Chester Lioness Club

Chester Lioness Club Chester Lioness Club is a volunteer women's organization serving the Chesters, Mendhams, Long Valley and Flanders areas since October 11, 1985.
In the true spirit of fellowship the Chester Lioness Club strives to enrich the community through service and donations.

The Lioness Club .fosters a spirit of understanding among the people of the community .promotes the principles of good citizenship .takes and active interest in the welfare of the community .encourages service minded persons to serve their community without personal financial reward

Mission: To Serve

Vision Loss Alliance of New Jersey

Vision Loss Alliance of New Jersey

Is it safe to wear contact lenses during the COVID-19 pandemic? The short answer is yes, but there are some considerations. Click the link below to find out more!

Image description: A person is inserting a contact lens into their eye.

Enjoy the warm Spring sunshine ... Be in the know ...
Vision Loss Alliance of New Jersey

Enjoy the warm Spring sunshine ... Be in the know ...

What a gorgeous weekend we are having! ☀️🤩

Most of us remember to wear SPF and socially distance from others, but it is important to also keep in mind the safety of your eyes while out in the sun. 😎 Did you know you don’t feel the damage to your eyes that happens from UV rays for up to 12 hours, yet you can lose a significant amount of eye sight from it?

Find out more here:

Please keep us in mind for #givingtuesdaynow on Tuesday, May 5th so we can continue helping people with vision loss!

#vlanj #visionloss #sunblindness #blindness #blind #notallvisionis2020 #beyondsight

Homeless Solutions, Inc.

Good deeds for good people

"I'm here because my volunteers show up. I can't imagine myself being home knowing that they're here on the front lines helping our shelter guests. The guests need food, comfort, and safety, and that's what we do here and I want to be a part of that."

We are in need of PPE supplies to ensure the safety of our frontline staff and shelter guests. The need is not only for today, but for the future as we face the ongoing fight of this health crisis. We operate an 85 bed shelter and it’s critical for everyone’s safety that we are prepared.


#GivingTuesdayNow #MyWhyStory

Thank you for all your efforts.

Thank you for all your efforts.

And the outreach continues TODAY! Jonas Gold of 55 Main really knows how to do it right!!! Delicious meals, compassionate heart and a charitable way!!! We are so proud to be partnered with such a community leader like him! Because of his efforts we will continue to feed our Veterans, frontline essential workers and our military! If you would like to donate, please call him at 55 Main, (908) 284-1551.

We received a call today from Vito Marinelli, another pillar in our community, who wants to join Jonas' efforts. Hence, welcome Vito Marinelli to "Team OJC." Vito has an incredible Italian restaurant, Marinelli's, (on Route 12 in Flemington) where he will be preparing meals to feed our Veterans and military! Please reach Vito at the restaurant, if you would like to make a donation, by calling (908) 806-7562.

When COVID is a thing of the past, I hope we can remember to frequent those businesses that did so much for so many during this time of need.

We are very grateful to both Jonas and Vito. Thank you for your support and charitable outreach!

Anthem Lights

Anthem Lights

"How Great Thou Art” was written by a Swedish poet who was caught in the middle of a thunderstorm. In the stillness that followed, he wrote the words to this now beloved hymn.

Our prayer is that the words of this hymn would bring you comfort in the storms of life…and that we would remember that our God is greater than every trial we face.

Get this song and our new album “Hymn-capella” here:


People helping people 👍

Washington Township you never cease to amaze me! Tracy Johnson-Knorr and Bill Knorr we distributed ALL of the breakfast and lunch bags you donated! (They filled the back of my Kia Sorrento, with the seats down) They went to food pantry clients, senior citizens in Chester and Heath Village, and inviduals in Long Valley brought to our attention by friends and neighbors. What a blessing you are! Our food pantry was pretty empty after Monday's distribution, but already we're receiving additional donations. Many of you have offered to deliver food to our clients and others we know of who are unable to leave their homes. I cannot thank you all enough. You bless not only those in need, but my life as well. Thank you.


Lend a hand if you can ...

Below is a list of items which are needed to stock the food pantry:

White and brown rice
Canned black beans
Shelf stable milk
Toilet paper
Jarred spaghetti sauce
Bisquick or pancake mix
Maple syrup
Jarred/canned fruit
Kid friendly snack
Cereal – both kid “friendly” and “healthy” brands such Kashi, Special K, etc.
Kid friendly snacks such as chips, granola and cereal bars, etc.

Thank you to our community! Stay safe and healthy. Our thoughts are with each of you.

Join the Chester Lioness Club for dinner on March 5 ...
Can Hungry Children Succeed?

Join the Chester Lioness Club for dinner on March 5 ...

Check out the latest community post from one of your neighbors. (The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.)

Calling Local Graduating High School Seniors
Calling Local Graduating High School Seniors

Calling Local Graduating High School Seniors

One of your neighbors posted in Neighbor Posts. Click through to read what they have to say. (The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.)


Do you know a graduating High School Senior in the Chester, Mendham, Washington Twp area?

The Chester Lioness Club annually offers two scholarships to students in the Class of 2020 residing in Chester, Mendham or Washington Township in Morris County. Each scholarship may be up to $1,500. Criteria for selection of candidates for these scholarships include academic record, classroom and extracurricular activities, community activities, individual interests and hobbies and outstanding accomplishments in activities that demonstrate leadership and service. Financial need is also a consideration.
Applications may be obtained in the College Resource Center at both West Morris Mendham and West Morris Central High Schools as of March 4. The completed form must be returned to the College Resource Center no later than April 6, 2020.
These scholarships are available not only to public high school students, but those attending private schools or those having home tutoring as well. A letter requesting an application may be sent to the Chester Lioness Club in care of Anne MacMillan, 15 Cora Lane, Chester, NJ 07930, 908-879-7621. Completed applications must be forwarded to the Lioness Club by April 10th 2020.
The Chester Lioness Club is a service club that takes an active interest in the civic, cultural and social welfare of the community. For more information about the Chester Lioness Club, contact Holly Simmenroth, Publicity Chairperson at 908-879-5932.


Are you able to help?

Volunteers needed to work with children and on local crisis response teams. Visit for more info or
email [email protected].

Did YOU know this?

Did YOU know this?

Ever fallen asleep with your contact lenses in? 👁️👁️

The Center for Disease Control reports that this is the most common offense for contact lens users. But what's so bad about it anyway?

Eyes, like the rest of our bodies, need oxygen to survive, and if you have lenses in for an extended period of time, your cornea – the outer surface of your eye – doesn't get to breathe. Without oxygen, your corneas will get larger and swell up. This is called keratitis, which means your eyes' physiology is being damaged or altered.

This inflammation causes small gaps to start to appear across the surface of the eyes and bacteria will start to make its way through those gaps to invade the cornea.

In most cases, this leads to eye infections. In worst case scenario, it can rob you of your eye sight.

Moreover, you can damage your cornea by trying to pick out dried out lenses, and develop other long-term problems that can eventually lead to loss of sight.

Why risk it? Keep your eyes safe & take those contacts out at night. 🌙✨

Vision Loss Alliance of New Jersey cares about your eye sight – we are a non-profit organization helping people who have experienced vision loss or become blind, and we want to spread awareness on ways to avoid vision loss! Help us by sharing this message and following our page.

#VLANJ #visionloss #lowvision #blind #blindness #eyesight #contacts #notallvisionis2020 #2020vision

Image description: An eye that is red and swollen, indicating eye infection.

Lend a hand ...Pass it on

Lend a hand ...Pass it on

Our latest needs list.

Helpful to know ....

Helpful to know ....

Monday Mindfulness!

How to be courteous in social settings with people who are blind or low vision? 👩‍🦯

Please talk to them directly, rather than to their companions, and talk like you would with other people.

It’s ok to still use words such as see and look. People who are blind/low vision will talk with you like everyone else, although they may not be able to make direct eye contact.

Losing some or all of your eye sight takes some adjusting to. Find out how we can help by reaching out to our program director, Linda Groszew at [email protected] or calling 973-627-0055 ext. 1312.

Image description: Several people are gathered in a formal dining room. Some people in the background are seating themselves, whereas others are having conversations. The image is centered on two people, who are side-embracing and having a conversation. The man on the left is wearing a red blazer, black slacks, and a black top hat. He is also wearing sunglasses. The woman on the right is wearing a grey long-sleeve dress and dark tights. She has light brown braided hair.

#VLANJ #notallvisionis2020 #2020vision #blind #courtesy #blindness #lowvision #visionloss

Homeless Solutions, Inc.

Homeless Solutions, Inc.

What a house warming! With everything from pots and pans, to cleaning supplies, silverware, and more! These items were provided for each of the 8 apartments in our newest affordable property. THANK YOU to Fadila Gathers and the Jack and Jill, Inc., Morris County Chapter for their generosity and kindness in helping our new tenants make an easy transition into their new homes.

#HSIHandUp #JackAndJill #AffordableHousing #WelcomeHome Jack and Jill of America Foundation, Inc.

Operation Jersey Cares

Operation Jersey Cares

Just received from a deployed solider:

"Thank you guys so much for the care package, me and my crew greatly appreciate. I can’t thank you guys enough for all that you guys do for the Troops."

If you are interested in sending a care package to a friend or family member currently deployed, please visit our webpage, and complete the "Request A Care Package" form and our Big Boy box will be on its way in less than a week.

"Never Again Shall One Generation Forget Another"

Join the Chester Lioness Club for dinner ...
What's To Do For Seniors?

Join the Chester Lioness Club for dinner ...

Check out the latest community post from one of your neighbors. (The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.)

Food for thought ...
Chester/Mendham Food Pantry

Food for thought ...

Food for thought - or thought for food, depending on how you look at it. We advocate this all of the time. From the article, "The biggest problem with poverty is the shame that comes with it. When you give the best you have to someone in need, it translates into something much deeper to the receiver. It means they are worthy.
If it’s not good enough for you, it’s not good enough for those in need either. Giving the best you have does more than feed an empty belly—it feeds the soul.
Donate to your local food bank today, and give them the best you can."

Chester Lions Club, NJ

Chester Lions Club, NJ

One of the leading causes of vision loss and blindness for people over 60 is Glaucoma! With glaucoma, the pressure of the fluid inside the eye is too high, resulting in a loss of peripheral vision. Learn more withVision Loss Alliance of New Jersey #weserve #visionscreenings #glaucoma


It’s another win - win situation👍🎄

We will be hosting a free shopping event for our clients this year and we need your help!

Have you ever received a gift that just didn't fit your style or decor? It's probably tucked away in a closet somewhere, right? Well, you can donate such items to our free shopping event! Give yourself some extra closet space and do good at the same time 🙂❤️💚

Any item, even gently used items are accepted and appreciated. We will be collecting donations until Sunday, December 15 at the Long Valley Presbyterian Church at 39 Bartley Road (food pantry location).

Thank you for giving the gift of JOY this holiday season!

Drop off hours will follow the food pantry schedule:

Mondays 12 pm-2:30 pm
Tuesday-Thursday 9:30 am-2:30 pm

Visit our website for additional information and ways to donate!

More remembrances of time enjoyed with Jean ... A full life well spent. Rest in peace dear friend.

More remembrances of time enjoyed with Jean ... A full life well spent. Rest in peace dear friend.

Never to be Forgotten

The members of the Chester Lioness Club mourn the loss of one of their spunkiest, fun loving members ... Jean Stephens. An English War Bride, Mother, Grandmother, woman of small stature but BIG heart and unique, never ending sense of humor. Be in Peace Jean, Dance with the angels.

I love Chester, NJ

I love Chester, NJ

Old Mill Tavern (Chester, NJ) is proud to support Operation Jersey Cares, a non-profit organization that sends supplies overseas to our brave servicemen and servicewomen who protect this great country.

Old Mill is currently hosting a donation drive for supplies. Items needed include:

-Canned pasta (Chef Boyardee)
-Canned soup (Progresso),
-Granola bars
-Canned or instant coffee
-Tea bags
-Coffee creamer
-Hot chocolate
-Squeeze jelly
-Slim Jims
-Beef jerky
-Trail mix
-Canned nuts (no glass containers)
-Protein bars
-Small mouth wash bottles
-Baby wipes
-Visine eye drops
-Lip balm/chap stick
-Bar soap
-Tissues (small packs)
-Hand sanitizer
-Dental floss
-Feminine products
-Body wash & shampoo

Items can be left at the bar for collect and distribution over seas. If you have a loved one serving leave a note with their information and they will receive a care package.

Operation Jersey Cares is a 501(c)3 nonprofit completely operated by volunteers. All financial contributions are tax deductible and should be made out to OPERATION JERSEY CARES, INC. PO BOX 551, SOMERVILLE NJ 08876.

#donations #supportourvets #military #charity #nonprofit #support #thanksgiving #ilovechesternj #morriscountynj

Everyone wants to have some fun ... and why not.
Vision Loss Alliance of New Jersey

Everyone wants to have some fun ... and why not.

Weekend game night anyone? Find out more about haptic games that are accessible for people who have low vision or are blind!

#vlanj #visionloss #blindness #blindawareness #lowvision #hapticgames

Homeless Solutions, Inc.

Homeless Solutions, Inc.

This future HSI fan due in March is already rocking her tie-dye shirt! Want to get a cool "peace. love. housing." shirt of your own? Donate $100 or more to our Giving Tuesday Campaign. If we reach our goal of $15K in 15 days we get to SLIME our CEO Dan. Be part of the fun while helping homeless people in need. You can donate now at

#HSIGivingTuesday #HSIHandUp #GivingTuesday GivingTuesday



Sponsor a Wreath 🎄

Chester/Mendham Food Pantry

Chester/Mendham Food Pantry

Calling All Turkeys!!!! The Chester Mendham Food Pantry is asking anyone who has earned and not using their free holiday frozen item from your local grocery store to consider donating it. We are currently helping over 60 families in our community and would like to be able to give them a turkey to go along with other Thanksgiving goodies. You may drop yours off at the food pantry on Wednesdays from 9-11 AM. The Community Presbyterian Church in Chester is taking them for us (White church with red doors on Main St) AFTER this weekend on weekdays from 9-4) or contact any of your favorite food pantry volunteers for help. Thank you for your usual support and cooperation!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

This week we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary. In honor of that we will be throwing it back to our 25th. #weserve #chesterlionsnj #lionsclub #tbt #chesternj #mendhamnj #longvalleynj

Camp Marcella


The Executive Board and Trustees of New Jersey Camp For Blind Children-CAMP MARCELLA note the significance of this year’s accreditation process. The American Camp Association (ACA) maintains very strict standards for camp facilities throughout the United States and we are committed to maintain those high standards. This accreditation is a true testament of the work of our Camp Directors Krystyn, Dan and Jessica, Nurse Samantha, Program Staff, Counselors; our Trustees, Lions Clubs and their members, volunteers and their pride and dedication to making Camp Marcella an outstanding camping facility for our future campers.
Thank You !

It was a beautiful affair for a wonderful cause and several Chester Lioness members were present to lend a helping hand.

It was a beautiful affair for a wonderful cause and several Chester Lioness members were present to lend a helping hand.

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde

We end this week on a note of gratitude for all of the volunteers who helped us with our annual fundraiser, Dining in the Dark. A special Thank You goes out to all the ladies of Chester Lioness Club . To all of our volunteers, we could not have done this without you!

Images are from various parts of the Dining in the Dark event. All descriptions are listed under each individual photo. #vlanj #dininginthedark #volunteers #blind #awareness #fundraiser #lowvision #blindnessawareness


P.O. Box 86
Chester, NJ


(908) 875-4293


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Our Story

The Lioness Club is a women’s service organization that .fosters a spirit of understanding among the people of the community .promotes the principles of good citizenship .takes and active interest in the welfare of the community .encourages service minded persons to serve their community without personal financial reward

Nearby government services


The Chester Lioness Club will meet for dinner at 6:30 PM on Thursday, April 4th, 2019 in the Lamplighter Restaurant, 180 West Main Street, Chester, NJ 07930. Michelle Smith, a Biologist with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Fish and Wildlife, will present a "Know the Bear Facts" program. She has worked full-time for the Department since 2004. Black bears have now been confirmed in all 21 of New Jersey’s counties. Consequently, residents are encouraged to become better educated about this important component of the state’s natural heritage. The “Know the Bear Facts” program offers the general public information about living with black bears in New Jersey. The program covers the natural history and biology of bears in the Garden State and the results of past and current black bear research. It also includes practical information on coexisting with black bears, such as steps one should follow in order to ensure that bears do not become a nuisance animal in the neighborhood. Community members are invited to attend by registering in advance with Holly Simmenroth at 908-879-5932. The Chester Lioness Club welcomes new members, for more information about the club, call Holly Simmenroth.
To the Chester, NJ, Lionesses organization, my younger brother is severely mentally ill and resides at the Community Hope home on Oakdale Road in Chester. Kindly allow me the privilege of thanking you all for embracing the severely mentally ill in our community as you do each holiday season. Surely there is a harsh stigma associated with the mentally ill who cannot help themselves, yet you ladies (ladies, used herein in the literal sense of the word) step up an support an element of our local society that is not favored and is even branded as deleterious. My hat is off to you all!, Bravo!, and God bless!