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Cook County Bar Association The oldest African American Bar Association in America's history. The Cook County Bar Association was founded in 1869 by 32 committed lawyers.

Today, it still serves as a resource for the community of black lawyers and judges. Our administrative office is located at 19 S. LaSalle St. Ste. 702 Our meetings are held at 120 W Madison St Ste 450 Both in Chicago.

Federal judge pens scathing opinion on qualified immunity
Federal judge pens scathing opinion on qualified immunity

Federal judge pens scathing opinion on qualified immunity

A federal judge in Mississippi wrote a scathing opinion Tuesday urging the Supreme Court to revisit qualified immunity, a legal doctrine created nearly 40 years ago that the judge argues is shielding law enforcement and government officials from accountability.

CCBA remembers these two Civil Rights Greats.

CCBA remembers these two Civil Rights Greats.

Please Join the CCBA LGBTQ Committee for a Pride Virtual Happy Hour!

Please Join the CCBA LGBTQ Committee for a Pride Virtual Happy Hour!

Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton

Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton

A virtual town hall on justice and accountability featuring Lieutenant Governor Stratton, Congresswoman Robin Kelly, Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth, Shante Needham, and Sharon Cooper — advocates and sisters of Sandra Bland.

Larry R. Rogers, Jr. to be Installed as President of ITLA - Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA)
Larry R. Rogers, Jr. to be Installed as President of ITLA - Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA)

Larry R. Rogers, Jr. to be Installed as President of ITLA - Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA)

LARRY R. ROGERS, JR., equity partner at Power Rogers in Chicago, Illinois, will be installed as the 67th President of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA) on Friday, June 5, 2020, during its virtual board meeting. Rogers, 52, received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Californi...


Thank you everyone! Attorney Maria Granjean was found. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you everyone!  Attorney Maria Granjean was found.  Thank you for sharing.

Thank you everyone! Attorney Maria Granjean was found. Thank you for sharing.


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Do you have a link for the CCBA list of judges up for election or retention that the CCBA recommends?
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My name is Jokari Miller. I am a scientist, engineer, and futurist who advocates for ethical science and technology, and innovation to serve as "checks and balances" on science/technology that could prove itself to be "problematic" in our near future (advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, etc.). As a Black man and father of 3, I decided to go back to college to finish my degree with hopes that I could be a positive example for my children. After many years of hard work and perseverance through unbelievable obstacles, I finally received my bachelor's degree from Chicago State University. I am currently pursuing my master's degree at Northern Illinois University (NIU). I have also consistently since my late teen years, been an advocate for stopping drugs, gangs and violence in our Black and Brown communities. During my time at Chicago State I was a staunch proponent of educational integrity, free speech, and administrative transparency. I was a student advocate who served as president in several student clubs/organizations, student government senator, speaker of the senate, student government president and Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) Representative. I somehow was able to manage this all while still finding the time to take my children to school, pick them up, help them with homework, play chess with them, take them to various places and teach them that there is more to life than the drugs, violence and economic disparity they see all around them. On May 9, 2014, less than a week before my graduation I was beaten, put in an illegal choke-hold and assaulted by University police upon my protest during a break at a board of trustees meeting in which I merely wore a Northern Illinois University hat. Two days prior to a court case that was common knowledge that the outcome was to be preceded with a federal lawsuit, I was taken out of grad school (right out of class) at NIU, brought to Chicago where I was being charged with a "purse snatching" that was said to have been committed way back in January of 2012. The police claimed that an entire wardrobe was left at the scene of this alleged purse snatching, and that my DNA was found on this wardrobe. What they were not aware of at the time, is that during this exact day and time back in January of 2012, I was on the campus of Chicago State University, miles away, working towards my bachelor's degree. I was heavily engaged in campus politics and would literally be on campus all day from early morning until 11:30pm (the time that my then girlfriend, who was the supervisor of the cafeteria at the time would close up for the day). Furthermore, I had upwards of $12,000 in the bank, a house in East Chicago, IN that I had just purchased, and a modest but sufficient stock portfolio. Also, the witness and victim to this alleged incident both stated that the assailant was 5'8", but I am 5'5". In the midst of all these circumstances, the police still somehow tried to accuse me of a $6 purse snatching. It must be noted that there has been no purchase orders, nor alterations of the university's surveillance system, and the video footage that would show me on campus all day from approximately 9am until 11:30pm is still on the university's DVR hard drive. Information on a hard drive is never erased and even if it has been rewritten 1000 times over, can still be recovered through a "forensic" audit of the drive. This is where every single state that the hard drive has ever been in will be recovered. While I was awaiting all discovery in the purse snatching case, I was arrested again in July of 2016, ironically in front of Chicago State University (my Alma mater), during an unlawful stop. The police officer claimed (later) that my plate was not visible. After conducting an illegal search, officers allegedly found body armor, a non-working stun gun, and a "movie prop" ID that was to be used in a military workout video entitled "Break a Sweat". The police also claimed that I just casually had a knife on my lap during a police stop (in today's highly volatile climate for Black men encounters with police). During this time period, I was "on-call" for unarmed security at a local McDonald's, a neighborhood store, and a church. Now it is 2019 and the police are still claiming (in court) that there was no body cameras present nor dash cameras present during the arrest. At least 4 of the officers who arrived on the scene had body cameras and every police car that arrived on the scene had a dash camera. In fact, upon entering Cook County Jail, I immediately submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Chicago Police Department for the body cam footage and dash cam footage. The CPD responded with an official letter claiming there was no body cams present, but they admitted that there was dash cam footage, but they "deleted" it. If the police were confident that the stop was lawful, the search was legal, and all the information they reported was accurate, they would "rush" to "come forth" with the footage and not hesitate to proudly show it, even publicly, as they did in the Jussie Smollet incident. They instead have chosen to "stonewall" my defense, and continue to violate the "Brady Rule", which lays grounds for dismissal of charges where it is found that evidence, in this case video, that would exonerate me has been hidden by the prosecution, altered or deleted. There is body cam and dash cam footage of the incident of my arrest, and it must be brought forth if I am to stand a chance to get justice. There is an attempt to take my freedom away for 14 years for an illegal stop, a stun gun that wasn't working, a body armor vest, and a "novelty" or "movie prop" ID, and I will not "roll the dice" and put my life in the hands of a biased system that will not even be forthcoming with the fact that there was multiple videos of the arrest. I am asking our new Mayor, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, to please review the actions of the CPD and to compel them to come forth with the body camera and dash camera records of the officers involved in the arrest, and I am asking that State's Attorney Kim Foxx please review the actions of the Assistant State's Attorneys in leveling incorrect charges of a Class X UUW for a non-working stun gun and "Brady Violations" committed by the Assistant State's Attorneys in her office, who were well aware that video footage existed yet still insisted on hiding this fact. Also, I am submitting an official complaint to the appropriate Bar Associations in reference to the Assistant State's Attorney's unethical practices and blatant Brady Violations. In reference to the initial "purse snatching" case, I am asking that State's Attorney's office retrieve the DVR hard drive that is located on Chicago State University, which is itself State property, and perform a forensic audit of the hard drive that has proof that would exonerate me of the initial "purse snatching" charges.
Crook County Bar Association. Chicago Lawyers are a criminal club.
Looking for a malpractice law firm to sue a hospital, two surgeons, and others for patient injury resulting in brain damage and deliberate cover up.
Thanks, Dometi Pongo for hosting Nicholas Cummings to talk about the importance of Judges on this year's ballot. #vote #Nov6iselectionday
With All Due Respect, I say that we are the reason that we have crime at the levels it is, as we do nothing to stop it or prevent it. We vote no on any issues that might help to increase funding for education and cheer when someone of color is lock up and give a reason to explain when someone that is not does something wrong. I cannot get the courts to do anything for one reason and only one, they know we as a people do not care. I do not take it as a joke or understate what we have coming; as I watch these young men talk about their lives in past tense. They do not see a ten year; or for some ten days down the line, and it is entirely on us. I have been talking about our system of justice and how a Judge who sits on the bench can do nothing and make laws from that bench. She sat there and told my family that we have done a great job creating a young man that gets all A’s and is very smart; however, she is going to send him home with a person he does not know and knows nothing about him. To have a GAL in the case so blind by his hate for me that is built on the fact that I called him out for being a racist. How dare I speak up when he does and make remarks to me that or such. His job was to do when is best for Zion, so he tells her to go out and lie, do a faux police report saying that I said I was going to kill her. Now, if I was, would I be that dumb of a man to say such? She comes to court and talks about how she wants to be a mom; how much she loves her son and in the past one year she admits that she only saw him eight times. She does not know anything about him, he gets sick, and she does not even know what meds he cannot take or what he does take. The reason is that the Judge and the GAL in the case we are moving fast to take him from us. Our system is broke, and the song stay woke does not apply to many of us as we are the walking dead. Let me tell you that in a year those young men that I got to know will be out there looking for you, and at that point, you will be asking why and how. Well, do not ask how or why as it was up to you to do something. It is killing me to coach Zion baseball team and not have him there as my soul is empty and I cry a lot. But to see my little man there begging a court to let him go home with his family and to see the GAL smile about it and the Judge only worry about getting her flight to New York; Dam is all I can say.