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Platte County Emergency Management Platte County Emergency Management embraces the "Whole Community" concept when planning, preparing, and practicing for emergencies.

US National Weather Service Omaha/Valley Nebraska

US National Weather Service Omaha/Valley Nebraska

Concerned about the possibility of spring flooding?

Get the latest outlook from our Senior Service Hydrologist and Meteorologists at our public spring flood meetings.


Many people have reported drones all over Nebraska the last few days. Many of them can be verified as airplanes. Before posting or reporting drone activity check for airplanes in the area utilizing one of the many airplane tracking apps such as FlightRadar. It does have a slight delay but will show a map of your location and any airplane travel in your area.

Military aircraft may not show up on the maps but be aware with the current military actions more activity may be occurring in some areas.

Columbus Nebraska Police Department

Columbus Nebraska Police Department

We are aware of the possible mystery drone sightings around the Columbus area. We have notified the proper authorities and they are looking into it. At this time unless you have any specific or detailed information there is no need to call the Joint Communications Center to make a report. THANK YOU for your time!

US National Weather Service Omaha/Valley Nebraska

US National Weather Service Omaha/Valley Nebraska

Here's a look at how things will go down in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa for the weekend. The answer varies greatly on where you are located or intending to travel to.

This will be some wild weather. Snow changing to rain, freezing rain changing to sleet, then to all rain! Maybe even a rumble of thunder? Heavy snow! Yikes. If you have travel plans, especially traveling north into the Dakotas and western Nebraska, consider changing them.

Then, to just to make things worse, there is a heavy rain threat. One to two inches (possibly more) of rain could fall in some places. We are concerned about the Missouri River flooding again as all this water moves downstream. This flood concern is below the Platte River. Other rivers could see substantial rises too, but may not reach flood stage. The silver lining here is these areas generally don't have much frozen ground, leaving the potential for a small amount of rain to soak in. Stay informed and stay weather aware.

Platte County Sheriff's Department

Platte County Sheriff's Department

With the combining of the Platte County and City of Columbus dispatchers, the way our non emergency lines are answered have changed. When you call, the answering dispatcher will answer with "Columbus Platte County Communications". You're calling the right place! With that being said, we'd like to explain which numbers to call to get you to the correct place without several transfers.

402-563-4274 Platte County Detention Facility-- Questions on inmates, visitation, who's in custody, scheduling fingerprints, etc

402-564-9077 Platte County Sheriff's Office Administration--Questions on paper service, vehicle inspections, county firearms permits, etc.

402-564-3229 Platte County non emergency calls for service--all calls for service that are not considered an emergency. Example--"Help! I have a skunk under my deck!" Although it may seem an emergency to you, it probably doesn't warrant a 911 call and a lights and siren response.

911 -- All calls for immediate emergency response


There are multiple reports of accidents along Hwy 30 and 81. The roads are extremely slick. Slow down and drive safe.

US National Weather Service Omaha/Valley Nebraska

US National Weather Service Omaha/Valley Nebraska

Our snowfall expectations have crept up a smidge for most areas from Harlan to Omaha to Lincoln and areas north.

Expect whiteout conditions at times with heavy snow and gusty winds... especially in northeastern Nebraska.

US National Weather Service Omaha/Valley Nebraska

US National Weather Service Omaha/Valley Nebraska

Travel conditions will become hazardous or impossible across the region Tuesday into Tuesday night. Rain and snow will build into the area from west to east on Tuesday, becoming heavy after noon. Periods of very heavy snow up to 2 inches per hour will be possible in the afternoon and early evening hours, especially across northeast Nebraska. While there remains some uncertainty in total snow amounts due to a very difficult prediction in where the rain/snow line will be, even areas receiving lighter snow amounts will likely experience hazardous travel due to melting and refreezing as colder air builds in on Tuesday night. Additionally, wind gusts of 35 to 45 mph are expected which may cause periods of whiteout conditions.

Snow Emergency in Effect Beginning November 26, 2019The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for P...
Columbus, Nebraska - Official Website | Official Website

Snow Emergency in Effect Beginning November 26, 2019

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for Platte County from 0600 a.m. Tuesday until 0900 a.m. Wednesday. Forecasted snowfall is expected to reach 6 to 9 inches with northeast winds 20-25 mph up to 40 mph wind gusts. For public safety and more efficient snow removal, the City of Columbus has declared a Snow Emergency effective Tuesday, November 26th beginning at 6 a.m. until further notice.
No parking is allowed at all on cul-de-sacs and emergency snow routes. On all residential streets, it is strongly encouraged that citizens park off of the street if possible. This allows for more efficient snow removal by City Crews.
The City also request No-Parking on thoroughfares and arterials, and the following streets and avenues.
48th Avenue 38th Street
33rd Avenue 27th Street
26th Avenue 23rd Street
23rd Avenue 19th Street
18th Avenue 15th Street
12th Avenue 8th Street
3rd Avenue 6th Street
Howard Boulevard 1st Street
In a Snow Emergency, citations will be issued to those who have their vehicles parked along the Emergency Snow Routes of 15th Street from 23rd Avenue to 10th Avenue, and 17th Street from 23rd Avenue to 10th Avenue.
Citizens are also reminded that as per Section 92.30 of the City Code, it is the responsibility of the owner and/or occupant of real estate to remove snow and/or ice from sidewalks within 24 hours after the cessation of precipitation.
The City urges no unnecessary travel on city streets as we anticipate dangerous road conditions.
We appreciate and thank you for your continued cooperation.
For more information about Snow Emergencies, see the City Web Site

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US National Weather Service Omaha/Valley Nebraska

US National Weather Service Omaha/Valley Nebraska

Now is the time to consider alternate plans of you intend to travel on Tue/ Tue. night! Plan on slippery roads and blowing snow that could result in near whiteout conditions. The hazardous conditions could impact the morning or evening commute, as well as holiday travelers.

US National Weather Service Omaha/Valley Nebraska

US National Weather Service Omaha/Valley Nebraska

There is still A LOT of uncertainty in this forecast, especially in the areas highlighted . This is because snow amounts in this area will depend heavily on when the rain during the day transitions to all snow in the evening. As of now, we are expecting rain to transition to snow between 4pm and 9pm in the circled area. Regardless of when the transition occurs, please keep a close eye on the forecast and adjust travel plans accordingly. Stay safe this holiday season!

East Central Long Term Recovery Group

A Long Term Recovery Group has be established to help those in the Platte, Butler, Boone, Colfax, and Nance Counties recover from the spring flooding. If you are still in the recovery process and need help please click on the link below for contact information. please share this with anyone still involved in flood recovery.

East Central Long Term Recovery Group is for any resident of Boone, Butler, Colfax, Nance or Platte county that has been affected by the 2019 Spring Flood. We can provide support for emotional and spiritual healing, and also assist with FEMA reports.


Because of the recent spring floods FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant funds have become available for participation in a voluntary FEMA Property Acquisition program for owners of homes and businesses in Platte County affected by the spring floods. The grant program is a 75% FEMA and 25% local cost share. Platte County, City of Columbus, and the Lower Loup Natural Resource District have shown interest to help defray all or part of the 25% local cost share. County, City, and LLNRD officials feel strongly that this program will help mitigate future flood damage and encourage participation in this voluntary program.
Letters have been sent to property owners affected by the spring flooding. If you did not receive one you may call 402-564-1206 or Email at [email protected] to request one to be mailed to you.
Please pass this on to anyone you feel may be interested.

For more information of the program please click on the link below.

There are many Fake forecasts by unscrupulous posters using hyped up forecasts. Please know where the forecast is coming...

There are many Fake forecasts by unscrupulous posters using hyped up forecasts. Please know where the forecast is coming from before sharing.

Please read! This is good information from the NWS. Be responsible with what you share on social media.

Come see us at Kids Safety at Mike’s Auto today from 10 -2

Come see us at Kids Safety at Mike’s Auto today from 10 -2

It’s (still) National Preparedness Month: Have you made a plan? (Platte County Emergency Management) — Nextdoor
It’s (still) National Preparedness Month: Have you made a plan? (Platte County Emergency Management) — Nextdoor

It’s (still) National Preparedness Month: Have you made a plan? (Platte County Emergency Management) — Nextdoor

In partnership with Nextdoor during National Preparedness Month, the Platte County Emergency Management is sharing this information around how to best be prepared in your home, neighborhood, and community. Has your family made a plan in the event of emergency or disaster? How about your neighborhood...

Nebraska Emergency Management Agency
Nebraska Emergency Management Agency

Nebraska Emergency Management Agency

The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is part of the Military Department. The state's Adjutant General, Major General Daryl Bohac, serves as the director of the agency as well as the commanding officer of the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard. The three units comprise the Mili...

If your looking for ways to help Hurricane victims please consider a monitory donation to a reputable group. Please don’...
Thanks, But No Thanks: When Post-Disaster Donations Overwhelm

If your looking for ways to help Hurricane victims please consider a monitory donation to a reputable group. Please don’t collect items to send to the affected area. This article is a good reminder of how much logistics are involved in receiving those items.

It happens after every disaster. People want to help, but their donations often turn out to be a burden. Newtown, Conn., for example, was so inundated with gifts, it asked people to stop sending them. Instead, disaster aid groups are trying to figure out a better way to channel good intentions.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we are seeing high flows in the Loup and Platte again. Some lowland flooding may occur as well. Prairie Creek on the south west corner of the county is running high as well. All of this is related to the rain fall in the central and north central part of the state the last couple days. River flows are likely to be high over Labor Day weekend so caution is urged when on the rivers.


Overnight rainfall that occurred last night in north central and central Nebraska will cause higher river flows in both the Loup and Platte later this weekend. Flooding is not expected but it is advised to limit activity on the rivers.

US National Weather Service Omaha/Valley Nebraska

US National Weather Service Omaha/Valley Nebraska

A Flash Flood Watch is in effect from midnight tonight until 7 AM Monday morning. Heavy rainfall totals of 1-3 inches will be possible within the watch area.

Nebraska Strong: Recovery Project

Nebraska Strong: Recovery Project

Check out this helpful guide that some of our team members in Region 4 put together for flood survivors!



3-6 inches of rain fell in North Central Nebraska this afternoon flooding roads and fields. Most of this was in the Loup River basin and will have an effect on water levels later this weekend into the first of next week on the Loup River through Platte County. If you have plans to be on the River be aware of rising water.

Nebraska Emergency Management Agency

Nebraska Emergency Management Agency

Be a good emergency manager by preparing for Excessive Heat Warnings this week in Nebraska. Keep a travel survival kit in your car, stay hydrated, use sunscreen and spend time in air conditioned buildings whenever possible.


952 AM CDT Thu Jul 11 2019

The National Weather Service in Omaha has issued a
* Flood Advisory for
The Platte River Near Duncan.
* from Saturday afternoon to Friday morning.
* At 9:30 AM Thursday the stage was 6.1 feet.
* Flood stage is 8.0 feet.
* Forecast...The river will rise to near 8.1 feet Saturday evening.


Update to the Platte and Loup River levels.

As the forecast for water levels on the Platte River near Duncan is tightened up the forecast is 8’1’ Sunday into Monday. Flood Stage is 8.0’ with record at 8.3’. According to the Nation Weather Service at 8.0’ some lowland areas begin to flood. Those living along the Platte River should be aware of rising water levels and take action if necessary.

The Loup River in Columbus crested Wednesday morning and is forecast to continue to drop to normal levels.


Recent rainfall and flooding in Central Nebraska will have an effect on water levels on the Platte and possibly the Loup River here in Platte County by the weekend. The Platte is forecast to reach 7.6’ at Duncan by Sunday, 8’ is flood stage. The Loup River may see rising water levels but is not expected to reach flood stage. It is advised to not plan activities in the area rivers during high water as high currents can add to hazards already in place due to spring flooding.

Butler County Sheriff's Office

Eric was the Butler County EM for a short time but worked very hard to make sure Butler County residents were taken care of. RIP Eric

It is with a heavy heart that we have to recognize the loss of one of our own. Friday June 21, 2019 our Emergency Manager, Eric Betzen , passed away unexpectedly at his home. Many know that Eric took this job in March and at the same time the flood happened. Over the last couple months, Eric worked tirelessly to meet deadlines for FEMA to ensure that Butler County residents got the help they needed. He was part of our office for a short time but made such a huge impact on Butler county. Thank you Eric for all your hard work. Our hearts go out to his family at this time.


Immediate Job Opening
Job Opening Disaster Relief Case Manager: Job Description
• Part or Full Time
• Grant funded for 1 year with possible extension
• Requires evenings and weekends
The Primary Role of the Disaster Case Manager is to:
• Assess disaster-caused unmet needs of individuals and families
• Develop a recovery plan and link disaster survivors to resources and programs that will promote a more rapid and equitable recovery
Responsibilities include but not limited to:
• Adhere to all administrative and data collection policies
• Collaborate with internal and external networks in community building activities
• Perform outreach to identify survivors in need of services
• Develop individualized recovery plans
• Link disaster survivors to resources and programs from a resource guide
• Screening for disaster program eligibility
• Provides accurate and timely Information and Referral
• Support the mission of the East Central Recovery Group
• Adhere to the East Central Disaster Recovery Group policies and procedures
• Ability to communicate community recovery goals and objectives
• Ability to work individually with people
• Ability to adapt and be flexible in pressure situations
• Ability to relate compassionately with individuals in crisis
• Ability to adhere to strict confidentiality requirements
• Able to travel and have reliable transportation
• Preferably bilingual in English and Spanish
• Accountable to the East Central Long-Term Recovery Community
APPLY: Send your cover letter, resume and compensation objects to search committee [email protected]
Please Reply by June 26,2019

Staying Safe On The Water This Summer
Staying Safe On The Water This Summer

Staying Safe On The Water This Summer

COLUMBUS – The March flooding and a wet spring have caused a variety of changes to area rivers, and extra precautions are being urged for those going out on the water this summer. Platte County Sheriff Ed Wemhoff says that some rivers have changed course and cut a new path due to the flooding even...


2610 14th St
Columbus, NE


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Can someone tell me where I can find Columbus disaster plan? I have looked and can not find it, I would assume it would be readily available to everyone. Thank you
Are there any mold cleanup supplies available like moos buckets vinegar Clorox
After all the flooding, is it safe for people and their pets to play in the rivers and lakes in the area ?
Columbus, NE... Big fundraiser at Ag Park today, April 27th!! Music, food, live and silent auctions, etc... 11am to midnight! Hope to see you!! Everyone is welcome!! #NebraskaStrong
Any updates on when hwy 30 to duncan will open?
Sure would be nice if highway 30 would get fixed and open double lane. All I see is sand filled holes for past few days. Some people still work Sundays. No highway workers out today, must be nice.
Survivors: This is a message on behalf of Nebraska Volunteers Active in Nebraska. You can get trained assistance with your flood clean-up, please contact NE 211 or Crisis Clean-Up at 833-556-2476 to sign up for assistance. The Crisis Clean-Up Hotline will connect you with local and national disaster relief groups like Team Rubicon USA (a veterans group with trained volunteers) and many church relief agencies. All volunteer groups are vetted by the Crisis Clean-Up Hotline to ensure that they are reputable and that you are protected. For more information about the Crisis Clean-Up Hotline and how it works visit their website at
Is hwy 30 open yet?
ESU 7 and Columbus Public Schools are accepting donations at the 43rd Street Warehouse next to West Park Elementary. Volunteers are available to accept donations M-F 7am-7pm. Items needed include water, cleaning supplies and prepackaged snack food items (granola bars, fruit snacks, etc.)
Can we travel on hwy 30 from duncan to silver creek?
I understand you’re still busy. But I was wondering if you had a plan for people that want to help clean up. Maybe I missed something?
Is it true that Highway 30 is open if you have ID showing you live in Duncan or Silver Creek? Was told by a friend he was let through.