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Town of Cheektowaga Neighborhood Watch This page is dedicated to the Neighborhood Watch group in the Town of Cheektowaga, NY. Cheektowaga Neighborhood Watch is an alliance of community residents; being vigilant for suspicious activity and reporting such activity to the Cheektowaga Police Department.

Happy New Year Watchers! Continue to be safe - we will get together sooner than later...

Happy New Year Watchers! Continue to be safe - we will get together sooner than later...


Hey watchers - adopt a fire hydrant in your neighborhood! Keep it clean during the winter months, just in case it's needed...

Hi Watchers - please read the letter below!If you are a regular attendee to our meetings,either call or email, per the d...

Hi Watchers - please read the letter below!
If you are a regular attendee to our meetings,
either call or email, per the directions...

Don't fall for this scam!

Don't fall for this scam!

The Cheektowaga Police Department will be hosting a Blood Drive on 12/29/20. The ConnectLife donation van will be in our...
Make an Appointment - ConnectLife

The Cheektowaga Police Department will be hosting a Blood Drive on 12/29/20. The ConnectLife donation van will be in our parking lot at 3223 Union Road in Cheektowaga from 1:00PM - 6:00PM. In order to maintain the safest environment possible and to keep your wait time down, an appointment is recommended. You can make an appointment by clicking the link below!

Online scheduling for appointments to donate blood.


From Cheektowaga PD:
From October 1- December 1st we took 33 reports for stolen vehicles. In the Cleveland Hill area, 3 vehicles were taken all within the 6am hour. Vehicles are being stolen after residents are leaving their vehicles running to warm up. One of the vehicles was running outside a convenience store. With the colder weather upon us, we need the public to keep their vehicles locked at all times and not leave their keys in the vehicle. Please push this information out and notify your neighbors and friends of these crimes taking place.


From Cheektowaga PD:

We have had a couple reports come in this week regarding the Amazon scam. Amazon Prime members are falling prey to fraudsters after receiving a call from "Amazon Prime Security" stating their Amazon account has been compromised with fraudulent purchases. The scammers tell the account holders to remedy the issue, they need to purchase various store gift cards and provide them with the account numbers. Most people when we try to advise people about these scams say I would never, or who would actually fall for that..... A LOT OF PEOPLE. We take these reports from numerous victims from all ages every week!! Please do not fall for these. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself...
1. TIME IS ON YOUR SIDE - Scammers will try to keep you on the line and pressure you that you need to act fast or there will be consequences. DO NOT RUSH and send money right away.
2. HANG UP - Hang up the phone and call that company directly with a number you look up, not one provided by them.
3. NO GIFT CARD PAYMENTS - No reputable business askes for payments in gift cards.
4. DO NOT SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION - Do not share your information with someone that contacted you unsolicited whether its over the phone, via email or social media. No birthdate, social security numbers etc.
5. DO NOT CLICK LINKS PROVIDED BY UNSOLICITED EMAILS - Unreliable links will download malware on your computer, smart phone or tablet. Be cautious even with an email that looks familiar.
With the holiday season approaching we have to be extra vigilant on online scams.

From Cheektowaga PD:Due to Erie County designated an Orange Zone we are closing public access to our station immediately...

From Cheektowaga PD:
Due to Erie County designated an Orange Zone we are closing public access to our station immediately to protect the health of our critical employees. PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE STATION. We are working to make all requests possible over the phone or through email. The drug boxes will also be unavailable during this time. Please use the numbers listed below if you need service from the police station. Any questions, please call 686-3510.


With the High Wind Warning in effect, make sure your outdoor items have been either taken inside or secured. Have working flashlights handy and generators full and operational.

This week's scam call:Claiming you are late for jury duty.You will never be notified by phone regarding jury duty.Hang u...

This week's scam call:
Claiming you are late for jury duty.
You will never be notified by phone regarding jury duty.
Hang up...

*SCAM ALERT*We have been made aware by some of our residents that they have received false calls from people pretending ...
Utility Scam Alert | National Grid


We have been made aware by some of our residents that they have received false calls from people pretending to be representatives of National Grid. The caller demands immediate payment or threatens termination of service. Do not give any caller like this payment or account information. Here is a link with information directly from National Grid on steps to protect yourself from scams like this.,balance%20on%20their%20utility%20bill.

When contacted by a person claiming to represent National Grid, always verify their identity to protect yourself against scams.

If you see this in your neighborhood where there is no construction, call the PD...

If you see this in your neighborhood where there is no construction, call the PD...


Hey watchers - looking for Gerry Vaughan. If you know him, have him check his voicemail.


No surprise
No meeting this month
We'll send a welcome back message when we're finally ready.
Stay safe!


Hello watchers!
We will be unable to resume meetings at the Senior Center until word from the Town that we are able to do so. Stay tuned for further updates on resuming our schedule. Stay safe and stay vigilant!


County Executive Mark Poloncarz has declared a curfew tonight from 8pm to 5am. Essential workers should carry proof of employment to travel to and from their jobs. Please be safe and aware.


Please remember - DO NOT operate your propane grill anywhere but outside!


With the snow and the parking ban long gone, please do not park vehicles across the sidewalk. Park excess vehicles on the appropriate side of the street. Residents are out walking; especially those that are visually impaired with service animals. Be considerate of your neighbors.


**Please do not be alarmed if you see low flying aircraft**

Today, a formation of U.S. Air Force aircraft are planning to fly over Western New York to honor the brave men and women working on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19. If you do come out to see the aircraft, please remember social distancing guidelines. Stay safe and healthy! 🇺🇸


Happy Mother’s Day from the Cheektowaga Police Department family! Especially to our CPD mothers in blue and all of the essential employees who are out there today, keeping our communities safe & moving instead of spending time at home with their loved ones. Stay safe and healthy! 💙



There has been a recent rash of Stolen Vehicles and thefts from vehicles in South Cheektowaga. Attempting to identify this suspect caught on video going through a vehicle on Louise Drive. This suspect may be responsible for multiple thefts in the area Please contact Detective Turnbull @ 686-7440



• ALL GRASS PICKUP WILL BE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED until the State of Emergency ends. Please mulch your grass. It is good fertilizer. Otherwise please put your grass in your garbage tote or drop it off at the sanitation department where we have a sanitation truck available for you to dump your bagged grass.
• Only town-authorized garbage and recyclable totes shall be used for collection by the Town. No bags outside of both the town-authorized garbage and recycling totes will be picked up. Please place all non-recyclable garbage in garbage bags before they are put into the tote.
• Large household furniture will be limited to one item at curbside. In addition, large amounts of solid waste left at the curb will not be picked up. A dumpster should be rented for any of your move-outs or spring cleaning. Mattresses will still be picked up but must be placed in a plastic bag.
• “Brush” and “tree parts” defined as cuttings from shrubs, hedges and trees will be picked up, however, residents must bring them loosely to the road and cannot use containers or bags.

Please call the Sanitation Department at 686-3426 with any further questions.


3349 Broadway St
Cheektowaga, NY


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St. Andrew Sloan Virtual Meat & More Raffle. on Facebook Please Join us. Sept 18, @7 PM
It would be nice to see what happened in my Part of Cheektowaga today. Police Web has NOTHING, And There is nothing here. When someone across the street is Tazed and his mother is arrested as well, I would like to know what happened just to KNOW if my family can be safe. I Work Mostly Nights, Happened on Seton Rd. around 11 AM.