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Congratulations  #CollettePortis

Congratulations #CollettePortis


In exactly a week our CEO Collette Portis will be accepting the Career Mastered Leadership in Action award. We're so proud of her and all that we've been able to do to support the business community globally.

“We’re thrilled to honor remarkable women who make a difference each and every day while inspiring future generations. Sharing her story and achievements provides an expansive pathway of history for years to come.” - Dr. Lisa J. Lindsay Wicker, President & CEO Linwick & Associates and Career Mastered Founder.

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Ghost Surgeries Uncovered

Ghost Surgeries Uncovered

Our names are Todd and Heather Steiger and we're hoping to spread awareness about a dangerous, current practice, happening in hospitals across the nation. We live in Cincinnati, OH, are hard workers and the proud parents of three beautiful children. Today we're doing the bravest thing we've ever done, and admittedly it's scary. However, if my husband and I have learned anything after raising a profoundly, disabled and medically complex child the last 11 years, it's that if we don't share what we know, we can't help others grow.

We created this page to educate the public about an unethical practice happening in hospitals across the county, including The Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, MN, where our 11 year-old, severely disabled son became one of its victims. The practice is called "ghost surgery."

If you don't know what a ghost surgery is, you need to learn. We'd never heard of it until it happened to us. It's an unethical, dangerous, unfortunate, quiet & hidden practice and the best way to avoid one is to know what they are so you don't become a victim.

This post is long but our story is eye-opening, powerful, shocking but most importantly, key for patient safety and advocacy. We're talking your safety and the safety of your family. After you've gained an understanding about the ins and outs of a ghost surgery, we're hoping you will share this post to your loved ones so they too can better advocate for themselves and their family members. To really stop this practice, it's going to take a networked village.

What is a ghost surgery?

A ghost surgery occurs when a scheduled and agreed upon surgeon substitutes someone else to perform the operation, without knowledge, verbal or written consent, from the patient or the patient's guardian. Instead, the name and/or title of the employee assigned to do the surgery is never given to the patient or guardian. Don't stop reading here. You're going to continue to be awakened.

There are a multitude of articles on the internet about ghost surgeries, yet the media has rarely, if ever, covered the issue (at least to my knowledge). Over the upcoming weeks, we hope to teach as many people as we can about what to ask, what to read and what papers to sign. We also want people to know what to do if specific things are not talked about and/or shown. We hope this page gets conversation and learning started so this practice will be forced to slow down, if not completely halted.

Most ghost surgery victims never learn another staff member operated on them. You could already be a victim of one and not even know it. Patients are put under general anesthesia prior to the surgeon entering the OR and typically the only employees in post-op are nurses. The whole thing is pretty easy to pull off if you think about it.

Statistically, the odds are on your side and nothing will go wrong during a ghost surgery. After a bit of observation in the recovery room, the patient is discharged, giving the patient no reason to examine and/or pursue their medical records after.

It's because these unethical surgeries are usually successful that this practice continues (and actually has been, for decades). While the American College of Surgeons has deemed it unethical, nothing has yet to stop it. Our son's surgery was far from successful. We'll post a few pictures today showing the direct and indirect outcomes that spiraled out of control after our scheduled surgeon substituted a resident in his place, without telling us and without supervision until closing. This resident had his medical license for only four months, the attending telling us later, “it was an easy surgery.”

Why do hospitals perform ghost surgeries? It comes back to money. Multiple patients can be scheduled at the same time, on the same day, each patient feeling secure that they'll be getting their hand-picked surgeon. The problem lies in that the surgeon can't be in too many places at once. While there are guidelines which allow doctors in training to perform non-critical components of a surgery, such as suturing, etc., that's not what I'm talking about here. Even in those cases the American College of Surgeons has outlined that the names of all surgeons interacting with 'said' patient should be disclosed (and consented upon) prior to surgery (unless in emergencies).

In our son's case, the operative report and timestamps from the 11/20/19 surgery show the surgeon we hired because of his specialty with deep brain simulator devices was present at closing. This doctor met with us the day prior to Jack's surgery and passed himself off as the one who would be doing the surgery.

The resident failed to give our son a local anesthetic and didn’t use any surgical site prevention methods, including the standard of care which is to irrigate the pockets copiously with saline and some type of anti-microbial solution....he didn’t do it...Mayo told us in response that their practices to prevent infection evolve to maintain best now nothing but IV antibiotics 3 minutes prior to opening? That is a lie. Cincinnati Children’s has amazing protocols for SSI infections, including more than just irrigation.

Our son developed severe sepsis with sepsis shock and was life flighted back to Mayo. When they removed his batteries, the surgeon had to swab for infection in the brain. Although I asked multiple times for his head to be washed with chlorohexidine, I was told an order was not put in for it. I complained in preop that the nurse wouldn’t/hadn’t washed his head. Due to a multiple medication errors...mixing naltrexone with opioids TWICE, as in on two different admissions, the exact same mistake, we think no one knew what to say or do. They never washed his head with chlorohexidine. Three weeks later, one of the leads in our son’s brain became infected. All wires and four rods had to be removed.

8 months later, he is still undergoing surgeries because of this nightmare. From our understanding, Mayo did a “thorough investigation” and interviewed the doctors, nurses and other parties involved and to this day, they contend that all of our son’s care was appropriate.

Research states ghost surgeries happen most often in training hospitals, where the Training Attending assigns residents or fellows to perform "less" important procedures/operations. However, the level of surgical difficulty doesn't make a ghost surgery any less illegal if the patient hasn't given written and verbal consent and it certainly doesn't make it any less ethical.

In our son's case, we flew 500 miles for a renowned neurosurgeon at The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Jack, our severely disabled son, suffered a stroke at 6 months old. When he was 4 and in need of a deep brain simulator, we combed the country, looking for the best. We trusted Dr. L. with every bit of our being. Since Jack was 4, we've traveled back to Mayo nearly a dozen times, our trust as thick as trust can be.

Jack, age 11, was specifically booked with Dr. L. (at our request) for two batteries to be replaced in his chest (called an IPG replacement surgery). During the pre-op, one day before surgery, Dr. L’s name was listed as the surgeon on the documentation we were given that day. We were also given a pamphlet when we left with Dr. L’s name on it, naming him as Jack's only surgeon. During this visit, Dr. L. personally boasted his low rate of infection per surgical site, verbally telling us it was less than 1%. In his clinic notes, he wrote around 1%. This percentage rate was a lie, as it's not the national rate, nor the rate of a resident licensed for only 4 months.

Prior to us leaving that pre-op appointment (the day prior to surgery), Dr. L’s nurse asked us the strangest question. She told us Dr. L. had two surgeries the next morning and because he needed two rooms next to one another, they didn't have a surgery time yet. She wanted to make sure we were okay with that. I didn't know at the time what she was trying to get us to understand. I assumed Dr. L. always had more than one surgery in one day. We now believe she was trying to get us to ask further questions because she wasn't allowed to tell the secret we know/think she was forced to keep.

We were not told the real risks of the surgery, never introduced to any other surgeon or resident and at no time were we told that Dr. L., the world renowned surgeon we’d flown over 500 miles for, wasn’t planning on doing it. We left with two pieces of documentation, the day prior to surgery, listing Dr. L. as the primary surgeon and then two other First Assistants helping. We were led to believe he did just have on famous set of hands, but six.

Yet only the surgeon, a resident who'd only been granted his surgical four months prior, was who wrote and originally signed the OR report. It was seeing his name (and his name only at the time we viewed the record) that led us discovering atrocity and broken law after another. Medical records also show there was no CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist) in the room or assigned with Jack during the surgery, only a GSA (a Graduate Student Anesthesiologist). This is illegal. The OR report shows only nurses, the GSA, this resident and a resident with a permit (not a license) were there until closing and we’re sure the attending just popped in to make sure our son was alive so he could come out and tell us the surgery went great...all the while still acting as though he had performed it. There was mention of the attending anesthesiologist present at induction and extubation, but not present during the surgery itself, only available.

Not only do the operative reports prove Dr. L. was not a surgeon in this surgery, Mayo admits it, later revealing Dr. L. was only there on a consultative basis. If Dr. L. , the distinguished surgeon had been there, critical parts of the surgery would have been carried out, especially the ones which wouldn't have led him to nearly die.

When Jack awoke from surgery on 11/20/19, after being cut open twice by a nervous resident without direct supervision, it was clear something was very, very wrong with our son. The story beyond belief and since then, nine months ago now, our life has been marked by utter hell, our son's physical outcomes far worse than our mental ones. Nine months later and he still has surgeries ahead of him, direct results from the mistakes that were made.

We'll share the details of Jack's physical outcomes from the ghost surgery in our next post. It's too much to read in one setting but you'll hear some terms like... life flight...sepsis...staph infections (including one in his brain), this SMALL preview only a fraction. You’ll actually scroll to the very last post on this page and work your way up for the whole story.

We were given a 45 minute phone conversation with the Executive Dean of Practice at Mayo this past June. She apologized for our experience and pledged to "look at how [they] can improve." She also stated "a culture of safety is what we all strive for here at Mayo Clinic and it certainly doesn't seem that we were able to reflect that appropriately in this case to you all, so that is a huge goal of ours and we will continue to move on that journey with these recommendations that you have put forward."

While they look at our recommendations, which certainly better include adherence to the law, my husband and I don't believe we can count on them to eliminate their current practice of ghost surgeries. It's far too profitable. It's a practice that's been happening for decades and we've realized these last few days that the only way to ensure change is by educating the public... albeit scary to put ourselves and our children out there.

Finally, there's one more reason that ghost surgeries aren't publicized and commonly known. Hush Money. Settlements are made, amounts & circumstances not disclosed, and the scandal never exposed. As they say, money talks! We were willing to hop on that bandwagon ourselves at first too, simply to end the nightmare we've been living in. For seven months we've been our son's lawyer, proved his defense, sifted through thousands of medical records and read hundreds upon hundreds of books, articles and protocol. We're weak, tired and really just want this nightmare to end. I myself, deeply reflected on the choices we had moving forward following our conversation with the Mayo in June.

Did my husband and I really want to accept "hush" money in the future, after a lawyer got involved, just to get a bigger settlement? Would we feel okay being complicit, all the while knowing we would then be perpetuating the problem? That's what most others have done in the past from what I’ve read and I don't blame them. It seems so easy. Don't we deserve an easy way out too? We're so, so tired. But could we sleep comfortably knowing someone at that very moment could be seriously injured or killed from a practice we knew about but turned a blind eye to?

After a lengthy and candid conversation, my husband and I decided we didn't want to live with this hidden secret. We realized no amount of money would be worth withholding knowledge which could prevent life-threatening mistakes and save lives.

Victims of ghost surgeries have been waiting for someone, anyone, to be willing to publicly expose this practice. Our son, a sweet and beautiful boy with the cognition of a 3 month old, can't do much of anything. Everyday since his birth, we've looked to find his purpose in life. While we've found many over the years, I think we finally found the most important contribution he'll ever make, one very few could ever make. He could be the catalyst which puts an end to ghost surgeries, or at least be the little boy who started the momentum to help slow them down.

And so, we created this page to educate people about the current and unethical practice of ghost surgeries and we did this purposefully BEFORE signing a contract with a lawyer. We believe once under contract, we too would be put in a position of having to decide to stay quiet and get "xyz$$$" or only be given "x$" because we refused to sign a non-disclosure. By coming forward now, this ethical dilemma is stripped from the equation, unable to tempt us. Inherently, we know it's how it should be. We're ethically doing the right thing by exposing what happened and is still happening. We'll be able to sleep peacefully and move forward, knowing we didn't turn a blind eye for an undisclosed amount of money.

We've started the process of obtaining legal counsel and while we haven't signed a contract yet, we’re in the process of obtaining one. We gracefully ask that you don't give us advice, although encouragement is appreciated. We created this page for your family and our son, not us. We're well-read, knowledgeable and aware of our decisions and their implications. Please know, we'll never knowingly put something into writing against a person or hospital that can't be proven in phone conversations and/or medical records. We'll continue to follow laws surrounding our first amendment rights, copyright, libel and defamation, all the while, continue to share our story for the sake of prevention and helping others.

In our upcoming posts, we'll explain how to make sure you're getting the surgeon you think you are as well as how to check the surgeon's medical license, which is how we discovered the surgeon who performed Jack's surgery had his medical license for only for 4 months. The purpose of this post is to teach about Ghost Surgeries. Future posts will be about how to avoid them.

We are not lumping all doctors and hospitals together as participants of this unethical practice. We can only research other examples on the internet and share our own personal and honest experiences, based on both hospital documentation, conversations with the hospital staff, and what happened before our eyes. While ghost surgeries are happening everyday, all over the country, they aren't formally tracked (a problem in itself). Therefore, it's hard to say whether hundreds of them are happening a day or thousands.

Finally, please like and follow this page but most importantly, SHARE IT. Without your help, we'll educate only a small few. You too can help raise awareness and end this unethical practice. You too can help our son's purpose in life grow bigger and bigger by allowing Jack to be the reason someone's life is saved or not ruined on that operating table. Oh, how we wish he could understand how special he was.

*As of August of 2020, Mayo has still not given us all of our son’s medical records. We just found our son’s full case/op notes weeks ago. We have not had time to update all of the content in all of the posts. We have deadlines we have to meet with filing reports that we must meet first. We will fulfill that obligation of correcting any few misconceptions as soon as possible. The original records we were given showed the attending never stepped foot in the room at all so you may read that.

*Did you know patient rights are being violated under current federal law everyday, if we as the citizens don’t do something to change it, people will continue to die, lives continue to be ruined and medical malpractice suits will run an all time high. Learn how you are purposefully misled when you sign a Informed Consent prior to surgery. We believe it’s basically fraud as it stands, certain things must be added for patient safety and patient rights. Visit our page to read about how you can help prevent further victimization of yourself or others.


The website has not been edited for any grammatical or usage errors but is finished. We'll have printables available as soon as possible.

**We're also going on local and national I news, so you'll be able to hear a condensed version then.

© 2020, Ghost Surgeries Uncovered, LLC.


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