Boy Scout Troop 601

Boy Scout Troop 601 Boy Scout Troop 601 Bowmansville NY is sponsored by the Bowmansville Volunteer Fire Association. We meet every Tuesday from 630pm - 800pm.

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post


The Camp Scouthaven May Newsletter is here!
Download Here:

May 19th proved to be the day we have long been waiting for! New York State has finally released the guideline for overnight camps to operate this summer. While the regulations are lengthy and complex our team immediately began creating our plan to ensure compliance and safety this summer. While we continue to work with our Risk Management Committee and our local Health Department as interpretation evolves, this newsletter covers the summary of our current safety plan.

In addition to the guidance from NYS, this newsletter is to refresh everyone on our program plans for this summer. The good news is that our program plans for the most part have not changed since our Winter Newsletter. You won't want to miss out on the expanded Program Details in this Month's Newsletter!

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post

Photos from Camp Schoellkopf's post

Photos from Camp Schoellkopf's post

Photos from Camp Schoellkopf's post

Photos from Camp Schoellkopf's post


Howdy Campers! Make sure to check out our April Newsletter that came out last week if you haven't already. In this issue, we highlight exciting camp improvement projects and our staff. (

Speaking of staff we are looking to fill a few positions for this summer. We have openings available in the kitchen, trading post, activities (bmx, field sports, etc), and camp sanitation. Anyone interested can contact me at [email protected]. Don't miss your chance to join our EXTRAORDINARY Team!

We are eagerly awaiting NYS Summer Camp COVID Regulations and Guidance. Unfortunately, we cannot finalize our camp program until we receive these. Do know we are prepared for anything that might be required of us. We will update you as soon as we know which plan we can use this summer with our next newsletter.

Josh Stellrecht
Camp Director

Thanks to Town of Lancaster Supervisor Ron Ruffino for speaking to the Scouts tonight about Citzenship in the Community....

Thanks to Town of Lancaster Supervisor Ron Ruffino for speaking to the Scouts tonight about Citzenship in the Community. The Scouts asked many questions and enjoyed the presentation which will help them all advance in earning badges.


Scouthaven BEAVER DAY!!! Next Saturday May 1st 8am to 5pm. Come on out and help with YOUR CAMP!!

Please call Bob Blatz at the Council Office to let us know you are coming. by Wednesday afternoon.

Friends - this is your chance to help at camp and show your pride.
We cannot do this alone! YOU are needed. Come for the day, come for a few hours. It’s all appreciated!

2021 is the most anticipated opening of camp since its first summer. Be a part of the “NEW FRONTIER”. Let’s show our unity and pride on May 1st.

I place the challenge on all of you to...

Thank you!!!

Chris Matthewson
Program Director - SBSA
Camp Scouthaven

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post

Photos from Camp Scouthaven's post


In a press conference earlier today New York State Governor Cuomo stated that overnight summer camps in New York can plan to reopen. He did not give a specific date they can restart, but it will be in June. He also said the state will continue monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic as summer camp season approaches. We have been preparing for months to operate both our Cub Scout and Scouts BSA Resident Camp at Camp Scouthaven. We want to welcome your Unit to camp at Scouthaven in 2021!

There may be additional requirements or regulations set forth by the Department of Health, as those requirements are released from the DOH we will communicate them and our specific plans on how camp will operate this summer to you. We are working closely with numerous BSA Councils as well as the New York State Camp Directors Association to advocate for a safe opening of camp.

We do know that camps will legally be able to operate this summer and we are preparing for all scenarios! We are monitoring guidelines and restrictions and will communicate them to you once they are in place. If you unit has not registered, now is the time! Registrations can be placed with Bob Blatz our Operations Manager. You can contact Bob at [email protected] or by phone at 716-512-6215. If you unit is already registered, we request each Unit provide us with an estimate of how many Scouts you plan to bring to camp this summer so we can plan appropriately. Please help us out by providing us with your estimate, by updating your online registration, or sending us an email.

As we have more information, we will share it with you and keep you and your Scout families informed about the summer of 2021. Stay tuned for our February Camp Newsletter to be released later this week.


Happy Birthday Boy Scouts of America!



Final notice on this Bills Jersey Raffle. I will spinning for a winner during the game today.

A big "Thank You" to all who have entered and supported Boy Scout Troop 601!

Photos from Camp Schoellkopf's post

Photos from Camp Schoellkopf's post

Thanks to Greg Butcher from Erie County Emergency Services for “Zooming” with us tonight to work on our Emergency Prepar...

Thanks to Greg Butcher from Erie County Emergency Services for “Zooming” with us tonight to work on our Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge.

WIN!!!BUFFALO BILLS JERSEY RAFFLE!!!We are raffling off a genuine autographed Ed Oliver Buffalo Bills jersey complete wi...



We are raffling off a genuine autographed Ed Oliver Buffalo Bills jersey complete with a Certificate of Authenticity! All proceeds will benefit Boy Scout Troop 601.

We are offering 100 entries. The cost for an entry into this raffle is $5.00. You can purchase as many entries as you want. In the comments below, please enter the numbers for entry numbers that you would like to purchase.

Payments for all entries can be paid via Venmo (@Don-A-Grande), PayPal ([email protected] or we can arrange a drop-off.

Please share this post!
1. Wendy Howitt PD
2. Aly Grande PD
3. Jay Godios PD
4. Jonathan Wolf PD
5. Wes Bonczyk PD
6. Paul Grande PD
7. Mike Frys PD
8. Katie Kaminski PD
9. Aly Grande PD
10. Jay Godios PD
11. Mike Frys PD
12. Katie Kaminski PD
13. Aly Grande PD
14. T. Trzepacz PD
15. Rick Andrzejewski PD
16. Aly Grande PD
17. Katie Kaminski PD
18. Jon Grande PD
19. Sharon Chudy PD
20. Dan DeKruger PD
21. Shelly Reidy PD
22. Mike Frys PD
23. Jon Grande PD
24. Kay Helenbrook PD
25. Jonathan Wolf PD
26. Andrew Solley PD
27. T. Trzepacz PD
28. Kristen Killian PD
29. Shelly Reidy PD
30. Chris Duhan PD
31. Jay Godios PD
32. Anthony Marrano PD
33. Emily Trzepacz PD
34. Rick Andrzejewski PD
35. Jay Godios PD
36. Sean Burley PD
37. Dan DeKruger PD
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39. Tina McKean PD
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42. Paul Grande PD
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44. Wes Bonczyk PD
45. Anthony Marrano PD
46. Chris Duhan PD
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49. Jonathan Wolf PD
50. Wendy Howitt PD
51. Jay Godios PD
52. Wayne Stewart PD
53. Andrew Solley PD
54. Jay Godios PD
55. Kay Helenbrook PD
56. Paul Randall PD
57. Jay Godios PD
58. Emily Trzepacz PD
59. Jay Godios PD
60. Rick Andrzejewski PD
61. Wendy Howitt PD
62. Sharon Chudy PD
63. Jonathan Wolf PD
64. Jay Godios PD
65. Sharon Chudy PD
66. Jay Godios PD
67. Jay Godios PD
68. Jay Godios PD
69. Chris Duhan PD
70. Mike Frys PD
71. Jay Godios PD
72. Sean Burley PD
73. Dan DeKruger PD
74. Jay Godios PD
75. Jackie Choinski PD
76. Paul Randall PD
77. Wes Bonczyk PD
78. Kay Helenbrook PD
79. Andrew Solley PD
80. Jay Godios PD
81. Wayne Stewart PD
82. Jay Godios PD
83. Jay Godios PD
84. Rick Andrzejewski PD
85. Andrew Solley PD
86. Kay Helenbrook PD
87. Chris Duhan PD
88. Sharon Chuddy PD
89. Jonthan Wolf PD
90. Tina McKean PD
91. Anthony Marrano PD
92. Shelly Reidy PD
93. Jay Godios PD
94. Anthony Marrano PD
95. Jay Godios PD
96. Dan DeKruger PD
97. Paul Randall PD
98. Jay Godios PD
99. Wes Bonczyk PD
100. Wendy Howitt PD

Greater Niagara Frontier Council, BSA

Greater Niagara Frontier Council, BSA

Save the Date: Join us 2/12 - 3/7 for our Snowvid-21 Klondike! More information is coming soon. Registration will open January 22nd.

BP International Scout / BPIS

BP International Scout / BPIS

A Scout's Honor is a promise that can't be broken otherwise you cease to uphold the Scout Promise & Law. This is what distinguishes us from the rest.


Photo of Scouters performing Scout Promise from China 🇨🇳 & Malaysia 🇲🇾

Camp Schoellkopf

Camp Schoellkopf

Couple of fall views!

Greater Niagara Frontier Council, BSA

Greater Niagara Frontier Council, BSA

The moment we have all been waiting for is almost here – the Reopening of In-person Scouting Meetings and Activities!!!

We anticipate that the Western New York Region will enter Phase #4 of the State’s Reopening Plan early next week (as of now the target date is Tuesday, June 30). Once Phase #4 starts our local Scouting units can begin to resume activities and meetings. This is great news and we are very excited about it!

In preparation for the resumption of activities, the Council Risk Management Committee has been working for the last several weeks with state and local health officials, safety professionals, and the medical community to develop detailed Guidance on the Reopening of In-person Scouting Meetings and Activities (please see the document attached). This resource is intended to help units plan for and hold safe meetings and activities in the current environment.

Like many things today, there are some activities that units can begin right away, while others will come in the future. In that vein, we continue to work with our local health departments to develop a plan to reopen our camp properties for day use and limited overnight camping. We are optimistic that we will be able to open the properties up very soon and will let you know once they are available and what new health and safety protocols are in place. Please be patient with us, as we are doing our best to open up activities as soon as we can but, we must do so in a legal and safe manner.

Additionally, the Council has developed a Infographic (attached) to help you decide if an event or activity you are thinking of doing is approved at this time. This document includes links to several other documents and websites such as the CDC and New York State Department of Health that provide additional guidance and information.

Please review this information with all of your leaders, parents, and Scouts BEFORE resuming any in-person meetings and activities and use it for your planning efforts. It will help us ensure the safety of our Scouts, leaders, Scouting families, and the entire community.

On behalf of the entire Greater Niagara Frontier Council, thank you for everything you have done to keep on Scouting during the unprecedented times we have faced this year. The determination, resourcefulness, service, and sense of adventure you have all shown during the COVID-19 pandemic has been awe-inspiring. I look forward to seeing you in-person at Scouting meetings throughout the Council very soon!




Our own Nurse Sue celebrates another trip around the sun!!

Let’s all wish her a big “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

We love you Nurse Sue!!

Niagara Frontier Scout Shop

Niagara Frontier Scout Shop

Today is the day!!! Niagara Frontier Scout Shop reopens. We do have new hours. Tuesday through Friday we will be open 10am until 6pm. We will close at 1:30pm until 2pm for lunch. Saturday we are open 10am until 2pm. Until further notice we will be cashless.
But we will accept checks credit cards and gift cards! Welcome back to our guests!!

Boy Scout Troop 601's cover photo

Boy Scout Troop 601's cover photo

Troop 500 Depew NY

Troop 500 Depew NY

Interested in earning some Merit Badges? The Pennsylvania Deparment of Transportation will be offering Traffic Safety and Engineering online. Check out the details below.

Greater Niagara Frontier Council, BSA

Greater Niagara Frontier Council, BSA

Announcing the 2020 Virtual Interfaith Week hosted by the National Religious Relationships Committee of the Boy Scouts of America.

June 29th-July 5th via Zoom and this page.

Classes: We have over 60 class sessions, social media challenges, a family trivia night, and more scheduled for the week. Participate in the items that are of interest to you by registering for a ticket to just those classes.
Informational Packet:

Registration: Please register once as a family unit for all the classes you want to take. Since we are using Zoom, we need to know how many devices are going to join each class session. Example: Johnny and Julie are doing the same class at lunch time, but won't share a device, equals two registrations for that class. If they will share a device, we only need one registration.

Registration Link:

Pass this on to your councils, units, and friends. Looking forward to "seeing you there".

For our Cub scouts!

For our Cub scouts!

WHO? Children entering Grades 1- 5
WHAT? We have done our best to bring all the best pieces of camp right to your door! Program supplies will be provided. Program instructions will be given in multiple forms: Google
Classroom, Video instruction, and Written. 4 Sessions available.
WHERE? You Choose! As long as you have an internet connection and access to a Gmail account.

Greater Niagara Frontier Council, BSA

Greater Niagara Frontier Council, BSA

Please Click the following link to download an Important Update Letter from our Council Key3 Regarding Summer Camp 2020:


36 Main St
Bowmansville, NY


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Congratulations to the scouts of Troop 601 who earned their Ad Altare Dei Religious Award. Proud of all of you!
It is official!! Each of these boys passed their Board of Review this week and have earned the Ad Altare Dei religious emblem. I am so very proud of each of you. Nine meetings, homework, two service projects, interviewing your priest and an overnight retreat!! Nice work boys. Congratulations!!
Hello Troop601! Any boys while unpacking find a cream colored chilly pad cooling towel? Lucas's is MIA...ty in advance 😊
Something new at Scout camp
A few of the many Eagle Scouts
Enjoy these days they sure go by quick.