Chesapeake Deep Creek Lions Club

Chesapeake Deep Creek Lions Club Chesapeake Deep Creek Lions Club has been serving our community since 1970 and is the proud club of PCC Gary T. Rapier.

American Medical Association (AMA)
American Medical Association (AMA)

American Medical Association (AMA)

Did you know that 43% of U.S. children live under, at, or near the federal poverty line? In fact, it's "the most serious chronic disease" a child can face.


We will be offering free vision screening to local children , ages 6 months to 6 yrs old over the next 2 months. We could use your help. If you have a heart for children, and have a couple of hours to spare, live in Chesapeake, get in touch with me. You too can help us make a difference.

Lions District 24-D, Virginia

Lions District 24-D, Virginia

A big shut out of thanks to the Tappahannock Lions Club for donating $279.42 to the Cape Charles Lions Club to benefit the Emergency Medical Teams in Northampton County after they so bravely assisted during the Tornado. Thank you.


Giving is such a generative act. When we give of what we have, a small miracle occurs. Two people going about their cares all at once are joined together by the act of giving. The world expands a little and good, even joy is created where there was none before. There is great power in this small miracle. By the giving, we open up to the human experience and shed new light on humanity. It is in our DNA that we are compelled to offer what we have in the spirit of kindness with the intentions of offering hope where there was none. All of us Lions are the same. We are driven to the causes of humanity and to fulfill the needs of the hopeless. We cannot help it.
Where ever we go, no matter what country, what language we speak, we will find each other because we will recognize their acts of kindness, and they will see us in our acts of kindness and our world will seem smaller because we share a common heart. This time of year, my hope for you is that the opportunity will present itself to you and that you will be sensitive to that opportunity to offer what you have. Embrace humanity and all the good you can offer; and in this world of pain and evil, what you and all of us as Lions have to offer is good enough. Now go and expand your world a little, create some joy, and shed your light..

2014 UV Report Now Available
2014 UV Report Now Available

2014 UV Report Now Available

The Vision Council's UV report, Picture This: A Lifetime of UV Eye Protection, provides a detailed, easy-to-understand look at the damage sun exposure can inflict on the eyes at every age—from childhood into the senior years, information about eye protection habits, how to better protect the eyes, and which sunglasses are right for you.


Chesapeake, VA


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Hi, Remember me? I used to belong to your club. I am requesting a copy of your eyeglass/eye exam application to share with my club. Thanks. I am on fb under the name Karen Rotolo.
Hello my Deep Creek Lion family. I have such great memories of us a l l working together for the goal of helping those in our community. Toward that end, while reviewing applications for help with eyeglasses and exams, I was reminded just how detailed the applications were for Deep Creek Lions. Can someone please send me a blank application form? We would very much love to use a form that asks about expenses v. Income. I brag about DCLC and the coalition all the time! I miss you all! 💕