HHB Havoc, 2-43 ADA BN

HHB Havoc, 2-43 ADA BN This is the OFFICIAL page of the HHB HAVOC of 2-43 ADA BN, a PATRIOT Air Defense Artillery Battalion stationed at Fort Bliss, TX.

Operating as usual

Fort Bliss MWR

Fort Bliss MWR

Tomorrow is our Back 2 School Drive Thru and Academy Sports + Outdoors has added to the event by giving us backpacks! Also, with additional USAA support, we are able to supply an additional 50 bags for a total of 250!!!!

Things to remember:

*We will begin at 9am at MWR Marketing, 12 Pershing Road and our supplies are limited to the first 250 children.
*Parent's Military ID must be shown (this includes retirees)
*Children must be in the vehicle.
*Wear your masks, they are required.
*Reference the map attached for specifics about the route.

We will do our best to make it as smooth as possible but please be patient and kind. Also, we ask that due to the limited number of families that we can accommodate, please consider your need. We are excited to do this and can't wait to see you all tomorrow.

2-43 ADA "Warriors"

2-43 ADA "Warriors"

Warrior Week in Review: 9 August 2020

HAVOC Battery had a very nice surprise to start this week by the actual delivery of the much-anticipated gym in the box. HAVOC Battery was able to fully integrate the core pieces of equipment supplied with the larger version into a tent rather than outdoors, which will also support more
personnel and activities. The Warrior BN also increased its overall readiness with the reception of the required CBRN attack medical response
equipment. HAVOC Supply continues to work with the local SSA to execute lateral transfers. As always, HAVOC Battery will continue to support the
Warrior Battalion Staff and adjacent units.

Highlights: SSG Saucedo and SPC Babor execute an inventory on the newly received gym in a box. 1LT McGrew and SGT Archer conduct their inventory of the CBRN medical response materials that was received. ICC/TCS Crew 2 assisted the BME and FMT personnel in facilitating the assembly of the new gym equipment.

Team Ares' number one priority this week remains enhancing their operational readiness to ensure to maintain a "Ready Now" posture. Ares remains prepared to neutralize any threat that comes their way. Team Ares AMD Crews continue to train and prepare for their next Operational Readiness Exercise and Preparation for Movement and Emplacement evaluation.

Highlights: Team Ares conducts 4QTR FY20 Sharp Training. Crew 3 downloads equipment. Team Ares conducts a promotion ceremony for PFC Calderon to Specialist. Crew 1 conducts ECS PM&E certification.

The Bounty Hunters' focus is defending their assets and training for their next evaluations. Resources on base continued to be utilized in order to maintain equipment and personnel readiness. The Joint Training Center Commander visited the PAT site to see the progress of the site, and to
conduct a wellness checkup. The maintenance team is hard at work servicing vehicles. Bounty Hunters continue to enhance their AMD proficiency, while at the same time refining their daily site operations. Weekly battle rhythm activities include Battery training meetings, religious services, and resiliency half days on Sundays. Another week down for the Bounty Hunters, making it one week closer to being back home safely.

For this week, the Crusaders battled through extreme heat, real-world threats, equipment issues, and rigorous evaluations to stay mission ready. We were so proud of 2LT Baca and her brand new ECS crew. As a result of months of preparation to be ready for their first-ever evaluation! Crew 2 received a satisfactory rating across the board on their evaluation. 2LT Castillo and Crew 3 were no less impressive. As a new crew that was just certified last month, they passed their ORE with a satisfactory rating for all crews, and successfully conducted an unannounced Transition to War Exercise. With a successful week of evaluations, Charlie Battery has been able to shift its focus to re-certifying Crew 1 and support the DPICC's evaluations. Although AMD training has taken most of the focus for the week, the unit has also kept up with activities to improve the Health of the Force. Soldiers have been taking advantage of programs offered by the USO on their off-day to enhance resiliency. The Crusader Nation has managed to stay motivated and mission-focused while maintaining the high OPTEMPO through teamwork and shared understanding!

Highlight: SPC Miller checking in with the BCP before heading downrange to power up Launchers, posturing the unit for possible attacks. SSG Gutierrez receiving an IV from SPC Lopez in a training event that was designed to increase our medics' proficiency. PFC Turner excited about Waffle Night as one of the many activities that the USO is offering through the month of August. Crew 2 ECS's TCA -SPC Obei, checking paperwork in the battle book for upcoming evaluations.

Every week Delta Battery strives to be better than the last. This week Delta was able to promote four of their Soldiers to SPC. This was a win for the
Dragons as well as the Army. The Delta Dragons also issued out Good Conduct Medals to those who earned them. The required monthly reports to Battalion were submitted correctly and timely. For sustainment and readiness, system troubleshooting and part installation for the conventional equipment. Monthly inventories were successfully conducted for the month of August.
This week the Soldiers attended the range for zeroing and qualification. PFC Urbanowski and SPC Brown qualified on their M4s. Classes on Basic Soldier skills were held on direction without a compass, employing a hand grenade, search and detainee, and ACEP/Radio SKL fill. All these skills better the Soldier and Delta Battery. One Team, One Fight. Delta Dragons go to hell and back to get the mission done. "Give 'em hell!"

Echo 3-4
Executioners' primary focus this week was to remain flexible. From receiving the first call to begin this journey to now, the continued task is and
always will be to remain flexible as the needs for SHORAD increase and constantly change throughout not only our AO but various others. We continue to say that we Executioners are on the leading edge of the battlefield against the UAS threat each week. The Executioners stand calm and ready for what is to come. Each Platoon has already established their training plans for the remainder of the deployment. Staying active to avoid complacency, these Executioner Paratroopers always have and will continue to lead the way!

Highlights: SPC Conrath and PFC Edwards downloading their Stinger missiles from their Avenger in order to conduct routine maintenance. 3rd PLT's maintenance NCOIC, SGT Pearson, carefully examining over dispatch paperwork. During this process, he is ensuring that all required documentation is present and that all vehicles are safe and functional. Mechanics within 1st and 4th PLT are working hard to get Echo's Avengers back up and ready to fight! SPC George is always first to the fight!

HHB Havoc, 2-43 ADA BN A/2-43 ADA Bravo 2-43 ADA Charlie Battery 2-43 ADA "Crusaders" Delta Battery, 2-43 ADA BN Echo Battery 3-4 ADAR 11TH ADA "Imperial" Brigade 32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command OIR: Task Force Iraq

Thank you to The Stano Foundation for taking the time to send out Girl Scout cookies to our Soldiers! The 8 packages you...

Thank you to The Stano Foundation for taking the time to send out Girl Scout cookies to our Soldiers! The 8 packages you sent made it safely and most of the cookies are already eaten or claimed! It is the small things that make a difference! Organizations like yours make what we do worth it! We can never thank you enough!

Thank you so much to the The Stano Foundation for sending the Havoc Soldiers Girl Scout cookies ! A lot of smiling faces...

Thank you so much to the The Stano Foundation for sending the Havoc Soldiers Girl Scout cookies ! A lot of smiling faces today. Photos to come!

Thank you so much Tammara McCoy Ennis Whitworth and Celia Goldstein for ensuring our troops would have LOTS of Girl Scout cookies to eat while deployed ♥️🍪💙 We just sent 8 care packages full of cookies to one lucky girl overseas to share with her unit and she is beyond excited to get them #stanonation

Fort Bliss MWR

Fort Bliss MWR

We're celebrating St. Paddy's Day summer-style! This event was previously scheduled for March 14th but then that little thing called a pandemic happened. Well, you can't keep MWR down for long so we're back!
We're mixing it up a little and doing a virtual run BUT it's FREE and you get a shirt, medal and sticker just for participating! Registration is required and is open to those patrons 18+.
We only have a few spots left so register NOW with the below link!
Packet pick-up will be Friday, Aug 21 at Freedom Crossing at Ft Bliss in front of Happy’s Irish Pub - Ft. Bliss and Blaze Pizza. Then you'll have the weekend to "run" your 0.5K race. Share your photos and videos of your creative outfits or awesome race routes for a chance to win prizes!
Thanks to our sponsors: Denny's, Happy's, Blaze Pizza, and as always USAA!

Official El Paso Independent School District

Official El Paso Independent School District

Attention all EPISD Parents! Help your child be successful this school year, even through pandemic-related challenges. Log on to this free virtual workshop presented by El Paso Parent to Parent scheduled for 6 p.m. on Aug. 12. For more info, email [email protected]. #IamEPISD #EPISDProud

Official El Paso Independent School District

Official El Paso Independent School District

Do you need help with registration or the EPISD Reopening survey? Send a text message 📲 to 915-526-6767 and please include the following information: Parent Name, Student Name, School Name, Student ID and Issue or problem ➡️ https://bit.ly/EPISD2021 #IamEPISD #EPISDProud

Fort Bliss MWR

Fort Bliss MWR

Our amazing friend and sponsor, USAA, has decided to partner up with us for some Facebook fun! We have several things planned for the next two months but here's an awesome event to kick it off!

We'll have more specific information to follow as we get closer but for now mark your calendars!

Some important reminders:
* This is open to military ID cardholders only.
* Children must be present in the vehicle to pick up.
* Masks must be worn.
* 200 bags will be available. (We ask that you consider your family situation before lining up. We want to accommodate our military kids who need it most.)

PCS Season is upon us!  Have you downloaded your next duty station’s welcome packet, including a .pdf guide of all the i...
MilitaryINSTALLATIONS: U.S. DoD Military Base & Installation Info

PCS Season is upon us! Have you downloaded your next duty station’s welcome packet, including a .pdf guide of all the important facilities, contacts, and hours of operation? Know before you go with MilitaryINSTALLATIONS. This database is kept up by DoD information and referral specialist around the globe and housed on Military OneSource. Find your next “home base” at https://installations.militaryonesource.mil/.

Find location, program or service and contact information for U.S. Department of Defense's installations, military bases, and state and federal resources.

2-43 ADA "Warriors"

2-43 ADA "Warriors"

Warrior Week in Review: 19 July 2020

HAVOC Battery started this week recognizing and immortalizing the contributions of the late deploying Soldiers by executing a patching
ceremony where the Soldiers received their 11th ADA Brigade patch, forever linking them to the mighty Warrior Battalion. HAVOC Battery continued the support to the Warrior Battalion staff and facilities by installing an air conditioner that was highly welcomed by the Warrior TOC personnel. HAVOC Battery continues to execute daily operations at a high operation tempo, as per usual the monthly review of leave and earning statements revealed Soldiers with pay issues. These are handled by the HAVOC Training Room to
the Warrior S1 for submission as quickly as possible as a method to keep morale high. HAVOC Battery continues to develop and refine the craft of
individual Soldiers within the formation. HAVOC Supply learn new methods and processes weekly to ensure they are staying relevant and provide superior supply functions to the Battery, which has paid dividends as they continue to stay ahead of the staff in ordering supplies and fulfilling supply
requests through research for the appropriate stock numbers. HAVOC Battery Soldiers morale remains high, mindset remains mission-oriented, and posture remains flexible; as always, HAVOC Battery is ready to support the Warrior Battalion and adjacent units.

Highlights: HAVOC Battery executed a Patching Ceremony for the most recent group of late deploying Soldiers. HAVOC FMT check their work after installing a much needed air conditioning unit for the Warrior TOC. SPC Andrada works with PV2 Radillo to understand and resolve an administrative
error. HAVOC Supply participated in a 92Y Low Density training class with other supply personnel from the Warrior Battalion.

CPT Linscott, the incoming Commander, arrived to Alpha Battery and began his Change of Command Inventory. Crew 3 focused on training for their
Operational Readiness Exercise certification. While, Crew 1 conducted a Transition to War Exercise. Team Ares's very own, SPC Domingo and his wife
welcomed their son, Kona Domingo.

Highlights: Promotion ceremony for CPL Fuentes. Crew 3 conducts a forklift reload crew drill during an Operational Readiness Exercise (ORE).

The Bounty Hunters face another week head on with a focus on defending their assets, Operation Readiness Exercises/Transition to War Exercises, and training up their crews. The crews train on different drills to simulate various scenarios that could happen while in theater. Soldiers participate
in religious services, conduct laundry operations, which boosts their morale. Bounty Hunters continue to enhance their AMD proficiency while also refining their daily Patriot site operations.

Last week was another great week for the Crusader Nation! We received a visit from the Top Notch Command Team - COL Dawber and CSM Brazill. Along with one Soldier from HHB and one Soldier from E CO, we had two Soldiers from Charlie Battery received coins for their outstanding performance and contribution to the mission success. In addition, the Crusader Nation also
recognized CPT Bobo, CPT Richards, and CW2 Stuart for their contribution to our mission's success. Without these gentlemen, Charlie Battery and its forward-deployed operations would not be where they are today. Crusader assigned medics have taken the initiative to expand their knowledge
throughout the formation on COVID-19, going into depth on the origin as well as how to prevent the spread and infection. For training, all crews utilized
the allotted time that are given to them daily to learn and grow as a team. This helps with crew cohesion as well as mission readiness. Overall, the
Crusader Nation continues to improve every day and accomplish the mission!

Highlights: Crusader Nation provides oversight of continued site improvements with the assistance of local engieneers.

Delta Battery had another very successful week. They continue to submit End of Tour ARCOMs, scrub ERBs/LESs to make sure there are no errors. Two Delta Dragon Soldiers were awarded the Brigade Coin from the Top Notch Commander,
COL Dawber, for their outstanding performance during the deployment. The Dragons continue to train on their AMD proficiency by conducting ADGT IV, ASAs, and ABM for all crews. Counter UAS and SHARP training was taught to the Soldiers this past week. The Soldiers of Delta Battery improve every
week and are always learning something new.

Highlights: Top Notch 6 presented a coin to PFC Carson, Engineers continue working on improving the site.

Echo Company continues to advance in their assigned mission. The SSA is fully operational and assisting their costumers at full capacity. Training
on mission and planning was conducted this week to develop the Soldiers skills in executing operations. Echo Company will continue to excel at their assigned mission. Strength in Honor! Kill 'em all!

Highlights: Echo Company Soldiers can be seen training on planning and preparing for a mission.

Echo 3-4
This week, TF Executioner continues increasing its defense capabilities and integration with the 2IBCT, 82ABN DIV. Although we continue with day-to-day
operations, these Executioners refuse to slow down. The main focus this week entailed multiple working groups in order to bring everyone to the table and get everyone on the same page. The attempt for these working groups was to
build additional contracts, exercises, and an understanding for all parties involved in the near future. We will continue to work with any and all
parties interested in what the Executioners have to offer. Staying active to avoid complacency, these Executioner Paratroopers always have, and will
continue to, lead the way!

Highlights: PFC Natoli ensuring he maintains the PT standard by doing push-ups on his down time in the AMDEC. PFC Wilie prepares to conduct the
daily PMCs of his Avenger Weapon System to ensure it is functioning at its maximum capacity. SSG Bustamante briefs 1 TSC BDE team on how the Rugged Handheld Terminal Unit displays air tracks that are pushed by the FAAD/Sentinel Radar to the Avenger weapon system. E/3-4 ADAR says goodbye to SSG Reinheimer as he departs home to start his retirement. SSG Reinheimer brought a certain tempo to the Echo team that will be hard to replace. Farewell SSG Reinheimer.

HHB Havoc, 2-43 ADA BN A/2-43 ADA Bravo 2-43 ADA Charlie Battery 2-43 ADA "Crusaders" Delta Battery, 2-43 ADA BN Echo Company, 2-43 ADA Echo Battery 3-4 ADAR 11TH ADA "Imperial" Brigade 32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command OIR: Task Force Iraq


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