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Afscme Local 3486 Cook County Adult Probation Officers Union. The opinions expressed on this page do not necessarily reflect those of the Employer or the management.

Hospitals Tell Doctors They’ll Be Fired If They Speak Out About Lack of Gear

This is why we have a union!!! To stand up against the tyranny of Employers who would deny your freedom of speech regarding the health and safety concerns that you have in your workplace! SOLIDARITY UNION SISTERS AND BROTHERS! An attack on one is an attack on all of us! Support your Local Union Leaders!!!

"I spoke out for patient safety and as a result I got terminated."


Our Local President Claudia Martin has been working nonstop to protect the health and safety of the members of AFSCME Local 3486 by negotiating with management to comply with contract language requiring the Employer to endeavor to ensure a safe and healthful work environment! Her relentless pursuit for the protection of members has resulted in work related adjustments that concur with the state and federal guidelines in addressing this pandemic! Leadership in action!

Action Network

Union Family:

AFSCME members continue to show what they're made of in the middle of a national emergency.

Congress is beginning to step up, but more needs to be done to fund the front lines, providing resources to meet the overwhelming demand for our services during the coronavirus pandemic.

But the president of the United States is too busy congratulating himself to help us. He has the authority to direct industry to start producing protective equipment we need at this life-or-death moment. But he's sitting on his hands instead.

Write the White House now and tell the president to activate the Defense Production Act.

There are nurses in New York City wearing garbage bags -- garbage bags! -- because they don't have protective gear. We've got park attendants in Michigan forced to clean bathrooms without the proper equipment. Corrections officers, child care providers, and others are exposed, too. Equipment shortages also mean that front-line workers don't have clear and trusted guidance, based on science, about how to do their work at this dangerous moment.

The relief bill that AFSCME fought for and Congress passed in recent days will help fill some of the gaps. It makes a down payment of $150 billion in direct assistance to help state and local governments address the pandemic. It includes increases in unemployment insurance to cushion the blow of mass layoffs. There really is a lot for public service workers to like in this bill -- and that's why we fought so hard to improve and pass it.

But so much more help is still needed. President Trump has the power to keep us safe. First, he can direct OSHA to issue a temporary safety standard to protect health care workers. But he won't do it.

The Defense Production Act empowers the president to direct businesses to accelerate the manufacturing of N95 respirators, ventilators, masks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment. But he isn't doing that, either.

This is morally reprehensible. This pandemic is ravaging our communities … and the president is apparently doing the bidding of wealthy corporations that don't want to pitch in. Mr. President, if you want to be a war-time president, act like a war-time leader.

Public service workers are answering the call and doing what they do best: putting our communities first. It's a disgrace that the president seems to be putting the business lobby first.

Flood the White House mailbox -- tell the president to honor public service workers by getting them the equipment they need.

Thank you for everything. We will get through this together.

In solidarity,

Lee Saunders
AFSCME President

Elissa McBride
AFSCME Secretary Treasurer

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During this health crisis the Local Union has the health and safety of our members in the forefront of all our discussions!

The Local leaders are in constant contact with management, and we continue to reach cooperative agreements with management to endure the health and safety of our members.

As a result of our discussions, the Local leaders have successfully negotiated with management a one (1) day work week for the caseload officers. Also, Pretrial Officers will have a three (3) day work week for Pretrial. ALL jail interviews are suspended for the Mental Health Unit and Investigations Unit Officers. In addition, all field visits for high risk offenders have been suspended.

Currently, the Home Confinement unit work schedule has been scaled back to three (3) days a week, and then as the numbers drop, the schedules will be scaled back even more.

The country is learning an important lesson right now, that Solidarity is more than just a union buzz word! Working together for the benefit of all will get us through this very difficult time! Stay safe union sisters and brothers!


So Trump came off of the golf course this week to make a speech, and he actually just made things worse. Yes, Trump was golfing last weekend as the pandemic was growing and people were dying. Every time he opens his mouth about the virus (and his administration's horrible response) the stock market crashes. He spoke Wednesday night and the stock market drop 10% on Thursday for the largest single day drop and one of the largest percentage drops. But Trump lied (shocking, right?) multiple times during the speech about the availability of tests, about our preparedness, about consulting with our EU allies, about the travel ban, etc. The WHO (World Health Org) had test kits at the start of this that they were offering to the US but Trump turned them down because he wanted to keep the reported number low so he wouldn't look bad. Early identification would have greatly slowed the spread. Instead, Trump continually downplayed the threat, called a hoax, blamed everyone except his administration, and of course, went golfing. This is NOT leadership, not national leadership and certainly not global leadership. This is classic Trump ineptness!

AFSCME Retirees

AFSCME Retirees

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When mudslinging becomes the chosen communication of a Local union election we lose sight of our purpose and fall prey to the real culprit who benefits from divisiveness among union members! Vote tomorrow, January 14th for your Local Union President and Executive Board! Solidarity forever!

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