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Operating as usual

Our next Author Series with Jennifer Hull takes place next Tuesday

Our next Author Series with Jennifer Hull takes place next Tuesday

Don't forget Book Club meets next Monday

Don't forget Book Club meets next Monday


New Hours start tomorrow!
Tuesday: 4-7pm
Wed-Sat: 12-3pm

Saturday Stitch Club meets this Saturday. Contact Sandra for meeting info

Saturday Stitch Club meets this Saturday. Contact Sandra for meeting info


Our March Newsletter is out! Read it; you won't regret it!

March's Life Long Learning program:

March's Life Long Learning program:

Kid's Short Story Competition:

Kid's Short Story Competition:


Thank you to everyone that participated in our Love Your Library program last month!



This infinite book tower in Prague. There's a mirror on the bottom and the top of it. It's supposed to represent the infinity of learning.

This work is titled "Idiom" by artist Matej Kren and is on display at the Prague Municipal Library.

"An infinite tower of books is a nightmare disguised as a dream for a bibliophile—a huge collection of literature that you can’t get at because pulling a book or two out will cause the collapse of the tower."

Don't miss this event happening tomorrow!

Don't miss this event happening tomorrow!

Tutorial is up on our website and YouTube channel

Tutorial is up on our website and YouTube channel

Something to do on this snowy day!

Something to do on this snowy day!

Still time to read this month's book for Book Club!

Still time to read this month's book for Book Club!

Don't worry we didn't forget...

Don't worry we didn't forget...

Saturday Stitch Club meets this weekend! Contact Sandra for meeting details

Saturday Stitch Club meets this weekend! Contact Sandra for meeting details


We have run out of paper bags and we need more...If you have any, please send them to us!


84 W La Entrada
Corrales, NM

Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 11:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 19:00
Thursday 11:00 - 20:00
Friday 10:00 - 17:00
Saturday 10:00 - 13:00


(505) 897-0733


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It's that time of year! Come and join Storytime WiththeFam for a neat and spooky treat! The kids put on a great Halloween fashion show just for you! Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel!!
An Open Letter To Corrales Community Library, relating to the lead singer of The Band That Played California Lady, Frank Larrabee, who made it big with the song California Lady. May 4, 2020 To Whom It May Concern, I have been made aware that one musical genius, Frank Larrabee, has a wing in your library named after him. I thought that was really cool, seeing as he was in The Band That Played California Lady that had the mega hit California Lady. He played concerts locally and from what I understand donated to your library. I assume it was money, but who knows. Well, let's put it this way, you don't have to tell me. During my research of the great Frank "Fish Lips" Larrabee, I came to find out you put his wing near the periodicals! Are you kidding me?! He needs to have a wing, a big beautiful wing. And we'll get Albuquerque to pay for it! Something there is that doesn't love a giant Frank Larrabee library wing. Frankie wasn't just a musician, no, To Whom It May Concern. He was a renaissance man. He raises horses, owns a construction business in New Mexico (who doesn't?), and was a high school athlete. Surely the Corrales community could learn a thing or two from Larrabee, and a big Fish Lips wing would facilitate the life lessons of the lead singer of The Band That Played California Lady. Frank Larrabee isn't a periodical, he's a legend. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. If you build a large wing in his name, or at very least move him away from the periodicals, I believe you would be honoring the Fish Lips legacy a lot more. Periodicals, bah, humbug. The new wing's entrance should be a big replica of Larrabee's face, and visitors would enter through his open mouth. The replica would be modeled from the footage of Track of The Moon Beast when Frank says, "Oh." Upon entering, either the long lost Frank Larrabee demo (or facsimile) or the recording can from the film (or facsimile) should be displayed front and center, preferably on a stage. This way tribute bands and Frank himself will have a place to play. There should be two major spaces in the Frank Larrabee wing dedicated to The Eskimo and The Friendly Looking Back Up Singer. Both were major players in the great Frank Larrabee's lifetime. Without them his story would be incomplete. I understand you may be lacking in funds for such a project, but I am certainly more than happy to chip in. Some nights my monkey, crank organ and I make $60 busking for about three hours. Legally the monkey owns the business, so I can get away tax free. Once this coronavirus thing is over we could have social distancing bake sales -- brownies delivered to your door. Imagine how much money that could bring to this project. I'd also be willing to grant you partial rights to my reverse dictionary, which you can borrow against. You know, like Billy Joel did. Corrales needs something like this. Please make it happen, won't you? Signed, Frank Larrabee's Biggest Fan
Greetings Library visitors and supporters! I will be sharing an exciting cultural, educational and musically interactive Aztec Stories presentation at this library on Saturday, March 21st at 11:00 AM. This is a FREE community event so please plan on attending with family and friends to experience a program that focuses on the beauty and sophistication of the ancient Mexica/Aztec people. This presentation is for all ages and interest levels. And, ... be prepared to participate in the interactive music segments. I will bring over 45 hand-made indigenous instruments to demonstrate and share. I look forward to sharing music and stories with you!
Great authors love to let folks know about their books... but really.... reading to a scarecrow?? :-) -- Here's Albuquerque Lloyda Albach, author of the delightful book "Bedtime Stories for a Lady of a Certain Age," having fun after a successful October talk and book sale at a retirement community. The scarecrow looks happily interested! -- Order her book today -- it makes a great gift for someone who needs a smile! The book is available wherever books are sold, and just $12.95 on Amazon at:…/…/ref=sr_1_1…
Does Your Library Have a Library Telescope Program? A Library Telescope is a telescope owned by a library that can be borrowed just like a book. Usually it’s a modified Orion 4.5” StarBlast Reflector Telescope. What better way to bring astronomy to the youth of today, than to give them access to a quality telescope? Having a parent, or other adult, borrow the telescope and amaze a child with views of the Moon or a planet, could make a lasting impression. Maybe even lead to a career in astronomy or some other science. Hundreds of libraries across the US have Library Telescope Programs that have been remarkably successful. A library can get a telescope program going for under $400. The telescope is modified in various ways so it is less likely to be damaged and parts are less likely to be lost. The world would be a better place if every library had a Library Telescope Program! Shouldn’t your library have a Library Telescope Program? For more information see page: Library Telescopes.
Come out to Bookworks Albuquerque to hear Amy Hale Auker Author talk about her latest work, "Ordinary Skin, Essays from Willow Springs" on Wednesday, November 15 at 6:00PM ... Amy cowboys for the Spider Ranch in Arizona and thrives in the natural world that she writes about. I have been a long time fan, and I am looking forward to this wonderful event. Join us! ... I'll be donating a new copy of her latest to the library but you might want your own. My personal copy is dog-eared
Yoga & fresh air! Corrales Park, tomorrow morning at 10a for active Seniors.