Chicago Fire Dept: Engine 116, Squad 5 and Ambulance 49

Chicago Fire Dept: Engine 116, Squad 5 and Ambulance 49 Contact information, map and directions, contact form, opening hours, services, ratings, photos, videos and announcements from Chicago Fire Dept: Engine 116, Squad 5 and Ambulance 49, 5955 S Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL.

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Chicago Fire Dept: Engine 116, Squad 5 and Ambulance 49's cover photo

Chicago Fire Dept: Engine 116, Squad 5 and Ambulance 49's cover photo


5955 S Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL


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Hey all. I am a paramedic firefighter and an instructor in emergency medical services. I teach BLS(CPR), ACLS(Advanced Cardiac Life Support), and PALS(Pediatric Advanced Life Support). I am a strong believer that everyone should know and be certified in at least BLS. I have recently published a book in all three disciplines which is reference guide to all of these classes. I wrote the book due a lot of people stressing and having a hard time with ACLS and PALS Classes and real life application. This book will help you understand rhythms, drugs, algorithms and much much more. My book is small enough where it should fit in pockets. I have attached the link where you can buy it on Amazon paperback and kindle. I hope this helps you with classes and real life application. I am not here to make money just to help as many healthcare providers as I can. Please share to spread great education as much as possible.
Do You Have New Fire Station Photos 116? What does the fire station look outside and inside? As of 2020 ambulance paramedics 49, which has ambulance: old, or can they have a new ambulance ?
Glad to see Squad 5A getting the passengers off of the derailed CTA green line. Sad that the firefighter thought taking a selfie with a woman that was 1st to rescue was acceptable. Poor choice sir
To the men and women of Engine 116, Squad 5 and Ambulance 49. Yesterday was my last shift assigned to Ambulance 49. Monday I start the Fire Academy as a crossover. I spent the first 5 and half years of my career assigned to this house. I wanted to say thank you for everything you guys have done for me! It has been a great experience! Thank you for making me feel like part of the house! I will miss coming to work there and seeing all of you. Thank you again!
Hi! Found a set of keys with your "Chicago Fire Squad 5" medalion on them in upstate New York, Village of New Paltz. If any of your members are familier with the area and may have lost keys please have them contact me, Alberta Shaw, Clerk for the Village of New Paltz at 845-255-0130 or [email protected]. Thanks
Can you tell me the last name of the ppl who owned Bill and Mary's hut near west Diversey ave and Pulaski in the lare 70s early 80s? Im trying to get in touch with family members I just found out about. They had one son wayne and 2 more children i know of.
Most awesome group of guys, know the truest meaning of brotherhood invited us in there house showed us everything and insisted we stay for lunch! Phenomenal food by the way guys! Keep doing what you do and thank you for your hospitality! Stay safe!
I want you to know you make a difference, and I'd like to share my story with you: It's been a really tough year for me. Two years actually. I won't begin a diatribe of all that life's dealt me because we all have problems, but it's been hard on so many levels that I don't share with many people. Today, something changed. Last night, I was told a story of Grace, a two-pound Chihauhau that someone witnessed being thrown from a fast moving car and whom was taken to the ER barely holding on to life. And, it was clear that she had been beaten for her five little months on Earth. For me, last night, Grace was the face of literally millions of other animals who are hurt and who represent the defenseless innocent. And I lost it... I - for the millionth time, but somehow differently this time - questioned if I was doing enough, I questioned if anything I was doing was worth it amidst all this pain and this indescribable suffering, all these lost and lazy minds, the never-ending stream of bad news and fu**ed up priorities, the weak and the hateful and the ignorant. I love life so passionately but last night in the dark of my bedroom, that love was drowned out by a lonely, intense pain that's hard to describe. It's not often I ask the universe for a sign, a favor, some guidance. I know life just happens and I'm grateful for that. I've seen a lot of bad stuff... and once I figured I had no choice, I usually just let life happen, knowing I don't know s**t and there's only so much over which I have control. But last night, I needed more. I needed a twinkle from the stars, some guidance, something, maybe just a great coincidence. Maybe a God, who knows. I didn't know if I could live one more night knowing that this and much worse happens and will continue forever - and knowing that most... the eyeless and earless... will continue on their day without ever knowing or understanding how they are affecting the innocent. I didn't have much left in the tank, and I found myself begging for fuel in the quiet of my room. And I cried myself to sleep thinking of Grace. I woke up not feeling much different. I was hoping my cathartic crying and questioning might bring about about some instant enlightenment. It didn't seem to. But later, that little twinkle happened, and I learned that Grace has made it through the night into a new day. She's still on life support but she's showing signs of a desire to live. Call it a coincidence, call it a plan, call it nothing to you... but it's a wonderful day for Grace and the people who helped her. And it was an extraordinary day for me because this face of innocence, whom I had no part in helping, has helped me into a new day too. Grace will never know it, and her story will be forgotten once the Facebook likes stop coming, but Grace and her rescuers are part of the reason I go on. Thank you Frank Guiliano and Grace and all the rest.
You all are lifesavers not just for humans but for furbabies as well! Thank you for always being there for us. Stay safe! 🙏❤️👩🏻‍🚒👨🏽‍🚒👨🏻‍🚒❤️🙏
Thank you for helping the little chihuahua today. ❤Good deeds are noticed and remembered.