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Please feel free to follow us. Evolve. These ideas represent the core philosophy around TACLENS, LLC. and serves to guide us in our mission to improving the law enforcement community. We are committed to the development of tools that remove geographic borders and allow officers to share experience, skills, and knowledge across the entire country. We are focused to developing tools to remove the ge

ographical boundaries that prevent the spread of information designed to save lives, whether it’s with fellow officers or in the corporate world. The internet has become an integral part of how many corporations conduct business these days, making it the greatest single tool of our time. At TACLENS, we have developed a unique method to providing this tool to enhance the knowledge, skills, and most importantly, experience of law enforcement officers, regardless of the area they serve. Officers will now have access to a continually growing database of information, developed by their fellow officers from all across the country. We have also created unique training tools that allow for approved state certified officers with considerable experience to conduct a course in their field of expertise to make sure that any information presented is the most detailed, accurate, and up to date available. Courses are then presented in ways designed to enhance budgets by up to three times. Additionally, TACLENS also provides access to the same continually growing network of experienced and certified officers used for police instruction to the corporate environment. These courses are designed to keep safe any company’s most important asset: it’s employees. By using many of the same developing network of experienced and certified officers, and organized by our regional coordinators, courses can be taught at multiple locations throughout the country all at the same time, reducing interruptions to your business. Due to our continually growing network of available officers, on-site consultations may be scheduled through these same regional officers to help prepare appropriate responses to any situation. As part of our commitment to the development of tools for the betterment of the law enforcement community, TACLENS is looking to partner with gear and equipment manufacturing to offer the most sought after equipment available on the market. We are working to expand our partner base to improve the connections between manufacturers and the officers using their equipment the most. We are also looking to develop relationships that will allow us, in the future, to work closely with manufacturers on new and exciting tools and equipment, at any stage of development, starting with concept all the way through production and beyond. The new developments in robotics and software capabilities offer exciting opportunities, and we want to help bring those opportunities to the law enforcement community. We are also looking to develop relationships that will allow for departments to take advantage of offers found nowhere else. TACLENS is committed to the development of tools dedicated to improving the law enforcement community. It always helps to have the right tool for the job, and whether it's protecting the public, protecting employees, or protecting officers, TACLENS is the tool for you.


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