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Safe Harbor Marina at Buffalo Harbor State Park Safe Harbor Marina is New York State's largest marina, located in Buffalo, New York. This is Safe Harbor Marina's Official page.

This account was created by Safe Harbor Marina management. We look forward to our first season operating in Buffalo's outer harbor!


On October 13, the Buffalo News ran a story that indicated that the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation is paying for the new docks at Safe Harbor. This was reported in error and we have reached out to the Buffalo News to clarify. Safe Harbor is paying for the new docks as part of our $10 million contractual agreement with the State of New York. As always, please contact the office if you have any additional questions.


Attention Slip holders and Public Launch Users,

We will begin in water work very soon. The earliest we could start would be Friday, but with the weather forecast it is looking like it could be pushed to either later in the weekend or Monday morning. When we begin this work, the fencing and gates that currently surround B lot will be CLOSED for the season. This will cut off thru traffic on property, and those wishing to go from one end to the other will need to utilize Fuhrmann Boulevard.

This will also force all launch access to enter the marina from the North end entrance, in front of the Bait Shop.

On another note once October 15th hits, the State Park contractor doing the work in the south end of the marina will be given full access to the South end. This will mean that there will be NO access to the docks at the south end of the marina by land. Please do not allow a situation where your boat is in the docks beyond that date.


The letters for the $100 "Guarantee fee" or deposit for next year are in the mail. The back of the letter has the price list for next season, and it is below in this email as well. You do not need to wait for the letter to pay your deposit, we can accept them at any time. The deposit is due OCTOBER 1ST. If the deposit is not received by then, that slip will go up for rent next season.

The layout for next season is still posted in our office, and you are still encouraged to come check it out. Please also remember that the last day to have your boats out of the water is OCTOBER 15TH. Boats still in after that date will be removed by Safe Harbor.

2017 Slip Pricing
24' non metered 24 25 26 27
$1,199 $1,279 $1,359 $1,439
28' non metered 28 29
$1,413.50 $1,493.50
28' metered 28 29
$1,363.50 $1,443.50
30' metered 30 31 32 33
$1,471.25 $1,551.25 $1,631.25 $1,711.25
34' metered 34 35 36 37
$1,702 $1,782 $1,862 $1,942
40' metered 40 41 42 43
$1,878 $1,958 $2,038 $2,118
44' metered 44 45 46 47
$2,235.50 $2,315.50 $2,395.50 $2,475.50
50' metered 50 51 52 53
$2,771.50 $2,851.50 $2,931.50 $3,011.50
Jet Ski
$49/ foot


Attention Slip Holders,

With the season coming to a close, some of our in-water construction work for the brand new dock system will be beginning; possibly this week. We want to get a jump on the large project we have ahead of us, and will be taking advantage of the nice weather. We will also begin the process of moving some boats around within the harbor, to allow for us to start pulling the current docks out of the water.

With that being said, we encourage those who will not be making use of their boats for the remainder of the season to pull them out and get them ready for winter storage. By no means are we going to force anyone out early, but with a little cooperation from all parties involved we can get a lot of work done this fall and have a timely opening in 2017. Again, for those who wish to remain in the harbor until October 15th, we will likely be moving you to a different slip to allow the in water work and dock removal to begin as soon as possible.

Some of the new docks are set to arrive in early October, and we can not wait for you to see them!


Attention day boaters and frequent launch users...

Please be advised that due to construction of a new boat launch, parking for cars and boat trailers may be limited for the holiday weekend. It is advised that you call ahead before heading to Buffalo Harbor on weekends for the remainder of the season. The number is 716-828-0027.

If Buffalo Harbor is at capacity and you hold an empire passport the next closest State Park Launch facility is at Big Six Marina on Grand Island and the Sunset Bay Marina in Angola.

We appreciate your patience during this construction project.

Sincerely, Safe Harbor Marina and New York State Parks


Here is a copy of the 2017 layout. Again, please stop by the office for more details.

Thank you


Hello everyone!

The much awaited finalized dock layout and slip placement for the 2017 season is now complete. We encourage slipholders to come to the administration office at the marina to see where your slips will be next season. We will also be updating the pricing list soon and getting you all of that information as well. The hours for the Administration office are 8am-4pm seven days a week.

See you all soon!


Hello boaters! You may have heard our radio spots advertising the new pontoon boats...we will soon have an ad running in Artvoice as well. Please feel free to SHARE this ad on your own pages so that everyone learns about our brand new pontoons! They are available for part or full days and come equipped with a bathroom and grill on-board. Perfect for a group of friends, families or any and all boating enthusiasts!


Hello Boaters!

We at Safe Harbor would like to begin by thanking all of you for such an amazing beginning to our Summer Season! As always we have appreciated your comments and concerns, and are working diligently to meet all of you marina needs. Have you caught a sunset at the new patio bar 's Boat Yard? This most recent improvement at Safe Harbor Marina helps to show that Buffalo's Outer Harbor is the place to be!

In light of the 4th of July Weekend, we wanted to help spread the word of an amazing opportunity for people to enjoy our ever improving Buffalo Waterfront! Safe Harbor Marina is pleased to offer a brand new fleet of pontoon style rental boats. Each boat is capable of holding 18 persons, and comes with both a marine restroom and gas grill. Rental options include both 4 and 8 hour time frames midweek, with full day rentals available on weekends.

Perfect for family or work parties, Safe Harbor Boat Rentals offer Buffalonians a new perspective of our beautiful waterfront attractions such as Canalside, Buffalo Riverworks and more! Enjoy the 4th of July festivities and take advantage of the incredible recreational opportunities that our city has to offer.

Call 716-828-0027 to make your reservation now! Deposits are required and space is limited, so call to book your day of fun on the water!


Hello all and Happy Memorial Day weekend! We at Safe Harbor, along with our friends in NYS Parks would like to thank all of our slip holders for their patience while we get fully up and running for the season. We understand that there may be a few places where there are boards that need replaced and nailed down, as well as a few other issues. If you see an issue we kindly ask that you report it to the dock office, so that we can be sure to attend to it.

We would also like to let everyone know of an event taking place on Memorial Day Monday May 30th. There is a City of Buffalo Slow Roll (bicycle event) taking place in the evening. The event will run roughly 4:30pm through 7pm, and will directly affect traffic in the local area. Fuhrmann Boulevard will be closed down to vehicular traffic during the event, with Buffalo Police Officers being on site to allow access to and from the marina.

Please understand that this event is coordinated through the City, and though we voiced our opinions on the matter we unfortunately have no control.

We look forward to an amazing new boating season, and with the extended weather forecasts it looks like it should be a good one. Make sure to stop in to Charlie's Boat Yard to enjoy the new patio bar, and we will see you out there!

-Safe Harbor Marina


Hello Boaters! How about this weather.. feels like Summer already! I'm sure many of you are aware that we have begun installing the docks for this season. We apologize for any lack of responses to phone calls, but will be having staff in our office later this week while we install docks to rent out the few remaining slips and answer questions. To clear up some of the more frequently asked questions,

Opening day is set for May 15th,

We do have a pair of launch ramps in, and boaters are welcome to launch while we install docks.

** Please be respectful and mindful of the crews installing the docks. Keep wakes to a minimum and give them plenty of space in the harbor.

We will continue to work tirelessly to get the docks installed and allow everyone to take advantage of this early season weather! See you soon.


Attention prospective slip holders! Monday Morning March 7th at 8am we will begin accepting newcomers to the marina! The process will be simple... There will be a sign in sheet at the door to the Marina office. Please print your name and telephone number in the next available space. PLEASE wait in your vehicle until it is your turn, and marina staff will call you when it is your turn. We kindly ask that you do not enter the office until you have been called in by staff. We will have a map of available slips in the office, and can take payment in cash, credit card, or check. Payments must be made in full and in person.

See you soon!


Attention current slipholders. Saturday morning, March 5th at 8am we will be opening the doors of the office for Slip Change day. Slip changes will be on a first come first serve basis, and there will be a list at the office to keep the order. Please place your name and phone number on the list. When the office opens, we will begin calling slipholders into the office to make their switches. DO NOT come into the office until you are called in. At 4pm, the office closes and slip change day ends. Thank you ahead of time for your patience, we will work our hardest for everyone.

Thank you


Attention Slip Holders,

We at Safe Harbor want to take a moment to acknowledge the concerns that many of you have had with recent policy changes within our marina in regards to the contract renewals. We have taken a look at all of the information and comments out there, and have come to a compromise for our faithful customers. So, to set the record straight, we have edited the requirements for securing an annual lease one last time.

The first option is to store with us throughout the winter, as stated in the original paperwork. ***The other option, affectionately known as "Option C," is where we have made one final change. The $100 minimum winter storage fee which was required to secure the annual lease without actually utilizing our storage, has been change to a DEPOSIT. This $100 deposit will then be applied to the following seasons slip fee.

We believe that this change benefits both the marina and the slip holders, and a more detailed letter has been sent to all of our slip holders in the mail to clarify this information.

Safe Harbor Marina will continue to improve our communication with all of our slip holders, and as always suggest that slip holders with concerns contact the office directly for the most accurate and immediate response. If you have left us a message but have not heard back, please understand that we are working through the list and will be in touch as soon as possible.

Thank you


It has become apparent that folks just want to rant and rave and threaten and misinform about our new lease option. We wish to clarify all the misinformation that is being posted by the many other marinas and the NON customers trying to take advantage of a changing but very positive situation.

1. Our customers are free to choose to sign an annual lease or a seasonal lease, your choice; or you are free to relocate to one of the other marinas in the area as many have threatened. We hope you will stay here and be a part of the exciting future of the Marina.
2. We encourage the annual lease that requires year round storage as this is the way many marinas are run, only the NFTA did not run it this way.
3. We have given some of you an option on the annual lease that you don’t agree with and the $100.00 fee is very concerning to you. This is only an option to allow you the benefits of the annual lease-first choice of slip. Automatic renewal of slip each year without hassle. 5% discount if you store year round.
4. Again Seasonal lease is an option for those of you that don’t like the winter storage base fee.
5. Safe Harbor has the staff and the equipment necessary to store your boat. We will be able to provide winterization, shrink wrapping, jack stands etc. just as we do at all of our marinas. We hope to allow the local businesses an opportunity to provide some of these services but we are ready and willing and able to do whatever is needed to see that our customers are taken care of.
6. Remember being an annual slip holder allows you to pick your new slip this summer and will guarantee that you will have one next year. The marina is full with a waiting list.


Hello all,

With the new contract offers all being sent out, we wanted to clarify some of the information about the difference between choosing a seasonal and annual lease. We understand that there are many boaters who store their boats during the off-season themselves, and have opened a third option for those customers. Please see the following list of options with details about what is offered with each.

OPTION A: ANNUAL LEASE 1, “ INCLUDES WINTER STORAGE”, automatically renews every year, guarantees you the same slip , and gives you a 5% discount. Annual lease holders will have first opportunity to select their slips.

OPTION B: SEASONAL LEASE , for the summer season only and will be offered on a first come first serve basis every year, no automatic renewal and is subject to availability.

OPTION C: ANNUAL LEASE 2, “ DOES NOT INCLUDE WINTER STORAGE”, automatically renews every year, no discount. Requires a $100.00 slip guarantee fee that holds the same slip year to year. Annual lease holders will have first opportunity to select their slips.

For those who have remaining questions, please call the office at 716-828-0027 Monday through Friday, between 8am-4pm. You can also stop by the office during those hours and discuss the exciting future for our marina with the new management team.

Thank you

New restaurant coming to former Dug's Dive

New restaurant coming to former Dug's Dive

Safe Harbor Development, out of Tennessee, is now running the Small Boat Harbor and is bringing on longtime Buffalo restaurateur Chuck Goodspeed for the new restaurant, with an eye on eventually beginning year-round service.


Attention boaters,

Earlier today, we removed the last launch dock from the water. The weather allowed for us to keep it in longer than usual, but unfortunately we had to take it out.

Thank you and have a very happy holiday!


Hello all,

We at Safe Harbor would like to clear up a small bit of information with regards to the future changes/additions of the restaurant at the marina. There have been some rumors that a restaurant named Portico will be coming to the marina, which are simply rumors. There will be a restaurant operating in the same space previously occupied by Dug's Dive, under new management. We have not yet announced any details about the new management as we are still ironing things out. As soon as we get concrete information about the new restaurant we will let everyone know.

As a friendly reminder, Safe Harbor Marina at Buffalo Harbor State Park is the official title for our marina's page. While there may be other sites dedicated to information regarding the marina, this page is the sole provider of information directly from marina management via Facebook.

Thank you all and see you soon!



We know that there have been a lot of people patiently waiting for our end of the year letter. With the extra time it took for us to remove the docks unfortunately we have had to delay the release of our letter as all of our focus was on getting the docks out.

The much anticipated letter should be out in early to mid December. This letter will be filled with information about contract renewals, restaurant updates, updates on future plans for the harbor, as well as any information about rates.

We apologize for the long wait on this information, but truly do appreciate your patience while we make sure that all of the information the letter will have in it is 100% accurate.

Thank you again, and please have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


We are pleased to report that as of today all the docks have been removed and we are ready for winter. [

Yes, we had some challenges and Lake Erie made her presence known to us but the process is safely complete and all docks are in tact.

Thank you for your ongoing support and we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


Dear Boaters,

We would like to keep everyone updated as to the status of "The Wilkie." It was raised up and re-floated on Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning it was towed to First Buffalo River Marina and removed from the water. It will be cleaned up and mechanics will get the engine running while it is there, as well as a few needed repairs. Many thanks to those who helped us to bring the barge up and to get it out of the water.


After several hours of attempting to raise "The Wilkie" today it has been deemed unsafe to continue in the current conditions. We will get back to it tomorrow so that we can get the barge repaired as soon as possible.

Thank you


Dear Boaters,

We wanted to let you know that during the storm that struck WNY over the past 24 hours, the Wilkerson barge took on water and was partially submerged.

Safe Harbor is working with Bidco to recover the barge and will make all necessary repairs. We will begin recovery efforts once the wind dies down and it is safe to do so.

Safe Harbor has been in contact with our partners at State Parks and the City of Buffalo.

Hope you all stayed safe during this weather situation.


On behalf of all of us at Safe Harbor, we want to thank all of our slip holders for a wonderful first season.
Since assuming operation in March we spent this first season observing and talking with all of you to learn about your expectations and needs as well as educating ourselves about this unique and magnificent place that is very special to all of us. Thank you all for your input, the time you took to share your feelings and thoughts with us and know that each conversation, email and letter will result in an even better marina.
In the six short months we are proud of the progress we did make this year including the addition of Wi-Fi, implementation of a shuttle and landscaping updates. We are continuing to look at parking as well as several other reoccurring items.
We are currently working with our partners at NYS Parks to plan for the major work that we expect will begin in 2017. We expect to share some exciting news shortly and we continue to ask for your patience and support.
This off season you will receive a letter from us addressing specific issues, solutions and future plans and improvements. As always your feedback on that will be appreciated so please watch for that.
And lastly, to just address another important item. New York State Parks has the ability to make use of the "Wilkie" work barge as needed, we have their permission to use it, and intend to do so.
We encourage your feedback. Remember we all have stake and a passion in this marina. This is the largest marina in New York State and we want to make it the best. We must continue to work together and we have no doubt the future of this marina will exceed everyone’s expectations.
Please continue to reach out to us and as a reminder we have been in discussions with several slip holders who are serving as a focus group to help us move through some of the important and real issues at the Marina. We have made good progress through this type of communication and we will continue to work with those who choose to be a part of the solution.
Thank you again for your support and patience and we are already looking forward to 2016!


Hello Slipholders,

We know that there have been many people wondering about some form of end of season meeting or newsletter to discuss the past season as well as future concepts. We will be sending out a newsletter to you all to answer many of the reoccurring questions we have gotten as well as address some future plans. This letter will be coming out this fall, most likely after the docks are removed. We do not want to send out a letter that has information that is not set in stone, which is why it will be coming out in the fall once all new policies, procedures, and updates are confirmed.

Thank you all for your patience, and we will be seeing you all soon.


Hello all,

We just wanted to post some information as the season begins winding down.

First, there have been a lot of questions as to whether or not there will be a restaurant at the marina next year. There most definitely will be a restaurant, but at this time we do not have any concrete information about what to expect out of the new restaurant.

Secondly, we are going to be closing down the gas dock at 7:30pm Monday-Thursday starting September 21st to coincide with the changing time of sunset. The dock will still open up at 8am daily, and will stay open until 8pm on the weekends.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly there seems to be a few different reports about an official date for the end of the season.

ALL boats need to be out of the marina by OCTOBER 15TH!!

We're sure everyone is enjoying this late season beautiful weather, I know we are at Safe Harbor Marina.

Thank you


P/O running, harvester up and running...thanks for the patience!


The pump out is down for repair...sorry for the inconvenience we are working on repair ASAP!


Attention: Seasonal Part-time employees wanted. Must be available on weekends, morning and afternoon shifts. You must also have a valid drivers license. Please submit your resume at [email protected]


Due to break-wall repairs, the end of D and C lots are gated for the construction company's staging area. Parking near N & O docks has been gated as it falls within the staging area. Unfortunately we had no warning of this gate being put up prior to today and we are very sorry for any inconvenience it may cause our customers. We are working to find a compromise for parking with the company for our slip renters.


It's windy today...come on down and check your boats :-)

Life In Color

We wanted to make our customers aware of the "Life in Color" concert this Friday that will impact traffic in the area of Safe Harbor Marina. We will be monitoring our parking with attendants to deter concert goers from our lots. The concert if from 6 pm to 11 pm but expect traffic delays as early as 4pm. Have a great weekend!

LIFE IN COLOR, "The World’s Largest Paint Party," began in 2006 on college campuses in Florida. Founded by Sebastian Solano, Paul Campbell, Lukasz Tracz and Patryk Tracz, LIFE IN COLOR, is a production and promotions company that stages more than 200 concerts annually in the United States and Intern…

Life In Color

Life In Color

LIFE IN COLOR, "The World’s Largest Paint Party," began in 2006 on college campuses in Florida. Founded by Sebastian Solano, Paul Campbell, Lukasz Tracz and Patryk Tracz, LIFE IN COLOR, is a production and promotions company that stages more than 200 concerts annually in the United States and Intern…


The w**d harvester has been out running with the nice weather and lower wind speeds, thanks for all the patience.


The seaw**d harvester has been standing by to be cutting seaw**d in the harbor...the wind speed has been keeping it out, we will run it as soon as the conditions allow. Thank you for your patience.


FYI ... Sky's the Limit is tomorrow - Friday, July 24th at Buffalo Harbor State Park & Tift Nature Preserve. Check out the flyer to view the activities!


Please be advised there is a race scheduled for tomorrow Wednesday, July 22nd beginning at 6 PM that may impact traffic down by the marina. The race begins near the fish cleaning station, leads south on Fuhrmann and ends near the Harbor State Park new playground on the walk path. Thanks for the patience.


Safe Harbor Marina at Buffalo Harbor State Park

Here is the letter of notice from "Eclipse Mutli-Sport" of the Nickel City Triathlon on July 18, 2015 at Gallagher Beach that may impact portions of traffic on Fuhrmann Boulevard.


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