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Brookfield Public Schools Brookfield Public Schools is located in Brookfield, CT in Fairfield County. Our district has 2 elementary schools, 1 middle school, & 1 high school.


The Annual Consent and Review period is OPEN.
During this time, parents/guardians are required to review and/or update student contact information, review district policies and also complete health and athletic forms within the Power School Parent Portal for the 2020-2021 School Year. Please log into the Parent Portal web page to review & complete the following pages. There is a parent sign-off at the bottom of each page, plus several acknowledgements that are REQUIRED every year.

· Student Contact Information
· Digital Locker
· Health Information
· Athletics** (student athletes in grades 5-12 for the 2020-2021 School Year)

The Annual Consent and Review Process must be complete before you can view your student's 2020-2021 course schedule.


The Annual Consent and Review period is OPEN.
During this time, parents/guardians are required to review and/or update student contact information, review district policies and also complete health and athletic forms within the Power School Parent Portal for the 2020-2021 School Year. Please log into the Parent Portal web page to review & complete the following pages. There is a parent sign-off at the bottom of each page, plus several acknowledgements that are REQUIRED every year.

· Student Contact Information
· Digital Locker
· Health Information
· Athletics** (student athletes in grades 5-12 for the 2020-2021 School Year)

The Annual Consent and Review Process must be complete before you can view your student's 2020-2021 course schedule.

Board of Education Meeting 6/17/2020 @7pm

Three Important Things from the June 17, 2020 Board of Education Meeting

1. Board of Education Chairwoman, Mrs. Fernandes, announced that at the Municipal Building Committee meeting on June 16, Tecton Architects presented the final design for the New School Project. The Board unanimously approved the final plans presented at the conclusion of the Design Development Phase. Design Development for the New School Project is the basis for the phase of the project called, Construction Documents. Mr. Belden noted that small adjustments may be made to the facade of the building, and Mrs. Fernandes confirmed that the overall design and footprint will remain largely as represented. Dr. Barile remarked that the design meets all the educational priorities and program requirements that the administration outlined in the Educational Specifications document submitted in the Spring of 2019. We remain on schedule for the project to go out to bid for construction services by December of this year. View the discussion regarding the New School Project here.
To view Tecton's full presentation to the Municipal Building Committee, click here.

2. Dr. Barile provided an update on the progress of the School Reopening Team, made up of parents, students, teachers, administrators, Board of Education and Board of Finance members, and representatives from the district's bargaining units. The committee has been meeting over the past few weeks and their next meeting is scheduled for June 18. The team has made recommendations regarding various instructional models for school reopening, taking into account all current health recommendations and guidelines from national, state and local officials. The administrators will take the Team’s input and work on it throughout the summer and turn around a plan as soon as possible after the Governor's update and guidelines which are due to be announced on or before July 6. All plans will be reviewed and approved by Dr. Raymond Sullivan, Brookfield's Director of Health. Listen to Dr. Barile's update here.

3. The Board listened to sincere, powerful and deeply moving comments from several former students who are passionate about resolving racism that exists in our society. These alumni shared stories about their experiences including from when they were students in our schools. The Board is committed to acting in a responsible, actionable and meaningful way to affect positive change. The Board had a lengthy discussion regarding the district's Open Letter to the Community on the topic, which was drafted with input from the Board, Superintendent, administration and key staff members. The letter states our values regarding race and diversity. In addition, the Board of Education and Superintendent are scheduling a summer retreat to set specific and actionable objectives to address diversity, equity and race in our district's educational priorities. As a district we remain committed to ensuring all students, staff members and families feel welcome, safe and supported. To hear the former students who spoke during Public Comment, click here:
To view the Board's discussion, click here.

Link to Open Letter:


Dear Families,

As indicated in the district letter: School Reopening Update ( sent to you on June 25th, Governor Lamont and Commissioner of Education Cardona, released guidelines to reopen school for all districts for the 2020-2021 school year. The intention of the Governor’s plan is to have all students return to school five days per week. On Monday, June 29th, the complete Connecticut Reopening plan was published and is also available in the link above.

The district continues to develop our plans for reopening school in alignment with state expectations. The district plan is due for submission to the Connecticut State Department of Education by July 24th.

We need your help.

In order to plan effectively for a safe reopening of school, it is critical that we ascertain your initial intentions regarding sending your children to school. While this survey is anonymous and will help the district in developing initial plans, please know that when the final district plan is announced, it will be imperative to know each family’s intention regarding their child(ren)’s attendance in school this fall. At that time we will ask for your specific intentions for each of your children.
You will have the opportunity to complete the survey questions for each of your children

This initial parent survey will be open until July 6th.

Thank you very much for your participation!

PARENTS, please check your email for the link to the survey!


June 25, 2020

Dear Families, Faculty, Staff, and Community,

This afternoon the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) released the preliminary reopening guidelines for the 2020-21 school year. Due to Connecticut’s positively trending health data, the guidelines, recommendations, and requirements have been developed with direction to school districts that all of our students will be coming back to school in the fall. To ensure a safe and healthy environment for all students and staff, the focus will be to open school utilizing what the Governor is referring to as a combination of “mitigation strategies.” While you may be wondering what the “mitigating strategies” are, rest assured that your district leadership staff will be examining the documentation that the CSDE will publish on Monday. Following our examination of the specifics of that document, we will provide you with additional information to clarify and explain details to the best of our ability. The Governor and the Commissioner of Education have provided the link to the slide presentation shared in the press conference. Additionally, the Education Commissioner, Dr. Miguel Cardona, has provided a one-page executive summary.

While the current plan recommended by the CSDE and the Governor is identified below as “Level 1,” the CSDE has directed school districts to plan for three levels of school model implementation. The reasoning behind this decision is to guarantee that districts proactively prepare for any changes that may arise throughout the year relative to their local public health data and information.

Level 1: All students coming back to school in the fall, implementing requirements below.

Level 2: Creating a “hybrid model” (some in-person & some distance learning).

Level 3: All students on distance learning.

The Commissioner has informed all superintendents that in the event of a local resurgence of COVID-19 cases, a district will have to “ramp down” to Level 2 or Level 3 as necessitated by the local health conditions. Therefore, there will be no state defined protocol for uniform statewide district responses. Specific protocols implemented in districts will be driven by local data and guidance from local health and education officials.

While the schools are expected to open for all students for five days per week, the CSDE has informed superintendents that there will be an option for families to keep their child(ren) on distance learning only, particularly for students who present with medical conditions.

Please be assured that your entire District Leadership Team, both at the TSO and building levels, have been working with a large constituent group since the beginning of June in preparation for this state-level guidance.

We will be meeting to review the comprehensive guidance document scheduled for release on Monday, June 29th. Collaboratively, with input from our stakeholders, we will develop an overarching back-to-school implementation plan. We will remain flexible, open-minded, and responsive to the inevitable adjustments required to respond to emerging health data. We will submit our district plan to the CSDE, as required, by July 24th.

Critical components of the CSDE planning guidance for districts include the following five key mitigation strategies:

1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Students and staff are required to wear facemasks when social distancing cannot be maintained, including on the bus.

2. Social Distancing: While the 6-foot rule is considered ideal by CDC, the CSDE and Governor are allowing districts to make local decisions and configure existing spaces for social distancing.

3. Cleaning: Implementing cleaning and disinfection as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.

4. Handwashing: Frequently throughout the day. Hand sanitizer available when hand washing is not possible.

5. “Cohorting”: K-8 students remain in a cohort to the greatest extent possible. Due to the complexity of the high school schedule, it is not logistically possible to “cohort” students.

As soon as we have a plan that we can share with you, we will communicate with you. Our intention is to have a plan developed to be shared with the Board of Education at the July 15th Board meeting.

It will be important for us to know for planning purposes if parents plan to have their children attend school in accordance with the CSDE and Governor’s plan. Therefore, you will be receiving a survey regarding your intention for 1) your child(ren) to attend school in person this fall, 2) your intention of having your child(ren) ride a bus to school and 3) your intention to have your child(ren) participate in remote learning.

While we realize this can be quite overwhelming, please know that we have the best interest of your children at the heart of every decision we make and everything we are planning.


Dr. John W. Barile Dr. Maureen F. Ruby

Superintendent Assistant Superintendent

Open Letter to the Community We Serve

Open Letter to the Community We Serve

Thank You & Preliminary Actions to Reopen School

Thank You & Preliminary Actions to Reopen School

Board of Education Meeting 6/3/2020 @ 7pm

Three Important Things from the June 3, 2020 Board of Education Meeting.

1. Board of Education Chair, Rosa Fernandes, recognized and thanked the 2020 Teachers of the Year. At CES, Elisa Larson, at HHES, Wesley Marchena, at WMS, Kim Marshall, and at BHS, Heather Biancheri were recognized for their outstanding teaching accomplishments this year. Dr. Barile also announced the 2020 District Teacher of the Year, Wesley Marchena! Lastly, Mrs. Fernandes also announced the 2020 Staff Members of the Year. At CES, Abby Silva, at HHES, Maggie Heaton, at WMS, Mandy Yusko, at BHS, Carol Ann D'Arcangelo, and at the Town School Offices, Eric Conklin were thanked for their exceptional contributions to our schools this year. Congratulations to all and thank you for all you continue to do!

Brookfield High School Principal Marc Balanda proudly announced the Top 10 Graduating Seniors from BHS: Irfan Ajmeri (Northeastern University), Faaiz Quaisar (UCLA), Camryn Spero (Vassar College), Jamie Hiatrides (Villanova University), Courtney Spero (Vassar College), Maansi Barnwal (Johns Hopkins University), Jackson Boodry (Johns Hopkins University), Molly Birdsall (Vanderbilt University), Sophia Forlenza (Fordham University), and Kevin Tang (Northeastern University). Board members congratulated these seniors and asked them a few questions about their experiences in Brookfield. Good luck to these students and to all graduates of the class of 2020! To view all the recognitions, click here:

2. The Board received a presentation from Jennifer Laden, Chair of the BOE Healthy School Start Times Subcommittee. After a year of research, including student and parent surveys, meetings with educators and administrators from various districts, as well as experts in the field of adolescent sleep, the Committee recommended a shift in school start times beginning in the 2022-2023 school year. This will give the district and families two full years to plan for the transition, which will align with the new school opening. The Board voted unanimously to accept the Committee's recommendation for the new hours which are as follows: BHS/WMS: 8:00 a.m. - 2:45 p.m. HHES\CES (New School): 8:50 - 3:35. The full PowerPoint presentation may be downloaded from the district website, or viewed here

3. Dr. Barile proposed an amendment to the calendar for 2020-2021 school year to accommodate staff training, professional learning, preparation, and planning time based upon the plan to reopen the schools for proper adherence to Health and Safety rules regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Barile proposed a budget-neutral change to ensure schools and staff are ready for students to return, by moving the first day of school to Monday, August 31 and moving the February 13 PD day. This allows the entire week of August 24 (August 24-28) to be PD days for teachers and staff. Students will now be in school on February 13. This shift also affects the total number of school days for students, which will now be 180, instead of the previous 182. The Board unanimously approved Dr. Barile's proposal. To view Dr. Barile's recommendation, click here

Zoom Meeting Stream Meeting Agenda:


2020-2021 School Calendar

At its regular meeting on June 3, 2020, the Board of Education unanimously voted to approve the 2020-2021 calendar changes. Please see the updated School Calendar for 2020-2021.

School leaders have evaluated the scale of the updated new rules from the Department of Public Health and Connecticut Department of Education for reopening schools. In order to plan for the reopening of the schools, school leaders have determined that additional time is necessary for faculty training and planning in order to comply with newly published requirements.

Changes to the Calendar:

First Day of School for Students – August 31st (full day)
The school year will now be 180 days for students rather than 182 days
Teachers will now participate in 5 days of professional development during the week of August 24th – 28th prior to the first day of school in order to prepare for a safe, orderly and appropriate reopening of the schools for students
There will be no professional development day for the faculty in February
Columbus Day and Election Day remain as non-school days for students and as professional learning days for teachers

Three Important Things from the May 20, 2020 Board of Education Meeting1. Dr. Barile announced the formation of a School...
Board of Education Meeting 5/20/2020 @ 7pm

Three Important Things from the May 20, 2020 Board of Education Meeting

1. Dr. Barile announced the formation of a School Reopening Team whose goal will be to plan and organize various options for a school re-opening. Membership will include the Administrative team, Directors, our Teacher of the Year, a member of the Board of Education, and hopefully, a member of the Board of Finance. The first planned meeting will be scheduled for the first week of June. View Dr. Barile's comments here:

2. The Board continued discussions regarding the 2020-2021 proposed school budget. Necessary reductions to the budget, based on the Board of Finance's recommended town budget, total $1,586,841. After thoughtful and extensive deliberation and input from residents, the Board voted to retain WMS Athletics, BHS Freshman Athletics, and the K-6 World Language Program. Reductions include the proposed Math Interventionist at BHS, the proposed TESOL teacher at the elementary level, and one proposed new Kindergarten section and one of two proposed First grade sections at CES, resulting in class sizes slightly above the Board's recommended guidelines. The Board also voted to NOT reinstate the Pay-to-Participate program. It is important to note that these and other reductions were achieved through savings realized by the school closure during the COVID-19 pandemic, which allowed for some "pull ahead" spending this year for items included in next year's budget, as well as an exhaustive "scrubbing" of the budget to realize savings on utilities and other services, in addition to a delay in key strategic investments such as Math and Science support.

3. Board Chair Rosa Fernandes provided an update on the New School Project. The MBC and the architects are reviewing the project scope and finalizing project estimates for the Design Development Phase. The MBC has invited the Board of Education to their meeting on June 16th, where Tecton architects will present the most updated mock-ups of the interior and exterior of the building. The BOE will then vote on the design at their June 17th regular meeting, and following that meeting, the project will transition into the Construction Phase.


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