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The Fire District Tax passed! We want to thank everyone who went out to vote and voted yes for this. We couldn’t do it without the support of our community. We appreciate the support and we hope you continue to support us!

Chinquapin Volunteer Fire & Rescue

Chinquapin Volunteer Fire & Rescue


Our department and a few other departments have been notified that our fire tax is not showing up on some of the ballots! Please examine the back of your ballot where the referendum should be located! If it is not present, ask for assistance from the polling location staff and they will assist you. Spread the word! This is currently effecting three departments that we know of!

Fire tax on primary in Duplin County
Fire tax on primary in Duplin County

Fire tax on primary in Duplin County

Voters in Duplin County will see a new fire tax listed on the ballot in the upcoming March elections.

The Duplin Times

The Duplin Times


Per Duplin County Fire News, Beulaville Fire responded to a motor vehicle crash on Lyman Road, which involved a gas truck overturned and leaking gas. The truck had 1,100 gallons of non-highway diesel fuel on board, creating a small leak, which was contained.

The driver is uninjured and exited the vehicle on his own power.

Beulaville Fire, Duplin County EMS and the N.C. State Highway Patrol managed the scene.

Duplin County Fire & Emergency Management

Duplin County Fire & Emergency Management

To all first responders, EMS, dispatchers, firefighters, law-enforcement officers, nurses, doctors, hospital staff, emergency managers, DOT, lineman, & and all support staff members.

Leaving your homes and families today headed to duty stations will be tough. Today is a blessing, and tomorrow is not promised. If you are going just to prepare, or already settling in for the duration of the storm. We pray for the safe keeping of you, and your loved ones while you are away. Giving selflessly for the life-saving efforts of others, there is no greater calling. It is you, and your colleagues that so many rely on for safety in their time of need. Swift hands and Godspeed, we will see you out there.
Isaiah 43

To the families of these courageous men and women, thank you for your sacrifice. We are all forever in your debt.
John 14:27

Chinquapin Volunteer Fire & Rescue

Chinquapin Volunteer Fire & Rescue

Huge thanks to Lyman Fire Department and N.C. Forest Service for their help today.

Chinquapin was toned out at 11:46 a.m. to a brush fire endangering a wood line on Batts Road. It appeared to be a vegetation burn that got out of control. Lyman VFD turned out with much-needed manpower and water.

Despite rains ending the recent burn ban, please use common sense in burning. Forestry says conditions today are hot, dry and windy: perfect for wildfires.

It might be best to wait until later in the day to burn, or — better yet — until we get some more moisture.

Sinkhole reported near OAJ airport
Sinkhole reported near OAJ airport

Sinkhole reported near OAJ airport

The roadway near the airport is down to one lane due to a sinkhole.The sinkhole, near Albert J. Ellis Airport, was reported to the Onslow County Sheriff's


Duplin County is under a burn ban until further notice.

•Duplin County Fire Marshal’s Office

The Duplin Times

The Duplin Times

It's hot. It's dry. That means carelessness with fire can quickly lead to bad consequences.

The N.C. Forest Service writes that March through May is typically the worst time for wildfires, when they are most likely to occur and spread.

"The leading cause of wildfires is careless debris burning. Protect our natural resources by acting safely," said Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler in a press release.

"Don't burn on dry, windy days; maintain a careful watch over your debris fire, and make sure it is fully extinguished."

For those planning on burning: make sure you have an approved burning permit, which can be obtained at any N.C. Forest Service office (our local one is at 822 Fire Tower Road, Rose Hill), a county-approved burning permit agent, or online.

From the N.C. Forest Service:

Check with your county fire marshal’s office (910-296-2160) for local laws on burning debris. Some communities allow burning only during specified hours; others forbid it entirely.

Check the weather. Don’t burn if conditions are dry or windy, or consider alternatives to burning. Some yard debris such as leaves and grass may be more valuable if composted.

Only burn natural vegetation from your property. Burning household trash or any other man-made materials is illegal. Trash should be hauled away to a convenience center.

Plan burning for the late afternoon when conditions are typically less windy and more humid.

If you must burn, be prepared. Use a shovel or hoe to clear a perimeter down to mineral soil of at least 10-feet, preferably more, around the area around where you plan to burn. Keep fire tools ready. To control the fire, you will need a water hose, bucket, a steel rake and a shovel for tossing dirt on the fire. Never use flammable liquids such as kerosene, gasoline or diesel fuel to speed debris burning.

Stay with your fire until it is completely out. Remember, debris burning is the top cause of wildfires in the state.

This holds true for campfires and barbecues as well. Douse burning charcoal briquettes or campfires thoroughly with water. When soaked; stir the coals and soak them again. Be sure they are out cold and carefully feel to be sure they are extinguished. Never dump hot ashes or coals into a wooded area.

North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Foundation

North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Please keep Chief Adam Snyder of the Atlantic Beach Fire Department in your thoughts and prayers. He was involved in a serious skiing accident yesterday and is need of our prayers. Chief Snyder is a dear friend and supporter to the NCFFF.

The Duplin Times

The Duplin Times

Traffic is being stopped around a serious wreck involving an 18-wheeler and two passenger vehicles at the intersection of Jackson Store Road and N.C. 41 Hwy., Beulaville. Multiple people have been transported via EMS. Stay clear of that area if possible.


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