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Chicago Borinqueneers Chicago Borinqueneers is the official FB for the organization that comprises of the All Puerto Rican legendary 65th Infantry 3rd Division Korean War Vets.

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Please pray for our fellow Borinqueneer

Please pray for our fellow Borinqueneer

BCGMCNC is asking for your PRAYERS. We have just been notified Borinqueneer Rafael Rivera is fighting for his life. We ask our community to join us in prayer and ask the Almighty to watch over this Warrior of Freedom, so that he knows God is helping him fight this battle, never will he leave his side, is arranging things in his favor and making a way, even if we don’t see him. In your name we pray… Don Rafael, keep fighting the good fight!!! Honor et Fidelitas! (Will keep our community posted)


BCGMCNC Birthday Celebration Post: Join us in the circle of love and support that surrounds our Borinqueneers by our community as friends and families complementing each other in celebrating Borinqueneer Eddie Gonzalez Torres 94th Birthday!

We wish another Borinqueneer, a warrior of freedom, to be richly blessed, and may the Almighty above continue to grant him Good Health, Happiness, and Love.

Happy Birthday Don Torres!!! Feliz Cumpleaños… Honor et Fidelitas!

Photos from ALMEC Asociación Latinoamericana de Ministros Evangélicos de Chicago's post

Photos from ALMEC Asociación Latinoamericana de Ministros Evangélicos de Chicago's post


Happy Sunday Easter!!!

Proudly presenting Check it out and let me know what you think! #GoDaddy #WebsiteBuilder via @Go...

Proudly presenting Check it out and let me know what you think! #GoDaddy #WebsiteBuilder via @GoDaddy

Our amazing team of regulars and part-time volunteers are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think you would be a good fit? Get in touch for more information!

Our amazing team of regulars and part-time volunteers are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think you would be a good fit? Get in touch for more information!


Don't forget that National Borinqueneer's Day is coming up soon in 36 days.

Please support CMM and our new book, Descendiente de un Borinqueneer." The book is in Spanish and English with historica...

Please support CMM and our new book, Descendiente de un Borinqueneer." The book is in Spanish and English with historically documented pictures of the Chicago Borinqueneers.

Please support CMM and our new book, Descendiente de un Borinqueneer." The book is in Spanish and English with historically documented pictures of the Chicago Borinqueneers.


History Fact: Did you know that the 65th Infantry Regiment know as the Borinqueneers is an All Legendary Puerto Rican Unit that fought in WWI, WWII, and the Korean War.

Happy Three Kings Day!!#threekingsday2021

Happy Three Kings Day!!#threekingsday2021

May this new year be filled with joy and great news for all.

May this new year be filled with joy and great news for all.

Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee

Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee

BCGMCNC Honor Post: Borinqueneer, Ret. Col. Agustin Muñoz, MD. (2nd Lt. when in Korea) was called to serve in Heaven. Don Agustin passed away peacefully at his home, surrounded by family, music, prayer and song, on Friday, June 19th 2020 - one week after his 93rd birthday. Please join us in prayer, so this warrior rest blissfully by the Almighty’s side and the family have the strength to deal with the loss of their Patriarch. Col. Agustin Muñoz, RIP… Honor et Fidelitas!!!
A huge thank you to; Mirya Muñoz-Roach for alerting us of his passing…
Please press on the enclosed the link for information on services:!/Obituary

BCGMCNC NEWS: It is our hope the New Year brings to all health, wealth and happiness. 2020 looks very promising and to start, here is some great news;
COMING SOON!!! John David Ferrer updated us about his latest literary work, a new novel; The Shape of Courage!!! Story about our beloved Borinqueneers... Honor et Fidelitas! (Stay tuned for more updates...)

BCGMCNC Honor Post: Borinqueneer MSG JOSE ANTONIO ARCHILLA of HQ Co 65th Infantry Regiment was called to service in Heaven. The Archilla Family wanted us to pay tribute to their Hero and have the community join us in prayers, so this Warrior can have peaceful rest by the Almighty's side. God grant this Borinqueneer eternal rest and we pray your divine light be shed onto him and his lovely family. In your name we pray... Honor et Fidelitas!!!
BCGMCNC had the honor to present Don Jose his BCGM at the VA Hospital while he was still with us and under Hospice care. A labor of love...
(Special Note: while BCGMCNC do NOT post pictures of our passing Heroes in funeral homes, the family wanted for us to share them. We abide by the family's wishes) Special thanks to Jose Archilla Jr. for sharing the photos...
Enclosed video link of the BCGM presentation made by Sam Rodriguez in PR...

BCGMCNC HRT News: Third Infantry Makes Contact with Chinese Communists Soldiers. (DOUBLE CLICK ON PHOTO TO BETTER VIEW).

The date of this newspaper photo is marked June 5, 1951, which would place the event under Operation Piledriver. The 65th and 7th Infantries would conduct assaults against the Chinese along the high grounds of Chorwon. On June 4, 1951, a platoon from 65th Co. L was lent to the 64th Tank Battalion to recover vehicles left at Chail-li. They encountered intense resistance. The fact that in this very article, Maj. Gen Maxwell D. Taylor mentioned part of the attacking divisions were from the eighth Army and were “brown, weather-beaten, tough professional fighters” along with the date and mention of the 3rd Infantry, there is a high probability the soldiers on the tank are Borinqueneers.

Allies Drive Ahead in Korea – Beat Off Nine Red Counterattcks

TOKOYO, Thursday, June 5, - (AP) – Allied troops beat off nine Red counterattacks Monday and moved their twisting battle lines one mile deeper into Communist Korea.

A United States Eighth Army staff officer said Tuesday the Chinese and Korean Reds were fighting hardest in defense of Chorwon and Kumhwa – anchors of an assembly triangle.

One of the Red counterattacks was repulsed 10 miles south of Chorwon. “ On the western and central fronts, the enemy is fighting a defensive campaign along the main routes to Chorwon and Kumhwa while they are fighting delaying actions in the east around Inje,” the staff officer said.

North of Allied-held Hwachon along a main road to Kumhwa, planes from the United States aircraft carrier Bon Homme Richard caught 300 Reds in a camp and killed 150.

Only 300 Reds were captured in Monday’s action. AP Correspondent Nate Polowetzky at Eight Army headquarters said this small number, contrasted with large numbers of Chinese who surrendered last week, indicated the ferocity of the foe’s delaying actions.

In Washington, Maj. Gen. Maxwell d. Taylor, operations chief of the Army department disclosed that the hard-hitting Eight Army is at full combat strength for the first time in the war.
He said the attacking divisions of the Eight were “brown, weather-beaten, tough professional fighters.”

United Nations infantrymen, armor and artillery were drilling close to the sensitive nerve center of the main Chinese defense network along the western and central fronts, field dispatches said.

Masses artillery, the most effective UN ground weapon, roared in ever=increasing volume but at some points proved ineffective, Chinese entrenched in five-year-old bunkers and concealed by fresh foliage had to be dug out by flame-thrower, hand grenade and rifle.

The Communist struck back so fiercely on the central front, northwest of Hwachon, that front line officers said they believed segments of the main Red defense line had been it.
The Reds counterattacked savagely northwest of Hwachon, at Chail, Yonchon and Yongong – all keypoints on the west-central and central fronts.

Allied tanks and foot troops ran inot a hornets’ nest at Chail, 10 miles southeast of Chorwon and two miles north of newly captured Yonchon.

Chail is the gateway to two valleys leading directly to both Chorwon and Kumhwa.

The Reds massed in undetermined numbers on ridges near there and attacked the Allied spearhead but were beaten off. Then they surged back at midday to keep the force under heavy pressure, the Eight army said.

Yongchon was a no-man’s –land until Sunday when it was captured by the northward bound Allies. Censorship delayed mention of its capture for 48 hours. It is seven miles inside North Korea.

The Reds counterattacked there Monday but were rocked back into the hills. Then they poured artillery and mortar fire into the UN positions. Ridges running northeast of Yonchon were said to teem with Communists. Allied gains were limited to 3,000 yards – less than two miles.

Credit Line: The_Montana_Standard_Tue__Jun_5__1951_
Photo Credit:

BCGMCNC News: We have just been informed that Borinqueneer Juan G. Acevedo-Rodriguez - F Co. 65th Infantry Regiment, has been called to duty in Heaven, November 1, 2019. (96 years young) He is survived by his widow Armida Acevedo. Please join us in prayer, so that this Warrior of Freedom enjoy blissful rest by the Almighty's side and the Acevedo Family knows their Hero will never be forgotten. May God shed his divine light over Don Juan and his loved ones, in your name we pray... Rest in Peace... Honor et Fidelitas!!! (Photos Credit: Jose A. Acevedo & Family)

BCGMCNC Funeral Service Announcement and Honor Posting: The Family of Borinqueneer William Vega-Cordero wishes to invite all concerned to the Military Funeral Service of their Hero.
His only daughter Sylvia Enid Vega stated: "El Servicio Ceremonial será el 22 de noviembre de 2019, en el #50 Avenida Cementerio Nacional, Bayamón, PR 00961 a la 1 PM. Están todos invitados y por favor llegar media hora antes."
BCGMCNC and the community it advocates for, send our respects, condolences and prayers for this Warrior of Freedom as well as for his family, may the Almighty give them strength during this final stage of tribute to Borinqueneer Vega-Cordero. May he rest in peace... Honor et Fidelitas!!!

BCGMCNC HRT News: From Kelly Hill to the Baseball Field – accounts of how a Borinqueneer Baseball player earned his Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart against the odds commonly seen at Kelly Hill - A MUST READ.

Carlos, the smiling dark – skinned Puerto Rican. It seemed suddenly strange that Santiago now should be pouring everything he has into winning baseball games for St. Petersburg when only a few short months ago he, too, was in Korea.

Imagine, if you can, Santiago in dirty battle dress, a platoon sergeant in the 65th Infantry Regiment, Third Division. In one bloody week of battling for a worthless piece of Korean real estate called Kelly Hill. Santiago collected the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

I do not know all the details, but Santiago’s platoon – Carlos, a lieutenant in command, and 28 men – was ordered to relive a beleaguered company. They moved up into Hell that night and by the gray morning they had reinforced the company but the whole lot of them were completely surrounded.

SANTIAGO’S LIEUTENANT was killed and burden of the platoon fell on him. For three days it was that way. At night the Chinese infiltrated from all sides and performed horrible atrocities on the diminished company. By day, there was no relief.

There was no communication during this time. When the surrounded forces sought to use their walkie-talkie, the frequency was immediately jammed with babbling Chinese voices. So they cut their way out. While Santiago’s platoon laid down a covering barrage, the company charged out, using the cold steel of the bayonet. Then, with little or no covering fire, Santiago’s platoon…19 remaining… slipped through the Reds. That was the Silver Star.

The Bronze star came eight days later as the U.N. forces sought to retake the lost ground. Instead, they were sent reeling back and their dead and wounded littered the filed, Carlos and three others volunteered to get these wounded and did.

The next day, it was the Purple Heart. Santiago heard the plop of the mortar and seconds later was sent sprawling as the shell exploded nearby and drove a fragment into his leg. His helmet rolled away and a slug creasesd his skull.

THIS IS THE SAME SANTIAGO who sometimes makes an error, sometimes strikes out, but who is at his best in the clutch.

BY BILL BECK (Times Sports Editor), Credit Line: Tampa Bay Times: Thu. May 14, 1953

Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee

Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee

BCGMCNC HRT News: Following the aftermath of Kelly Hill, the Borinqueneers would once again gain recognition for valor before the end of the Korean War.

RIGHT: General Lauds Work Of Puerto Rican Units

U.S. Third Division, Korea – (UP) – An American general said today he “admired the hell out of” the Puerto Rican 65th Regiment for the way it had come back since its darkest days last October.

He said the refusal last October of 94 Puerto Rican soldiers to fight was a “criticism of a system” rather than a reflection on the valor of Puerto Rican troops.

Maj. Gen. George W. Smythe said American fighting units made up of mixed troops generally perform better than outfits drawn from one family.”

“The incident in the Puerto Rican regiment is a criticism of a system of organizing military units around geographical areas,” the commander of the Third division said. “we’ve gotten some of our best results from units made up of people from all over the United States. If you know a man too well in the Army you’re apt to be too easy on him!” Corvallis Gazette Times: Sat Feb 21, 1953

LEFT: This photo is the second of a seven-part photo collection from Borinqueneer Ismael Cruz Velez. In which, he mailed to the Puerto Rican newspaper “El Mundo,” titled “Relating the Boricua Experience in Korea”. (El Mundo: November 15, 1951). Credit Line: Biblioteca y Hemeroteca Puertorriqueña, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus

“BCGMCNC Full Disclosure: BCGMCNC and the Historical Research Team's Volunteer(s) neither are or claim to be the owners of these pictures. The sole purpose of the BCGMCNC HRT logo / title insert(s) is to help identify the source investing time, researching, and bringing forth the articles / pictures for your free enjoyment. Thank you for reading through”

BCGMCNC UPDATE: Today September 27, 2019 was the Celebration of Life of Borinqueneer Osvaldo Alvarado. Many were in attendance, to include Borinqueneers, BCGMCNC Members & Borinqueneers Motorcycle Club FL Chapter Representatives. Beautiful service for an honorable man. RIP...

BCGMCNC is saddened to inform,
Borinqueneer CWO4 Osvaldo "Ozzy" Alvarado has passed. September 15, 1928 - September 19, 2019. God, we ask for your guiding light, blessings and strength fall upon this wonderful family and pray you carry this warrior's soul to your kingdom in Heaven, so he can rest blissfully by your side. Please comment in, your wishes, condolences and prayers for the family, since they follow us on Facebook. They would greatly appreciate it and will re-energize their spirits... Honor et Fidelitas!!! OZZY RIP...

A Catholic Mass Service, is scheduled on September 27, 2019. 10:30 AM (EDT)
St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church Chapel
526 N Park Ave
Winter Park, FL, 32789 2019 (Open to the Public) Please see attached link to Funeral Home for details.!/Obituary


5133 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL


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