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Safe Kitty Harbor Located on 11 acres in rural Chesapeake VA, the 5,304sf cage-free facility is home to 11 colonies of

Our story starts at Norfolk Naval Base, that's where most of our residents used to live - in colonies along the waterfront - before they came to Safe Kitty Harbor. Most likely, most of these cats were pets that belonged to families that lived in Base Housing. When the families received orders that they had to move, they probably were not allowed to take any pets with them. Unfortunately, the famil

ies did not have their animals spayed or neutered, even more unfortunate; however, these cats were abandoned and left to fend for themselves. The Navy has been known to "recruit" cats to work on their ships and in their buildings to keep the rats and mice away, so it's possible that some of these cats may have ended up in these colonies that way as well. Nevertheless, they were abandoned, and it was heartbreaking to see them scared, starving, and constantly having kittens as they were trying to survive on their own. A small group of compassionate individuals decided they were going to do something about it. These people worked together, and with the help of several dedicated rescue groups and sympathetic veterinarians, they were able to get all of these cats spayed or neutered. Homes were found for the friendly cats, and, following “T/N/R", guidelines set forth by MeowerPower and AlleyCatAllies, the "un-adoptable" or "feral" cats were returned to their colonies. These colonies were scattered along the waterfront and other "environmental niches" all over the 474 acres that make up the Norfolk Naval Base. For several years, there was a period of peaceful coexistence between the cats and Base officials. However, when the Navy got a new Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and it was announced that the Navy would now be enforcing a "trap and kill" policy to eliminate these cats from the Base, it became evident that something was going to have to be done to keep these kitties out of "harm’s way". Estimates were that there were anywhere from 75-150 cats living in these colonies! Knowing that these cats were in danger and had to be re-located was one thing... making all that happen was quite another! Over the next couple of years, and through a series of events that is described by those who know the situation best as a miracle, by and through the Grace of God, land was purchased and a sanctuary was built just for them! That sanctuary is Safe Kitty Harbor and is located on 11 acres in rural Chesapeake VA. This 5,304 sq ft indoor/outdoor, cage-free facility is home to the 11 colonies of feral and un-adoptable cats previously located on the Norfolk Naval Base.


Just now reported found. Do you know this pup????


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Second Chance Habitat (a/k/a Safe Kitty Harbor) is an ALL VOLUNTEER, TAX EXEMPT, NON PROFIT, Animal Rescue Organization, located in Chesapeake, Virginia.

The kitties here really enjoy their chicken treats and cuddles!

The kitties here really enjoy their chicken treats and cuddles!

Thank YOU for your support!!  We truly could not do it without YOU!!

Thank YOU for your support!! We truly could not do it without YOU!!

Good idea....and not too difficult

Good idea....and not too difficult

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One large plastic bin
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Elizabethtown NC Shelter needs help now!  They are OVERRUN with pets!Call Silvia 910-876-0539 Debbie 339-832-0806 or ema...

Elizabethtown NC Shelter needs help now! They are OVERRUN with pets!
Call Silvia 910-876-0539 Debbie 339-832-0806 or email [email protected]


Coolguy wassss adopted!


Guess what guys?? Tiny princess was adopted! Woo hoo!


SO! Currently we have Lily the terrrrific! And Swiggy the cool at petsmart! Come and get them now! -CoolGuy

URGENT!!!!!! Hi everyone! This dog is missing in VA BEACH her name is NELLY! She is very shy and does not know how to ge...

URGENT!!!!!! Hi everyone! This dog is missing in VA BEACH her name is NELLY! She is very shy and does not know how to get home! If Seen or found CONTACT: 536-0490! PLEASE SHARE TO GET THE WORD OUT AND HELP US GET OUR BABY HOME!


Awh man! All our little kittens are growing up! You guys should come take them home before they grow even more! -coolguy


Guess what???!!!!!! We just got three cats adopted!!! Whoop whoop!-coolguy


Guess what guys?! Our one eyed cat pirate has been adopted! -coolguy


I'd like to thank all of our volunteers for coming to take care of us! -coolguy


Guess what everyone? We just got one of our cats spaid yesterday thanks to the help of one of our dedicated volunteers and their vet! -coolguy


Hey everyone! 4 of our adorable kittens have been taken so that they can have a better chance of getting adopted! Isn't that fantastic?! -coolguy


We just had another litter of kitties! -Coolguy


All of our kitty hearts go out to the people in Oklahoma


Hello everyone, its coolguy! Hopefully your favorite cat. ;-) I was just coming by to say if you lovely people would love to come help us or donate us some catfood you can contact us at 1-757-536-0490 thaaank you everyone! -Coolguy


Big guy has been adopted!


Onyx has been adopted! Yay!


lover boy has been adopted!


Why did the lion spit the clown out? Because it tasted funny! -Coolguy


all of you should totally come volunteer here! I would love to meet you all! if your interested you can call 536-0490! -coolguy


Anybody want some kittens? We have two litters of kittens looking for great homes!


Our awesome kitten Morgan just got adopted! Purrr -coolguy


Bear just found his furever home! -coolguy


Hey guys guess what?! I am at a cool place where somebody is going to adopt me!! -coolguy


I don't like the rain! Or the cool weather it brings!-coolguy


Chesapeake, VA


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