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Start the day with God. He will give you instructions for the day. Ask him to guide you and give wisdom for the day.


Stay encouraged that there is way out of all difficulties. God is the waymaker and miracle worker. Remember he parted the Red Sea and brought the Israelites out on dry land. He will bring relief and help from His holy abode. Stay in faith and Don't lean on your own understanding.


I heard today that a young lady jumped off the top of the parking garage at the mall. Apparently she had depression, had a psychiatric history and,was also bullied.
I wish she had reached out rather than giving up. Too often people mask their feelings with drugs, Alcohol, or try to escape the pain.
We need to encourage those in pain, to reach out and to talk about what is really going on. Keeping everything a secret is not a solution.
We need to recognize when others,are depressed around us, and encourage them that they are not alone in their struggle, and to reach out for help.
Isolating, giving stuff away, marked changed of behavior that is different is a red flag, (increase of energy suddenly). Slurred speech, crying, sleeping a lot or very little. Let's be aware of those around us, and yes be our brother's keeper!


Some times life can get so hectic. Very fast and furious. We need to recharge our batteries and life in a healthy way. We need to take ,a time out and put a,stop to things and people that drain our strength and resources.

We need to put a stop to things that are not bearing fruit, and to take stock of what we are doing to see if It's what God wants us to do. Otherwise we are spinning our wheels and in danger of burning out.

God bless and keep the Faith!
If you need help I am here to help
203-775-6269. Rhoda Banks, LCSW

What is a picture you might ask?  It's not easily seen by the naked eye. People,are struggling without being obvious to ...

What is a picture you might ask? It's not easily seen by the naked eye. People,are struggling without being obvious to those around them. But The Lord knows and He is ready to heal your wounds.
Many feel neglected or forgotten, but God is always,ready to help and give aid to the,afflicted.
When your resources run dry, you can run to Him! He is,always available. The Holy Spirit is our helper.

So if you need to talk to someone who understands your situation, talk with God about it. He will speak truth to your spirit and He will see you through and give you a way out of your difficulties!


More and more we see people struggle with addiction
Many want to stop, but lack the tools to cope without drugs or alcohol. They want to stop, but are too entrenched in the way it makes them feel.
Self medication has become a way of life, but there is hope.
Let's,start to get to the root of the addiction, to be willing to deal with it and the pain. There is help available!!! Reach out and get help before you become another statistic! It's,time to deal with the agony and not walk away!


This Saturday, January 21st at 11:28am, I will be interviewed on Empire Radio. They will be asking me about how I became a Counselor, and promoting my practice. Also mentioned will be the three books I published. Favor, The Purpose of Being Hidden, and Dance as David Danced.
Here is the link to listen in. You won't want to miss this!!


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Rhoda Banks, LCSW, LLC

Rhoda Banks, LCSW, LLC

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