across the country have observed May is Mental Health Month by reaching out to millions of people through the media, local events, and screenings. We invite other organizations to join us in spreading the word that mental health is something every...


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Hello! I am a Social Worker at Lifeways Hospital, where we have a calm/pleasant but historically Bipolar and mildly DD 33 year old male who does not yet have Social Security. He would best fit in a group home with a few other adults, does have Medicaid and a family member willing to pay self-pay in the mean time, if someone has a bed available. Please call our hospital and ask for Jesse if so - thanks!
Hello, I'm a medical social worker looking to place a male patient in a Certified Family home. I was told I could post here to see if anyone has any availability and is interested. If so, please contact me at 208-367-2484.
Hi everyone. I am looking for people who need someone to take there clients out in the community or stay at the home with them while the care provider are away. I have 5 years experience. I am flexible, reliable and friendly. I have a reliable car and am a good driver. I like movies going to the park or ymca. If you could use my services let me know.
Hello,I am looking for an adult,DD,MHI to live in my home.My house is certified as AFH for the last 25years. I am a RN and enjoy being a care giver.If you know someone wanting my services please inform me. Thank you,
I am looking for a handicapped accessible home for a 47 year old woman who uses a walker. She needs a room in August. Thank you
Looking for electric and HVAC inspectors in Nampa- Thank you!
I teach CPR AED and first Aid good rate of only 35 bucks why pay more have 25 years Instructor trainer call 208 454 5443
I have asked this question before but never got an answer, Do we as CFH get to exclude our medical payments under the waiver program on our taxes? I have no other income because my son needs me.
Where does a provider go to get the WebEx Service agreement training?
When do we the caregivers of CFH get a raise? I believe it's been about 20 years since our paycheck has increased and cost of living and food has increased a lot since the late 1990s/early 2000s. What steps do we need to do to address this issue?
We are looking for a CFH in the Boise area for our 53 yr old son. I have called everyone on the Boise vacancy list and found no vacancies for a man. Then I was told I could post on this site. Our son is a kind, respectful, friendly man, and has been on meds for his mental illness for many years. He has SSI and Medicare. Please email me at [email protected] if you have space in your CFH. Thank you!
I have a open room in my CFH in Idaho Falls. Excepting A&D ,DD waiver and Self Direct certified. Male or Female possibly will take service animal & smoking outside Only. I have ran my CFH for 17 yrs. I live in the country on Iona Hill 6245 E. Panorama Dr. Idaho Falls, ID. 83401 if you Google Earth our address you can see what a AMAZING property and view we have. Please come take a tour.