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Town of East Troy Police Department We trust that the information shared will be a benefit to you and that you share it with others. Have a great day. The Town of East Troy Police Department, as part of and empowered by the community, will protect the Town of East Troy through enforcement, prevention, partnership and professional services.

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A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 500 PM CSTFOR WALWORTH AND EASTERN ROCK COUNTIES... At 409 PM CST, severe thunderstorms were located along a line extending from near Milton to 7 miles south of Whitewater to near Walworth to near Harvard, moving east at 65 mph. HAZARD...70 mph wind gusts and quarter size hail. SOURCE...Law enforcement. IMPACT...Hail damage to vehicles is expected. Expect considerable tree damage. Wind damage is also likely to mobile homes, roofs, and outbuildings. Locations impacted include... Janesville, Beloit, Whitewater, Elkhorn, Delavan, Lake Geneva, Milton, East Troy, Williams Bay, Genoa City, Walworth, Clinton, Fontana-On-Geneva Lake, Sharon, Darien, Como, Pell Lake, Potter Lake, Powers Lake and Richmond. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS... A Tornado Watch remains in effect until 800 PM CST for south central and southeastern Wisconsin. Remain alert for a possible tornado! Tornadoes can develop quickly from severe thunderstorms. If you spot a tornado go at once into the basement or small central room in a sturdy structure. For your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a building. This is a DANGEROUS SITUATION. These storms have produced widespread wind damage across parts of Rock County. SEEK SHELTER NOW inside a sturdy structure and stay away from windows. && TORNADO...POSSIBLE; HAIL...1.00IN; WIND...70MPH


November 10 is the Marine Corps Birthday. Happy birthday Marines.

November 10 is the Marine Corps Birthday. Happy birthday Marines.

Town of East Troy Police Department

Town of East Troy Police Department

Am I still a safe driver?Driving is a complex activity requiring a variety of high-levelthinking skills as well as a cer...

Am I still a safe driver?

Driving is a complex activity requiring a variety of high-level
thinking skills as well as a certain degree of physical strength, flexibility and coordination. As we age, we can experience decline in a number of areas that affect the ability to drive.

Things to watch for include:
» Reduced ability to quickly react
» Decreased vision capability
» Slower visual processing speed

It is important to take the responsibility of driving seriously and understand how changes in both mental and physical ability can affect driving. A person may be a great driver for many years until a medical condition or age related infirmity results in a loss of the ability to drive safely. This can happen at any age.

No one should be expected to give up his or her driver license
based solely on age. Driving is a privilege, and that privilege should be extended to anyone who is able to drive safely and responsibly. As a driver, you play an essential role in making that determination.

Use this guide to help you to determine if you may need to change your driving habits, or explore other avenues of transportation.
* Do other drivers honk or pass you frequently, even when traffic is moving relatively slowly?
*Do you become nervous or anxious when approaching intersections?
*Do you arrive at a location and not remember how you got there?
* Do you notice dents and dings on your vehicle and do not
know how they got there?
* Have you found yourself in more close calls and
near misses on the road?
* Do family or friends comment negatively on your driving habits?
If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then it could be time to recognize that your motor skills may be declining.

Based on your “yes” answers, now ask yourself:
* Are there ways I can improve my driving habits?
*Am I physically in shape to drive? H Am I taking medications that could affect my ability to drive safely?
*Should I consider public transportation or alternate means of transportation?

If the answers to these questions indicate a need for change, there is help available. Click on the below link and turn to the last chapter of the handbook for helpful contact information.

“It is important to take the responsibility of driving seriously and understand how changes in both mental and physical ability can affect driving.”
#toetpdconnecting #toetpdprotecting

The deer are on the move. Be extra cautious. If you are in an accident with a deer and desire to keep the deer, follow t...

The deer are on the move. Be extra cautious. If you are in an accident with a deer and desire to keep the deer, follow these instructions. #toetpdhappeningnow

Lulabell's Dockside

Lulabell's Dockside

PLEASE SHARE On Monday, November 09, 2020, @ 6:30 PM, at the monthly Town Board Meeting, Chief Jensen (a USMC Veteran) w...

PLEASE SHARE On Monday, November 09, 2020, @ 6:30 PM, at the monthly Town Board Meeting, Chief Jensen (a USMC Veteran) will be recognizing all of the Veterans in attendance.

Please join us as the Chief recognizes the Veterans and gives a brief oral flag tribute. If you are or know a Gold Star Mother, please invite or better yet drive them to this recognition ceremony.

If you can still fit into your uniform, please wear it along with your ribbons and badges. If you are a proud member of the VFW, VVA, AMVETS, American Legion Member , or other veterans organization please feel free to wear your uniform.

Reminder - Veterans Day is November 11th.


Walworth County Community Thanksgiving Dinner
Thursday, November 26, 2020
11am - 2pm

We are again serving a free Thanksgiving meal to anyone in
Walworth County that needs one. Due to COVID restrictions we
will not be able to have people dining on premise this year.
All meals will be delivered or they can be picked up at
The Village Supper Club - no need to call, just stop in to pick up.

Meals can be picked up from The Village Supper Club,
1725 South Shore Drive, Delavan.

All food is being donated, cooked, and served by volunteers. For more information, or to make a donation, please contact Chris @ (262) 745-4043.

To schedule food delivery to the elderly, homebound or anyone in need call (262) 749-4621 and leave a message.

Sponsored by the Walworth County Thanksgiving Dinner, Inc.

Deliveries compliments of Boy Scout Troop #328, Cub Scout Pack #327 and Venturing Crew 2010.

#toetpdconnecting #toetpdprotecting



Tips for staying safe while in-person voting:

📏 Maintain a physical distance from others

😷 Avoid removing your mask

📖 Speed up the process by reviewing a sample ballot and being prepared

⌚ Vote at off-peak times to avoid crowds

Visit the CDC for more safe voting guidance:

Consejos para mantenerse seguro mientras vota en persona:

📏 Mantenga distancia física de los demás

😷 Evite removerse su mascarilla

📖 Acelere el proceso por revisando la boleta antes para estar preparado/a cuando llegue

⌚ Vote fuera de las horas ocupadas cuando no haya multitud de personas

Visite al CDC para más consejos sobre votar seguro:

Please Wear It

Watch and learn. #toetpdprotecting

Volunteers demonstrate the 1-10-1 rule for cold water survival and why it’s vital to always wear a life jacket. For more advice, watch the full length video called Cold Water Boot Camp USA at #LifeJacketsWornNobodyMourns

Tonight’s the night!! #toetpdconnecting

Tonight’s the night!! #toetpdconnecting


If you are planning on enjoying a “witch’s brew” this week, also plan on a designated driver. #BuzzedDriving is drunk driving. #toetpdhappeningnow



Have a Happy Halloween! Wearing a life jacket is the best way to prevent your loved ones from worrying and being scared every time you go boating, fishing, or hunting on or near the water. #LifeJacketsWornNobodyMourns

Walworth County Sheriff's Office

Great advice from our Sheriff. #toetpdprotecting

Date: October 26, 2020

Type: 12th Annual Operation Trick or Treat Enforcement

Released by: Sheriff Kurt Picknell

Contact Person: Captain Robert Hall 262-741-4441 or Sergeant Jacob Skibba 262-741-4444


On October 31, 2020, the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office and participating Walworth County municipal police agencies will participate in the 12th annual “Operation Trick or Treat” enforcement program. This effort will take place during the hours of Halloween trick or treating in neighborhoods throughout the county. Law enforcement officers monitor known sex offenders who are on active supervision to ensure that they are in compliance with applicable laws and rules.

Any sex offenders who are found to be in violation of the terms of their supervision will face sanctions which may include incarceration in jail or prison.

Operation Trick or Treat team members also wish to remind county residents to follow these rules while going door to door trick or treating:

· Never enter the home of a person offering candy.

· Children should be chaperoned while walking up to each home.

· Do not eat any candy until it can be inspected at home after trick or treating.

· Use the sidewalks and crosswalks – do not run across the road or between parked cars.

· Wear light colored clothing and use reflective clothing and flashlights whenever possible.

· Report any suspicious activity to your local police department immediately.

· Follow all traffic laws and local ordinances.



Be sure to follow the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission costume tips.


Reminder- Night parking regulations are in effect starting November 1st.

NO PARKING between 1am and 7am November 1st to May 1st.

Please share this information with your friends and family. #toetpdconnecting #toetpdprotecting

Today is make a difference day. #toetpdhappeningnow

Today is make a difference day. #toetpdhappeningnow

Saturday, October 24th is Make a Difference Day! You can make a difference by talking to people about the importance of wearing a life jacket whenever they’re in, on, or near the water. By asking them to #PleaseWearIt, you could save someone’s life!

❗️❗IMPORTANT REMINDER❗️❗️We do not take complaints of any kind via Facebook, Facebook Messenger or Twitter. If you have ...


We do not take complaints of any kind via Facebook, Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

If you have a complaint or need police, fire, or EMS assistance please call 9-1-1 (if an emergency)
or contact our Department at 262-642-3700 if a non-emergency.

Thank you!

YMCA Camp Edwards

YMCA Camp Edwards

#toetpdhappeningnow #toetpdprotecting

#toetpdhappeningnow #toetpdprotecting

Information #toetpdhappeningnow

Information #toetpdhappeningnow


Date: October, 19 2020 Type: Placement of Sex Offender

Released by: Captain Robert J. Hall

The following is a press release authorized by a core team made up of representatives from local law enforcement, and Department of Corrections. The core team evaluates and makes decisions on the level of notification to the community for the pending release of sex offenders under Wisconsin Statute 301.46 (Act 440). Community notification furthers the interest of public safety and it is our belief that a better-informed public is a safer public.

The Walworth County Sheriff’s Office is releasing the following information pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 301.46(Act 440) which authorizes law enforcement agencies to inform the public of a sex offenders release when that information will enhance public safety and awareness.

Kenneth D. Potter age 55 was convicted in the State of Wisconsin of sex crimes. Potter’s known victims have been teen and adult males. Potter is a homeless individual. Potter will be released on October 23, 2020.

Potter will be on supervision with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. Potter will be required to participate in lifetime, Global Positioning Satellite tracking.

Citizen abuse of this information to threaten, intimidate, or harass registered sex offenders will not be tolerated. Further, such abuse could subject those who commit such acts to criminal penalties, and potentially end law enforcement’s ability to conduct community notification. We believe the only person who wins if community notification ends is the sex offender, since sex offenders derive their power through secrecy.

Potter is not wanted by the police. Additional information is available at the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry Website located at


It is that time of year when all drivers should slow down and use extra caution on leaf covered roadways. Pedestrians should use caution too. Slippery roadways can cause falls. #toetpdptotecting



Thank you to the International Association of Fire Fighters for their candle safety infographic.

Now a person of any age can earn their Wisconsin Hunter Education Safety Certification through an online-only hunter edu...
State Hunter Education Now Available Online For All Ages | Wisconsin DNR

Now a person of any age can earn their Wisconsin Hunter Education Safety Certification through an online-only hunter education course being offered by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

This temporary change allows those under the age of 18 to take an online-only course from October 15 through December 31, 2020. Completion of an in-person field day will not be required.

Click below for more information.

As of Oct. 15, students of all ages can earn their Wisconsin hunter education safety certification through a single, online-only hunter education course under a temporary change approved by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR).



Wearing a life jacket whenever you’re hunting, fishing, boating, swimming, or playing in open water (lakes, rivers etc.) helps ensure that you can keep on living the good life enjoying the water, so #PleaseWearIt.

Last night there were 5 reported entries to unlocked vehicles on Harmony. We are patrolling the neighborhoods and could ...

Last night there were 5 reported entries to unlocked vehicles on Harmony.

We are patrolling the neighborhoods and could use your help too. If you see ANYTHING suspicious CALL the police. Anything at all, people, vehicles, info about possible suspects etc.


Remember to lock your vehicle at all times.

Remember to lock your home every time you leave and consider putting your lights on timers.

If you see anything suspicious .... CALL 911 ... If you see something say something!!

If you are the victim of a theft or burglary, call us. We cannot help you if you do not call.
#toetpdconnecting #toetpdprotecting



The weather, water temperature, and your activity play a part in the kind of life jacket you need to wear. A vest-type life jacket is a good option in cold weather, but a float coat is even better. Man's best friend should wear a life jacket too. #LifeJacketsWornNobodyMourns


Happy birthday to the United States Navy. Pictured is the USS Wisconsin (BB-64) #toetpdhappeningnow

DATCP Home Homepage


Across the nation, con artists are scamming grandparents out of thousands of dollars by posing as grandchildren in distress.

Below is advice taken from the Wisconsin Department of Consumer Affairs web site. Take the time to read it and do not become a victim of the Grandparents Scam”!

“Grandparents Scam
Thousands of senior citizens are victimized every year by “grandparent” related scams. The scammers contact elderly people and impersonate a family member or friend desperately in need of money due to a supposed emergency and convince the elderly person to send money quickly.

Most commonly the scammer will pretend to be a grandchild with the scammer attempting to confuse the facts, create panic, and get the grandparent to act on emotion. They want the grandparent to wire money quickly without thinking it through or asking questions. The scammer’s message will almost always include an urgent situation – I have been arrested, or mugged, or am in the hospital – Please help!

The scammer (acting as the grandchild) will insist that the grandparent not tell parents or anyone else about the embarrassing situation or the request for money. The supposed grandchild will play up the act by promising to pay the grandparents back.

The scammer’s story tends to work best if they can convince the grandparent that they (the supposed grandchild) are traveling outside the country or even in another state. This situation allows the scammer to confuse the facts about the local laws, act like the phone connection is poor, or to justify why the money must be sent by wire transfer.

If asked why their voice sounds funny, the scammer will usually claim that their nose or mouth was injured or the phone connection is poor.

Once the grandparent wires the money, more calls may follow, asking for even more money. With this trick, the scammer will likely involve other callers to pose as police, attorneys, doctors, or bail bondsmen reconfirming the story and the claim for more money.
Calls may occur late at night or early in the morning to try and catch you when you are tired and not thinking clearly. With the advancements in technology and social media sites, scammers are finding it easier to acquire personal information on the person they are claiming to be and/or of the grandparents they are calling.

Even with small pieces of information, scammers are very clever at getting elderly people to fill in the missing gaps for them.

1. If the caller says, “hi grandpa.” Ask them “Who is calling?” Avoid saying, “Is that you Billy?”
2. If the caller says that “It is me, your grandson.” Ask them “which one?”
3. If you know that the grandchild is actually traveling, do not ask them if they are still in (Mexico, England, or etc.). Instead, ask, “Where are you calling from?”
Do not believe everything you hear, and be sure to verify the emergency situation before you give them any contact information, account information and especially before you send any money.

The Bureau of Consumer Protection offers the following steps to help prevent you from becoming a victim to such scams:
• Be suspicious of anyone who calls unexpectedly asking for money.
• Stay calm and do not make quick decisions or react without thinking about the situation.
• Never wire money based on a request made over the phone or in an e-mail... especially overseas. Wiring money is like giving cash – once you send it, you will not get it back. Same for cashier’s checks and personal checks – Do Not Send!
• Resist the urge or pressure to act quickly. Scammers want you to send money quickly so that you do not have time to verify their claims.
• Never provide the caller with credit card numbers or other banking information.
• Verify the emergency, check the story out with someone else in your family or circle of friends, even if you have been told to keep it a secret.
• Research the situation by contacting law enforcement or the hospital to verify your family member is there. If they are not, report the situation. • If you attempt to contact your grandchild directly, use a number that you know is theirs and not the number the caller provided.
• Verify the person’s identity by asking questions that a stranger could not possibly answer. Scammers may have some personal information on you or your loved ones.
• Do not fill in blank spots. Refrain from mentioning other family member’s names and personal information.
• If you are ever unsure what to do, contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection or your local Law Enforcement agency for assistance.
• Encourage family and friends to not put personal information on social media sites. Scammers and thieves watch for people to list dates and locations of trips they are on, or going to be on.

For more information or to file a complaint, visit the below website or contact:

Bureau of Consumer Protection
2811 Agriculture Drive
PO Box 8911
Madison WI 53708-8911

E-MAIL: [email protected] WEBSITE:

(800) 422-7128
FAX: (608) 224-4677
TTY: (608) 224-5058
(Some information taken from the FTC fact sheet “Family Emergency Scams” 06/12)”

For more information, you may contact the Town of East Troy Police Department at 262-642-3700

#toetpdprotecting #toetpdhappeningnow

​Welcome to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. Our mission is to partner with all the citizens of Wisconsin to grow the economy by promoting quality food, healthy plants and animals, sound use of land and water resources, and a fair marketplace. Thank you for v...


N9330 Stewart School Rd
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Just a shout out to all our law enforcement officers of East Troy! I appreciate all you do to make East Troy a great place to live for all the residents! Thank you and God Bless you all each and every day! 🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸
Is the stop sign that has been installed in front of the yacht club a real stop sign? Or was it just installed by them? Thanks.
Is today a holiday when considering slow-no-wake? Is slow-no-wake at 6pm or sunset tonight?
Because I don't live in East Troy and it is cluuttering my computer
Thank you for your service and be safe
Will 4 wheelers be allowed on lake Beulah Saturday for the jamboree?
Love the profile pic with the flashing lights. Did not know you could do that. Awesomeness
Our Prayers are with the Philly Police Officers involved in the active situation going on at the moment. May they resolve this with out any more brave Women or Men Of Philly PD getting injured.
I had the great honor and privilege to interview our Police Chief - Chief Jensen today and I can tell he genuinely cares for the community and it's people! I've learn more about the community I live in today then I have in the many years I've lived her and for that I say THANK YOU Chief Jensen!
How is the guy who got hit in the head with the baseball bat ?
Gail Kopp
I grew up in the quaint but beautiful East Troy.Great place to grow up and go to school.After I got married Ive moved to different towns.I raised 4 children and am now niw 64 years old.My oldest and only son has become a police officer in the Sparta Wi.Police Dept.I have become aware of how important our officers are and appreciate their servuce and protection they do for us.My heart holds a deep love for my old hometown of East Troy and wanted to let you know that I pray for our police officers in Sparta and my old hometown.Thank you for your service and stay safe!!