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Exira Lion Club Exira Lion Club does Leader Dog, KidSight, Spartan Leo Club, Puppy for Prison, benefits, Tori Angels and many other organizations.
Exira Lion Club has 57 members with one more new member to join in July. We have grown from 29 members 5 years ago to our present status and are continuing to grow.

The Exira Lion Club has 53 current members and continue to SERVE in our community and beyond.

Mission: Where there is a need, there is a LION. "WE SERVE"

Operating as usual


Thank you all for the purchases you made for the Hoagies Sandwiches. Please give us your feedback, because we may do the Hoagies again in the spring for planting. We served 1200 sandwiches. Thank you for your patience for getting you called and for pickup.
Thank you for your continuing support to our projects. 🙂


With your donations, we at the Exira Lions support Tori's Angels and Hertko Hollow, we appreciate the following testimonial from the Weisenborn Family and Hertko Hollow, thanks for reading:

I can't express how much Tori's Angels have meant to our family. They have helped us out financially with paying for meals during appointments, mileage reimbursement and picking up the remaining bill after insurance. This took a huge burden off our shoulders so we could focus on Hayden. Luckily, Hayden is no longer doing chemo treatment but he has many other appointments related to his deficits. Tori's Angels will continue to help out with those remaining things until Hayden turns 19 years old. Hayden was the 13th sponsored child of Tori's Angels and now they have picked up their 72nd sponsor. It breaks my heart that so many children and families are needing help because of an ugly disease or disorder.

With the Covid pandemic continuing to remain at our feet, it has made fundraising a lot more difficult for this charitable foundation to raise money for their sponsors. The Exira Lions club has held many fundraisers in the past and donated their earnings to Tori's Angels. Many members have also pitched in during a Tori's Angels benefit as well. Both of these wonderful foundations are community based and focused on helping others. Our family is so grateful for their help, past and present, so we hope they are able to continue to financially support others during this difficult time in our country.
Jen, Terry, Hayden Weisenborn Family

Camp Hertko Hollow:
• Provide an educational and recreational camping program for Iowa’s youth between the ages of 6-17 who have diabetes.
• Promote diabetes management skills.
• Help children gain independence and develop a positive attitude for controlling the disease.

• Camp Hertko Hollow is dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth who have diabetes. The goals at camp are: Recreation, Education, Regulation and FUN! Campers enjoy the traditional camp activities while learning about living with diabetes. Meeting other youth and counselors who have diabetes is also a great benefit of the experience.
• Camp Hertko Hollow is a not-for-profit entity with 501(c)(3) status and is not directly affiliated with any national diabetes organizations. Camp Hertko Hollow is a member of the Diabetes Education and Camping Association (DECA) and is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA).
• The majority of our campers come from Iowa as well as the surrounding states. In 2019 our campers came from130 towns across Iowa as well as from Wisconsin, Texas, South Dakota, Missouri, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Illinois. 275 campers were from several cities in Iowa. 47 campers came from 7 different states (WI-3/TX-1/SD-5/MO-11/NE-11/MN-1/IL-15).
• We utilize 120 medical volunteers to keep our campers safe and help manage their diabetes while they are at camp.
• In 2019, 325 campers attended our summer sessions. This year because we weren’t able to provide in-person sessions we offered some virtual options for our campers.
• In 2019, 109 Lions Clubs donated to Camp Hertko Hollow. Donations totaled $43,572.00!
• The majority of our revenue comes from the generosity of individuals, companies, service clubs and corporations. The true cost to send a child to camp is $1300.00. However, our organization subsidizes half of that amount so that the cost to parents is $650.00. Over 70% of our camp families cannot afford to pay the camp fee ($650). In these cases we provide them with financial assistance in order to attend. In 2019 Camp Hertko Hollow provided $91,485 in financial assistance to our camp families.

Exira Lions have items for sale, chairs, ironing board, sewing table (no sewing machine), knick-knacks, cushions, clock,...

Exira Lions have items for sale, chairs, ironing board, sewing table (no sewing machine), knick-knacks, cushions, clock, and more. If interested stop at the building between 7:00am -11:30 am. Free will donations at this time, social distancing will be observed. Since only 1 table 1 or 2 people to look at a time. Thank you for your continuing support to the Exira Lions.
Call 268-2377, leave a message if no answer.


We are doing good on Hoagie sales, and that pickup or deliveries will be the first week in September as planned. We will notify buyers when ready for pickup or deliveries, depends on supplies from Hy-Vee as far as availability of stock and etc.
Also a quick reminder they can still order through Saturday August 22.
Call 712-268-2377 if no answer please leave message.

Thank you for your continuing support.


Still time to buy your hoagie sandwiches, call 268-2377 leave a message if no answer. 3 in a bag for $10.00. Pick up first week in September. Thank for your continued support.

Four Hidden Signs of Vision Problems in Kids
Four Hidden Signs of Vision Problems in Kids

Four Hidden Signs of Vision Problems in Kids

As children grow and change from year to year, so do their eyes and vision. School demands a lot from kids' eyes. If their eyes aren’t up to the task, a child may have problems in school. Here are fou


As of right now the Exira Lions Building has power if you have medical issues, such as needing to charge oxygen, come on in. Please wear your mask, and we ask to social distance. I do not know how long some of Exira will be without power but we are open to you right now.

Check this out please.

Check this out please.

Reminder: there are 3 pans from our last event, please come and get your pan. Thank you.

Reminder: there are 3 pans from our last event, please come and get your pan. Thank you.


Good Morning Exira Lions followers.

The Lions are selling Hoagie sandwiches. The sandwich will include ham, salami & turkey with 2 types of cheeses (white & yellow). The sandwiches are being sold 3 for $10.00. No single sandwiches will be sold.
Order forms will be available at the Exira Lions Building 7:00am to 11:30am Monday - Friday. When filled out you can drop the forms in our new drop box to the east of the front door.
We will take orders until August 22, with pick up date the first week of September. All sandwiches will be frozen. 3 in a pack.
You can call Chrystal Zobel at 712-304-5197, 712-268-2377 please leave a message if no answer after 11:30am, or email [email protected] to place orders also.
Proceeds are for Lions Projects, those are listed on the order form and on Lion Page.

Other news and events the Exira Lions have coming up are:
Dennis Immel Estate sale August 22. The Lions will serve a lunch of Pork burgers, chips, bar and a drink. Social distancing will be observed.

Garage Sale in the Park September 26. If you have items you would like to donate to the Exira Lions, contact us at 712-268-2377 and leave a message after 11:30 am Monday - Friday.

We thank you for your ongoing support.


A portion of your generous donations to the Exira Lions goes to help this camp. Many may not of heard of this camp so wa...
EP 806 | Iowa Outdoors

A portion of your generous donations to the Exira Lions goes to help this camp. Many may not of heard of this camp so watch this video. We appreciate your continuing support to the Exira Lions.
We have a drop box on the east side if the front door or mail to make donation
Exira Lions
PO Box 401
Exira, IA. 50076

On a special episode of Iowa Outdoors, we share the stories of those working to help those of us with disabilties enjoy the outdoors. We'll join in on the fun-for-all-ages, special needs experience of Camp Courageous. Cast a line with disabled veterans enjoying the amenities of Rathbun Lake. Hop on....

Wanted a few interested Exira, Elk Horn, Kimballton, or Brayton individuals to help build and maintain an ice rink in on...

Wanted a few interested Exira, Elk Horn, Kimballton, or Brayton individuals to help build and maintain an ice rink in one of these communities each winter. Call 712-304-5066 and help put an ice rink to meet the need of having something inexpensive for citizens to enjoy.
You would be a branch club of the Exira Lion Club with only one interest and that is the ice rink each winter—weather permitting. It would take at least 5 people to be this branch and would have $2 million dollars of liability Insurance to cover any problems with the rink., This is provided by Lions club International! There are dollars available to start this venture…


With the CoVid-19 still with us we are going to do donations for Exira Lions projects a little differently. Our projects, which many of you have generously donated to in the past are still needing your support now more than ever .
We use donations for:
Scholarships for Exira EHK Seniors
Lions Foundation (LCIF)
Camp Hertko Hollow, an Iowa camp for kids with diabetes
Camp Courageous which provides year around recreational & respite care opportunities for individuals with special needs
Kid Sight, where Lions check eye sights on children 6 months to Kindergarten ages. We help purchase eyeglasses for children also
To contribute mail to:
Exira Lions Club
PO Box 401
Exira, Iowa 50076
Thank you for your ongoing support


The following dates are available for delivering Meals on Wheels:
June 18, 19, 22, 23, 29,30, July 2, no service on July 3rd.

Exira Lions new front façade.

Exira Lions new front façade.


As of right now the Lions for delivering on Meals on Wheels are May Ann & Dale on these dates:
June, 16,17,24, 25. Please let Chrystal, Allen, or Steve know what dates you would like. You do get a meal as a Thank You for delivering, I need to know the day before and before 11:30 am to get your name(s) down to tell Audubon. Menu is on the Exira Congregate Meals page for June.

And the front of our building is done....Great job done by Huff & Puff Masonary. Thanks Guys.

And the front of our building is done....
Great job done by Huff & Puff Masonary. Thanks Guys.

Exira Lions Citizenship Scholarship winners:1.) Jayden Jensen son of Jedd & Kim Jensen. Jayden has been involved in;  4-...

Exira Lions Citizenship Scholarship winners:

1.) Jayden Jensen son of Jedd & Kim Jensen. Jayden has been involved in; 4-H , Band, Leo/Leadership FFA, Football, Basketball & Golf. Jayden’s future plans is to attend Northwest Missouri State and major in Sports Media.

2.) Lauren Hansen daughter of Michelle Phippen & Ryan Hansen. Lauren has been involved in; FFA, Leo/Leadership, Band, FBLA, TAG, Quiz Bowl, National Honor Society, Track, Basketball, softball, Golf & Volleyball. Lauren’s Future plans is to attend DMACC and major in nursing.

3.) Amy Hartvigsen is the daughter of Kevin & Tracy Hartvigsen. Amy has been involved in; Football Stats, Band, Choir, Leo/Leadership, Volleyball, was also named Team Captain, Softball, Golf & Youth Group. Amy’s future plans are to attend Iowa Central Community College and major in Radiologic Therapist.

4.) Creighton Nelson son of Chris & Lindy Nelson. Creighton has been involved in; Greely Tip Top 4-H, Leo/Leadership, Band Football & Basketball. Creighton’s future plans are to attend DMACC and major in Electronics Engineering.

The winner of the Harold & Beverly Godwin Scholarship is Ellie Schultes.

Ellie Schultes is the daughter of George Schultes & Connie Jessen. Ellie has been involved in Talented and Gifted, Quiz Bowl, National Honors Society, Leo/Leadership Club, Student Council, FFA, FBLA, Basketball, Volleyball, and Cross Country. She has logged over 400 hours of service through the silver cord program. Ellie’s plan is to attend Creighton University in the fall and plans to major in exercise science with the hopes of becoming a part of the medical field.

Congratulations to all the Scholarship winners and all the Exira-EHK 2020 Graduates.


Hey Exira Lions, June is the month for the Mason's and Lion's to deliver for Congregate Meals. Mason's Tom Cannon said they could do the first 2 weeks, then I seen there are 5 weeks in June. We have a week to get this delivering organized. you can call me at 268-2377 if you can deliver meals for a day (s) or week. Thanks. Brenda

And so the remodel to the front of the Lions Building begins......

And so the remodel to the front of the Lions Building begins......


Thank you, Deane Ericksen for this information about Lion Jane Schlater's new address:

Jane Schlater's new hospital address. She probably be there for two weeks. May 18 is her birthday and let's brighten her day with cards.

Rm 101
Mercy One Rehab Hosp,
1401 Campus Dr.
Clive, Iowa 50325

two awesome Lions that have since 2014 kept the Leo's very involved in the community and outside the community.  Way to ...

two awesome Lions that have since 2014 kept the Leo's very involved in the community and outside the community. Way to go Lion Lisa Dreier and Lion Connie Jessen.

Ms. Jessen and Mrs. Dreier completed their last service project as their sponsors for the Leadership LEO Club by planting the beautiful flowers at the Exira Care Center. Our club donated the flower pots in previous years and annually the club students do the planting every year at Mother's Day weekend! But due to COVID 19 the sponsors took the honor to plant the flowers for the residents! 😍


Notice to all Exira Lions, scholarships apps are still on the front table for all those who want to vote on 4 Seniors for 2020.


It is with great sadness that Exira Lions Club lost a great and dedicated member, Dorothy Wolf. She will truly be missed as was her husband, Jim. More details will be coming as we learn more details. Our greatest thoughts and sympathy goes out to her daughter, Shauna. Prayers of comfort to her.


The Lions send our deepest sympathy to fellow Lion Bill Larsen on the death of his step-son Kevin Christensen, who was a Mason and we have several opportunities working together on meals for local Exira EHK Community School, Tori's Angels, and many more. Kevin will be missed.

KEVIN R. CHRISTENSEN, 53, of Brayton, died April 20th at Bergan Mercy Hospital, in Omaha. A Celebration of Life for Kevin will be held at a later date. Kessler Funeral Home in Exira has the arrangements.
KEVIN R. CHRISTENSEN is survived by:
His father – Robert Christensen, of Manning.
His step-father: Bill Larsen, of Brayton.
And his Aunt: Lana Darling, of Atlantic.

Exira Congregate Meals

Exira Congregate Meals

Thank you Jolene & Clay for taking next week delivering Meals on Wheels to the homebound. Ron & Bev will be delivering the week after. Thank you Exira Lions.

Two amazing ladies leading one of the greatest group of fine your men and women in our area.  They will be missed but we...

Two amazing ladies leading one of the greatest group of fine your men and women in our area. They will be missed but we will move ahead with our two great Leo Advisors, Megan Wilkerson and Riann Hansen. Onward we go with this great organization of service adults, WE SERVE!

Exira-EHK Leadership LEO Club had a busy year until the Coronavirus Pandemic closed our school. We would like to share our many amazing service projects for our 47 strong members (picture #1) and their cosponsors Connie Jessen and Lisa Dreier. Our Leadership Club meets monthly with team leaders which are Ellie Schultes (President), Kamryn Waymire Vice President), Erin Irlmeier (Secretary), and Hudson Kitelinger(Treasurer)-picture # 2) and the rest of the team leaders are Creighten Nelson, Ethan Andersen, Tyler Petersen, and Blake Petersen who help organize their club’s events and monthly agenda. Team leader and their family members are Ellie Schultes - SR, Jayden Jensen - SR, Makenzie Riley - SO, Trey Petersen - FR, Katie Anderson - FR, Eric Wilson - 8TH , Emily Bricker - 8TH; Kamryn Waymire - SR, Cade Bruns - SR, Quinn Grubbs - FR, Ella Petersen - FR, Hailey Snider - 8TH; Erin Irlmeier - SR, Jacey Anthofer - SR, Mckenna Larsen - FR, Gavin Bengarrd - FR Jameson Kilworth - 8TH; Hudson Kitelinger - SR, William Paulsen - SR, Macy Emgarten - SO, Ashley Hansen - SO, Jessi Marshall - FR, Aiden Flathers - 8TH Creighton Nelson - SR, Alexis Madsen - SR, Camryn Paulsen - JR, Ben Paulsen - SO, Shay Burmeister - FR, Bailey Weston - 8TH, Jaiden Pettipier - 8TH Ethan Andersen - SR, Wyatt Madsen - SR, Claire Schluter - JR, Mollie Rasmussen - SO, Haley Harris - SO, Hannah Nelson - 8TH Tyler Petersen - JR,Lauren Hansen - SR, Hunter Andersen - JR, Kate Hansen - SO, Jackson Radcliff - 8TH Blake Petersen - JR, Amy Hartvigsen - SR, Tatum Grubbs - JR, Brody Haag - SO, Maddie Christensen - FR, Justin Hansen - 8TH.

They started the school year serving the meal and sponsored the Homecoming Tailgate Dinner with help from the Audubon Cattlemen grilling hamburgers (picture #3); Our Exira-EHK Leadership Leo Club sponsored Cary Green) who is an amazing guest speaker and author spoke about leadership and success skills given to our MS and HS (picture #4); JH & HS Leo’s help set up, Bake Sale, and served at the Annual Exira Fall Festival and helped with the Blow-up activities (picture #5&6); help set-up and serve at Battling for Bo Bartz Fundraiser at Exira Event Center (picture #7); Leadership LEO & HS TAG Program sold BO Wristbands (picture #8); help elderly at every Audubon Mobile Food Pantry (picture #9); Ellie Schultes and Kamryn Waymire created a new Spartan Youth Leadership Club in the Exira Elementary Building (picture #10); help serve Azylee Flu Clinic & Soup Supper (picture#11); made Sunday meals for Omaha Ronald McDonald’s House (picture #12) huge success of the 2nd Annual Leo Haunted House at the Lions Building (picture#13); made and sold over 200 Pies for Puppies Program which funds go to purchase Leader Dogs for the Blind (picture#14 & 15); helped with games for the Optimist Fun Night (picture#16); made 10 fleece blankets at our morning meeting that club in honor Ayzlee's Fleece Blanket Tie Party (picture #17 &18); picked up trash on the LEO Adopt A Highway (picture #19); JH & HS Leo students help New Opportunity with their Christmas Caring & Sharing Program by sorting and packing toys for families in need (picture #20 &21): Youth Leadership Club delivered food and personal hygiene products to the Elk Horn Lutheran Church and Exira Christian Church and a thank you goes out to our entire school for donating toys and food (picture#22); our LEO Seniors were Santa’s helpers who delivered treats to all the elementary students (picture #23); served and bused tables at Exira Christian Church Fall Dinner (picture #24); sponsored Blue Out For Bo at CAM Home Basketball game (picture #25); sponsored the Annual Mardi Gras/Dance/Dinner for 3rd,4th & 5th grades (picture #26 & 27); thank you breakfast from the Bo Bartz family at our monthly meeting (picture 28).

Cosponsors’, Connie Jessen and Lisa Dreier, are stepping down from their Leadership LEO roles at the end of the school year. The new cosponsors for the club will be Riann Hansen and Megan Wilkerson. “My years of cosponsoring the Leadership LEO Club has been one of my biggest fulfillment of joy in life, the many students over the years who have blossomed into young adults that helped serve their school and communities, meaningful fundraisers, exciting events and projects. I sincerely feel that the Leadership LEO CLub has been the best educational and self rewarding experiences for our Exira-EHK students by helping to serve and care for people in our school, community and world! It has been a great privilege to work with this amazing, ambitious and passionate, cosponsor, Connie Jessen over the years. Ms. Jessen has taught me so much about life’s blessings, truly caring about making a difference in the educational field and genuine friendship!” stated Mrs. Dreier. “My time with LEO Club has certainly been one of my greatest blessings in life. We have been given the chance to work with amazing students, helping them develop lifelong commitments to leadership and service to their communities. Working with Mrs. Dreier in this capacity has fostered lifelong respect and friendship, she is truly an amazing, compassionate, dedicated, and energetic educator and person. Her passion and love for the students and her community has been inspiring to me as an individual. Leo Club has been an awesome journey full of priceless memories and friendships!” stated Connie Jessen.

Ms. Jessen’s and Mrs. Dreier’s favorite service projects over the years have been helping with Habitat for Humanity Housing Program in Audubon, Carroll, Manning, Denison and New Orleans, LA; serving meals to Omaha Ronald McDonald’s House; serving at the Omaha Open Door Mission, helping to plan and serving for Meals for the Heartland; fundraisers for our loved community members with health problems; years of helping with Audubon New Opportunity Christmas Caring and Sharing Programs; making Pies for Puppies event; helping with the community of Exira and Elk Horn Nursing Homes; help serving events for the Community Clubs (Exira Lions Club, Elk Horn Optimist Clubs, Exira Community Club, ; annual Mardi Gras/Dances for our Elementary kids where our HS kids have fun and dance with our youth; going to many years of wonderful and inspiring Leadership camps and conference with our students; and so many more...


104 E Washington St
Exira, IA

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Exira Lion Club Meets on the 1st Saturday of each month with a breakfast at the Lion Center at 8:00 AM and a second time on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM

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Monday 09:00 - 13:00
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Wednesday 09:00 - 13:00
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(712) 268-2377


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Our Story

The Exira Lion Club has 56 current members and continue to SERVE in our community and beyond. Every year we continue to grow and add new members and new service and fund-raisers. Exira Lion Club is the home of the District Governor Elect, Allen Zobel!! Good Luck Allen..

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Did you really mean 10:30 PM for Valentine's dinner on Feb 9th?
ATTENTION friends and Family!!! Leader dog Lady and myself just received a call from hero dogs and the show date has been changed to October 21 at 8 o’clock eastern time on the Hallmark channel!!’
Thank You Exira Lions Club for voting and sharing Leader Dog Lady’s HeroDog Awards link... We will see all of you at District 9SW Convention in October
Great fellowship and food last night. I so enjoyed it. Thank you!Mike and Shelley
Good going Leo s