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Brookfield Public Schools Brookfield Public Schools is located in Brookfield, CT in Fairfield County. Our district has 2 elementary schools, 1 middle school, & 1 high school.

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Brookfield Public Schools will be continuing to provide lunches free of charge during our winter break; the week of 12/28/20. The lunches are available for all members of your household age 18 and younger, whether they are enrolled in school or not. The lunches can be picked up at Brookfield High School between 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM.

On Monday 12/28 - 3 lunches will be available for each of your children.

On Wednesday 12/30 - 4 lunches will be available for each of your children.

If you have any questions about this program or the lunches that will be distributed, please contact Alfonso Demasi at [email protected].


Three Main Points from the 12/16/2020 Board of Education Meeting

1. The Board received a presentation from Whisconier Middle School Principal Deane Renda and WMS students who participated in a two-week long project with Connecticut Arts for Learning. Connecticut Arts for Learning develops programs with CT artists to engage students of all ages and abilities in learning creatively through the arts. WMS teachers Jennifer Schuchat and Adam Figueiredo led 7th graders through the project which focused on the themes of conflict, protest, change and love expressed through art. Artwork by several students was highlighted through very impressive and inspiring drawings, paintings and poetry. Thank you to Dr. Maureen Ruby for applying for and securing the grant for this exceptional project that aligned with the 7th grade curriculum in such a meaningful way, click here

Mr. Renda and School Counselors Rachel Jalbert and Alison Fitzpatrick along with Student Council and Peer Leadership Advisors Catherine Haase and Kayla Ryan also presented work that's being done using the RULER approach to Social-Emotional Learning to help students use healthy strategies to deal with stress within their families and throughout their everyday life, especially during the pandemic. Several students presented videos of their ideas that incorporated physical exercise, organization, healthy eating, positive thinking, and sleep to deal with stress, improve attitudes and encourage a positive mindset. To view the WMS Spotlight presentation, click here

2. Dr. Barile announced that the district received a technology donation from R&B Enterprises, a local audio-visual company. The district will receive seven SmartKapp Interactive White Boards to be used in PE programs, and a 65-inch Multi-Touch Interactive Display. Dr. Barile thanked R&B Enterprises for this very generous donation. Mr. Eric Conklin, Director of Technology, provided the Board with a Technology Update. Mr Conklin announced that 450 new Chromebooks for our 1:1 program arrived at the beginning of November. An additional 300 Chromebooks arrived approximately two weeks later from the "Everybody Learns" Initiative through the State of Connecticut. Together with the 300 Chromebooks the district received from the Federal CARES Act in August, we now have 1,050 new Chromebooks. Mr. Conklin thanked the tech team including Kathy Colavito, Gladys Cotto, Susan Schmidt, Barbara McCarthy, Steve Clark, and students Logan White and Ewan LeJava who unboxed, inventoried, configured and sent out the delivery of 450 Chromebooks in one day (Election Day), which would normally take a full week during the summer. The “Everybody Learns” Initiative also provides Internet Access to families in need and has supplied the district with 12 mobile hotspots through Kajeet using Verizon cell phone service. Those hotspots have been distributed as well as two others from Spectrum. Spectrum Internet Service will provide 1-year of free Internet service for families who do not currently have service. Interested families should contact Mr. Conklin ([email protected]) for details. Mr. Conklin also announced that 100 Wireless Access Points that have been installed throughout the schools to increase our capacity, reliability and hotspot availability. In addition, classroom microphones have been set up to aid with audio for remote learners when listening to lessons from the teachers in the classrooms. Lastly, new laptops for WMS staff were distributed in August. To view the Dr. Barile's remarks and the Technology Update from Mr. Conklin, click here

3. Dr. Michael Murphy, Chair of the New School Naming Committee, presented the five names chosen by this subcommittee for the new elementary school to be built on the HHES site. Dr. Murphy reviewed the BOE policy for the naming of the school as well as the steps involved in collecting suggestions from CES and HHES students, which involved the students viewing a short presentation about the history of Brookfield, then each class assembling a list of suggested names. Classes submitted one name each to building principals, and principals submitted 3-5 names to the committee via a Google Sheet. Names submitted by students, as well as suggestions from community members and members of the Municipal Building Committee were evaluated. Five names were chosen to submit to the Board. Recommended names are Candlewood Elementary School, Candlewood Lake Elementary School, West Brook Elementary School, Newbury Elementary School and Lakeside Elementary School. The Board discussed conducting a community survey to gauge residents' feedback and preference of each of the five recommendations. The survey will be sent out in the next week or so, with responses due by mid-January to be discussed at the January 20th Board of Education meeting. To view the assemblies that the students viewed, click here . To view the presentation by Dr. Murphy, and Board discussion click here


Brookfield Broadcast December 2020 - Seasons Greetings


December 16, 2020

Dear Families, Faculty and Staff,

Due to the meteorological certainty of tomorrow’s forecast for significant snow accumulation and the likelihood of statewide blizzard wind conditions with potential for power outages, school will be closed on Thursday, December 17th. This means there will be NO Remote Learning. Therefore, at this time, the last day of school will be Monday, June 14th.

Future consideration whether or not to close school or hold a remote learning day in lieu of a snow day, will be made on a case-by-case basis since each storm has its own characteristics and potential impact. Consideration will include a variety of factors including, the current model of instruction, the availability of power/internet, and magnitude of the weather forecast, just to include a few. Safety and the quality of teaching and learning are at the forefront of such deliberations.

Additionally, please be certain to update your information in Powerschool to ensure accuracy so that you receive all information regarding our school district, including weather-related closings and delays. You also can opt-in to receive text messages for the days when internet access is not available in addition to email notifications. Text registration information can be found here.

At this time the forecast looks favorable for Remote Learning to continue on Friday. Should there be any changes we will be sure to inform you.

Please stay healthy and safe.

Dr. John W. Barile



Google has experienced a worldwide outage this morning that initially affected gmail and YouTube, but quickly spread to all Google services. These services are currently being restored or already have. Please be patient as services are being restored. The district will provide more information later today.


3 Main Points from the 12/2/2020 Board of Education Meeting
Watch the entire meeting here:

1. Dr. Barile provided an update regarding the district's COVID cases and the decision to continue Remote Learning until January 14, 2021. This decision was made after careful consultation with and recommendation by Dr. Raymond Sullivan of the town's Health Department and Dr. Laurie Davis, the district’s medical advisor, due to the number of COVID cases and the number of staff members affected by the required quarantining. To view Dr. Barile's update:

2. The Board received a presentation of the Superintendent's 2021-2022 Budget Proposal. Dr. Barile is recommending new investments of $572,029 or 1.26% of the budget increase to enhance programming for students. Some of the suggested investments include a district TESOL teacher, Math Interventionist for BHS, Math tutor at CES, Summer School support for K-4 regular education students, a Technology teacher at BHS, new Chromebooks for 1:1 program across grades K-7, internet upgrades, BHS Gymnastics and Boys Volleyball, and more. The total proposed budget is $47,235,137, which is an increase of 3.96% over this current year’s budget. A public hearing on the Budget will be held on January 6th. To watch Dr. Barile's budget presentation and subsequent board discussion, click here:

The presentation can also be viewed on the District website here:

3. Dr. Michael Murphy and Mrs. Fernandes provided updates on the New School Project. Dr. Murphy, Chair of the New School Naming Committee, reported that students at both CES and HHES are participating in a Naming the New School Contest and will be submitting suggested names for the new school to the principals by December 8th. The New School Naming Committee will meet on December 8th and present a list of 3-5 suggested names to the BOE at its regular meeting on December 16th. To view Dr. Murphy's remarks, click here:

Mrs. Fernandes reported that the project is now in the Construction Documents phase, led by the Municipal Building Committee. She also announced that the town received state approval from the Office of State Construction Grants. Dr. Barile shared that bidders for the demolition and construction of the new school will walk through HHES and the grounds on December 16th. To view Mrs. Fernandes's update, click here:

Dear Families, Faculty and Staff, I hope this update finds you well. The leading COVID health indicator continues to tre...

Dear Families, Faculty and Staff,

I hope this update finds you well.

The leading COVID health indicator continues to trend upward from 22.3 cases per 100,000 last week to a rate of 28.1 cases per 100,000 and the secondary indicator of positivity rate has risen from 4.8% to 5.9%. Both of these indicators are generated from the 14 day period from November 1st - November 14th. These metrics are what is keeping Brookfield in the red zone and they can be accessed in the CT Data Portal

Importantly, the district has developed a new COVID-19 ( )to share with the community regarding the current tracking of school based COVID-19 positive cases, and the numbers of staff and students currently in quarantine. The Dashboard will be updated weekly. For convenience, you can view the Dashboard below:

We hope this new COVID-19 Dashboard is helpful to informing you of this important school district health data.

Kind regards,

Dr. John W. Barile


BROOKFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS COVID-19 DASHBOARD Center Elementary School Huckleberry Hill Elementary School Whisconier Middle School Brookfield High School Staff confirmed COVID Positive: currently isolating 1 1 1 2 Students confirmed COVID Positive: currently isolating 1 1 ...


Brookfield Community,

Due to the issue with gmail users not receiving email communications, we are posting this email that was sent at 2pm today (11/13) here on Facebook.

November 13, 2020
Dear Families, Faculty, Staff and Community Members,
Today, November 13th, the school district was notified that a member of the Center School community has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). The affected person has been instructed to remain home and isolate for 10 days.
The last day the affected individual was at Center School was on Monday, November 9th. We have not received any other reports of students or staff members experiencing illnesses with symptoms resembling those of COVID-19. Anyone who is considered a “close contact” with this individual has been contacted by now or will be contacted very soon and provided with instructions on the appropriate steps to take, which includes quarantine for 14 days.
We are closely monitoring this situation and working with the Brookfield Health Department.
Dr. John W. Barile


Parents and Families:

We are aware that many have not receive the communication that was sent at 11:30 regarding the district remaining hybrid next week (11/16-11/20), we have confirmed that those have not received it are Gmail users and there is currently an issue with Gmail that is not delivering the email accordingly. While Gmail works to resolve the issue, below is the content of the email, please share with others.

UPDATE M: November 13, 2020 - Continued Increase in COVID-19
Hybrid Learning through November 20th

Dear Families, Faculty and Staff,

Brookfield has experienced another increase in COVID-19 positivity over the past two weeks. Brookfield’s COVID status remains in the RED. After reviewing Brookfield’s current health metrics with our medical advisor and public health officials last night, the Brookfield schools will remain on a Hybrid schedule for next week (November 16 through - November 20).

The leading COVID health indicator has trended upward from 19.3 cases per 100,000 last week to a positive rate of 22.3 cases per 100,000 for the 14 day period from October 20 - November 7th. This statistic is what is keeping Brookfield in the RED zone. Our health data are in the range where the Hybrid learning model should continue to be implemented. Thankfully, we still have no evidence of virus transmission in any of our schools.

As a reminder, kindergarten students will remain in their current Hybrid model. Kindergarten students will continue attending 4 days per week either in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on their cohort, with Wednesday being a remote learning day for all students.

Wednesday will remain a remote learning day for the entire district.

Again, the Brookfield Public Schools will remain on a Hybrid schedule next week (11/16/2020 through 11/20/2020) due to the continued increase in COVID-19 cases.

As I shared last week, Connecticut health data are now updated each Thursday evening. You can expect an update from me next Friday, November 20th. Should conditions change prior to next Friday, you will be notified sooner.

We understand the difficulties that this model presents to many families, and we thank you for your continued flexibility and understanding.

Kind regards,

Dr. John W. Barile


Board of Education Meeting 11/4/2020 @ 7pm

Brookfield BOE Meeting November 4, 2020 – 3 Main Points

1. AS OF THE BOE MEETING, INFORMATION REGARDING THE RETURN TO SCHOOL HAS CHANGED. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR AN UPDATE OR CLICK THE LINK: During Wednesday night's meeting, Dr. Barile updated the Board on the return to Hybrid on Thursday, November 5 after a two-week COVID-related closure, as well as the anticipated return to 100% in-school learning for grades K-8 on Monday, November 9. Recent survey results show that roughly 79% of students plan to return to school full time when that is possible while 21% have elected to continue Remote Learning. Approximately 74% of families have indicated their children will ride the bus. All new desks have been received and shields have been installed. Custodians, maintenance, administration, faculty, and staff are ready for a full return to school when that is possible and will remain vigilant in adhering to mitigation strategies of cleaning and hand washing. Due to space constraints, BHS will remain on Hybrid even if K-8 returns to a 100% in-person model in the future. Of course, the Administration is working closely with the Department of Health to monitor COVID data trends and will be in touch with any changes to the plans. To view Dr. Barile's update, click here.

2. The Board received a presentation from Huckleberry Hill students and teachers focusing on "Celebration in a Digital World" and their work with Social-Emotional Learning (Yale RULER Tool) and Writing since students have been learning remotely. Third graders Joey Caparosa and Sophia Ciliberto from Mrs. Johnson's class discussed how they have used technology to discuss emotions, learn how to regulate their emotions and work on being their best selves to build their classroom community. Mrs. Lounsbury's fourth graders, Matteo Melillo and Julia Cassano discussed and demonstrated how they used technology in their writing unit, "Writing Realistic Fiction," by formulating a realistic fiction idea, developing characters, drafting scenes and filming themselves using FlipGrid. The Board was very impressed with all of the students and thanked the teachers for all their hard work during Remote Learning. To watch the presentation, click here.

3. The Board voted unanimously to adopt the following as its Equity Vision Statement: "The Brookfield Public Schools honors the uniqueness of each individual and embraces diverse backgrounds, values, and points of view to build a unified, safe, and welcoming school community that empowers students and prepares them for lives in a multicultural society. We believe it is our responsibility to seek out and address biases and ensure achievement regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, class, religious beliefs, or disability." The statement was developed at the Board Retreat on October 22, 2020. Watch the retreat here:


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