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Shout out to my newest followers! Excited to have you onboard!Javona BossLady Covington, Minin Opura Nebril, MD Korim

Shout out to my newest followers! Excited to have you onboard!

Javona BossLady Covington, Minin Opura Nebril, MD Korim



5 ways to get clients for your remote online notarization business:

1. Create and maintain your Google Business Profile

One of the best ways to market your RON business is to create a Google Business page. This will allow you to list your business in Google's search results, as well as provide potential customers with important information such as your contact details, business hours, and location.

When listing your services be sure to include remote online notarizations and electronic notarizations. You want to ensure you are keyword-heavy throughout your listing. I receive about 3-5 inquiries a day for remote online notarizations from individuals around the world based on the way I optimized my Google Business Profile.

2. Create content on your website

Another effective way to market your remote Notary business is to create content about RON – such as articles and videos – on your website. When you add content to your website be sure to have heavy-keyword usage again and also include links to reputable sources about electronic notarizations.

Be sure that you make the process appear simple and to the reader’s benefit versus in-person notarizations. Try adding a quick 60-second video to your website that will explain the steps to complete a remote online notarization. Here is a link to a sample video I use on my website: E-Notary Advertisement

3. Explain the benefits of using a remote online

When talking to local businesses and individuals, it's important to explain the benefits of using an electronic Notary service. This will help potential clients understand why they should use your services, and it may encourage them to switch from in-person Notary services.

Educate your market on what RON is because the average person has absolutely no idea. It is your job to explain to them why it is in their best interest to use your remote online services because it is both time and cost-effective for them.

4. Connect with military bases

Another great way to market your remote Notary business is to connect with military bases. There are many benefits to using RON services for military personnel, so this is a great way to reach out to potential customers.

You can connect with military bases through online directories or by placing ads on websites that are popular with military personnel. By connecting with military bases, you'll be able to reach a wider audience and attract more clients to your RON business.

If you live close to a base, you can connect with different departments that will tell you where to provide your information. You can also connect with someone in your area who is in the military or in online military family groups to discuss your services and make that warm connection for you.

5. Connect with international firms

Finally, don't forget to connect with international firms that may be in need of remote Notary services. You can find international firms through online directories. And market to U.S. companies who do business internationally. You can find these by a simple Google search. A good place to start is with international real estate companies and attorneys.

I also have consistent international clients who keep me pretty busy. But remember the time difference with international clients. Sometimes I am up at 1am notarizing documents.

By following these tips, you'll be sure to generate more interest in your remote Notary business and attract new clients. The sky is the limit with RON because you no longer have to meet in person with clients which will allow for more notarizations to be completed in one day.

In my independent Notary service, I complete between 2-10 remote notarizations a day. But you can generate way more than that based on what you are looking to accomplish and your time flexibility.


Questions to ask when notarizing unusual government forms:

1. Am I authorized to perform the notarization on the document?

The first and most important question you need to ask is whether the laws of your state or authority permit you to perform the act requested on the form. In most cases, you’ll be able to do so because the documents ask for a straightforward acknowledgment or jurat. But some cases are less clear-cut and may include confusing instructions, like the Form I-9 used to verify employee eligibility to work in the U.S.

The I-9 Form doesn’t require notarization, but the Handbook for Employers states that a Notary Public can help a new employee fill out the form and sign Section 2 as an “authorized representative” on the new employee’s behalf. Some states provide additional instructions to Notaries regarding I-9s. In Texas, the Secretary of State's office instructs Notaries not to certify or affix their seals to an I-9 Form but may assist their business in filling out the form in a non-Notary capacity. California officials have stated that Notaries in the Golden State may not complete an I-9 Form in any capacity unless the Notary is a registered and bonded immigration consultant. Adding to the confusion, many companies have instructed Notaries to write “Notary Public” as their title underneath their signature or worse, notarize their own signature on the form, which is not permitted in any state.

There are cases when a state Notary regulating official provides instructions for notarizing uncommon documents that seem to contradict usual practices. For example, the California Secretary of State’s 2014 newsletter included a message that California Notaries were permitted to countersign deer and bear tags for hunters. The Secretary’s office said Notaries don’t have to complete a notarial certificate and may not affix their seals on the tag or charge a fee for the notarization. They must countersign the tag, however, and record the activity in their journals.

2. Is there room for my Notary seal?

Some government documents may ask for a standard acknowledgment or jurat but may have little or no room to affix a seal impression.

We posted a Hotline Tip about one such form, the “TSP-70,” which is used when a former federal employee wishes to withdraw money from a government-provided savings account. TSP-70 tells the Notary, “No other acknowledgment is acceptable” but the one on the document, but then provides virtually no space for the seal. In such cases, the NNA recommends that Notaries with rectangular seals affix the seal vertically in the left-hand margin where there may be space without placing it over the text in the document. Notaries with circular seals may be out of luck if their state’s law prohibits the seal from being placed over any text or signatures on the document. If that’s you, you’ll have to refuse to perform the notarization.

3. Can I complete the notarial certificate wording provided?

Florida Notaries should refuse to notarize Form TSP-70 for another reason. Florida law requires a notarial certificate to contain no fewer than nine different elements (see F.S. 117.05[4]). Since Form TSP-70 doesn’t include all nine and doesn’t allow a Florida Notary to use any other form, it’s a deal breaker.

4. What else can I do if the law does not allow me to notarize?

If a government agency or form’s instructions for the notarization conflict with your state’s law, ask the receiving agency if it will accept an alternative. For example, this medical license form from the state of Ohio appears to require a Notary to affix the seal impression over a color photograph attached to the document. Fortunately, some state forms no longer require this. But for those that still do, placing the seal over the photograph can be problematic.

The NNA suggests that Notaries presented with these documents try one of these alternative approaches: First, find another place near the Notary’s signature to affix a legible seal impression. Second, place a partial seal impression over the attached photo as requested. If this is not possible, ask the receiving agency if it will accept an attached and stapled certificate form with room for a clear and legible Notary seal.

If you’re still unsure, don’t be afraid to ask for help
If you’re still not sure if you can perform an unusual notarization on a government form, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance. The NNA’s Hotline consultants or your state Notary agency can provide additional information and guidance to help you follow the law and avoid improper notarizations.


How do you handle out-of-state Notary certificates?

Quick Tips for Out-Of-State Notary Certificates

Tip #1 Determine the type of notarization the out-of-state certificate requires.

If you are unfamiliar with the style and wording of the notarial certificate, read it for keywords and phrases — such as “acknowledged,” “subscribed and sworn to” or “signed and sworn to” — which will help you determine what type of notarization is required.

Tip #2 Check the out-of-state Notary certificate's venue.

The “venue” field in a notarial certificate must always reflect the state and county where the notarization is performed — not necessarily where it was prepared or where it will be filed. If the certificate comes with another venue filled in, cross through it and enter the correct information.

Tip #3 Determine if the certificate wording variations are major or minor.

If you are in a “substantial compliance” state, check the certificate on the document against the statutory form — usually found in your state’s Notary handbook.

If the statutory form requires you to enter the date of notarization but the out-of-state certificate does not, this could be an indication the out-of-state form is not compliant.

If the statutory form reads, “Before me, John Smith, Notary Public…” and the out-of-state wording reads, “Before me, the undersigned Notary Public of said state…,” then the certificate is probably acceptable.

Tip #4 When in doubt, attach a separate certificate.

If you have any doubts about the out-of-state certificate, play it safe and replace it with one of your own. But first, have your signer verify that a separate certificate would be acceptable.



The fun fact of the day:

There are roughly 6.5k languages in the world today. Yet nearly 97% of the population speaks just 4% of them.

Enjoy your weekend everyone 🙂

Enjoy your weekend everyone 🙂


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The fun fact of the day:

Canada has the longest coastline globally, bordering 3 oceans with its thousands of islands.


The fun fact of the day:

Norway and Sweden have the most islands globally, in the Arctic.

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