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Cloquet Boy Scout Troop 168 Join Boy Scouts. For any boy ages 11 - 17 who likes having fun. Please call Scoutmaster Shane (218.499.9205) for more information. Boy Scouts builds character, leadership, citizenship,

Operating as usual


We have rescheduled the camp out to may 6-7 due to weather conditions
What you need to bring is warm clothes a sleeping bag a tent/hammock cooking utensils if your cooking and others that can be found in the camping section of the scout book
We will go shopping for the food on the 4th I don’t know details about food being bought but we will figure that out before the 4th
If you need details contact me or someone in charge that knows details


Please see the attached (Websites) for information about Camp Wilderness. If you plan on going, you will need a $100 deposit paid and merit badge selections by April 26th Troop Meeting.

We need adults to drive and attend Camp Wilderness. Please contact (Scoutmaster Shane) if you're an adult that would like to help out with Camp Wilderness.

Merit Badges offered:

Other documents can be found @

Best Wishes, Connor Hecht


Hello Everyone!

I have some updates for our Hike tomorrow (4/3).
We will be hiking at Jay Cooke instead of Pine Valley. Our meeting spot is at the Rangers Station in Jay Cooke. We will be meeting there at 1pm. Our plan is to end around 5pm ish. The Hike route is around 3.5 miles.
What to bring?
- Water
- Hiking boots
- Backpack
- Snacks
- ect.
*Remember a Scout is PREPARED*!
β€” Look at the upcoming weather.

Best Wishes, Connor Hecht.


Hello all, due to weather conditions their will be not scout tonight (3/22).


Hello, scouts due to bad trail conditions our hike will not be at the Foresty instead, we will be doing it at Jay Cooke State Park. Our hike is this Sunday (3/13).

Suggested gear:
Warm jacket
Good hiking boots
Optional gear:

The scouts will be meeting at Jay Cooke @ 1pm ( Remember daylights savings), we expect to be done with the hike around 5pm. I hope to see you all there!!!
- Connor Hecht.


Hello scouts this is your SPL Thomas due to lack of scouts willing to participate in tubing we will re schedule it to a later day


Hello scouts this is SPL Thomas. due to bad weather conditions we are going to cancel scouts tonight (February 22.)

Hello All,I have some need-to-know information regarding this weekend's camp outing. Including times, what to bring, and...
Winter Wonder Wear: 9 Camping Essentials to Keep Warm

Hello All,

I have some need-to-know information regarding this weekend's camp outing. Including times, what to bring, and what to expect.

First off, we will be meeting this Friday (February 18th) @ 6:00 p.m at the scout building. We do recommend that you have dinner before you come. Our campout will end on Saturday (February 19th) @ 12:00 p.m.

Meals will be up to the scout and their families ( perfect time for your scout to get some requirements done!). The troop does have pocket rockets that will be available for usage, along with pots and pans. The troop also has tents that are available for use.

What to bring, please review this link with your scout (not everything in this link would apply to our situation). Winter camping is completely different than summer camping. That being said, your scout must come prepared for the night. It's critical that they have the correct gear. The troop will be taking precautions including; providing cardboard for insulation within tents. If your scout becomes cold during the night, or if they don't have the correct winter gear, they will be able to sleep in the scout building.**Scouts should have separate clothes for sleeping in (Dry clothing)**

What to expect? The scouts will be playing games and working on scout requirements for the duration of the evening. They will be playing in the snow, it's recommended that they wear snow gear. Bathrooms will be located in the church!

Packing list ideas for scouts; (Still review the other link above)

It's supposed to be cold Friday night, please check the weather before coming;

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me!

Best Wishes, Connor Hecht

To enjoy your winter camping properly, you must dress and pack for conditions. Taking the time to go through a checklist of your gear before departure pays off.


Hello Everyone,

I have some reminders; for tonight's meeting (February 15) please have your scout bring snow gear and a shovel. Also, during tonight's meeting, we will be discussing our campout this weekend. If your scout is inclined to attend this campout, we encourage them to attend tonights meeting. We will be gathering different information regarding the campout; including time and packing list. Stay tuned for upcoming information!

Best Wishes, Connor Hecht

AH/GT Merit Badge Day (4/2/2022)

The 2022 Arrowhead and Glacial Trails Merit Badge Day will be April 2nd at Superior Middle School. Scouts can choose from among twenty merit badges, including:


Nuclear Science

Space Exploration

Digital Technology


Composite Materials

Health Care Professions








Crime Prevention


Plus, four badges required for the rank of Eagle Scout:


Citizenship in the Nation

Citizenship in the World

Personal Management

Registration for the event begins February 28th on the council website. Many of the sessions are size-limited, so be sure to encourage your Scouts to sign up early.
Some badges are taught in a half day, while others take a full day – full details, including how to handle prerequisites, will be available within the online registration system. Regardless, lunch will be provided for registered Scouts.

Happy Trails,


Hello Everyone!

For tonight's meeting ( February 8th), please have your scout bring warm clothes (snow gear), a snow shovel, and a flashlight. We will be outside making a Quinzee!

I hope you see you all there!
Best Wishes, Connor Hecht


Hello All Scouts!
We will be having our meeting OUTSIDE tonight! Remember, a scout is prepared!

One of the key cornerstone's of Troop 168 is real boy lead. This means the boys do all the work. The adults are availabl...

One of the key cornerstone's of Troop 168 is real boy lead. This means the boys do all the work. The adults are available for advice and to keep an eye out for safety, but they don't teach, they don't lead, they don't dictate the direction.

Some adults struggle with this. They want to help, they want to participate, they want to show off their latest gadget, they want others to see how much they know. It's hard for adults to watch the occasional chaos, but to get true results, you MUST give true responsibility. It's not always pretty, but it's always rewarding.

Here the senior scouts are planning the calendar for the year.


Happy New Year πŸŽ‰

I have some announcements!!

First, we will be having our first scout meeting of the year tomorrow (4 of January). We will be outside, the predicted temperature is 20 degrees. That being said, make sure that your scout dresses for the weather and brings the correct gear. Your scout should bring their scout book, a flashlight/ headlamp, correct clothing, pen, and paper. We will be meeting at the scout building at 6:30 and ending at 8:00.

Second, our yearly calendar has not been made yet. Please be patient. The scouts do plan the whole scout calendar, and it takes time.

Thank you, I hope to see you all there on Tuesday!!
- Connor Hecht


Hello everyone, I have some quick updates!
First, I want to congratulate our new Senior Patrol leader.. Thomas!! Congratulations!

Second, we will be having our last scout meeting of the year next week. We will be having our Court of Honor. We do ask the scouts to arrive at 5:45pm, the Court of Honor will start at 6:30 and go tell 8:00. We will be meeting in the church building ( in the sanctuary).

What to bring? Your scout should wear their FULL class A. This includes their uniform and merit badge sash. It's also recommend that your scout brings a snack to share with all of our guests. Some examples of snacks are, cookies, brownies, veggie tray, pop, ect. We did not have any allergies amongst the troop.

We also do not have any scouts in the month of December, we will resume scouts in January.

Best Wishes,
-Connor Hecht.


Joshes Eagle project got postponed to Saturday the 16th. More information will be out next week.


Another reminder from Josh

His Eagle project will be Saturday October 9th, meet at Pine valley at 9:30.

Make sure that your scout comes with appropriate work clothing. There will also be some hiking involved. Have your scout bring work gloves, safety glasses and water bottle.

Also look for past Facebook post for more information.


Joshua Hutchinson's Eagles project is still on for the 9th of October. Plans have changed, look at the previous post for more information.

Text Josh @ 2184815921, with your name.


Hey everyone this is Josh Hutchison and I am sending information about my Eagle Scout project. My project is putting benches on the bike trails in pine valley. It's going to be this coming Saturday the 9th and my rain day will be the 16th of October. I would want everyone to get there about 9:30am and we would start @10am and we will end when the project is done. Bring good work clothes(work boots, shoes, shirt and pants) there will be some hiking involved so plan on bringing water. On Saturday the 9th at 9:30 in pine valley. I am sorry for the late notice but it was a bit of a time crunch to get this together but I would appreciate it if you guys could REVP so I know who's going to be there!

Thank you!


Hello everyone, Some upcoming events.

This Saturday and Sunday we will be having a campout at the scout building. We will be watching a movie and having a campfire. Scouts are allowed to bring their own tent, we also do have scout tents available. You are required to bring your own food. That includes breakfast for Sunday morning and snacks. The scout also have stoves that families can use. We will be meeting at 5:30 on Saturday night, and we will be ending at 12 on Sunday afternoon. Please bring the correct gear and equipment for the weather. Also please bring a lawn chair.

I hope to see you all there, remember bring your family!!

-CH (SPL).

This afternoon's hike at Ely's peak, was a huge success!

This afternoon's hike at Ely's peak, was a huge success!


We have 11 boys signed up for the Citizenship in the Community merit badge.
One of the requirements is to find 3 organizations that serve our community, look into them and
pick one to volunteer 8 hours of service.
Nathan Bents has let me know about two possibilities that all of the boys could partake in.

Th first one is to help set up Bentleyville on Saturday September 25th 8:30-4:00.
The other possibility is a road cleanup project in the area.

I need you to respond to me about which one you want to do asap! Then we will get this going!!

Call or text Laurie Morken


Hello everyone,

Some upcoming events we will be hiking at Ely's peak from 1-5pm on Sunday the 12th. We will be meeting at Ely's peak at 1pm. Make sure your scout brings the necessary equipment, including water an close toed shoes.

Than Tuesday the 14th we will be at vertical endeavor in Duluth. We will be meeting there at 6pm and going tell 8pm. The cost will be $24 that includes equipment rentals. Online waiver MUST be filled out!

On September 25-26, we will be having a family camp at the scout building, family is welcome! We will be having a movie and a camp fire. We will be having more details in days to come.

I hope your able to join us, Have an amazing night.

Link's Below:

Ely's peak directions:46Β°40'34.0"N92Β°15'31.0"W

Climbing waiver:

Vertical endeavors directions:



Hello everyone,
This coming Tuesday we will be selling popcorn at the scout building. We do ask you to wear your class A if you have one. We will be outside the whole time. We will start at 6 and go tell 8. Make sure to bring those friendly smiles! 😁

Come and support your local Boy Scout @ L&M. We are selling popcorn until 3pm.

Come and support your local Boy Scout @ L&M. We are selling popcorn until 3pm.

Hello All,For those Scouts who signed up to sell popcorn at L & M, we will be there from 9 to 3 pm tomorrow. We will set...
Trail’s End | Raise More. Scout More.

Hello All,

For those Scouts who signed up to sell popcorn at L & M, we will be there from 9 to 3 pm tomorrow. We will set up right outside near the entrance. 😊

Please be sure to wear your Scout uniform (Class A) and bring the following items:

~rain gear
~a bag lunch
~water bottle
~a chair to sit on when you take a break

If your Scout has a Smartphone, they can download the Trails End App and create an account. They will be to tell a little about themselves, set a sales goal, and process sales from their phone with the app.

Scouts can also go to and sign up for an online account. The link can be shared via email, Facebook, and/or text so friends and family can place an order and have the popcorn shipped straight to their house.

Please let me know if you have questions. You can message me


The Scouting Fundraiser. Over 73% Supports Our Local Scouts*


On Tuesday there will be a delegate from the Order of the Arrow at our troop meeting to conduct an election. We have two candidates eligible for Order of the Arrow. We need a majority of our scouts to be present for the election, please plan to attend if you are able.

Thank you,




This Tuesday the troop will be swimming at The Beach (Pinehurst) from 2pm - 5pm. Cost is $4.

There will not be a troop meeting at the scout building this Tuesday. (We are meeting at the Pinehurst Beach!)

If your scout is 12 or younger, they need to wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket. You will also need to go with your scout aswell if they are 12 or younger.

The beach does have concession stand.

Family is welcome!

Hope to see you all there!



Hello everyone!

It's Connor here 😎(SPL)😎, I have a couple of upcoming events and information.

On the 2nd of August, we have a fun day at Pine Valley from 1-3. We will do different fun activities. Please see an email that was sent out earlier this week.

We have an upcoming Court Of Honor which is on Tuesday the 3rd. This is the time for our scouts will be recognized for their accomplishments. We will also go over the rest of the scouting year. This is the perfect time to have the family come and see their scout! We also encourage your scout to bring a treat to share with everyone ( We do not have any allergies). The scouts will be meeting at 6 pm and the scout building, but the Court Of Honor will start at 6:30 pm and will go till 8 pm. Everyone is encouraged to attend!

We do have the BWCA trip from August 5-8. You will need to contact me during the troop meeting or on Facebook for details. We, unfortunately, have some liability issues.

Thank you! Hope you all have an amazing night.



Per our SPL, Connor, we will be pushing the Court of Honor to Aug 3rd, 6:30pm. Tomorrow will be a normal Troop Meeting. Hope to see you there to celebrate the accomplishments of our youth.




Meet at the Scout Building Sunday July 18 at 9:30am (we will leave promptly at 10am)

Items need before departing
Health form, parts ABC (Give to Scoutmaster Shane)
$20 for gas money (Give to Scoutmaster Shane)
$12 for Logging Camp Breakfast on way back from Camp (Give to Scoutmaster Shane)
Money for lunch on way to Camp (keep on them, NOT in bag)
Money for merit badges activities (please refer to the comment section of the Merit Badge List)
Money for canteen / trading post
Mask, some indoor areas of Camp Wilderness still require a mask.
Merit Badge List
Merit Badge Signup will happen at Camp

Packing LIst
SPL Connor handed out a packing list at the last Troop Meeting.


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Cloquet, MN


(218) 499-9205


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so we are not doing the parade today because of lack of scouts
due to lack of interest we are not walking in the parade
hi all, spl Thomas here. i am looking for scouts interested in being in the parade on Saturday. i also need at least 2 adults to supervise if interested let me or my mom know asap
Hi, I recently got some caramel corn from scouts in front of the Cloquet Super 1. How can I get some more to enjoy and help support the group!
The troop had a great time yesterday at the Klondike Derby.